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Frasi con push (in inglese)

1. I tried to push him.
2. To try to push the.
3. I'd like to push on.
4. As a push in and out.
5. Push Me Out The Door.
6. And push me, he does.
7. Morse had to push on.

8. He will try to push.
9. You could not push a.
10. He gave the door a push.
11. I push the blanket away.
12. Do not push on the chin.
13. He would push his hand.
14. Don’t push me on this.
15. To push you in the rain.
16. You have to push really.
17. You push this button here.
18. Push her down the stairs.
19. Still, she had to push on.
20. The guard gave her a push.
21. Jay tries to push him off.
22. He did not push them away.
23. I do not want to push her.
24. But you can push too hard.
25. He tried to push her aside.
26. Then you can push off and.
27. I can push him to Thursday.
28. Push them so they light up.
29. So let's push the buttons.
30. If the ox shall push a.
31. It began with a push then.
32. Do not push it by the force.
33. The push west was about land.
34. Push down with more force, e.
35. Once again to push this home.
36. I didn’t want to push him.
37. Push the back of your head.
38. Why did you push me?
39. They needed to push all of.
40. Push down with less force, e.
41. And there's a push mower.
42. UVS would push that one hard.
43. Don’t push me away again.
44. Push him out of your head.
45. They continued to push forward.
46. Unable to push open the door.
47. Miller push them back outside.
48. He decided to push that issue.
49. There was no time to push him.
50. You seemed to push against me.
51. When you finish, you push that.
52. I push and sit up higher in bed.
53. Have to push down the follower.
54. She a lawyer and shit, push a.
55. I push the thought from my mind.
56. Sap boils in the spring to push.
57. I’ll teach you to push on!.
58. We push ourselves into the dirt.
59. Dom had to push you pretty hard.
60. You push as hard as you want to.
61. All I need is a small push and.
62. Why should I then push or shove.
63. He knew he should push her away.
64. Atoms pull or push on each other.
65. At a push of the button, a comm.
66. Push the button or I'll push it.
67. Effectively, I want to push her.
68. I didn’t push the conversation.
69. To push myself, but not too hard.
70. I push the plate of noodles aside.
71. And he needs someone to push him.
72. Hartle knew enough not to push it.
73. Then try it again but don't push.
74. With a small push, the large man.
75. She wanted to push back time and.
76. They push Earth towards and away.
77. Do you want me to push it?
78. He didn’t push his agenda on me.
79. She won’t want me to push her.
80. Do not you fucking push me!.
81. The push was the awful weather in.
82. He’d just have to push through it.
83. And this time, push really hard.
84. I began to push as my mother told me.
85. I’d run out if I tried to push on.
86. Then, finally, one last push did it.
87. Don’t let them push you around.
88. Thankfully, I was able to push the.
89. That just made Moch push them harder.
90. Why'd he push you down the stairs?
91. Eric decided to push the feeling away.
92. You have to push, Sam said to her.
93. Oh sheikh! Please, push me a push.
94. Push it in and twist the knife again.
95. The herd? She started to push.
96. He gave the club another anemic push.
97. You and he plotted to push me out.
98. Someone just has to push one of our.
99. I try to push it out of my heart.
100. She tries to push the sensation away.
1. He gave up pushing her.
2. No need to keep pushing.
3. But this was pushing it.
4. Time is pushing us a bit.
5. Pushing down with a fork.
6. So what is then pushing.
7. If two teams are pushing.
8. Now it was pushing nine am.
9. She started pushing it away.
10. Worf blocked, pushing up on.
11. No sense pushing it I thought.
12. Turning Waist & Pushing Palm.
13. On pushing away the earth he.
14. She was definitely pushing it.
15. Is there a black shoot pushing.
16. Are you any good at pushing?
17. Pushing it back to me, he said.
18. There is no sense in pushing it.
19. No, I was not pushing that time.
