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Frasi con achieve (in inglese)

  2. And you will achieve it.
  3. If he is to achieve his.
  4. How did he achieve this?
  5. But how to achieve that?

  6. And what you can achieve.
  7. He will then achieve the.
  8. Achieve a Lot More Tomorrow.
  9. They achieve much of this.
  10. Can a human achieve this?
  11. They achieve this with the.
  12. If I achieve only one thing.
  13. This will help you achieve.
  14. You can achieve this using.
  15. So how does one achieve this?

  17. To achieve this, you need to 1.
  18. To achieve this, you have to.
  19. We may, however, achieve it by.
  20. It hopes to achieve this by 2010.
  21. This is where you achieve wealth.
  23. Focus on what you want to achieve.
  24. His own way to achieve His results.
  25. In this way he sought to achieve.

  26. Strategies are framed to achieve.
  27. But this was nothing to achieve!.
  28. To achieve this we are going use.
  29. There was nothing he could achieve.
  30. You must believe you can achieve it.
  31. I’ve never seen anyone achieve it.
  32. What we have to achieve is to lift.
  33. You are able to achieve your dreams.
  34. Did the program achieve its goals?
  35. A light you’re failing to achieve.
  36. Only through sharing can we achieve.
  37. This will achieve a number of things.
  38. By when will you achieve this goal?
  39. What would that achieve, anyway?
  40. If, you can achieve whatever you can.
  41. He wondered what she hoped to achieve.
  42. It was also a way to achieve security.
  43. I try all things; I achieve what I can.
  44. A man cannot achieve the state of ac-.
  45. It's hard to achieve escape velocity.
  46. But most acquisitions seek to achieve.
  47. Without it he can’t achieve anything.
  48. What they want to achieve in five years.
  49. How do you intend to achieve them?’.
  50. Finally, you must achieve displacement.
  51. You should strive to achieve this state.
  52. Nor of what my father wishes to achieve.
  53. Was she about to achieve her ambition?
  54. I will do all I can to achieve that goal.
  56. This deal may just help him achieve that.
  58. Now you may ask, did he achieve his task?
  59. There is no Limit to What You Can Achieve.
  60. You will achieve those steps consistently.
  61. Levites sent to assist Him achieve His goal.
  62. We achieve this by using the del statement.
  63. Can only ever achieve coverage with large.
  64. Additional Suggestions to Achieve Success:.
  65. It depends upon what you want to achieve.
  66. Those who achieve great things understand.
  67. But, they could not achieve the impossible.
  68. You will never achieve what you never begin.
  69. Enlightenment is not something you achieve.
  70. You need others to help achieve your goals.
  71. Stallman tried to achieve a perfect balance.
  72. We achieve this magic by using Ant filters.
  73. To achieve this, we should always have an.
  74. This is but a jest, who could achieve such.
  75. Application of the Achieve Coaching Model®.
  76. I don’t see how you could achieve that.
  77. I were to achieve Solid State, there’s no.
  78. I didn't want to achieve orgasm or even cum.
  79. What will it allow them to achieve? Have.
  80. What is the employee attempting to achieve?
  81. YES! You CAN achieve ANYTHING that you want!.
  82. With my help, you can achieve the impossible.
  83. That was harder to achieve than independence.
  84. Follow CTS #2 and you will achieve that goal.
  85. I cannot be part of what you seek to achieve.
  86. They chase their males relentlessly to achieve.
  87. But even this took hours to achieve, hours of.
  88. That’s what I’ve been trying to achieve.
  89. You will be able to achieve relaxation in 30.
  90. The longer it takes to achieve the same exit.
  91. The only effective way to achieve this is to.
  92. This was not the world we wanted to achieve.
  93. Picking a fight with her would achieve nothing.
  94. We really did achieve a great victory today.
  95. But whenever you achieve that next level, you.
  96. You need to believe you can achieve your goals.
  97. So instead of pushing the business to achieve.
  98. What are you hoping to achieve from coaching?
  99. What was she likely to achieve? Again, nothing.
  100. He was not able to achieve it with intercourse.
  1. Now the A is achieving.
  2. The key to achieving that.
  3. Achieving a balance between the.
  5. The Perfect Handbook for Achieving.
  6. Achieving them, of course, is another.
  7. A second way of achieving nearly the.
  8. So how does he set about achieving this?
  9. You Want and Have a Plan for Achieving it.
  10. Now achieving this is no walk in the park.
  11. A good strategy of achieving this is by.
