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Frasi con allowance (in inglese)

  1. Maybe a small cash allowance.
  2. Most of my allowance goes there.
  3. My parents always gave me an allowance.
  4. On such regards of safety and allowance.
  5. My allowance? I haven't got an allowance.

  6. Hence the machining allowance is minimal.
  7. My next allowance was not due until October.
  8. He was thinking of the next month's allowance.
  9. Allowance for credit losses was $195 million.
  10. She preferred this to living on his allowance.
  11. He was given a $350 allowance every month for.
  12. But I will make allowance for your natural anger.
  13. Price one Shilling each, and Allowance by the dozen.
  14. While consciously acknowledging, creates an allowance.
  15. But other people don't make as much allowance as _I_ do.

  16. The Indian government gave him an allowance of about a.
  17. Through these all, he started to save his daily allowance.
  18. Could just be money from her parents, allowance and what not.
  19. Allowance for doubtful accounts, meanwhile, rose only 12 percent.
  20. I wanted to get a job, but she insisted on giving me an allowance.
  21. A one-star’s travel allowance would have paid for a much nicer place.
  22. Two months is an ample allowance; I should think six weeks quite enough.
  23. He was the one who decided I should have a larger allowance when her that way.
  24. At the time our living expense allowance from home was £50 Sterling per month.
  25. Press the finish button to see what sort of finish allowance we should have the.

  26. Basil came from a well-to-do family who supplied him with a substantial allowance.
  27. It was Missy’s allowance from her big brother, which he wanted Gary to see.
  28. My way round this is to only add the ISA allowance in every year and trade with that.
  29. Everyone who is awarded an allowance must score at least fifteen points in the assessment.
  30. And after I’d saved my allowance to buy two games so that I could play on Christmas Day.
  32. So, it may appear that giving an open-ended sort of quote with allowance for cost over-runs.
  33. When he foresees that provisions are likaly to run short, he puts them upon short allowance.
  34. Chris thought it a very strange sense of humour but made an allowance for nervousness, maybe.
  35. Allowance must be made, of course, for the unprecedented character of the depression in 1932.
  36. If the girl was a street worker Mark used his allowance to purchase their favours for a night.
  37. Their Housing Benefit and Council Tax allowance was also withheld as a result of this decision.
  38. Kate gave each girl a weekly allowance, and ordered them to keep a record of how they spent it.
  39. Though what is meant by this is to allow, accommodate, and make an allowance for its existence.
  40. There is a certain allowance to be made forevery religious as well as astronomical observer’s eye.
  41. He wasted a tolerably large allowance, something like three thousand francs a year, in doing nothing.
  42. He makes an allowance, too, for the quantity of each metal which, he supposes, may have been smuggled.
  43. Devise a point system that adds up to an allowance that lets kids spend their money the way they want to.
  44. Thom had certain limits to the magic he could employ, opening a new back door wasn’t in his allowance.
  45. She had no idea how large her allowance was going to be and for the first time in her life Eve felt fear.
  46. With the ample allowance he'd been given all his life, he fed the ever-fattening stockmarket of the 1920s.
  47. I need someone like you to add in incentive compensation, weekly medical exams, a car allowance, whatever.
  48. The young man had no income; besides the meagre allowance his brother and mother gave him to tide him over.
  49. He just gave me a dozen thumps, regulation allowance, and then let me go about my business: to prison, that is.
  50. Living was easy in France then; with the exchange as it was, my allowance went a long way and I did not live frugally.
  51. She was perfectly disposed to make every allowance for the colonel’s advanced state of life which humanity required.
  52. They swallowed it as if it were water, and held out their glasses with a most amusing calmness for a further allowance.
  53. If required, an allowance can be made for other people to view the body by the hearse, at the cemetery, for just a few minutes.
  54. Each of them carried on his back a Rouquayrol device that the air tanks had supplied with a generous allowance of fresh oxygen.
  55. However, returns on the Ibbotson corporate series are calculated from yields, with no allowance for defaults and/or downgrading.
  56. At the end of one year," Brad went on, "if your grandmother is satisfied with your behavior, your weekly allowance will be doubled.
  57. Long-term corporate bonds earn the Treasury bond rate and a credit risk premium (CRP), minus an allowance for losses from defaults.
  58. It may be that I was unduly sensitive, and that I had not made sufficient allowance for others, but my feelings were as I describe.
  59. It is called abortion, and a women‘s right of privacy, and governmental allowance against the desires of the people and religions.
