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Frasi con work (in inglese)

1. It is not my work.
2. I had tons of work.
3. Adam was out of work.
4. Right to Work Laws, n.
5. How does it work in.
6. To work as they wish.
7. We work for the city.

8. What a piece of work.
9. It was a work of art.
10. His hands went to work.
11. I needed to work fast.
12. But I have work to do.
13. I love the art work.
14. He found more day work.
15. Do your own dirty work.
16. Q: But his work suffers.
17. In order to work with.
18. He started to work his.
19. His work is much easier.
20. A flag to work the road.
21. She went to work on that.
22. But Celina made it work.
23. I’ll work on that one.
24. We can start the work.
25. There is work to be done.
27. Bahkmar set right to work.
28. I commonly came to work.
29. That did not work either.
30. Work is love made visible.
31. This allows you to work.
32. We used to work on Samos.
33. No, that would never work.
34. Odd, for his kind of work.
35. It does its work within us.
36. When the work to be done.
37. Besides this is great work.
38. Much work needs to be done.
39. This is a man’s work.
40. Otherwise, I work in wood.
1. I was working at J.
2. I was working as a.
3. J T was working hard.
4. I was working for an.
5. Davie is working it out.
6. I was working toward it.
7. No, he was out working.
8. They were working on it.
9. They were working as a.
10. It is not working though.
11. When she is not working.
12. It's not by working hard.
13. I am still working on it.
14. A woman working for the.
15. If it's not working out.
16. She still is working un-.
17. But I’m working on that.
18. She was weary of working.
19. Oh, I’m working on it.
20. Suzy had been working late.
21. You have been working hard.
22. They were all working fine.
23. His excuse to his working.
24. The ants are always working.
25. Working as quickly as she.
26. K and started working with.
27. My favorite way of working.
28. Pellew is working with us.
29. He loved working with wood.
30. His father was working in S.
31. It's not working out babes.
32. It seemed to be working out.
33. The shift was still working.
34. It a process worth working.
35. And after years of working.
36. There is no harm in working.
37. Christ is God working in us.
38. It is working for all of us.
39. He was working out perfectly.
40. Yes, but it’s not working.
1. I worked it out with.
2. It worked for a while.
3. I worked in the Co-op.
4. Oh no – it worked.
5. He worked out that it.
6. And the deal worked out.
7. He worked out all the.
8. And then worked it out.
9. Mark worked as a car-.
10. I have worked with the.
11. He then worked from 9 a.
12. This dog worked in icy.
13. Had he worked the evil.
14. It worked out like this.
15. He worked menial jobs, e.
16. She has worked too hard.
17. You have worked so hard.
18. It worked just a little.
19. It looks like it worked.
20. I also worked for a 74.
21. He said he worked as a.
22. That was where I worked.
23. I worked an average of.
24. She worked out that if.
25. And it worked! My magic.
26. Vince had said it worked.
27. She worked the three to.
28. But Sophie and I worked.
29. He had worked for TEPCO.
30. But the eyes never worked.
31. But I also worked out a.
32. Here’s how it worked: T.
33. We've worked it all out.
34. It worked in the Old West.
35. Sort of worked against us.
36. But if this worked, they.
37. They worked as nurses at.
38. Well, it must have worked.
39. This worked out, I built.
40. You have worked master a.
1. How it works for me.
2. I hope it works out.
3. This is how it works.
4. The way it works is.
5. Mosul is in the works.
6. It works for us, Dave.
7. No one works for free.
8. Here is how it works:.
9. You all know it works.
10. I'm not sure it works.
12. This is how it works!.
13. Yes, that works for me.
14. Many of his works had.
15. It hurts, but it works.
16. Don't ask how it works.
17. And it works both ways.
18. My car still works, too.
19. But this works both ways.
20. See, that's how it works.
21. The Wrench in the Works.
22. He works for the resort.
23. A team that works around.
24. An economy that works on.
25. And we all know it works.
26. His works abound in the.
27. This works well but you.
28. Other works by the Author.
29. That’s the way it works.
30. It works in a similar way.
31. It's the man he works for.
32. Is that how it works? Is.
33. It works the same way in.
34. Works, Volume 54, Page 447.
35. The trick only works once.
36. It works I feel better.
37. That’s not how it works.
38. Works on slugs and snails.
39. That’s the way he works.
40. Oh, okay, so that works.

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