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Frasi con stroke (in inglese)

Maybe he had a stroke.
It was his death stroke.
He ached for that stroke.
He had suffered a stroke.
This was the killing stroke.
I’m heading for a stroke.
Grandma would have a stroke.

Soon, she had a stroke and.
Bennett was a stroke of luck.
I used to stroke the donkey.
Here is a sharp stroke or two.
What a stroke of luck for you.
The effects of the stroke are.
Now there was a stroke of luck.
Had Keiko suffered a stroke?
At the last stroke, I saw Mlle.
As a stroke moves through the.
But the stroke was never dealt.
This stroke feels really nice.
How was that a stroke of luck?
Average cost of having a stroke.
And then we had a stroke of luck.
Then you need to stroke the foot.
Ricci begins to stroke his head.
Stroke by stroke they laboured on.
It was a stroke of very bad luck.
Richard is about to have a stroke.
Go on stroke them said Fred.
Each stroke should take 2 seconds.
This one stroke contained the.
I was one step away from a stroke.
It was then he had a stroke of luck.
It was simply a stroke of bad luck.
A Master- Stroke of the Trap -Door.
This was the purest stroke of luck.
That stroke never reached the Wolf.
As I told you, a stroke each minute.
Young Macleary’s stroke of genius.
Yeah, but I'd rather he had a stroke.
The slow stroke of the clock of time.
Her arms stroking his chest.
He sat stroking his mustache.
Stroking the long white mane.
She was stroking Xonia’s arm.
He carried on stroking her hair.
Sarah never stopped the stroking.
Stroking my hair as he kisses me.
The Order, he said, stroking a red.
It moved as if a hand was stroking it.
Shh— he said stroking her hair.
Stroking the cover lightly, there was.
I smiled stroking the side of his face.
He woke up by someone stroking his hair.
Besides,’ he said, stroking the good.
Nerissa had seen Dora eagerly stroking.
That cut you stroking them with idle hand.
His mother was stroking the polished wood.
I was by her bed, stroking that lovely head.
She cradled him, stroking between his ears.
It returned to his face, stroking it gently.
Bernie stood thoughtfully, stroking his chin.
He roamed through the car’s, stroking them.
Annabelle and stroking her nose affectionately.
She played him up as she danced, stroking his.
Paul kneeled there, stroking his mother's hand.
Are you okay? I asked stroking her cheek.
Becky soothes him by stroking his exposed scars.
She sat still for a moment, stroking Una's hair.
He quickly engulfed me in a hug stroking my hair.
They were touching his face, stroking his wings.
Derrick sat next to her, stroking her hair gently.
Hmm, Crusty said, stroking his leathery chin.
I stand by the rail, stroking the bird’s plumage.
It’s real, Sage replied stroking his hair.
If he’d had a beard, he’d have been stroking it.
That figures, Barron added, stroking his chin.
She sobbed, stroking his hair and glared up at Zac.
He seemed to be stroking the reporter with his eyes.
I swept her hair to the side, stroking her shoulders.
Van Thorn remained silent, stroking his chin lightly.
He stroked her wet hair.
His hand stroked my belly.
A hand stroked his elbow.
Jim stroked a horse's mane.
He stroked the top of his.
She stroked him and smiled.
He stroked her cheek gently.
He stroked her hair gently.
Slowly she stroked his hair.
Dan stroked his stubbly face.
She gently stroked his hair.
I knelt and stroked his head.
He stroked my cheek gently.
Lisa lightly stroked his arm.
He stroked the oversized skull.
I smiled and stroked her hair.
He stroked her dark-wine hair.
Rave tenderly stroked her hair.
Olsen stroked her hands softly.
I stroked his shoulder, his arm.
Crying freely now, he stroked.
He stroked his chin and thought.
I stroked the forlorn curve of.
He stroked her hair helplessly.
Billy stroked the mare’s neck.
Her hand softly stroked my arm.
He laughed and stroked my cheek.
Elephant shadow stroked his ears.
He stroked her nose and mounted.
She stroked his head and patted.
He stroked the curve of her cheek.
She stroked his face and looked.
Her grandmother stroked her back.
His coarse hand stroked my cheek.
With his toes he stroked her foot.
She stroked the sides of his neck.
He reached up and stroked my cheek.
He stroked her gently on the back.
He stroked the sheath up and down.
He stroked a finger over her cheek.
He gently strokes her hair.
Five strokes of the switch.
Each of his strokes tortures.
Now tens of strokes had passed.
The stances and strokes that.
Keep the bow strokes very even.
He strokes my hair and kisses.
She strokes the side of my face.
Diane strokes and sucks his cock.
He strokes his chin thoughtfully.
He strokes them with his fingers.
Unlike strokes, TIAs have not been.
Smal strokes kept me above the waves.
It is full of 'tender strokes of Art.
Make 150 strokes (75 with each hand).
To knock just a few more strokes off.
Moving with fast, definitive strokes.
After several strokes, he said in an.
He made a few strokes and withdrew it.
Use varying strokes and body movements.
Tennine strokes announced a great event.
He dug in the wood using smooth strokes.
It took only a few strokes more for his.
Panny was swimming with side strokes of.
First, a series of strokes were diagnosed.
A few key strokes later he shook his head.
He reaches his arm up and strokes my cheek.
He strokes my cheek with the palm of his hand.
Then strokes it, Oh, I love that silky arse.
It brought me five hundred strokes, my friend.
One simply strokes the bristles of dead women.
Your strokes are harder than they need to be.
Just a few more strokes, she told herself.
Different strokes for different folks, obviously.
Therefore he did not cease his attacking strokes.
Mayank smiled at the different strokes of destiny.
I beat one by five strokes, and the other by six.
The slow strokes of dactyl wings in the lazy air.
And her stances and strokes also seemed to have.
Because he was distracted, his attacking strokes.

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