  60. While he was drinking his moderate allowance, he said, with nothing to lead up to it, and after having appeared rather fidgety,—.
  61. I wreathed myself in clouds of smoke when the cigarette supply allowed, even smoking an unhealthy portion of my friend’s allowance.
  62. They hardly made a living on this land, but Zacharias received a regular allowance from the temple funds dedicated to the priesthood.
  63. She had saved a few hundred dollars secretly from her allowance and used this to get a room in a cheap boarding house in Chippendale.
  64. What though I was the victim of an extraordinary accident? No allowance is made for accidents where diplomatic interests are at stake.
  65. In our analysis we have made allowance for the dilution factor in the usual way by treating the preferred as if converted into common.
  66. Allowance must be made besides for the generally distorted and egotistical views prevalent in the financial world during 1928 and 1929.
  67. Diondra had a big allowance, she’d taken him shopping a few times, holding clothes up to him like he was a baby, telling him to smile.
  68. Look in the footnotes at the allowance for doubtful accounts and then compare the provision for doubtful accounts to actual charge-offs.
  69. The same method (with an allowance for correlations between different underlying assets) is used to calculate the VaR of the option portfolio.
  70. The kids laughed and Diondra howled—Ben won’t get his allowance this week if you keep taking his change—and he realized he’d been found out.
  71. You’ve been saying for so long that you wanted one, so I’ve been secretly saving up my allowance and money from the part-time job at Howard's.
  72. We have suggested in this chapter that security analysis must make full allowance for the results of subsidiaries, whether they be profits or losses.
  73. Now, if after he fetches a few breaths you alarm him, so that he sounds, he will be always dodging up again to make good his regular allowance of air.
  74. This reduction would recognize the relative stability of retail business, after allowance is made for the special burden attaching to the rental factor.
  75. Giry, who will see that it reaches me, that you accept, as your predecessors did, the conditions in my memorandum-book relating to my monthly allowance.
  76. It is surely apparent to even the most muddle-headed of fellows that a failure to take the test will result in a failure to be awarded the allowance?
  77. When the analyst knows that a company’s depreciation policy differs from the standard, there is special reason to check the adequacy of the allowance.
  78. You say Barnabus Groat pays his wife a weekly allowance of two hundred gold crowns? Surely that cannot be true! Where did you hear such nonsense?
  79. Berg took the opportunity to ask, with great politeness, whether, as was rumored, the allowance of forage money to captains of companies would be doubled.
  80. Department of Agriculture (USDA), consumers spend roughly 20 percent of their total food and beverage allowance on meat products, such as cattle and pork.
  81. Have I mentioned divorce, remarrying, adopted children and the Mormon allowance factor? They may have to be accounted for in the family discovery process.
  82. In this example, the investor had $16,434 to invest, which after taking off an allowance for the commission leave $16,424 to start the conversion process.
  83. Bert Bingham was given a 12 year prison sentence, with the judge saying that there should be no allowance for Bert to be given any early release this time.
  84. Note that in the usual company reports the per-share earnings are (or have been) computed without proper allowance for the effect of outstanding warrants.
  85. It is true that she did not get the bread allowance for her family, but she gained a high rank with God, for He Who sees all, knew what had happened to her.
  86. But in other cases, making allowance for conversion rights—and the existence of stock-purchase warrants—can reduce the apparent earnings by half, or more.
  87. Judging by the size of the allowance you give your Mother every month, you’ve already got more than enough stashed away somewhere, without us adding to it.
  88. From the crowd he hears laughter and cries of fool, but imagining what he’ll do with six months of a princeling’s allowance more than makes up for it.
  89. When the last crisp slice of bacon was gone, and the last allowance of corn pone devoured, the boys stretched themselves out on the grass, filled with contentment.
  90. With full allowance for these pitfalls, it goes without saying, none the less, that security analysis must devote thoroughgoing study to corporate income accounts.
  91. The children ran into the cave and began to dig with all their might; just a few pieces of yellow melon could bring the children a big allowance back home in Baja.
  92. His anger did not stop there! He then stormed out of the police-station and went back to the bakery to get the bread allowance of the family for the past three days.
  93. Jeanie having gotten the pig with the wonted allowance of broth and beef in it for Marion, returned to the green, and while Marion was eating the same, she disappeared.
  94. You wouldn't believe how much money you can save! This money could be entertainment money, allowance for the kids, put it in a savings account or saved for emergencies.
  95. Third, there are occasions when an allowance that may be justified from an accounting standpoint will fail to meet the situation properly from an investment standpoint.
