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Frasi con leeway (in inglese)

  1. Gives you some leeway.
  2. There is always a leeway.
  3. Entrepreneurs have even more leeway.
  4. You'll have the same leeway, said Cross.
  5. That being said, there appears to be leeway in that process.

  6. There is a little bit of leeway to get out of your second target.
  7. There is some leeway on this to add a candle or two or subtract one.
  8. But the severity of the situation granted him leeway, just this once.
  9. They gave great leeway to the students, thus instilling great confidence.
  10. I had been given more leeway, but rose- picking would probably be denied.
  11. Shouldn’t you allow for some leeway, even when dealing with vultures?
  12. Plus, he was an Agent now and would get a fair amount of leeway in his searches.
  13. New house shares do offer a little more leeway with regards to some things however.
  14. Still, Gary wanted to get the line up and going, so there was only a one week leeway.
  15. There is leeway, but losses occur when the underlying moves to far from that strike.

  16. So, you will excuse me if I feel free to take some leeway with my authority as Count.
  17. With the price at 2500, the 750-point trailing stop allows for 30% leeway in the price.
  18. The fact that there seems to be leeway doesn't invalidate that eventuality, but instead.
  19. If you write science fiction, you probably have the most leeway, as just about anything goes –.
  20. They gave them great leeway in their lessons and encouraged them in developing their telepathic abilities.
  21. The president has quite a bit of leeway in how these duties are carried out, but the duties are not optional.
  22. Accounting procedure allows considerable leeway to the management in the method of treating nonrecurrent items.
  23. I couldn’t agree more with you, Mister Lewinski, but I have very little leeway presently on what I can wear.
  24. You have to understand that this is not going to be an optimum choice, given that there was only one week leeway.
  25. When using any analytical method in technical analysis, we always have to apply a degree of leeway and common sense.

  26. Flying lieutenant Charles Berresford winced at that: bomber crews liked to have some leeway when planning their missions.
  27. Entering for a credit gives some leeway to close out the shorter-dated option early if you are wrong and it moves faster.
  28. This is an exceptionally restrictive rule for most types of data and should have some leeway when identifying candle patterns.
  29. I flip open the phone and say gruffly without giving her any leeway, Mom, give me a second, have to upload an email to work.
  30. Though she suspected she had leeway to go after Garcia, straying into the neutral zone at this time was not a wise thing to do.
  31. My position gave me more leeway than most with the times, but in the end we all had to work within the limitations of the system.
  32. As I said, these rules lend a certain civilized restraint to the game, while allowing enough leeway for a healthy life for a Sylvan.
  33. Entering for a credit also gives the trader a little leeway to cheat on the entry perhaps before the breakout occurs, with a tight stop.
  34. However, I share this with you as I have been given some leeway by the Almighty to provide you information on a ‘need to know’ basis.
  35. Nevertheless, not every aspect of your job scope has such stringent requirement, and these are the areas you should give yourself some leeway.
  36. It also managed its risk by giving itself leeway to bail out of the bet if it appeared as though the house might sustain a substantial loss.
  37. The Ethernet specifications have a certain amount of leeway built into them that makes it possible to exceed the cabling limitations, within reason.
  38. Because of this, he is allowed a little leeway, and he can be misleading, so long as he does not speak any blatant lie, and so long as he believes that doing so serves his vow.
  39. A marked firmness was about his mouth and chin; and when he seized the oars and rowed to counteract the boat's leeway caused by the tide, the grip of his hands was as that of a vice.
  40. Hence our use of the qualifying word “approximately,” which is intended to allow a leeway of several months and sometimes even longer, in judging the “right time” to enter upon the operation.
  41. That was more than enough leeway for us to enjoy our lives, and besides, we knew that eventually, when we were numerous enough, Zarkog would have us conquer all of you, in which case there would be loot and slaves for all.
  42. But we have retained a broad leeway between the 25% minimum and the 75% maximum in common stocks, which we allow to those investors who have strong convictions about either the danger or the attractiveness of the general market level.
  43. That status had however been couched on paper in rather vague or encompassing terms more than a century ago, leaving politicians and lawyers from all sides plenty of leeway to debate those constitutional powers both in public and in court.
  44. The note tells the interested reader that National Education books revenue at different times under different assumptions, suggests that the company has some leeway in the time to recognize revenues, and implies that the accounting methodology does not always match cash payment.
  45. Star Fleet will have to decide whether the death and destruction in the rescue warrants further investigation, but given Garcia was just one man, and that only two of our officers died in the rescue, and that due to the poorly designed Iotian transporters, I think he will be given considerable leeway.
  46. How many of those polled expressing approval of a man who for over twenty years has slipped and slid his way out of dirty situations with word games, would allow the Pope the same leeway in his publicly-demonstrated moral standards? Non-Catholics, at least, would be shocked and outraged if he acted the same way, making no allowances whatsoever for all the "good" he supposedly does in between lapses of holiness.
  47. We’ve learned that a combination of price support violation with either key moving average or trend-line violation can be a powerful indicator of trend change, and proper stops should be set under those levels with a bit of leeway to protect from whipsaws (getting stopped because the stops were set too close to those levels and then watching the stock snap back sharply, reestablishing the existing trend right after your stop took you out).

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