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Frasi con ebb (in inglese)

  1. The ebb was racing out.
  2. Joy is the ebb of terror.
  3. The energies to ebb and flow.
  4. Jean, life was at its lowest ebb.
  5. For, ebb begins when the tide is.
  6. When the body is at its lowest ebb.
  7. His reactions matched my ebb and flow.
  8. Into his mind the turbid ebb and flow.
  9. Her mind began to ebb and flow with the surf.
  10. Carrie allowed the mundane chatter to ebb and.
  11. The reputation of Mahātmā sank to the lowest ebb.
  12. It is a necessary part of the ebb and flow of energy.
  13. She was already at a low ebb and soon began to sink.
  14. Lucy’s sobs began to ebb off, and as she sat there.
  15. Their attention seemed to ebb and flow with the ebb and.
  16. The tension had appeared to ebb as they had walked along.
  17. Sage felt cold as she could feel the life ebb from her body.
  18. Secular growth businesses won't ebb and flow with the economy.
  19. Jill, feeling herself to be at one with the ebb and flow of the.
  20. Trying to think in the shuffle and buzz of the human ebb and flow.
  21. You should notice that most often, they will ebb and flow like the.
  22. The Ebb and Flow of Investment Value (Mead and Grodinski), 326n, 371n.
  23. Instantlythe skiff wheeled around under the ebb tide's outbound thrust.
  24. I normally expect volatility to decline to the low ebb of recent swings.
  25. That is at the core of my being, and it is the ebb and flow of daily life.
  26. The Squadron will depart Rahzhyr Bay with the morning ebb, Sarmouth said.
  27. Once his strength began to ebb, the men became increasingly bold and moved in.
  28. He now knew there was a flow and ebb – almost a rhythm – to the stock market.
  29. They al started to relax a little as they got used to the ebb and flow of their.
  30. Never has theatrical entertainment in the English metropolis been at a lower ebb.
  31. His astonished warriors saw Yar Afzal's eyes distend, the color ebb from his face.
  32. Ebb and flow, uncertainty, instability, unaccountableness, are becoming to your sex.
  33. It rushed over her all at once who it was the ebb was taking out, and she was motionless.
  34. My strength seemed to ebb and flow, seeping from my arms and washing through to my brain.
  35. The ebb and flow of the tide was considered to be the worship paid to the idol by the sea.
  36. Only the ebb and flow of his fear assured him of his own existence and the passing of time.
  37. His self- esteem and confidence and purpose of life, were at the lowest ebb he had ever known.
  38. The moment she saw Khan’s life ebb away, she had felt immense guilt weighing down upon her.
  39. But that low ebb is not too far down from where WYNN traded at the time, maybe a shade under 50.
  40. Moaning as she kissed his lips again and again, she felt his life ebb away and then, it was gone.
  41. Here there is no time or ebb and flow of violence, but it all occurs at once and without respite.
  42. However, the ship went out on the ebb tide, and was doubtless by morning far down the river mouth.
  43. His popularity with the editor was at such a low ebb that verbal argument alone was bound to fail.
  44. On the King's Altar, beside the ancient, carven stone, Xaltotun watched the steel tide ebb and flow.
  45. Whatever may be the combinations of the generals, the shock of armed masses has an incalculable ebb.
  46. Caris’s confidence began to ebb away as the judge took his seat on the bench against the east wall.
  47. He talks about the economic movement, and the ebb and flow of capital; the devil knows what he means.
  48. He had pulled up as the tide stopped its flow, in a few hours it would start its ebb from this inlet.
  49. During the short walk from bedroom to front door, my thoughts and feelings ebb and flow, transforming.
  50. He was recruited by a woman he met in the Grand Casino in Melbourne when his finances were at a low ebb.
  51. The current will rise to about 40 knots, cycling with the ebb and flow of the tide in both directions.
  52. It rolled about his skull on the ebb and flow of pain and settled only upon the mud banks of depression.
  53. Indeed there has never been any explanation of the ebb and flow in our veins--of happiness and unhappiness.
  54. Think of its effects on the sea and its waves: how it causes it to rise and lower during its ebb and flow!.
  55. The price patterns, the indicators, the ebb and flow of volume: these are the words charts use to speak to us.
