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    1. He acted like he would have stayed in the studio during the zombie attack if it weren’t for the fact that the building next door was on fire

    2. Gophers are less likely to attack healthy plants

    3. Ants, like most predatory insects, attack plants that are sick or stressed

    4. Fly Parasites: Attack flies before they hatch with this parasite

    5. Parasites will attack insects in all stages of their development

    6. She decided this was the best time to attack Big Petey

    7. “It was really more of an inevitability; if one knows the proper angles of attack and thought processes of his opponent, there really is only one outcome to ultimately destroy them

    8. The blades were very close to Nancy, she could feel the air whoosh by as they passed near her through the spinning arc of the attack pattern

    9. Before Nancy could really react to what gadget or technique allowed Silence to do this, the attack was on again

    10. Recovering quickly from the attack, Silence kicked the gun out of his hand

    11. Her attack hadn’t gone as she had expected, and she hadn’t thought that Scar was nearly as strong as he was

    12. Many insects attack the fly and/or its eggs

    13. If Liz was going to attack Joanna she would have done it in a fit of temper … not shot her in the back … if there is one thing about Liz, it is that she is always straight, if she was going to do something like that, she would just storm in there, point the gun and shoot

    14. This limits their attack on wet and dry woods within reach of the soil

    15. They can attack the structure far away from the soil

    16. If the United Order gets the Chip there won’t be much we can do other than a full scale attack

    17. In soil where the PH is too high it will not be able to assimilate certain minerals resulting in a trace mineral deficiency that invites a pest or disease attack

    18. Plants under the care of the ants are protected by them and are also used as a source of food either for them directly thru the sap or pollen of the plant or indirectly thru the use of aphids and other insects which attack the plant and which in turn are ‘milked’ by the ants (for their nectar)

    19. Description of Disease: Canes turn brown from tips, plants most affected in colder climates, right after winter protection is removed, not a disease itself but can led to disease attack

    20. Causes: Caused by early removal of winter protection, new shoot tips are damaged, diseases will attack and enter plant

    21. “It is important to aphids and other creatures that attack the tree

    22. If your tree is leaking sap, this is usually an indication that the tree is under some type of stress and is opened to attack

    23. You seek to attack and destroy any thing with which you do not agree

    24. ‘So have you always lived in this area, Stephen?’ I asked, moving along the wall a little to attack another patch of plaster

    25. "It was stripped off his back during the attack

    26. will not hesitate to attack it! For it is written:

    27. "They were under attack from deeper space was the news in the last messages we got, then the transmission stopped

    28. He needed to find Sammy the Shark/Gino Ngata first and the only living connection he had right now were the surviving victims of last night's attack which Melinda had described to him in disturbing detail

    29. They had survived a skin attack

    30. He wouldn't physically attack me

    31. I cast a glance at Stephen, just when did he learn about the arson attack, I wonder? I hadn’t seen him before I left the house and Molly hadn’t said anything over breakfast … Hmmm

    32. Moreover, uncle Alex gets a heart attack the next day

    33. It must have… It took all his nerve not to call out for the Lancers to attack now while there was still half a chance

    34. The privateer attack carrier Hardway is drafted into a force group commanded by Harry Cozen's bitter rival from Staas Company

    35. This was the night of their attack on the hammer

    36. "Will they attack us?" she asked

    37. If Alan did that Kelvin would launch a military attack on Alan

    38. Either it was a random attack in which case it had no bearing whatsoever on who she was … or it was deliberate and everything to do with who she was

    39. Despite the fact that everyone she’d spoken to played down the seriousness of the attack, Kara had worked out, by dint of garnering minute details from every staff member in the hospital she had come in contact with … as well as picking Angie’s brains and prising information out of the policeman … that she’d been extremely lucky to survive

    40. ‘At least it explains why you’ve taken the recent attack so calmly

    41. He stopped and half turned to her, trying to smile but clearly the memory of the recent migraine attack was still haunting him

    42. Now every time he countered an attack, Son would cut the neck

    43. Angie stressed that you were suffering post-migraine effects at the time of the attack so I daresay there is some excuse – just you ensure it does not happen again!

