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Frasi con afloat (in inglese)

1. Which seemed afloat within a sea.
2. The rumors had been afloat for months.
3. I kept the ship afloat with five sales.
4. He still had trouble keeping his business afloat.
5. The poor mouse left desperately staying afloat.
6. Dawn was approaching and they were still afloat.
7. But this ship has stayed afloat for quite a while.

8. They had long gone and were probably still afloat.
9. He was wearing a vest which kept him afloat, but.
10. The largest ships afloat are guided by a single man.
11. Now she wanted only a slight shove to be set afloat.
12. I considered my fur overcoat helped to keep me afloat.
13. Amy’s parents had to borrow money from us to stay afloat.
14. When I awoke, I found myself afloat in an area of the sea that.
15. The Nautilus was certainly afloat, but it was no longer in motion.
16. Soon a gentle rolling told me that we were afloat in the open air.
17. It told me that the Nautiluswas afloat on the surface of the ocean.
18. Plus, I estimate around a hundred and fifty enemy ships still afloat.
19. It is like comparing a cargo ship afloat on the ocean with a submarine.
20. But afloat was a long way from financially viable as a business location.
21. The only difference was I was no longer struggling to keep my head afloat.
22. A closer look revealed that some parts of the flotilla were already afloat.
23. Zeus glided to the center of the platform, his wings keeping the great body afloat.
24. Microsoft practically had to rescue it by taking a pile of shares to keep it afloat.
25. He spent the rest of the session in the shallower end trying to master staying afloat.
26. For a moment he was a disembodied consciousness afloat in a world of abstract whiteness.
27. This suggests to me that the only thing holding AAPL options afloat is the imminent news.
28. Asmodai, his great wings keeping him afloat, silently glided into the presence of Lucifer.
29. An aura of redness in the visual field…feeling of floating…no, being on something afloat.
30. And it’s my expertise, connections, and work (lots of it) that even keeps this place afloat.
31. They drifted on and on, the subtle, subconscious movement of foot and hand keeping them afloat.
32. I'm just doing my bit to keep the business afloat, she added as if there was nothing to it.
33. It was foamed enough to stay afloat about an inch above the cockpit, and that was full to the rim.
34. The Arctic had been the largest side-wheel steamer afloat and was considered to be indestructible.
35. I have had controversies about it with experienced whalemen afloat, and learned naturalists ashore.
36. They’d made strides, begun to implement changes that would, over time, help keep the town afloat.
37. The whales let off and sank downward, but the ironclad though heavy laden with water stayed afloat.
38. The USS Nathaniel was no more than scattered pieces of driftwood afloat upon the harbor’s surface.
39. The suits would keep us afloat for a long time if necessary - a last defence against the ocean's fury.
40. The unloaded lighter leaked much less, and he thought that she would keep afloat as far as the harbour.
41. My recollection is that the Douro remained afloat after the collision for fifteen minutes or thereabouts.
42. I could see Eileen almost spent, faint and withering, unable to even stay afloat in her incorporeal body.
43. Confidence in the ability of the Titanic to remain afloat doubtlessly led many of the passengers to death.
44. Although she was designed for speed, her 15-inch broadside firepower could match that of anything then afloat.
45. The man in charge of keeping the American economy afloat, raced into the room, a wiry bundle of nervous energy.
46. There was however, a lot of fishy electronic equipment, enough that we wondered how the boat could stay afloat.
47. Cam plugged him into the crew as often as possible for part-time work, just to help him keep his family afloat.
48. Once they had her afloat once more, they could redistribute her remaining guns to adjust her trim, but first—.
49. While now the fated Pequod had been so long afloat this voyage, the log and line had but very seldom been in use.
50. The LST was the most valuable vessel afloat for Normandy, without which the invasion could never have taken place.
51. Sir, I never wish to see the liberties of my country afloat upon the ocean and staked upon the strength of a navy.
52. Monty was afloat at the foot of the cascade, allowing the water to drum on his back, when he heard his name called.
53. In fact, she was as safe a ship as nine hundred and ninety-nine ships out of any thousand now afloat upon the sea.
54. We are afloat on a sea of opinionated opinions all being given unqualified and, in many cases, undeserved validity.
55. And even in contracting economies, the Fed tends to print more money to keep the economy afloat during a recession.
56. It was also suggested that they first try and keep Houston afloat, as a national priority over other affected cities.
57. They laugh at long-togs so, Flask; but seems to me, a Long tailed coat ought always to be worn in all storms afloat.
58. In the meanwhile the barrels were left afloat while the elves of the raft and the boatmen went to feast in Lake-town.
59. When it was afloat, the crew towed it, leading it right above the immense trench outlined to match the ship's waterline.
60. The sky, in which We were afloat, reflected on the marble floor the beauty of a nebula ablaze in gold and turquoise hues.
61. After that big one, I was in and out of minor depressions and was struggling to keep my business afloat with diminishing.
62. At the end, all but two enemy ships remained afloat, and they were still trying to escape the sea of fire surrounding them.