  96. His allowance wouldn’t stretch to it for a start, and there was a limit to how much junk food you could take in any one day, however much you enjoyed hamburgers and pizzas.
  97. This time, with great difficulty, he succeeded in heaving himself up into the tree, and he made a mental note to make a greater allowance in the future for his aging physique.
  98. But he was a good boy, really, and obviously had a good job at the Bank of England, too, until he moved, judging by the size of the allowance he used to give over every week.
  99. The losses of Pacific Mills did not have a serious effect upon the balance-sheet position because they have come mainly out of the balance sheet via the depreciation allowance.
  100. Many gentlemen have objected to an estimate of the expenses of a navy during war, in which (as they suppose) no allowance is made for the peculiar expenses which war involves.

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  1. I will make allowances for the ways of other cultures.
  2. Marguerite ignored the remark, making allowances for the.
  3. Tax credits are different from tax deductions or allowances.
  4. Patterns are replicas of component to be made with certain allowances.
  5. We have freedom to spend our allowances at the corporate store of our choice.
  6. He added further that one had to make allowances for Prince Sokolsky's character.
  7. When the kids get their allowances, they have to divide the money among three jars.
  8. The hands, however, made no such allowances or excuses as these for Misery and Rushton.
  9. Gladys said later that if he was being paid for it, she would knock it off his allowances.
  10. I am aware of several causes of error, but I hope that I have made due allowances for them.
  11. He was a scholar, a model son who save his allowances and returned it to his mother after graduation.
  12. So it must have been me! Ha ha! I can make allowances for you, gentlemen, I can quite make allowances.
  13. The total cost of the refit, with all the experimental allowances cost almost four million drig.
  14. He continues giving more time to make allowances for the world to tire, debilitate and exhaust its will.
  15. In addition, the FDA recommended daily allowances for most supplements are widely recognized as being too low.
  16. Something this intriquing article brought up is that in many countries some countries also have vacation allowances.
  17. Ronald Twyman was therefore buried in Hong Kong, and the bank into which his salary and allowances were paid, froze his assets.
  18. We saved our weekly allowances in the fall, dropped the money in a little porcelain horse Baba had brought one time from Herat.
  19. When evaluating a program, you should check the recommended daily allowances for all nutrients and ensure they will be provided.
  20. Wines, currants, and wrought silks, were the only goods which did not fall within this rule, having other and more advantageous allowances.
  21. In all these cases the theory is that the annual depletion or depreciation allowances should be applied to the reduction of the funded debt.
  22. It is true that he was an invalid and one must make allowances for invalids; but I must frankly confess, I never could endure Ivan Matveitch.
  23. Chancellors have to be seen to be earning their keep, so each year’s budget produces some tinkering with tax rates, allowances and incentives.
  24. Both comparatively and absolutely the depreciation allowances made by American Sugar and American Car and Foundry appear to have been inadequate.
  25. And when she realized that one could never really place oneself in others’ shoes, she saw the virtue of giving allowances for the actions of others.
  26. Subject to these allowances, the fauna of each geological period undoubtedly is intermediate in character, between the preceding and succeeding faunas.
  27. However, these losses resulted after deduction of depreciation and depletion allowances totaling $2,658,000, which was largely in excess of new capital expenditures.
  28. For example high-ranking members of the CoG were given generous allowances by the government, and were also given huge discounts when acquiring more assets and land.
  29. That said, there are allowances for hardship withdrawals, including paying medical expenses, buying a primary residence, paying educational costs, and the like.
  30. It was a screen, just like the ones that had been used years ago to give everyone directions and their allowances for food, electricity and heat before the Devastation.
  31. In the case of United States Steel for the period 1901–1933, the charge for depreciation averaged about 40% of the total allowances for both maintenance and depreciation.
  32. What with our Charlie being an only child the grief has addled her brain somewhat so like I say please make allowances for her, and he showed me through to the backroom.
  33. Explained clearly, as she had done with her family, the costs, benefits, and allowances which might be arranged, and then sat quietly for her new friend's considered response.
  34. It was probably hard for them, to think that she’d asked for me at the end, and not her own sons, but allowances had to be made for the passage of power from prima to prima.
  35. Their allowances wouldn’t stretch to it for a start, and there was a limit to how much junk food you could take in any one day, however much you enjoyed hamburgers and pizzas.
  36. Similar allowances must be made for the effect of management contracts providing for a substantial percentage of the profits as compensation, as in the case of investment trusts.