  12. Not when they were so close to achieving.
  13. We have a faster method of achieving this.
  14. Securing future development and achieving.
  15. This is the stress of winning and achieving.
  16. They are not effective in achieving success.
  17. They exceeded this objective by achieving $3.
  18. You need to be achieving steps along the way.
  20. The little dog, achieving his lap, went still.
  21. You’re not achieving what you want to achieve.
  22. Once again, it’s all about achieving balance.
  23. When you're achieving those steps, mark them off.
  24. In reality, hypnosis is the act of achieving an.
  25. By doing so, you’re achieving a few things here.
  26. Achieving true beauty is not as hard as it may seem.
  27. Show yourself that achieving your goals is possible.
  28. They all passed to stone without achieving their aim.
  29. Achieving the sphere of absence of any thing;.
  30. This is the secret to achieving anything in life.
  31. But finding the methods for achieving all this, in my.
  32. Select the best one and be committed to achieving the.
  33. And don’t let fear stop you from achieving your goals.
  34. Emotions are key to achieving the state of enlightenment.
  35. His life consisted of experiments in achieving that goal.
  36. We would not inflict any harm on others in achieving our.
  37. Juices have always been a part in achieving a healthy body.
  38. I believe that the only divinity is in achieving god 185.
  39. Another way of achieving quality backlinks to a site is to.
  40. I don’t want you to be interested in achieving your goals.
  41. What are the risks inherent in pursuing and achieving your.
  42. Techniques of meditation are active steps toward achieving.
  43. As for achieving goals, that possibility dwindles to nearly.
  44. This is the ideal but at present we are far from achieving it.
  45. This conflict prevents a species from achieving its potential.
  46. What is the use of achieving your goal if somewhere along the.
  47. Achieving real seduction, therefore, is a never-ending process.
  49. He is told to stay with it and to face forward in achieving it.
  50. Achieving great wealth and happiness starts with having a dream.
  51. Cornetto’s chance in Hell of achieving any of these objectives.
  52. By doing that, you will become more motivated in achieving more.
  53. The Will to Prosper is a powerful motivator in achieving Success.
  54. Time is the price to be paid for achieving anything of substance.
  55. To they’re under achieving standards that is very satisfactory.
  56. Action is one of the most important factors in achieving success.
  57. Q: Yes, but what is the sadhana for achieving the natural state?
  58. Further, the means for achieving survival is the ability to change.
  59. Trading stocks and options in the market and achieving consistent.
  60. The means for achieving the German state and culture was education.
  61. The route to achieving this dignity was called the cursus honorum.
  62. Every day that passes by you either move nearer towards achieving.
  63. The second hardest thing to be when achieving your goals is honest.
  64. It states: By achieving circular love it is possible to build.
  65. Customer service is one of the most important factors in achieving.
  66. Male hormone definitely helps women in achieving a healthy sex drive.
  67. Achieving high growth is about gaining momentum in the chosen market.
  68. Some of them were achieving up to one thousand feet above sea level.
  69. The manifestation orb exploded, harmlessly, not even achieving orbit.
  70. Achieving a net worth of ten million pounds is actually a difficult.
  71. I had aged in achieving sub division of the previous property into.
  72. Bad news and ill health will prevent you from achieving your desires.
  73. Achieving success as an investor can be very rewarding over the years.
  74. Exactly how, in God’s name, will you set about achieving that?
  75. Achieving more daily has to do with your level of desire towards what.
  76. A realization came for me when I got disgusted about not achieving the.
  77. Now, I hope by this point that you can see how achieving your goals is.
  78. To the extent that uncovered risks reduce the probability of achieving.
  79. Achieving, Committed, and Keep going, are the first letters that spell.
  80. I was always passionate about achieving success and I achieved success.
  81. This would result to making you more motivated in achieving your dream.
  82. They are always focused on their mission and engrossed in achieving it.
  83. White is the color of West with its all ideal and achieving properties.
  84. It keeps me motivated and focused on achieving more than I have already.