63. Consequently, by the French decrees, all property afloat belonging to the Americans was liable to seizure and condemnation.
64. Sucked into the milling crowd, Loofah was soon afloat in a sea of blank strangers which flowed around him in endless eddies.
65. The steamship appeared, and grew in size and power until such giants of the wave as the Titanic and Olympic were set afloat.
66. This magnificent battleship represented the state of the art in German ship design and was the most powerful warship afloat.
67. His stare was focused on the metal slab slowly coming their way, improbably keeping itself afloat half a foot above the sand:.
68. I was planing and the Zodiac had a rigid hull, so I knew I was going to stay afloat, but only if I kept her in a straight line.
69. Credit, owing to the reports afloat, was no longer to be had; and to meet the one hundred due on the 15th of the next month to M.
70. He believed that for the number of fighting men afloat the United States had been put to a much greater expense than was necessary.
71. The plank would have kept him afloat if he had remained still, but he was kicking for the shore, and his thrashing destabilized him.
72. The same evening, at latitude 21° 30' north, the Nautilus was afloat on the surface of the sea and drawing nearer to the Arab coast.
73. As though a golden magic cloth, endowed with peace was laid o’er me, I seemed afloat upon a lake and drifted off to shores of sleep.
74. This delayed the explosion and undoubtedly permitted the ship to remain afloat nearly an hour longer, and thus saved hundreds of lives.
75. I noticed that the first huge ship was gone and the second one was afloat in a wet dock while the rigging and sails were being installed.
76. It was like somebody had built the Maze and then set it afloat in the sky to hover there in the middle of nothing for the rest of eternity.
77. Now, as the business of standing mast-heads, ashore or afloat, is a very ancient and interesting one, let us in some measure expatiate here.
78. As he handled the bucket over the overhead pulley, finding some coconuts afloat, she said in wonderment, ‘Oh, the village refrigeration!’.
79. The lad and I struggled in the water for several hours endeavoring to hold afloat by grabbing to the sides and end of an overturned life-boat.
80. The unimaginative, hard-working men, great and small, who served this flag afloat and ashore, nursed dumbly a mysterious sense of its greatness.
81. Because that’s the only thing that will keep the Calamity afloat in this storm—mark my works, you have a tropical hurricane headed this way.
82. A handful of men on the after-part, which alone remained afloat, were rescued after several hours by another destroyer, just as the after-part sank.
83. Bayonet was in danger of sinking by the time he recalled his other units, and her captain had jettisoned her guns in his struggle to keep her afloat.
84. If ever there was a perfect beauty afloat, she is one; and there she lays at Spithead, and anybody in England would take her for an eight-and-twenty.
85. Soon the fountain will be dry till the rain fills it, setting the fallen leaves afloat in the basin; and over the lakes the reeds will spread and close.
86. Her crew had faced a grueling, epic battle to keep her afloat, and from the preliminary damage survey, it seemed likely she was beyond repair this time.
87. Wave after wave thus leaps into the ship, and finding no speedy vent runs roaring fore and aft, till the mariners come nigh to drowning while yet afloat.
88. Shapeshade's old Venice Cinema was special because it was the last of a series of night riverboats, afloat on the edge of the tide, anywhere in the world.
89. The four Hezbollah men were soon able to detail the face of a very pretty young woman who was swimming afloat with some effort, being apparently exhausted.
90. The mental health system was a crowded entity, fighting to stay afloat among the needy, and justifying its presence by going through the motions of treatment.
91. Some had already gone to haul on the ropes which pulled up the portcullis at the water-gate so as to let out the barrels as soon as they were all afloat below.
92. He had slipped off the rocks and into the sea and thrashed about in panic, with his arms and legs slapping the water in an unsuccessful attempt to keep afloat.
93. There are several inflation points because the dinghy is built in sections, so that if one compartment is punctured the others will still keep the dinghy afloat.
94. But there is also reason in the way one accepts facts, and I refuse to be awed by the size of a tank bigger than any other tank that ever went afloat to its doom.
95. Not only was America producing and exporting more than any other country, but thanks to its overseas investments, American money virtually kept the industrialised world afloat.
96. Manny Leiber staggered back out a moment later, looked around as if surprised the place was still afloat, made it to the telephone, dialed, said, “Get in here!” and headed out.
97. The unfortunate dog could not swim, but he made great efforts to keep himself afloat with his paws; but the more he struggled the farther he sank head downwards under the water.
98. This strange event aroused great wonder and curiosity in the neighborhood of the Allees de Meillan, and a multitude of theories were afloat, none of which was anywhere near the truth.
99. Mr Jay then outlined a plan that would keep the job afloat, I came alive again and the red mist cleared, time enough later to settle with them two conniving bastards, Donavan and Crow.
100. In the course of my observations, I think I forgot to mention that when the United States kept forty sail of armed vessels afloat, and employed 8,000 seamen, we had no navy-yards at all.

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