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Frasi con adrift (in inglese)

1. We left them thus adrift.
3. Adrift in the middle of nowhere.
4. They mean to cast us adrift!.
5. Only ten minutes adrift after all.
6. He felt as if he were cast adrift.
7. Love melodies adrift through leafy ways.
8. Obviously, you can’t leave Monroe adrift.
9. Once again he was completely alone and adrift.
10. Leaving her to me, he seemed adrift in the room.
11. Philadelphia, Marie, and the pain of being adrift.
12. It's adrift, engines and thrusters are not burning.
13. If ever a woman was adrift, he was afraid poor Fanny was.
14. He turns you adrift on the world with surprising alacrity.
15. They have set the ship adrift and had planned to scuttle it.
16. They cast me adrift in space after I refused to join their.
17. It was merely a common small boat gone adrift with her oars in her.
18. Within a matter of hours he could be at the location of the adrift ship.
19. Thou art transformed but still adrift within the Cave, outside Our realm.
20. A few strokes of his sword cut her adrift, and he went to the sweep-head.
21. Seven days gone adrift, while I had just sat here and watched time go by.
22. You looked so lost and adrift I just had to stop to see if you were OK.
23. Gary Mitchell and he had only cast the three Captains adrift out of sheer.
24. He felt lifeless legs and motionless bodies adrift as he ascended to what.
25. Have you seen a small life-rocket adrift? A space storm carried it away.
26. Adrift as we are – leaderless, rudderless and without credible role models.
27. He's been the victim of a piratical attack and survived being cast adrift in.
28. She was adrift with several main systems offline but showed no external damage.
29. The following year another prince was born and sent adrift, but happily for the.
30. They were all captured and drugged by the natives, then set adrift in their boats.
31. Osiris was placed in a coffin and put adrift in the Nile whence he was washed to sea.
32. With a terrific snap, every fastening went adrift; the ship righted, the carcase sank.
33. The city was adrift and moving quickly as it was ferried along by some unknown source.
34. Two of the tents were in a prostrate condition, while the others were fast getting adrift.
35. Was he referring to the person found adrift in the harbor? You say, one of them is dead.
36. I don’t want to read anything that will spoil this feeling: that I am adrift in calm waters.
37. The city adrift and without navigational power would be broken up into pieces by such a storm.
38. When he was about half way down the boat was cut adrift and "Tubby" was left hanging in mid-air.
39. For lack of room to put them, several of the Titanic's boats, after unloading, were set adrift.
40. One Monday morning he returned half an hour "adrift," and was promptly taken before the skipper.
41. It is because of dis that you 'ave not been cast adrift on the seas to de mercy of de sea god Antilus.
42. John’s urine bag had come adrift, the end of his catheter tube dragged along the floor leaving a wet trail.
43. Often have I seen them--Helen and Jimmy--and likened them to ships adrift, and feared for my own little craft.
44. His faith in life, and in himself, had scattered adrift with the wind that was now blowing sand into his face.
45. Obviously at the top of the pole was the sheer terror of imagining Michael alone and adrift in an unfamiliar environment.
46. It is not suggested that men who have failed to educate their sons to earn a livelihood shall cast them adrift in poverty.
47. Though they didn’t know it, they had passed what was almost certainly the record for survival adrift in an inflated raft.
48. At a time when voters want reassurance of his vitality, the president looks visibly adrift on this very public national stage.
49. They managed to reclaim engineering and the shuttle bay, but they had been unable to recover their shuttle that was set adrift.
50. They would return to her at its end like sealed messages, bottles set adrift by some other self on the far shore of a wide sea.
51. No, they kept it in front of them with some heroic work from the laser staff, but they were adrift while it happened and doing.
52. Some sixty years later, after nineteen days adrift, starving survivors of the sunken yacht Mignonette killed and ate a teenaged crewman.
53. After a while, all went silent, but I could see the running lights of the other boat taking a straight-line course—probably not adrift.
54. With oars apeak, and paddles down, the sheets of their sails adrift, the three boats now stilly floated, awaiting Moby Dick's reappearance.