  85. But along with this one’s achieving of mystic, altered states of con-.
  86. There is fun in our work, and great rewards in achieving what we have.
  87. If you are having problems achieving any of the objectives, take a step.
  88. If achieving these targets is critical to meeting the ROI conditions of.
  89. After achieving independence, the new state of Judaea needed a government.
  90. Achieving a depth of eighty-eight percent potential within three minutes.
  91. Success is a bi-product of obtaining or achieving something that you want.
  92. This tr-brid will grow very fast achieving 6 months growth in just 1 month.
  93. Achieving better health can have positive effects on your fashion sense.
  94. Shot in the head while achieving climax, is my guess, noted Maintenon.
  95. You notice how everything in this country is achieving the same dismal look.
  96. For a dream to be worthwhile, you need to enjoy the journey in achieving it.
  97. The title bar is one of the most important factors in achieving high search.
  98. Having a firm, committed belief in yourself is the foundation of achieving.
  99. You now have a specific, motivating goal that you can see you are achieving.
  100. The task is not complicated, but achieving it involves a great deal of logic.
  1. Was achieved in his head.
  2. But how is it achieved?
  3. I think we achieved that.
  4. This can be achieved at:.
  5. How can this be achieved?
  6. This mode is achieved by:.
  7. He had achieved his object.
  8. This was achieved by being.
  9. This of course is achieved.
  10. Th is is achieved by means.
  11. You have achieved your goal.
  12. And it is only achieved by.
  13. The quorum had been achieved.
  14. He had achieved what he wanted.
  15. I had almost achieved Nirvana.
  16. The level of training achieved.
  17. It has to be achieved in this.
  18. What had she achieved? Nothing.
  19. Career goals are being achieved.
  20. This was achieved with a truce.
  22. I had achieved it all and found.
  23. And this was achieved simply by.
  24. God's Holy Will has been achieved.
  25. List that which is to be achieved.
  26. In truth, it is achieved in the.
  27. The bombing had achieved zilch.
  28. Their desired effect was achieved.
  29. Quality of prayer is achieved by.
  30. What was sought has been achieved.
  31. That which could only be achieved.
  32. Two objectives achieved with a.
  33. A happy mean, however, was achieved.
  34. I had achieved very little in my time.
  35. Everyone else has achieved something.
  36. What had I achieved? Nothing but….
  37. Just look at what I have achieved.
  38. Once you’ve achieved that, he who.
  39. Has all of Alpha achieved Solid State.
  40. The shelf lives are achieved without.
  41. Many had however achieved near misses.
  42. The university achieved instant fame.
  43. You achieved Solid State at that very.
  44. This is achieved by implementing a DSL.
  45. This is more easily achieved when the.
  46. Again, this can be achieved in two ways.
  48. This is more than what Newton achieved.
  49. Let’s now see how this can be achieved.
  50. He had achieved so little, to give his.
  51. This effort I achieved from harbouring.
  52. Achieved at Ilion in the field of fame;.
  53. Renunciation cannot be achieved overnight.
  54. Has achieved the achievements of others.
  55. Success is achieved in the Strength card.
  56. And you have achieved your aim so far.
  57. A higher exit price will be achieved if.
  58. Yet, you have not achieved all you desire.
  59. This dosing is achieved after an upward.
  60. There are many who have achieved far less.
  61. With security achieved, let’s look at:.
  62. Alilia achieved sexual ecstasy just now.
  63. You have achieved it with your first story.
  64. Even if Elowen achieved her miracle, even.
  65. How will our greatest success be achieved?
  66. I was so proud of what my wife had achieved.
  67. Just think of what we have achieved so far.
  68. It must say what is to achieved and by when.
  69. For a pseudo-hero this rate is achieved by.
  70. How had the masters achieved their results?
  71. Because of this unity, victory was achieved.
  72. This mind-body harmony is achieved through.
  73. But, even if I could have achieved that, I.
  74. He would have achieved great things someday.
  75. Once that perfection had been achieved they.
  76. I said victory could not be achieved by arms.
  77. We feel good that we have achieved whatever.
  78. At that moment, I achieved management status.
  79. He who has achieved that faith wants nothing.
  80. You have achieved my email is always full of.
  81. He achieved His goal by telling stories and.
  82. The 'breaking' is achieved by revealing the.