20. Aquarius had pushing him through.
21. She kept pushing him until the.
22. I’m not pushing you, what.
23. I know both parties are pushing.
24. Yes, he's pushing me around, too.
26. No, I was not pushing that time :.
27. There was a mighty pushing of poles.
28. Because you are pushing too hard.
29. He was already pushing buttons on.
30. After pushing it less than a foot.
32. They took turns driving and pushing.
33. We can't, she said, pushing him.
34. That was pushing the limits, Mitch.
35. He had a job pushing the others away.
36. Pushing me, but not pushing me too far.
37. Focus on exploding up on the pushing.
38. It was still pushing, just like before.
39. Moments passed with pushing and pulling.
40. Magma came pushing up the sides of the.
41. She was groggy and kept pushing me away.
42. They are pushing their way through the.
43. I'm not pushing you into anything, Lily.
44. He's just pushing you to learn faster.
45. The pushing and shoving that ensued kept.
46. Cold, well protected and strongly pushing.
47. His erection was now pushing between them.
48. Pushing herself free, Emma started to run.
49. See how he felt when he was pushing fifty.
50. England, forcibly pushing the Britons back.
51. I’m fine, he said, pushing her off.
52. Olsen got out and started pushing the van.
53. The most pushing person I have met at all.
54. Pushing past her guards I step towards her.
55. Pushing the door, he allowed her in first.
56. Never pushing either foot against the wind.
57. Hands pulling, pushing, plucking, slapping.
58. Ava tried to help by pushing the main hull.
59. Why was she pushing me away? Mom! I shouted.
60. You did it again for me out there, pushing.
61. Pushing through the tent flap, the smell of.
62. Pushing the stack of papers and packages to.
63. A strong wind pushing the hearers backward!.
64. Something was pushing at it from underneath.
65. Gwenda and Wulfric joined in pushing it out.
66. Bones and Whitey stormed the cash, pushing.
67. Heathcliff, pushing me forward, exclaimed:.
68. Pushing the x-rays on to the lighted screen.
69. He debated pushing the familiar out of the.
70. If it's a food processor, leave the pushing.
71. Here it holds before pushing strongly higher.
72. She succeeded in pushing them away, but not.
73. No, she said, pushing past the waitress.
74. Just pushing in was understandably disastrous.
75. She was pushing her bicycle slowly and slowly.
76. She waved me over, pushing the men to the side.
77. No amount of pushing or pulling would open it.
78. Coming through! he yelled, pushing his.
79. Seriously, you're pushing it, she hissed.
80. Sophie knew she was pushing me out of her life.
81. Hubert was helpfully pushing her up the trunk.
82. He was pushing around the ash with his pencil.
83. Keep pushing on your side, Marah shouted.
84. I hesitated in pushing it again one more time.
85. Shorty caught fire, pushing petal to the metal.
86. The constant pushing, criticism and correction.
87. May I come in? he asked, pushing past her.
88. His men are rugged and he is pushing them hard.
89. Stop pushing now, she said after a while.
90. He is pushing a custodial cart in my direction.
91. It feels as if I’m pushing against a balloon.
92. Hogen was the one pushing FROM THE BASE CHAKRA.
93. Some parents are terrified of pushing too hard.
94. So instead of pushing the business to achieve.
95. Enough of that Zion said pushing her away.
96. Persis nodded, pushing a button on her terminal.
97. Pushing his hand roughly through his hair, he.
98. Dawn sat at the handlebars, pushing the starter.
99. Salt and stones, I shouted, pushing her away.
100. This kid was a fuck up, and pushing low thirties.
1. He pushed it al back.
2. I pushed on the wood.
3. He pushed to his feet.
4. He pushed Doug to the.
5. He had pushed his luck.
6. He says she pushed him.
7. He pushed me back down.
8. I think I have pushed.
9. He pushed me into the.
10. They pushed me too far.
11. He pushed open the door.
12. And he then he pushed.
13. He pushed on towards it.
14. She pushed it away and.
15. She pushed his hand away.
16. He pushed the play button.