  56. Selden describes in detail the ebb and flow of investor emotions and thinking during a typical speculative cycle.
  57. This Saturday night marked the time of the lowest ebb in the tide of popular regard for Jesus and his teachings.
  58. Kay looked out over the ocean, as she had been doing for the past hours, drawn into the ebb and flow of the waves.
  59. Those concepts were all radical changes to the routine ebb and flow of my structured and dispassionate lifestyle.
  60. Ninety percent of what passes for brilliance, or incompetence, in investing is the ebb and flow of investment styles.
  61. She fell back against the rope fence of the dock, barely catching her balance and urging the pain in her arm to ebb away.
  62. As progress is never made at a constant level, seeker should remain undisturbed by the ebb and flow of his spiritual life.
  63. Not a wave coming in, rolling over me, but the ebb of the sea returning: a sense of something pulling away, and me with it.
  64. He did not pause to study his reactions to the great names, but he simply accepted the ebb and flow of emotion for what it was.
  65. The narrow sea slowly rose as it accepted this enormous disgorgement from the north, disrupting its natural tidal ebb and flow.
  66. During the period of ebb, he must hold to the progress he has already made, and during the flow he should move forward swiftly.
  67. But balance can be tipped by nonfamily enablers who alter the normal ebb and flow of family relationships and lead to its dissolution.
  68. Finally, he remembered the orphans, the ebb and flow of their life as they toiled, played, and sometimes with only great effort survived.
  69. At their weekly meeting in the bank boardroom, they tallied individual losses and perfected new methods of hiding the ebb of bank capital.
  70. The ebb and flow of the soccer players going back and forth in waves on the TV screen lulled his mind into a more relaxed, less panicked state.
  71. Time the tides and become familiar with their pattern, then you will be less likely to be cut off by an incoming tide or swept out by the ebb.
  72. Tomorrow’s solutions lie within the systemic ebb and flow of social interacting processes that create user satisfaction and community praise.
  73. She suffered only in her love, and felt her soul passing from her in this memory; as wounded men, dying, feel their life ebb from their bleeding wounds.
  74. Their stock price may ebb and flow with the general market or the economy; however, the underlying business should not be too correlated with the economy.
  75. Like the river making its way to the ocean, the markets ebb and flow with total disregard for the objectives of the people who are hanging on for the ride.
  76. With the weather patterns in North America, seasonal ebb and flow of supply and demand for energy used for heating, cooling, and transportation can be pronounced.
  77. His changes of mood did not offend me, because I saw that I had nothing to do with their alternation; the ebb and flow depended on causes quite disconnected with.
  78. It is not that only Charvak1 has propagated such a view; it will be there so long as the human psyche is subject to the rise and ebb of divine and devilish instincts.
  79. They parked the battered Land Cruiser in a back street near the hotel with Anita resting on the back seat and mingled with the ebb and flow of people passing the hotel.
  80. It is the hour, I suppose, when the life of the spirit is at its lowest ebb, and one should be careful not to extinguish it altogether under the weight of a gigantic menu.
  81. He woke hours later to the warmth of another body in the bed, a heavy forearm across his chest, the ebb and swell of breath on the back of his neck, neutral with toothpaste.
  82. Exactly how you choose to implement this will depend on your personality and your chosen methodology, but the key is that you understand the ebb and flow of market dynamics.
  83. It took awhile, forever it seemed to the children who were still tightly pressing their hands to their ears, but- little by little, the Oogie’s laughter slowly began to ebb.
  84. There is also the flow and ebb of the business cycle, from which the particular danger arises that the earnings curve will look most impressive on the very eve of a serious setback.
  85. Realize that this is the normal ebb and flow of futures options and that drawdowns of this nature, while unpleasant, can also be recovered somewhat quickly with this type of strategy.