  37. The receiver held a cash fund equivalent to about 45% on the issue, from which were deductible certain fees and allowances, indicating a net distributable balance of about 30 for the notes.
  38. The additional charges to surplus made in the years 1926–1930, inclusive, appear to strengthen our contention that American Sugar’s depreciation allowances have been both arbitrary and inadequate.
  39. To get the latest levels of tax rates, allowances and benefits, telephone any of the 10 largest accountancy firms, all of which will almost certainly have a free leaflet summarizing the current position.
  40. For his philosophical convictions did not interfere with his artistic tastes; in him the thinker did not stifle the man of sentiment; he could make distinctions, make allowances for imagination and fanaticism.
  41. She had looked at him and smiled when he told her she was in God's nursery--merely smiled, without saying anything; almost as people smile, only it was impossible to credit this, when they are making allowances.
  42. Big Oil companies would lose their depletion allowances, as Kennedy was going in that direction also (which would cause billions of untaxed oil profits to turn into taxed profits, taxes like everybody else pays).
  43. It was as though the ambitious couple accommodated each other's interests for marital amity but the way they gave allowances to each other’s obsessions finally led their union into a state of materialistic coma.
  44. Although at times they participate in selling operations, which carry larger allowances than the ordinary market commission, their interest in pushing such individual issues is less vital than that of the underwriting houses who actually own them.
  45. Beyond providing for the wife and daughters moderate sources of income, and very moderate allowances indeed, if any, for the sons, men may well hesitate; for it is no longer questionable that great sums bequeathed often work more for the injury than for- the good of the recipients.
  46. Disappointed, however, and vexed as she was, and sometimes displeased with his uncertain behaviour to herself, she was very well disposed on the whole to regard his actions with all the candid allowances and generous qualifications, which had been rather more painfully extorted from her, for Willoughby's service, by her mother.
  47. Disappointed, however, and vexed as she was, and sometimes displeased with his uncertain behaviour to herself, she was very well disposed on the whole to regard his actions with all the candid allowances and generous qualifications, which had been rather more painfully extorted from her, for Willoughby’s service, by her mother.
  48. How many of those polled expressing approval of a man who for over twenty years has slipped and slid his way out of dirty situations with word games, would allow the Pope the same leeway in his publicly-demonstrated moral standards? Non-Catholics, at least, would be shocked and outraged if he acted the same way, making no allowances whatsoever for all the "good" he supposedly does in between lapses of holiness.
  49. Edmund's account of Fanny's disposition he could believe to be just; he supposed she had all those feelings, but he must consider it as very unfortunate that she had; for, less willing than his son to trust to the future, he could not help fearing that if such very long allowances of time and habit were necessary for her, she might not have persuaded herself into receiving his addresses properly before the young man's inclination for paying them were over.
  50. Edmund’s account of Fanny’s disposition he could believe to be just; he supposed she had all those feelings, but he must consider it as very unfortunate that she had; for, less willing than his son to trust to the future, he could not help fearing that if such very long allowances of time and habit were necessary for her, she might not have persuaded herself into receiving his addresses properly before the young man’s inclination for paying them were over.
  51. A much more sober and judicious writer, Mr Anderson, author of the Historical and Chronological Deduction of Commerce, very justly observes, that upon examining the accounts which Mr Dobbs himself has given for several years together, of their exports and imports, and upon making proper allowances for their extraordinary risk and expense, it does not appear that their profits deserve to be envied, or that they can much, if at all, exceed the ordinary profits of trade.
  52. His idiosyncrasies are due, doubtless, to an early disappointment in love, on account of which allowances are to be made, particularly as he retains his courtly manners, a careful regard for the misfortunes of others, so far as his occupation permits, a very efficient sympathy with the weak and a devotion to the Church manifested in many practical ways—his piety being of the kind imitated, with more or less success in America, by persons said to belong to the same class as Don Q.
  53. That, by a resolution of Congress of the 17th day of January, 1781, all officers in the hospital department, and medical staff, thereinafter mentioned, who should continue in service until the end of the war, or be reduced before that time as supernumeraries, should be entitled to receive during life, in lieu of half-pay, the following allowances, viz: The director of the hospital, equal to the half-pay of a lieutenant-colonel; chief physician and surgeons of the army and hospital, and hospital physicians and surgeons, purveyor, apothecary, and regimental surgeons, each equal to the half-pay of a captain.
  54. Because race tracks have allowances for wider turns with positive camber,.

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