  83. This was achieved by the creative genius of.
  84. In the last 10 years, Strand has achieved.
  85. Control of mind is achieved by practice and.
  86. Nothing big can be achieved by thinking small.
  87. I started as a trainee, achieved stamping in.
  88. This is achieved during communication with God.
  89. You have achieved to know the sex of my child.
  90. You have achieved a remote cashier of Iceland.
  91. We have achieved three great victories today.
  92. Beijing, he has achieved nothing for his people.
  93. You have achieved that it tells you where I am.
  94. Everyone in the family had achieved something.
  95. You have achieved that I could rebuild my life.
  96. And this readiness is achieved by the warming.
  97. Of something missed, of something not achieved.
  98. That is achieved through one of the following:.
  99. But what they had achieved availed them nothing.
  100. Success will not be achieved if each of us 136.
  1. It always achieves its purpose.
  2. One who achieves this knows the.
  3. He achieves this first resurrection.
  4. By following these directions one achieves.
  5. When one of you achieves a goal, celebrate together.
  6. Regret achieves nothing when the past is immutable.
  7. The crowd here achieves its mental and emotional unity.
  8. The integration between the two minds achieves the harm.
  9. He achieves a knowledge without illusions which negates.
  10. Each achieves the same actuarial value in different ways.
  11. Life is a gift of God that achieves its true purpose only.
  12. The long call spread achieves its maximum profit above 132.
  13. And so he achieves the ultimate peace· So yog is essential.
  14. A man achieves what he bears in mind at the time of his death.
  15. It achieves its goal with few disruptions and zero flexibility.
  16. But that man achieves spiritual tranquillity who has mastered.
  17. The seeker achieves final consummation through performance of his.
  18. At 5, the market achieves the profit target at the next zone at 78.
  19. If the VC sector achieves an IPO in only 20% of their ventures and.
  20. The yogi who attains this state achieves an equal vision and looks.
  21. Capsaicin achieves this effect by depleting nerves of a pain-mediating.
  22. Spirit achieves the state of the most sublime peace, because he has sub-.
  23. Man even if he/she achieves beauty is bonded to age, phobias and bad habits.
  24. This index achieves this by focusing on calculating 93-day implied volatility.
  25. When one achieves the enlightened state, a common description of the spiritual.
  26. And will never rest until he achieves his goal, Sage said, cutting him off.
  27. And the resulting elegance, the resulting simplicity in design almost achieves.
  28. There is an upheaval - a revolution - which, at times, achieves a limited success.
  29. Enlightenment is a state of consciousness or awareness that achieves true understanding.
  30. Consequently, a firm who achieves this financial state with fewer shares outstanding will.
  31. At this stage, the sage who is blessed with knowledge of God also achieves the capacity to.
  32. Systems thinking achieves its position by being the discipline that integrates the other four.
  33. Through this connection it then achieves purification and becomes charitable and humanitarian.
  34. The body is as a mount for the spirit by which it achieves its desires and expresses its feelings.
  35. This requires an advance to the 971 level, which achieves a new high for the upswing after April 10, 2003.
  36. By the way, he will not allow us to even mention the rates of returns that he routinely achieves for clients.
  37. It achieves decoupling between the sender (client) and the receivers (processing elements) [GOF95, page 254].
  38. The Submissive will ensure she achieves a minimum of eight hours sleep a night when she is not with the Dominant.
  39. When it reaches roughly two-thirds of its full potential, one achieves full sensory perception of worked essence.
  40. Plus, he borrows against his policy and achieves a 10% return per year, in outside investments, (in his bucket B).
  41. The Submissive will ensure she achieves a minimum of seven hours’ sleep a night when she is not with the Dominant.
  42. Whoever fights in the cause of God, and then is killed, or achieves victory, We will grant him a great compensation.
  43. He thinks differently, he looks different places, he reaches different conclusions, and he achieves better performance.
  44. The Submissive will ensure she achieves a minimum of eight seven hours’ sleep a night when she is not with The Dominant.
  45. The more perfect communication man achieves, the more illuminated he becomes, and the more virtuous and sinless he will be.
