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    1. The director wanted to build both the atmosphere and his chance of a gong at the annual television awards ceremony

    2. The television gardener lived with his lovely wife on his modest but beautifully proportioned estate in the country, when filming and international awards ceremonies permitted

    3. the country, when filming and international awards ceremonies

    4. gold and platinum disks, a host of awards, and plaudits of the most

    5. a collection of awards and commendations

    6. “Purists call this cheating,” he said as he dabbed on a pinprick of glue, “but I’m after fish, not artisan awards, and this makes glue dots so small the fish can’t smell ‘em

    7. He was a nice guy, but wouldn’t be winning any science awards

    8. The country has won awards for some of the cleanest waters in the

    9. The place should have been displaying awards!

    10. I don’t imagine she handles the grant awards personally, though, so it probably doesn’t matter

    1. made the following statement when he was awarded

    2. You have evidence that Tdeshi was awarded a term in fashion arts

    3. ‘I have to tell you that Sionn has been awarded Master-of-the-Multiverse

    4. With lots of awarded

    5. been awarded, now they beg

    6. after Achilles died, Odysseus was awarded that supreme warrior’s armor

    7. “I’m sure she’s very fast, sir, but years ago, the court awarded your boat to Jeremos

    8. Everyone who is awarded an allowance must score at least fifteen points in the assessment

    9. It is surely apparent to even the most muddle-headed of fellows that a failure to take the test will result in a failure to be awarded the allowance?"

    10. It made us proud to have been attached to the Battalion but what had us smiling even more was the fact that Captain Melstone had won the Military Cross and CSM Domby had won a bar to his Military Medal and Sgt Dawson had been awarded the Military Medal as well

    1. The newly graduated class of '85, the second brass plate, was thus installed on the plaque with great pomp and ceremony at the conclusion of the awarding of diplomas

    2. Before the rehearsal was over, each Player was sure he or she was the first one to conceive of the new Village Theatrical Society Educational Fund, for the awarding of College scholarships to deserving and merited graduates of the Tahoe City School

    3. health, food labeling, restrictions on guns, barred the awarding of government contracts to businesses

    4. The papa insisted on awarding him the Golden Rose, which was usually only given to kings who had performed significant service to the Church

    5. Fichte was against the awarding of the rights of citizenship to Jews as long as the Jews manifested a strong resistance to the general love of mankind, and as long as they (so he held) believed in two sets of moral laws, one for Jews and another for non-Jews

    6. The awarding of the rank of Chief Yeoman to SPAR Elizabeth S

    7. , she created protest behavior that was merit-based by awarding more free credits to the dissenters who would attend “to protest

    8. The awarding of those farming properties to his family members and political cronies was coincidental to the destruction of the production of the food capabilities of the farmers displaced

    9. or agencies awarding money

    10. The privately held company lost the competitive bidding process by a substantial margin, but the MoD says other factors such as the ability to meet contract deadlines as well as quality workmanship were taken into consideration before awarding the contract

    1. Spelman at the well organized assemblage before him, “But I don't recognize this item as a usual award for either athletic or daring deeds

    2. “And you nine, and were promoted to Purser four years ago after you got the employee of the year award in 2006

    3. He climbed the corporate ladder further and a promotion came following his award winning journalism on the East Timor spying scandal

    4. This story might win him a second award

    5. award those mysterious tenders

    6. A recent winner of a national high school science award felt he wasn’t any smarter than anyone else; but, throughout most of his school years, he had spent many hours in the basement experimenting with all kinds of projects, “failing through” to success

    7. The right girl would want him for what he had striven towards rather than for any framed piece of paper, that award which said he was now a success

    8. I know,” replied Carol, “Whoever made up these instructions should have been given the award for incomprehensibility

    9. But he had won an award in France for some special work he had done and in the press report had been mistakenly referred to as a professor

    10. The purpose of the bill: to award the Presidential Medal of Valor to the police and firefighters who died in the 9/11

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    Synonyms for "award"

    award awarding accolade honor honour laurels prize present grant confer give endow reward citation scholarship trophy medal decoration

    "award" definitions

    a grant made by a law court

    a tangible symbol signifying approval or distinction

    something given for victory or superiority in a contest or competition or for winning a lottery

    give, especially as an honor or reward

    give as judged due or on the basis of merit