    44. Attack of the Giant Space Monster

    45. As long as she was in the main thoroughfare it would be difficult if not downright foolhardy for anyone to attack her … but there was a stretch just the other side of the river where the pedestrian path separated from the road, sloping down into a sort of culvert … a subway … if I were going to ambush someone, that’s where I’d choose

    46. ‘I was detailed to shadow you as it was felt likely that there would be another attack

    47. another attack on the British with his team of

    48. But Saturday she allowed herself to attack the signals and re-built large areas for data analysis

    49. "And will that be more noticeable than your attack on that native raft?"

    50. In this story, the Amalekites are the first peoples to attack Israel after coming out of Egypt

    1. They suck the sugars from the plant, leaving a great deal of this nectar behind on the leaves of the plants being attacked

    2. This fungus interferes with photosynthesis, reducing the energy level of the plants being attacked

    3. The soldiers instantly swarmed him and attacked at the same time

    4. The only thing Scar felt he knew for sure was that if he attacked her and failed, it would be the end of him

    5. I had attacked the housework like a maniac after talking to Ted this morning

    6. A wild gust of wind attacked him and slipped inside

    7. Trees with high energy levels are not attacked by pests

    8. He would keep quiet about Narrulla's Tear and believed starships might be possible, but not that they attacked

    9. I need to know why they came back and why they attacked the two of you

    10. Martyr teams attacked Brazilian industries and genetics labs

    11. Martyrs attacked, unsuccessfully, the Brazilian bussard seedships that were launched just before the war

    12. The remnants of the hauler Luxor, her cargo, and her crew had joined with the wreckage of the dozen Squidy destroyers and frigates from the task force that attacked earlier

    13. The lord of Mirage grabbed his sword and Son attacked

    14. ’ Kara said absently, her mind occupied in trying to recall any detail of the two men that might give a clue as to why they had attacked her

    15. Son attacked Elden with a punch aimed at his chest

    16. How long would she have to stay in this hospital? The doctor she’d seen that morning was muttering about her not being fit to be discharged to a hotel … but was she safe here in the hospital? Had any news of her survival hit the local news? If the men who’d attacked her knew she’d been found …

    17. discourage them when they attacked

    18. officers came with swords and attacked

    19. Suddenly Guard attacked Son, stabbing him through his chest

    20. Those who were fatigued and weak, and could not keep up with the rest of the congregation of Israel, were attacked from behind

    21. I have to say that she was horrified when she heard that you’d been attacked – she’s been seriously scared, Karalintze … not that I’d want to excuse her action or in any way minimise the awful attack you experienced, but she never intended you any harm

    22. But that starship that attacked us was so preposterous that I guess I have to believe anything you say now

    23. They were attacked by a starship; and got away from it; and still had the person the ship was after

    24. Someone broke in the room and attacked her?

    25. They sensed the people in the large Hall and attacked it with a vengeance

    26. The monstrous thing growled and reared up; the ‘twins’ attacked in unison, momentarily throwing it off guard

    27. The dull emptyness sometimes attacked her when she kept it down to two, she was already wanting one when she first woke up, especially on a Nightday when she'd slipped badly the Afternoonday before

    28. Shipworms had attacked their hulls when they were only four years out and they'd had to get re-floated on Knidolan hulls

    29. They claimed to have been attacked by a huge stone spaceship with a captain so scarred it made their gonads crawl

    30. With every screech of metal on the wooden floor and with every yelp that came out of his mouth as he smashed his shins into rotting theatre seats, Archibald expected to be attacked by the hounds of hell, but nothing stirred within

