bastard frasi

Scegli una lingua, poi digita una parola sotto per ottenere esempi per quella parola.

Frasi con bastard (in inglese)

1. It hurt like a bastard.
2. I glared at the bastard.
3. It creaks like a bastard.
4. Get up, you lazy bastard.
5. The poor bastard is dead.
6. The bastard winked at me.
7. It was sex, you bastard.

8. The guy's a real bastard.
9. I never liked the bastard.
10. He had razors, the bastard.
11. He is a dangerous bastard.
12. I will bury that bastard.
13. The bastard was on the move.
14. I will lure the bastard out.
15. That bastard had ruined it.
16. That's my good bastard son.
17. So the bastard was lying.
18. Moody as hell, that bastard.
19. I have to kill this bastard.
20. The bastard was taunting us.
21. I hated this bastard so much.
22. What a bastard! He went and.
23. You promised me, you bastard.
24. You're nothing but a bastard.
25. How dare the bastard do this.
26. Clever bastard: term of abuse.
27. That bastard has changed her.
28. She enjoyed doing the bastard.
29. I could have had the bastard!.
30. At last, they had the bastard.
31. Please not Bastard, he prayed.
32. The little bastard tricked me.
33. The bastard pleaded Not Guilty.
34. With some woman, you bastard.
35. God I was a cold bastard.
36. Poor bastard: term of affection.
37. I should have killed the bastard.
38. KELLY: I could kill that bastard.
39. The Bastard of the Pussywillows.
40. I’d kill that bastard, didi.
41. Oh how he protested the bastard.
42. You’re a witty old bastard.
43. I can handle any bastard Indian.
44. You killed Arbitan, you bastard.
45. We’ll have to kill the bastard.
46. Then, lower: That old bastard.
47. The bastard! Madam Agnes thought.
48. The cheeky bastard actually told.
49. I got to worry about the bastard.
50. But I do know who the bastard was.
51. Some bastard has stolen my button.
52. No words, just bastard stillborns.
53. What a cocky bastard this guy was.
54. I saw him and that bastard of his.
55. You bastard, you poisoned me!.
56. I want the bastard out of my house.
57. Oh, what a bastard this killer was.
58. Poor bastard, he said softly.
59. I had always known he was a bastard.
60. The nervy bastard was hitting on me.
61. I recognized the bastard instantly.
62. I hope the little bastard rots in.
63. I want that bastard, whoever he is.
64. A reminder of their bastard ways.
65. But he wasn't a bastard or anything.
66. That’s a real bastard out there.
67. The poor bastard, he whispered.
68. Bastard lowered his head and charged.
69. You’re becoming a bastard, too.
70. Being called bastard by the bullies.
71. And that one's for me, you bastard.
72. Of course not, you stupid bastard.
73. Not my daughter, you dirty bastard.
74. That creepy bastard isn’t coming.
75. He’s a wily bastard, I’ll say.
76. Biggest bastard in the profession.
77. As if I wanted to marry the bastard.
78. Fucking hell you fucking bastard.
79. I know the bastard masterminded it.
80. You shrug at them with a bastard grin.
81. You let that sick bastard molest.
82. That bastard! Claire wanted to scream.
83. The bastard, he was still trying to.
84. You worked for the bastard, though.
85. I'm having the bastard out next week.
86. You bastard, Frederick, Jess thought.
87. Bastard! the lead bravo shouted.
88. You’re a bastard and a liar!.
89. I think we should kill the bastard.
90. Shoot the fucking bastard, he said.
91. The bastard nearly died on us at St.
92. Goin’ in to see that bastard Joad.
93. You bastard, she screamed at him.
94. I bet my life it’s that bastard Joe.
95. Halfshaft looked over towards Bastard.
96. You sick bastard, stay away from me.
97. I had a fight with a peasant bastard.
98. This was the bastard prick that.
99. The bastard! And where did he get his.
100. The bastard had locked me in the cellar.

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