  46. With powerful bursts of laser light, the treatment achieves this result with less reddening and irritation than other peels.
  47. It temporarily achieves corporeality by possessing humans, but the human host rejects it and the body self-destructs quickly.
  48. The more perfect communication a person achieves, the more illuminated they become, and the more virtuous and sinless they will be.
  49. This loading technique achieves the shortest possible completion times for any order and is practically the easiest method to apply.
  50. Once the market achieves the first profit target, at the nearest zone, the stop loss is moved to break even for the remaining position.
  51. At that time, the unbelievers will know what come-back they shall have, and how God, the Almighty admonishes, warns then achieves His warning.
  52. That’s when it achieves its maximum profit because the long vertical will achieve its maximum value while the short vertical expires worthless.
  53. It achieves absolutely nothing and actually makes matters worse (it puts out negative vibrations into the environment and wastes precious life energy).
  54. How whey protein achieves this effect is not fully understood, but research suggests it’s due to whey’s high glycomacropeptide and alpha–lactalbumin.
  55. The strategy also achieves our goal of having a lower maximum decline, standard deviation of return, and downside risk than the All Stocks universe itself.
  56. Man’s spirit and animal’s one are settled inside their bodies, and the body is as a mount for the spirit by which it achieves its yearnings and demands.
  57. Most Revered and Reviled Bird by Andrew Blechman achieves some balance – although not in the manner of Fox News – talking about these ever-present animals.
  58. Virtuality synching with Reality achieves an integrative threshold tipping point – an intradependancy where both parties' existence are dependent upon the other's.
  59. The methods by which he achieves these results make up the action of the story; they are such as we are all familiar with, except, perhaps, in the combination which Mr.
  60. He has solved the puzzle! A barge! A giant barge! We put the shuttle on the barge! We pull it with the tug until the shuttle achieves airspeed and it lifts off!.
  61. Being truthful in seeking what one wants is the basis of success as it is said, ‘Be true, and you shall be given’, also by means of truthfulness humanity learns and achieves.
  62. The network achieves greater transmission speeds by implementing a reliable transport service (much like the Transmission Control Protocol [TCP]) in hardware instead of software.
  63. He pretends otherwise in order to have influence and power over the spirits of the people that he wants to cheat, and then he achieves his malicious and evil wishes by destroying them.
  64. The Domain Name System achieves the designated objectives by using a hierarchical system, both in the name space used to name the hosts and in the database that contains the hostname information.
  65. For example, the sun is as a ruler over the water, that is, it achieves the function with which the Almighty Al’lah charged it and according to which He directed it, and thereby the water vaporizes.
  66. After reaching a certain level of attendance, where a theme park achieves its break-even point, every new customer’s ticket revenue drops straight to the bottom line which contributes to high marginal profit.
  67. In other words, higher performance standards in conjunction with broad-based curricular formats initiated by under performing schools is the only sure fire way of ensuring that each student achieves his or 28.
  68. So industry achieves an integration with government services that (with the proper placement of government officials) gives industry control over some government intelligence activities funded by the people of the U.
  69. PS: That was obviously a slightly hyperbolized account of how my psychiatrist achieves job security but last week I went in for my appointment after getting a call reminding me of an appointment I didn’t even remember making.
  70. When full enlightenment is achieved, or when one becomes a ‘Buddha’ one is not influenced or controlled by the notion of reincarnation, but achieves nirvana or a state of perfect wellbeing where reincarnation ceases to be.
  71. Once the emergence has occurred, once the escape velocity of Techine's superintelligence achieves meta-human consciousness, the transcendence will happen without us, beyond us, and perhaps neither concerned nor even aware of US.
  72. He then begins to kiss between her legs as he slowly places his tongue in her vagina and performs fellatio and she achieves multiple orgasms before they finally share a lovemaking session that is more intense than their first time.
  73. The man misses out on the benefits of a lasting relationship, which could have fed his continual need for respect and the woman wounded by the pursuit of love grows bitter and often settles for less or values herself as less and thus achieves and experiences less in life.
  74. The great night upon which a person achieves and enjoys the spiritual insight through which they acquire this real knowledge – that is, the night when a person sees the Mightiness of their Creator and appreciates the Perfection of God – is called the Night of Valuation.
