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    1. ‘Yes …’ I laughed, ‘Complete bastard, that he is!’

    2. That creepy bastard isn’t coming

    3. I daresay I could find more tenants, but if Dan is going to act like that, they are not likely to stay either … damn! He’s screwed me up again! The bastard!

    4. “So long as the bastard keeps his word

    5. I was a smug bastard, but then it was nineteen seventy-six

    6. The little bastard tricked me

    7. "You get that skin and you have the bastard, simple as that

    8. A reminder of their bastard ways”

    9. Calling him a bloody bastard every time he pops into my head goes some way to resolving the issue of my feelings for him, but it’s much harder coming to terms with my utter stupidity

    10. ‘Good God!’ I exclaimed, truly stunned … the bastard was playing with her at the same time was he! ‘She’s only about twenty isn’t she?’

    11. I don’t know anything much about Aragon and all that stuff, but I do know he’s a hard bastard

    12. ‘And I’m going to get the … the … bastard that set those thugs on me, too

    13. at the inconsiderate bastard

    14. ‘The bastard! What about Lorentze?’

    15. He was still alive, poor bastard; screaming and flaying around like a madman

    16. He is a bastard,

    17. KELLY: I could kill that bastard

    18. From the very beginning that bastard had everything his way, well not anymore

    19. John finally took a deep breath, he was bent over holding his sides; he stood up and laughing at Daniel he said, “it was them you dumb bastard, they can talk!”

    20. Daniel took the brunt of the flame as the bastard got a lucky hit

    21. “Bastard! Bastard! Bastard!” she screamed over and over again as she emptied the pan of baked beans onto the keyboard and then turned her attention to the boy himself

    22. 'This bastard doesn't have it,' my man said and gave up his grip

    23. So, thinks Billy, the old bastard wasn't as innocent as he made out

    24. Every sound and every readout seems to scream one word at Billy; Bastard

    25. “There's nothing you can say, you bastard

    26. gZarvik was always a shifty little wevn in my book but I’m a prejudiced bastard when it comes to sons of the hoi polloi using connections so I might not offer the most objective view

    27. But how do you tell a woman that her man is a callous, money-grubbing bastard? Right now Ted is in no fit state to plan anything so thoroughly

    28. ’ Andy admitted, ‘Ozzie was a bit of a bastard to her at times

    29. ‘From what Simthwaite says, it looks to me as though the bastard flipped once everything went tits up

    30. As that scheming Scots bastard says, I need a plan

    31. " To Alex he says, "Stupid old bastard

    32. ‘But why? What’s wrong with her? Did that bastard beat her up or something?’ Kev asked, obviously upset

    33. ‘But what happened?’ Kev asked, guilt gnawing at him … he should have taken her with him, he knew he shouldn’t have left her there with that bastard

    34. He can feel his pulse racing and to reassure himself, to break the spell of suspense, he mutters, "Stupid bastard, messing yourself up

    35. How dare the bastard do this

    36. A moment of silence and it dawns on him; a joke, sick realisation, but then Ted thinks about it; cash from the Scots bastard, cash from this arsehole, it's the same thing

    37. "Either way", he says to himself, "You're a stupid bastard, Billy boy

    38. “The little bastard

    39. "You always were a bastard to your brother, Ken

    40. She enjoyed doing the bastard

    41. He wonders why his blood isn't boiling, but then he remembers; this is for Bex, Bex is the reason and this sick bastard is the cause

    42. He should be running across the courtyard, grappling with the crazy bastard and saving what is left of this sorry life, but that’s the point, he realises; this sorry life

    43. “I think we should kill the bastard

    44. bastard that Hartman is

    45. "Okay you crazy bastard, Stop this truck

    46. would’ve pulled my gun and shot the bastard right there

    47. near killing the poor bastard

    48. first husband’s bastard child

    49. of the existence of the man’s bastard child in Troyes, and

    50. He almost wished his power could return for just one more cataclysmic blast to take that bastard out

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