  86. And her neck was slender and white and her breasts were small and white, now covered, uncovered, covered, uncovered in the flow of water, the ebb of water, the flow, the ebb, the flow.
  87. However, the FOMC’s interest rate suppression of the last few years may have disrupted or distorted the seasonal ebb and flow of rates such that seasonal reliability has suffered somewhat.
  88. Rather than adjusting to various situations and to the ebb and flow that is natural in human relationships, you are judgmental and demand others to change according to your own belief system.
  89. His object was at ebb tide to get into the river a boat constructed for the purpose, and pass down the river, and, if possible, fix his magazine of powder to the bottom of the enemy's vessel.
  90. Administrative functions sometimes appeared unmanageable, exacerbated by the ebb and flow of politics and pubic opinion, and the difficulty of affecting the supply and demand equation (Fuss, pp.
  91. In fact, being able to accurately predict the constant ebb and flow of these rarely precise transitions within the massive backdrop that is the market, is the dream of investors across the globe.
  92. The right time is easy, fish the feeding grounds on the flats and oyster bars on the rising tide and till just after the tide turns and fish the hiding places in the troughs and sloughs on the ebb.
  93. As I see my long red Curls fall one by one from my Head upon the Cabin Floor, I weep most piteously; for verily, ’tis as if all Strength and all Resistance ebb out of me with the Loss of my Hair!.
  94. I saw him lying naked, with strangers looking down at his naked body and watching the life ebb from him, and as a doctor’s daughter I knew that he was dying, she will recount to her friends.
  95. Once we were walking barefoot at the edge of the ocean, the sea water rushing over our feet as the flat waves trickled with the ebb and flow, did we dare to speak on the subject of his leaving again.
  96. Dimmesdale effected an arrangement by which the two were lodged in the same house; so that every ebb and flow of the minister's life-tide might pass under the eye of his anxious and attached physician.
  97. It was a flood tide complicated with a thousand ebb movements; the peculiarity of ebbs is to create intermixtures; hence the combination of very singular ideas; people adored both Napoleon and liberty.
  98. Luther, however, questioned Roman Catholic orthodoxy at a time when the prestige of the papacy was at low ebb and the German princes were open to any reason to justify arresting the flow of money to Rome.
  99. As infants we cry; as toddlers we begin to speak; as children we laugh and talk unabashedly and as adults we converse as though there is no end to the flow of words that ebb and whistle from between our lips.
  100. This is logical, since projected volatility tends to jump sharply and then ebb gradually, and premiums soared recently in part because so many option sellers had scrambled to cover their short-volatility bets.
  1. Time is forever ebbing away.
  2. The pain was ebbing away and then it was gone.
  3. It was the ebbing life-blood first that failed.
  4. He knew that she was slowly ebbing away from him.
  5. The patient's life could not be stopped from ebbing.
  6. Make them feel the life force ebbing from the dying chicken.
  7. It went on and on slowly, dying, darkening, ebbing, melting.
  8. Acron could see the confidence ebbing away from his valiant troops.
  9. Our memories came and went, ebbing and slowing with thoughts of our man.
  10. The eerie feeling of someone's life ebbing away was a shock to his system.
  11. The storm lost its anger and moved across the desert, its strength rapidly ebbing.
  12. For a few moments more I observed the dying man, whose life was ebbing little by little.
  13. Summoning the last of his ebbing strength he raised his pistol and aimed it at my face.
  14. There were many, many stages in the ebbing of her love for him, but it was always ebbing.
  15. The full moon showed the flood tide just ebbing, draining the water out to the nearby ocean.
  16. His life was slowly ebbing away and she had to decide to let him die or turn him into a vampire.
  17. His head was spinning, and he felt tired and somehow weak, as if his strength was ebbing from him.
  18. To the south and east, heads of coral were already on display, left uncovered by the ebbing waters.
  19. When Fiver's urging had penetrated his dark, ebbing stupor, he had at first actually tried not to respond.
  20. She could not see what was happening because her life was ebbing away and she was already nearing a coma state.
  21. It had watched the third in tense silence—except that moiety of it ebbing and flowing through the clubhouse.
  22. At least it would be a quick death, rather than a gradual ebbing away of whatever it is that now constituted life.
  23. The room had only three soldiers in it, then two, then it was only her and the softly licking flames of the ebbing fire.