    31. A large black dragon with 20 of his cohorts personally sought out and attacked Jackson and Sarah

    32. They attacked again with renewed ferocity

    33. Ten more devils dropped out of the sky and attacked them; Ichor destroyed them within minutes

    34. He roared his anger and fled as six more of his dragons attacked them en masse

    35. The Queen and Kate and Emily were watching the fight below when they were suddenly attacked and flamed

    36. We attacked their camp and destroyed it; it was almost too easy

    37. The bastards had grown bold, and smart; they had another camp we knew nothing about and they attacked without warning, Valotin and I fought thru 20 of the beasts, but they were everywhere

    38. Emboldened by this, the young warrior attacked and slew the second bug quickly with wide stabbing motions

    39. His far-thinking abilities had kept them prepared for the Scathers each time they attacked

    40. attacked with such force that she was completely lifted off the

    41. “The sensor shows only one life sign; the creature is obviously dying or it would have attacked already

    42. suicide pilots had attacked

    43. theatre seats, Archibald expected to be attacked by the hounds of

    44. a virus, which ultimately attacked their hearts,

    45. experienced when he was attacked and carried off, and

    46. Raising her sword she attacked the monster maneuvering her way between it and Mistress Sera

    47. “Many of the survivors are going to the Centauri colony, that has not been attacked

    48. With guttural glee the host attacked again

    49. He raised the stick and attacked,

    50. way to the top if they hadn’t been attacked by a

    1. He mumbled to himself as he walked into harm’s way, with a group of robots attacking him from all sides

    2. I also have found it to be true that by controlling the ants, you obtain a greater control of the aphids that are attacking your roses, etc

    3. The higher the energy level of the soil, the healthier the rose, the less stressed and the fewer pests your roses will have attacking them

    4. The tree vents are an essential in pest control since the tobacco will kill any pests that are attacking it

    5. ‘Not only that, but I was chatting to Colin and Dave the other day while I was making the tea at the rehearsal, and they were asking me if you’d done much in the drama line as you are so professional in the way you are attacking the rehearsals

    6. For a moment Kara hesitated, wondering if there was an aspect of Joris she’d never suspected … a black brutal side she’d never seen … then she realised that the various weapons had been used by people attacking Joris or his colleagues … they had been won in battle … oh, you silly man! It’s a gallery of your successes! I wonder if the Secret Guild would like these … they have a small museum

    7. Gilla, pursing her lips at the lack of warning, dashes off to implement crisis plans for the meal while I go back to my room to continue the packing which I have been half-heartedly attacking on and off since we got back from Lyme

    8. She was playing coy one minute, and attacking him the next

    9. The smallest came right up to Daniel and Kate attacking them with a barrage of questions

    10. ’ He told me, attacking the other leg

    11. “And,” he held up his large finger and whispered in a low voice, “there is one known case of one hunting down and attacking a Scather raiding party that landed in its territory

    12. attacking aircraft carriers during the war

    13. That would indicate that I was encapsulated by some agent in those dark bodies, and my first guess is the one who was attacking you

    14. “Is that it? Ha,” she laughed, “he wasn’t attacking, he just wanted to play

    15. Tom was attacking a dense patch of stinging nettles with a sickle,

    16. Fired by her rediscovered domesticity, she dug around in the cupboard and found cleaning materials, spending several satisfying hours cleaning the sitting room and putting it straight, and then attacking the bedrooms one at a time

    17. It was down on the cargo level, and since he wanted some liquid before attacking the stairs, he stopped in

    18. They were using Tdeshi’s zombied body the way they had used machines in attacking Zhlindu

    19. Even though they weren't large enough to be harmful as individuals, the fact that they seemed to be attacking en masse scared him

    20. Inside were the large velvety animals with many tiny legs that he thought were attacking him

    21. "I was protecting her, not attacking her

    22. "You can't even see who you’re attacking

    23. ) Monsters are attacking the town

    24. In one dream, I was one of these warriors attacking the fortress

    25. A couple times Desa wound up yelling at Alfred and Viktor that they were monsters, attacking innocent people with starships and androids