55. I believed that the unspeakable act she endured so many years ago had soured her soul and left her adrift on a sea of misery and loathing.
56. Truman read how a certain Douglas Finney, a cocaine trafficker from Boston, Massachusetts, USA, had been found adrift on the morning tide.
57. Mercer, not wanting to seem a hayseed, had allowed himself a single, tiny pour, and now felt adrift on a sea of warmth, his face slick with it.
58. As he watches the Byz ship cruise to the horizon, Jet thinks, The fallen warrior is headed home while the rest of us are left, set adrift in space.
59. A fantasy – a castle in the air, adrift from the ground, safe from the realities of life – far away from neglect, hunger, and crack-whore mothers.
60. Now that he clearly no longer had a hold on Marilyn and Sinatra was also out of the picture for the time being, she was adrift emotionally, and she turned to Hal.
61. And she had always been adrift, he now saw, refusing to have anything to do with the innumerable anchors offered her, including--and with what entreaties!--his own.
62. They may have less opportunity to be adrift from their mission because their focus is on less frivolous things since they are much more depending on others or must be more self-sufficient.
63. Around five-hundred million survivors of a war ravaged desolate world were left, not quite adrift, but at a velocity which would take them a thousand years to reach their original destination.
64. They are generally talented but poorly adjusted minor wizards adrift in the midst of vast and populous empires, where the majority of the citizenry are humans with no appreciable magic ability.
65. A tale of Sargon’s birth will sound familiar to those acquainted with the story of Moses in the Bible, as Sargon was also said to have been placed in a basket and set adrift in a river for adoption.
66. He was shocked each time by all the stars you could see out here, the same ones the Greeks and Trojans had looked upon, a reminder that you were adrift in an insane vastness where nobody knew your name.
67. No street lights on North Road was the normal situation, but a full moon adrift in a cloudless sky filtered its ashen glow over a landscape of grey and darker grey, throwing shadows that knew no dimension.
68. I was suddenly very, very alone, adrift in a great black void, painless and terrible, as if a billion lost men were slaughtered just beyond my senses, and I floated happy and stupid and helpless against it.
69. I was simply leisured, educated and adrift, rubbing shoulders with these fading elite in the golf pavilion, where they socialized, drank their cocktails and exchanged their hate and derision for the regime.
70. One by one, the stranger held up book after book, to show the covers, then a page, and yet another title page where printed dates of this novel surfed up, adrift, but to stay forever on some far future shore.
71. Alas! What freedom? Such as the peasant enjoys when his family have been massacred before his eyes, his cottage burnt, his lands laid waste, and he is turned adrift, homeless, penniless, and alone, but free.
72. His mind, meanwhile, was fractured and adrift from not only the lanista's punishment, nor the still fresh news of his brother's death but also because Juko had never intended to fight in the dust of the arena.
73. In an instant he was placed in the stern-sheets of the boat, between the gendarmes, while the officer stationed himself at the bow; a shove sent the boat adrift, and four sturdy oarsmen impelled it rapidly towards the Pilon.
74. Kathy felt rather akin to a piece of flotsam floating adrift in a fast moving current - which had no choice but to travel in the direction the water was carrying it, even if it was headed towards dangerously cascading rapids.
75. Then he would load up his cart and off he would be to the market once more to make some coin for his wife and children, so they’d not have to beg like some people who were cast adrift in the unfathomable torrents of fortune.
76. The doctors continued to believe that it would only be a matter of time before his system failed naturally, but he had continued to defy the odds and their expectations, hanging adrift in a state that was neither really living nor dead.
77. My hope was, correctly as it later turned out, that the boat would be found adrift in the channel eventually and, with my card found on the boat, they would search for my body a short while before giving me up for missing: presumed drowned.
78. Jo knew nothing about philosophy or metaphysics of any sort, but a curious excitement, half pleasurable, half painful, came over her as she listened with a sense of being turned adrift into time and space, like a young balloon out on a holiday.
79. A year after the departure of the wise Catalonian the only one left in Macondo was Gabriel, still adrift at the mercy of Nigromanta’s chancy charity and answering the questions of a contest in a French magazine in which the first prize was a trip to Paris.