  24. The sounds of the water ebbing to and fro gave them a feeling of tranquility and peacefulness for their advancing years.
  25. I couldn’t speak and I couldn’t stop the flow of blood pulsing out of my body, ebbing into the cold water of the bay.
  26. Analysts high-flying finally-it's-timeto-bank-it estimates for 1996 were already ebbing lower-Smith Barney had moved from $0.
  27. The sun was warm, and he felt the tension ebbing away when, suddenly, he was awakened by a savage strike as a large fish took his lure.
  28. Most amazingly—the children had to stare vigilantly to be sure what they were seeing—the miniature sea was ebbing slowly west to east.
  29. How could this be the man who had been arguing with me just fifteen minutes earlier? How could someone so solid just be ebbing away in front of me?
  30. Accumulation of experience of everything to deal with; stress, anxiety and just the day-by-day mundanity of life ebbing away at what had been so good.
  31. He was removed, loudly protesting, to the police-station, while the inspector remained upon the premises in the hope that the ebbing tide might afford some fresh clue.
  32. Moving from one to another in a futile chase for the easy jackpot, her stack of chips ebbed and flowed, eventually ebbing completely as she slipped her last into a slot.
  33. Philip and Jonathan stayed within the shade of night, hearing the noise of laughter and clanking plates to their left and the tranquility of the ebbing tide to their right.
  34. Ebbing (Spiritual) Faith in the wake of Secular Assaults designed to sow doubt in the minds of Believers by eliminating (Public) Reminders that further undermine Spiritual Resolve!.
  35. As I turned my eyes to the elder brother, I saw him looking down at this handsome boy whose life was ebbing out, as if he were a wounded bird, or hare, or rabbit; not at all as if he were a fellow-creature.
  36. They refused the opportunity to take a different strategic direction and negotiate and found their power ebbing away as the strike lengthened without any apparent prospect of victory for the union’s members.
  37. And now in our retirement, our friendship still has a pleasant, easy-going familiarity where the discussions of our life that is ebbing are full of memories and the present is even now enhanced with plans and activities that keep us going.
  38. In all of this, in the hurricane of press interest that engulfed the protagonists and in the quietly ebbing tide that followed as the story wound down onto the spools of microfiched newsprint, Miss Jones and the young man never actually met.
  39. No evening I had passed at Bly had the portentous quality of this one; in spite of which—and in spite also of the deeper depths of consternation that had opened beneath my feet—there was literally, in the ebbing actual, an extraordinarily sweet sadness.
  40. New uniforms at the frontier, coffee and bread at the station buffet, people round us of Southern grace and gaiety; on again into the plains, conifers changing to vine and olive, a change of trains at Milan; garlic sausage, bread, and a flask of Orvieto bought from a trolley (we had spent all our money save for a few francs, in Paris); the sun mounted high and the country glowed with heat; the carriage filled with peasants, ebbing and flowing at each station, the smell of garlic was overwhelming in the hot carriage.