    26. Attacking the beings had proven useless

    27. "That city where you were is no doubt convinced there are aliens attacking them," Kelvin said

    28. careful with his sword, never attacking above Nerissa’s waist

    29. "Regarding attacking that convenience store, I guess you're right

    30. "Now here's the catch: one of those groups is going to have our current leaker in it, but if the Justicars hear through him about his group's location, they may not risk attacking them, for fear of losing their inside guy

    31. What came over you? Attacking the poor man the way you did, shame on you

    32. It was attacking

    33. But now the ern are using a different and more subtle approach – sneaking into the town as stealthy murderers instead of attacking directly as an invading army

    34. “He must not have given in to her, because she’s started attacking his Temples

    35. If it was attacking the actual surface, you would hear fizzing and there would be a lot more fumes coming off it

    36. The whole of the Division is attacking and we also have the French supporting us we are going to advance up the peninsula and our main task is to take Krithia from the Turks

    37. “What’s wrong with attacking then Sir?” Major Danby smiled and replied

    38. “Bloody hell I am shitting myself again now not only do we have to watch for them attacking from the front but from the back and sides as well talk about being in the shit

    39. “We will be following the attacking along ‘Fir Tree Spur’ and other units will attack along ‘Gully Spur’ and we will be supported by the French and hopefully this time we will succeed

    40. “Wasn’t it bad enough last time we went up against Krithia and this time were attacking up bloody ‘Fir Tree Spur’ that’s enough to put the kybosh on anything

    41. We had dropped our packs and the rest of our equipment and were only attacking in rifle order

    42. Anyway we will be returning to the Company in five minutes this raid is a wash out and there is no point in attacking again now they know were here so get yourselves ready for our withdrawal

    43. ” Both I and Elijah nodded our heads in agreement because it did seem daft to keep on attacking without changing your plans when they didn’t work and when you had tried more than once

    44. This elicited moans and groans from the ranks but these soon quietened down as we were told that the plans had been changed slightly and now it would be the New Zealanders who would be attacking along ‘Fir Tree Spur’ and take Krithia

    45. There were murmurs of joy from our lads as we thought that we would be out of the attack now but this was quashed as we were told that we would be attacking over the same ground as we did yesterday

    46. In this respect, the teachers of a new religion have always had a considerable advantage in attacking those ancient and established systems, of which the clergy, reposing themselves upon their benefices, had neglected to keep up the fervour of faith and devotion in the great body of the people; and having given themselves up to indolence, were become altogether incapable of making any vigorous exertion in defence even of their own establishment

    47. Then there were stars; the attacking Elusiver ships

    48. “Just remember the old maxim men ‘Ours not to reason why ours just to do or die’ we will be attacking tomorrow and because of the shortage of ammunition will take place in two parts

    49. We slaughtered them but I will give them their due they kept on attacking there spunky little buggers and no mistake even though there were that many of their corpses in no man’s land that we could hardly see their trenches

    50. Roleston was on his feet and attacking

    1. This is a natural law, like the wolf who only attacks sick sheep

    2. But their fights had always ended, after the screaming in three languages and sometimes attacks of paralysis and the taunting that caused

    3. Stress can make an animal or human more prone to flea attacks

    4. Reducing stress will reduce pest attacks

    5. Heroic scenes all the way back to the American puppet's gas attacks were shown, as if carved in real time in the stones of the temple

    6. He paused long enough for everyone to remember the crucible of the all the heroic martyr attacks that were projected on the sky behind him

    7. ‘James would have come but he’s been laid low by one of his attacks and can’t move, so I thought I’d come and see how you were doing