17. Then he pushed his head.
18. He pushed away the last.
19. I pushed the button and.
20. The stool is pushed away.
21. She pushed her plate away.
22. Bo pushed the window open.
23. She pushed the list aside.
24. He pushed with both hands.
25. She pushed his hands away.
26. I pushed the only button.
27. He reached and pushed a.
28. Claire pushed off the bed.
29. Seven pushed her hand away.
30. He was pushed and thrown.
31. David pushed the cask away.
32. Suddenly he pushed me away.
33. He pushed it over the edge.
34. He pushed the thought away.
35. I slightly pushed him away.
36. I pushed against his chest.
37. Then he pushed the boy over.
38. He pushed his hat back on.
39. He ignored it and pushed on.
40. She pushed away any fears.
41. A knot of pain pushed its.
42. Alex pushed her away again.
43. But then Obeast pushed back.
44. I pushed the other end of.
45. He took the LMG and pushed.
46. She pushed it with her hand.
47. He pushed further into the.
48. He pushed the robe off her.
49. An agent pushed her to the.
50. Sheila pushed her back down.
51. The bul bel owed and pushed.
52. I’m sorry I pushed you.
53. Coughing, I pushed him away.
54. Frank pushed him in the chest.
55. I pushed the square root of.
56. She smiled and pushed his arm.
57. Once more she pushed it down.
58. It opened a bit so I pushed.
59. Corrine pushed him off of her.
60. And when he pushed his face.
61. Slowly, he was being pushed.
62. And then he pushed her away.
63. I pushed him towards the door.
64. He pushed the third one open.
65. Then he pushed up his sleeve.
66. Police suspect he was pushed.
67. An eye pushed into its skull.
68. Alice pulled and Ralph pushed.
69. Caroline pushed her hair back.
70. I pushed myself off the ground.
71. Carla pushed his buttons again.
72. She pushed him into the hard.
73. I’m sorry that I pushed.
74. She pushed the question aside.
75. He pushed his chest out smugly.
76. Richard pushed the call button.
77. Except what he pushed was air.
78. Then he mounted and pushed on.
79. His head pushed down, he was.
80. He pushed at it with his hand.
81. I pushed off the bottom with.
82. I pushed those thoughts aside.
83. Rachel pushed the four buttons.
84. As he pushed the broken door.
85. I pushed my hips into her again.
86. Wisdom pushed his hand from him.
87. Fear I may have pushed the one.
88. It pushed them into bankruptcy.
89. Andrei pushed Max off the crate.
90. He pushed her toward the bed.
91. Then with a grimace I pushed 7.
92. I groaned as I pushed him away.
93. Ryan pushed him away playfully.
94. She pushed him on the bed and.
95. Oilfield pushed open the rear.
96. She pushed him towards the door.
97. As soon as the orderly pushed.
98. Sergeant Gore pushed Roger to.
99. He pushed the whole of her away.
100. He pushed her inside, and then.
1. It pushes us to do.
2. He pushes the mug away.
3. He pushes the window up.
4. Mark pushes the hand away.
5. He pushes himself off my car.
7. The ES pushes as high as 1198.
8. Gilmore pushes him out the door.
9. The doctor pushes Jaden off him.
10. Shannon pushes me near the cot.
11. Gregory (pushes the PEASANTS out).
12. The magic of the tears pushes it.
13. He pushes it open and steps inside.
14. Orcher pushes two seats to the desk.
15. She pushes her back up against the.
16. Volkheimer pushes back from the table.
17. Christina pushes herself to her knees.
18. She pushes it open and walks through.
19. With his foot he pushes my door open.
20. He pushes the barrel into my forehead.
21. She shakes her head sadly, pushes away.
22. The act of wanting happiness pushes it.
23. She pushes her hair back behind one ear.
24. The Queen pushes a button on her intercom.
25. Eric pushes the door to the dormitory open.
26. When he pushes the button, nothing happens.
27. Still Berndt pushes on and the ggs respond.
28. He pushes away from the queue to stand back.
29. In the elevator, Max pushes 6 and up they go.
30. She pushes him with her foot, steps over him.
31. The market sells off and pushes as low as 1.
32. The market sells off and pushes as low as 0.
33. Mike Childers shows up and pushes his way in.