80. Adrift in that realm that made no sense at all, surrounded by the amber mist and the scents of abundant spring vegetation, I heard a cacophony of voices again and images were swirling about in a kind of elemental stew, similar to my nightmare after Lance died.
81. It is a very strange sensation to inexperienced youth to feel itself quite alone in the world, cut adrift from every connection, uncertain whether the port to which it is bound can be reached, and prevented by many impediments from returning to that it has quitted.
82. They fished in the same waters, and although there was plenty for everyone, these others would take every opportunity to hijack, sink or burn the Madra’s boats, so they retaliated by stealing their boats and then casting them adrift after confiscating everything.
83. But if you climb up into the tower, and drop a plumb line from the top of one of the columns of the crossing, just below the springing of the arch, you will see that by the time the line touches the floor it will be adrift of the column to the south by several inches.
84. And please don't think I am doing you a service; quite the contrary, as soon as you came in, I saw how you could help me; to begin with, I am weak in spelling, and secondly, I am sometimes utterly adrift in German, so that I make it up as I go along for the most part.
85. By our Revolution cut adrift, as I may say, from the old world, before the storm which was about to desolate Europe arose, I fondly hoped that this new world would furnish one fair experiment of what science, liberty and peace, might achieve, free from those corruptions which have eternally attended on war.
86. But before I had crossed the street, I felt that I could hardly walk, and I jostled aimlessly, heedlessly, against the passers-by, feeling listless and adrift ; but what could I do with myself ? What use am I to anyone, and—what use is anything to me now ? Mechanically I trudged to Prince Sergay's, though I was not thinking of him at all.
87. In vain handspikes and crows were brought to bear upon the immovable fluke-chains, to pry them adrift from the timberheads; and so low had the whale now settled that the submerged ends could not be at all approached, while every moment whole tons of ponderosity seemed added to the sinking bulk, and the ship seemed on the point of going over.
88. I could do nothing; I was adrift in a strange sea; my hands on the metal-spun threads of her tunic were cold and stiff, my eyes dry; I was as far from her in spirit, as she clung to me in the darkness, as when years ago I had lit her cigarette on the way from the station; as far as when she was out of mind, in the dry, empty years at the Old Rectory, and in the jungle.
89. How could he relate to steel and plastic corridors, silicon mind and the power structure when he was adrift in a field of violet blooms in the golden light of Kortrax? How could he relate to orders given by a starship captain frozen in stone when there was a golden-skinned naked girl on him, swaying to the rhythm of mental drums, beckoning him into her arms, into her body?
90. Was there one? Were there two? They seemed to be smelling a rat there! Has not some charitable soul told them (what even schoolboys who read sea stories know) that when a ship sinks from a leak like this, a deck or two is always blown up; and that when a steamship goes down by the head, the boilers may, and often do break adrift with a sound which resembles the sound of an explosion? And they may, indeed, explode, for all I know.
91. Because in such a wilderness of running rigging, whose various different relations aloft cannot always be infallibly discerned by what is seen of them at the deck; and when the deck-ends of these ropes are being every few minutes cast down from the fastenings, it would be but a natural fatality, if, unprovided with a constant watchman, the hoisted sailor should by some carelessness of the crew be cast adrift and fall all swooping to the sea.
92. She was a ship commanded, manned, equipped--not a sort of marine Ritz, proclaimed unsinkable and sent adrift with its casual population upon the sea, without enough boats, without enough seamen (but with a Parisian cafe and four hundred of poor devils of waiters) to meet dangers which, let the engineers say what they like, lurk always amongst the waves; sent with a blind trust in mere material, light-heartedly, to a most miserable, most fatuous disaster.
93. Certainly Rosamond in this case had equal reason to complain of reserve and want of confidence on his part; but in the bitterness of his soul he excused himself;—was he not justified in shrinking from the task of telling her, since now she knew the truth she had no impulse to speak to him? But a deeper-lying consciousness that he was in fault made him restless, and the silence between them became intolerable to him; it was as if they were both adrift on one piece of wreck and looked away from each other.
94. The cold wind whips the foam adrift,.

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