  1. Zia’s fire ebbed to a.
  2. The charge wavered and ebbed back.
  3. Thereafter the party’s strength ebbed.
  4. Curses ebbed fitfully from the man's lips.
  5. Mortified colour ebbed and flowed in her cheek.
  6. The terror ebbed, but she was left with chilling.
  7. Soon the ammunition ebbed and the trigger made a.
  8. Tyler’s eyes ebbed open and shut almost rhythmically.
  9. At last the torrent ebbed away to leave me to my present now.
  10. His energy level ebbed, to offset which he drank more coffee.
  11. What little light there had been ebbed away into a pink orange.
  12. Heat ebbed from the brick and out into the deepening sky, where.
  13. They ebbed and flowed around him in a familiar and comforting way.
  14. He waited as the strength ebbed back into him but with every second.
  15. The last remnants of life ebbed away and her coughs slowly ground to a halt.
  16. It ebbed and flowed, often leading me to believe that I had it under control.
  17. My initial fright had ebbed away, however, leaving a nervous wonder in its place.
  18. That’s what they’d always done with sheep’s wounds once the swelling ebbed.
  19. The highway stretched out as the built environment ebbed away from the last of the.
  20. Groans and rallying cheers ebbed and flowed as they continued their flight across the.
  21. I could feel time running down, just as the year ebbed to the darkest night, the solstice.
  22. But as the VCR clock blinked away the minutes and the silence grew longer, my adrenaline ebbed.
  23. When finally the flow of rage ebbed out of her, Susan found herself wandering on the foreshore.
  24. And then, as the applause ebbed, Adele came out onstage, and the crowd went crazy all over again.
  25. Beck didn’t hear the final words as his life ebbed away on the cold hard floor of the courtyard.
  26. Slowly her waves ebbed and consciousness returned as he reduced the thrusting to a gentle probing.
  27. Waves of motions curled in pockets as presences ebbed and flowed against the block long truck bays.
  28. Everything that was, everything that she was going to be, perished as her mother’s life ebbed away.
  29. Since that time downtown activity has ebbed and flowed with the fortunes and misfortunes of the city.
  30. It worked, and Chevalier's anger ebbed slightly, This required you to spend the entire four days with.
  31. But with the interruption the moment had gone, the great swell of her pleasure had ebbed and she felt bereft.
  32. His adrenaline had peaked and no matter how she fought and struggled her own strength betrayed her as it ebbed.
  33. It was about one o'clock in the morning that her courage, however, altogether ebbed at the prospect of going home.
  34. The conversation ebbed and flowed; furtive glances and subtle innuendos stimulated imaginations and inflamed desires.
  35. His right hand locked on something under his brown robe so desperately that the blood ebbed from that hand and left it white.
  36. The commentator announced Millicent’s victory and the crowd’s elation ebbed away as every face in the hall turned to Raven.
  37. When her sobbing ebbed some, Joel eased her away from his shoulder, and settled her into a more comfortable position in his arms.
  38. You can’t imagine how proud it made me to be the vast shore along which the genius of Willy Fleet ebbed and flowed in a tide of colors.
  39. But his courage ebbed at the sound of Mama’s voice, muzzy from sleep, as though she were talking through a corner of her scratchy nightgown.
  40. She stopped walking for a while, took a sip of water and looked, once again, at the swirling mass of color that ebbed and flowed across the skies.
  41. Over that sinister strip of ground attack and counter-attack had surged and ebbed in a darkness often turned to day by Verey lights and star-shells.
  42. The tide it rode ebbed for a moment slowing its progress; a growl escaped its mouth it had to get to the intruders before they made it to the mid-plane.
  43. Her eyes were inhuman; with a more than human vitality she clung to the life that ebbed through the wound that split the crimson crescent on her ivory bosom.
  44. But then something happened – a wave of strangeness flooded over him, filling his veins with masses of tiny eels, and the furious energy ebbed from his charge.
  45. Moving from one to another in a futile chase for the easy jackpot, her stack of chips ebbed and flowed, eventually ebbing completely as she slipped her last into a slot.
  46. She stood amongst the bushes watching as the sea slowly ebbed and flowed, gradually releasing the land from its grasp; the tide went out leaving rocks shiny in the sunshine.
  47. The smoke that ebbed from said grass drifted forward and before the creature’s vision, casting its eyes in shades of light so harsh and feeble that the children began to scream.
  48. Anger seeded inside me once more as fear ebbed away and already I was adding these people to the list in my mind of those who would pay for what they had done to my horses, and to me.