    8. Son continued to elude attacks, countering them and using the weapons

    9. countering attacks from all directions

    10. “This will really give us heart attacks Joe” said Fred

    11. ‘Your grandmother was prone to attacks of nerves

    12. His wife was lost in the first wave of attacks

    13. As we skirt the woodland, a loud thumping noise attacks my ears; Sefir registers her distrust of the noise by skipping sideways across the track

    14. They kept up with him and were relentless in their attacks

    15. Sarah and Jackson were fierce in their attacks; they gave no quarter, and fought skillfully

    16. It seemed to take about ten seconds and half a dozen panic attacks to cover the distance

    17. I feel completely wrung out physically and emotionally … and slightly nauseous … the usual aftermath of one of these wretched attacks

    18. Even after two and a third centuries of consensual sex, she still didn’t feel she had totally overcome those attacks

    19. “Do you think I will sit still while this animal attacks those I love?” Rayne sat down and looked at Kai, “I have something subtle in mind

    20. As a child, I used to get bilious attacks

    21. group, he wondered, have been behind the recent attacks on the

    22. signs of struggle with their breathing, as if they were all having bad asthma attacks

    23. 18This is what will happen in that day: When Gog attacks the land of

    24. 24 ‘Cursed is the one who attacks his

    25. Undead attacks, unexplained disappearances, and as always the Rift remained open

    26. and aggressive attacks on enemy fortresses

    27. Eventually the fallen lay so high and deep as to form a wall of death, preventing any more frontal attacks by the hive

    28. With the air crackling from Tetloan's repeated attacks, Emily continued on, barely able to lift her feet from the ground, forcing herself into a sluggish march toward the distant bridge

    29. Dripping with blood and sweat, Gunt filled the crack in the trunk while bent and battered armored figures laid scattered about his feet, the bodies slow to regenerate and renew their attacks considering they had been reduced to mush

    30. He paused his attacks only long enough to nod his head of white hair toward the imp, who was trying to bury his teeth into one of the wolf helms

    31. It had several attacks programmed very aggressively into the hardware layers however

    32. As for her telepathic attacks, this time, Harple would be paralyzing her mind

    33. he’d backed down in the face of their attacks

    34. Desa showed her the clippings she'd kept from the writeups Luray did of both the starship and robot attacks

    35. The servants of Sevron had a slow response time, and responded to attacks in an equal, and predictable fashion

    36. But it wasn’t long before Brontes realized the futility of his attacks

    37. He could no longer resist his telepathic attacks, his anger was all spent in futility

    38. In the meantime I suffered panic attacks, insomnia, disturbed sleep due to what seemed like astral attacks and alien invasions

    39. They were generally at the same time erected into a commonalty or corporation, with the privilege of having magistrates and a town-council of their own, of making bye-laws for their own government, of building walls for their own defence, and of reducing all their inhabitants under a sort of military discipline, by obliging them to watch and ward; that is, as anciently understood, to guard and defend those walls against all attacks and surprises, by night as well as by day

    40. Its attacks were becoming more rapid and frenzied – it clearly was beginning to lose patience

    41. Instead of completing their attacks, they turned and faced one another and began to slap and swipe and bite

    42. with my anxiety and panic attacks or depression thoughts I felt weak, different than

    43. conditioned to a high level of strength, most attacks using the Crane technique

    44. defense, there is a lot of practice involved blocking attacks in many different

    45. weak and tires himself out - the stylist attacks

    46. In the attacks which those leading men are continually making upon the importance of one another, and in the defence of their own, consists the whole play of domestic faction and ambition

    47. Minor attacks from small bands were common enough, but never before had the ern been able to form such an army in the east as the one that were preparing to descend upon Saparen

    48. As was common for most ern attacks, the charge came first at night, and there was no reserve held back for later reinforcements, or a portion set aside to flank the enemy, but they came quickly and as one

    49. The attacks on the cat

    50. In war, it was often random attacks that saved lives, so he didn’t even know if the arrow was meant to rescue him or if it had been chance

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