34. Raiden pushes a button located under the hilt.
35. Eve pushes her throttles forward to it's stops.
36. He pushes my jeans up my leg and over my knee.
37. The market sells off and pushes as low as 137.
38. She pushes the rest of her mail aside unopened.
39. She pushes me away and holds me at arms length.
40. I have a creative spark that pushes me toward.
41. Sean pushes the bowl to the center of the table.
42. I want to question him on this, but he pushes.
43. Down she pushes overpowering with her strength.
44. But she pushes back, there is a hidden strength.
45. Annyeke snorts and pushes back her auburn hair.
46. Akers nods to his assistant, who pushes a button.
47. Everybody pushes in, in front of everybody else.
48. Nikíta (turns ANÍSYA round and pushes her out).
49. My mother pushes them over to her without comment.
50. It pushes basically everything else off the dial.
51. Sid pushes into the room with Steve right behind.
52. KLAC pushes higher, and once it trades through 44.
53. He is pushes past a young mother with a pushchair.
54. The wind pushes the small boat along the riverbank.
55. He kisses my lips, pushes his tongue into my mouth.
56. John pushes the button that slides the window open.
57. She pushes the bullet chamber open and peers inside.
58. Badde pushes her inside, goes in and closes the door.
59. He pushes himself off the gate and returns to his car.
60. We can say that the arising Ether pushes surrounding.
61. Aiden pushes himself off the wall, straightens himself.
62. He pushes her out to arm distance and holds her there.
63. Instinct, not presence of mind, pushes me into a dive.
64. Good, says Daniel, and pushes the chair past her.
65. They go in and she pushes the door closed behind them.
66. Jaden pushes both of his hands out and tries to move it.
67. BCG pushes a button on his belt and two mechanical arms.
68. He pushes his arm, guiding the rapidly building tornado.
69. His hardness pushes through his pants against my stomach.
70. Her fingers go around the armrest and she pushes outward.
71. NIKÍTA [turns Anísya round and pushes her out] Be off!.
72. Of it all, it’s the silence that pushes him into action.
73. Infants and children require less pressure and more pushes.
74. He pushes past Tobias to see the picture over my shoulder.
75. Pushes him back through the gate and locks it behind them.
76. But then she pushes herself back up and lets out a breath.
77. Without breaking our kiss, he pushes me up against the wall.
78. It pushes the rods back into the moderator an half a second.
79. Then, with both hands, he pushes it up from the bottom frame.
80. Nikíta (holds his father's arm and pushes him in before him).
81. He grabs it, then pushes it open and heads onto the driveway.
82. The history of this company pushes the bounds of incredulity.
83. Then she pushes open the trapdoor and climbs into the kitchen.
84. What do you mean you weren’t meant to be here? he pushes.
85. It's what makes a job challenging and pushes us on to better.
86. She sets her empty tray on his, then pushes it in front of him.
87. She pushes me away and slaps my hands, my body but not a peep.
88. The invasion pushes eastward and reaches its final goal- Moscow.
89. She tries to grab her wallet back, while Jaden pushes her away.
90. She pushes herself to her feet and wipes the blood from her lip.
91. Wong pushes himself up from the table as his face turns serious.
92. His tongue pushes into his cheek like he’s solving a problem.
93. Probably this unlimited consciousness pushes you, I don't know.
94. Now he pushes the rolling chair down the hall of the UAI offices.
95. Katsuya pushes the buttons on the phone trying to figure out why.
96. The rover has an electric heater that pushes air with a small fan.
97. He pushes himself out of his seat before I can think of anything.
98. The empress pushes us toward bringing more of the world into the.
99. We dont understand better because of a box called soul pushes us.
100. Not that I can say this out loud, but the thought pushes a smile.

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