  49. What little courage remained to Natala ebbed away at sight of the Stygian standing limned in that weird glow, her beautiful face contorted with a passion that was no less than hellish.
  50. And the glow having ebbed out of her, the first glow of successfully getting away, and the succeeding glow of anger at her own conduct, she now felt most uncomfortably flat, cold, and miserable.
  51. The boys were born in Massachusetts and raised in comfortable suburbs just west of Boston, where both their fathers hopped from one high tech corporation to another as the waves of prosperity in that industry rose and ebbed.
  52. The contest for the hearts and minds of all of the populations that flowed into the Christian belief system like a mighty river during those first three hundred years surged and ebbed for and against the apostolic version of the Word.
  53. The story’s headline was: How Miscalculations and Hubris Hobbled Celebrated Google IPO, and its subhead read: Euphoria Ebbed, Tech Stocks Sagged, Till Firm Cut Size; Priced at a Low $85 a Share, Blow to Dutch-Auction Method.
  54. I felt her shudder only a second beyond my release and the golden flush that slowly ebbed from my body drew out a cry from me that was almost the same music that she had sung and we harmonized our cries and it echoed in the small room as if we’d rung a chorus of bells.
  55. Both its arms swung down at the little figure that stood before it in the moonlight, but the figure rolled through the snow between it’s astride legs, a silver blade grated into the beast’s groin and with its strength ebbed out it tried to turn but instead stumbled and crashed to the ground.
  56. He was still stark-naked, but my modesty had been already too much wounded, in essentials, to be so much shocked as I should have otherwise been with appearances only; in short, my anger ebbed so fast, and the tide of love returned so strong upon me, that I felt it a point of my own happiness to forgive him.
  57. The conversation between the men ebbed and Captain Ca promised that when he returned to Cambodia he would visit his parents and inform Nguyen about his old family and maybe they could all meet, although he was not sure of what his fathers’ reaction would be, but maybe this would provide closure on his past life.
  58. In an instant the surge had ebbed back out of the gorge; there was a chaotic, confused swirl of fighting, horsemen wheeling and smiting singly and in clusters, and then the emir went down with a Kshatriya lance through his breast, and the riders in their spired helmets turned their horses down the valley, spurring like mad and seeking to slash a way through the swarms which had come upon them from the rear.
  1. The tide goes out, the soul ebbs.
  2. And still the darkness ebbs about your bed.
  3. With the last ebbs of her exhilaration, she.
  4. But as I look at him, my anger ebbs away, like the changing of the tide.
  5. No doubt Bonnie danced in the moonlight to deal with the ebbs and flows of womanhood.
  6. He sees that in Power, it is not an island, but a long web that ebbs across unfathomable distances.
  7. Which takes me by surprise, but it smells heavenly, too, and the initial smarting pain soon ebbs away.
  8. And as all the play and fun slowly ebbs out of their lives: so does all their creativity, spontaneity and happiness.
  9. Thankfulness floods through me as the chant ebbs and flows; how long we stand there, I have no idea … it doesn’t matter.
  10. Once those guidelines are firmly in mind, you can use them as an anchor from which to drift with the market’s ebbs and flows.
  11. A week later on July 15 the New York Times headlined: Confidence Ebbs for Bank Sector and Stocks Fall—Lines Form at Lender.
  12. The importance of holding over the long-term through the ebbs and flows of the market is the key to long-term thinking and compounding investment success.
  13. It was a flood tide complicated with a thousand ebb movements; the peculiarity of ebbs is to create intermixtures; hence the combination of very singular ideas; people adored both Napoleon and liberty.
  14. In this enchanted mood, thy spirit ebbs away to whence it came; becomes diffused through time and space; like Crammer's sprinkled Pantheistic ashes, forming at last a part of every shore the round globe over.
  15. But how come the unicellular onams could have multiplied into a wide variety multi-cellular species? And then, wherefrom did the plant life emerge? Well the ebbs would have retrieved into the high seas some onams that the tides could have washed ashore.
  16. With time the past slowly ebbs away,.

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