undirected frasi

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Frasi con undirected (in inglese)

1. A journey without a destination is undirected and.
2. Articulation points for the above undirected graph are B, E, F.
3. Undirected and reactive emotions can do nothing of value or benefit.
4. This opposes undirected processes such as natural selection, which is held by Evolutionists.
5. The other Lykanthros were relentless and continued their undirected attack on the villagers.
6. Suppose you have a connected undirected graph with a weight (or cost) associated with each edge.
7. Connected component: If G is connected undirected graph, then we can visit all the vertices of the graph in the first call to BFS.

8. A connected undirected graph is said to be bi-connected if it remains connected after removal of any one vertex and the edges that are incident upon that vertex.

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