  75. Such nations, I believe, should be treated with caution until evidence of good will has been properly determined lest the ―Trojan horse‖ achieves its global objectives by continuing to discredit and undermine liberal democracy within the framework of assumed alliances.
  76. Someone gets a new car, someone gets a promotion, someone gets some money, someone gets a new house, someone gets ahead, someone achieves - oh oh oh! Do you think people can rise up and bless them? No, often they just kind of ah well, he probably stole it, probably cheated.
  77. And thus, in one short life, did Jesus traverse that experience of religious spiritual progression which man begins on earth and ordinarily achieves only at the conclusion of his long sojourn in the spirit training schools of the successive levels of the pre-Paradise career.
  78. Swensen, for example, has explained that he achieves outsize returns because of top-notch professional resources, but more important, access to investments that you and I will never have, such as the very best venture capital and hedge funds, which he can use to bolster his asset allocation.
  79. After He acquainted us with the order by which the rainwater which is indispensable for the life of the living beings falls, the Almighty wanted to make us know that there is a Great Hand that controls the movement, provides with power, and achieves all these actions upon which the life is based.
  80. Taking that point, and applying it to the mathematical prediction that with speed approaching that of light, matter achieves infinitely great momentum, then it seemed, to David, that as an object approached the speed of light in our universe it also approached a velocity sufficient to leave the universe.
  81. When the subject finally achieves buoyancy equal to his or her weight (neither floats nor sinks), the amount of air in the bottle is determined by measuring how much water was poured into the collecting container, and the formula can be applied, where the variable v is taken to be the volume of air in the bottle.
  82. All traders will, from time to time, experience cold spells when they feel as though they can’t do anything right, and as Bill O’Neil once told me, what makes a trader great is not the positive results she achieves, but the ability to bounce back from difficult times when one has been kicked around pretty good.
  83. The consideration and the capital that enables man to gain paradise is charitable good deeds by which he achieves Al’lah’s Gift, because labour (good deed) is basic for making the spirit confident of Al’lah’s satisfaction with it, so that it will advance ahead in approaching towards the Almighty here and hereafter.
  84. Suppose that in strict compliance with a scenario of development of a certain Stereo-Form, the duvuyllerrt group of its Stereo-Types achieves the age that equals, for example, 832 192 967 040 SSFU-UNGSS (this is approximately 80 years 4 months 23 days 16 hours and 28 minutes — according to the nominal parameters of “linear” time keeping acknowledged in this Formo-system of Worlds), and “dies”.
  85. If they witness this witnessing; that is to say, if a person’s spirit has sensed the greatness of this universe and the sublimity of the Hand which directs all of it in one moment, without any cessation, so that nothing in the earth or in the heavens may leave Its control; that is, if the spirit witnesses this witnessing; that is, if it achieves an incorporeal witnessing that there is no God except Al’lah and feels the Godly magnificence and grandeur in its depth: it will then feel in awe of Al’lah.
  86. I mean exactly this VVU-Information, when I say that, when each of these Formo-images achieves certain high-qualitative states (also through the subjective dynamics of our structures of Self-Consciousness: for example, according to some animators, movie-makers and storytellers, Ivan-the-Fool transforms from a simpleton and mentally defective rural bogey and gradually becomes a sort of homebred sage and philosopher), it can really become involved in the full-fledged and infinitely fascinating dynamics of FLUU-LUU-complexes, however, not as energy-information Formo-clichés strictly limited by a very narrow realizational range, but as more self-conscious and developed FLUU-VVU-Forms.
  87. Owing to the dissonance that appears during this process, it becomes impossible to infinitely make such different-qualitative reprojections “inside” the general dynamics of the information “space” of your individual ODS: when the destruction between the dynamics of a high-frequency part of VVU-Configurations of the conglomerates used by you in a Meditation and low-frequency Configurations of SFUURMM-Forms from the Spheres of creativity of the individual ODS explored by “you” achieves its critical phase, your Focus of Close Attention that resonates with the Focus of Dual Reflection of these UU-VVU-conglomerates is also influenced by the strong dissonant effect, which automatically reprojects its dynamics into its typical range of Creative Activity of the NUU-VVU-Configuration focused by You.

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