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Frasi con beep (in inglese)

  1. A beep cuts him off.
  2. Mark heard his wristwatch beep.
  3. Never mind that annoying beep.
  4. There was a beep on my cell phone.
  5. There was a beep from the intercom.

  6. American car horns beep in the tone of F.
  7. BEEP BEEP! Came a ring from Lilly's pocket.
  8. There was a beep of a horn from outside.
  9. Oh no, I’m really sorry about the beep.
  10. Hey, the beep is gone, Newell noticed.
  11. The beep from my house gate squeals in my ears.
  12. They seem to beep at you when you walk in the.
  13. Newell and Carter started at the sound of a beep.
  14. There was another beep of the horn from outside.
  15. Then a beep was emitted from a machine on the wall.

  16. The beep of a new text message sounded on his phone.
  17. And something that sounded like a loud buzz and beep.
  18. Nicholas answered in clipped tones, on the first beep.
  19. There’s a beep and a pause and then I hear her voice.
  20. There was a short beep, then the second message played.
  21. The muffled beep of the intercom alerts me of her arrival.
  22. They waited a minute to confirm that the beep was indeed.
  23. There was a beep as she disconnected the call before Alex.
  24. Beep! Beep! Beep! The machine cut brutally into his reverie.
  25. The flight computer would beep when the task was completed.

  26. Then the game warden heard the sound of a long beep and the.
  27. Clarity heard the beep of a cell phone and Miss Tik whisper.
  28. What are you doing? he asks, hearing a beep behind him.
  29. A little beep of the siren let Alicia know she was in trouble.
  30. There was another beep, and he gripped the instrument tightly.
  31. The medical machinery continued to whine and beep behind them.
  32. The computer answered with a beep and a prompt reading Access.
  33. Bob’s metal detector started to beep in the very heart of the.
  34. I heard a beep and watched in amazement as the screen came to life.
  35. Having this mortal beep so ridiculously late was kind of an insult.
  36. A loud beep alerted her that the elevator was reaching the top floor.
  37. She scampered promptly over to hop and beep for Jaume’s attention.
  38. She had barely finished talking when her iPad gave out another beep.
  39. Then there was a beep! Beep Beep! and Spike lifted his pager to check.
  40. Please leave a message after the beep; we would love to hear from you.
  41. Doran heard the beep of the scooter horn and stepped out of the office.
  42. She rested her head on the headrest, hearing the radarś beep behind her.
  43. A long hour later, a beep from the back seat jerked him to full alertness.
  44. There was a small beep and Roberto pressed another button on the computer.
  45. As Samantha put the red velvet cake in the oven, there was a beep outside.
  46. The beep of his phone inside his shirt pocket sent his pulse skyrocketing.
  47. I guessed as much, he said as he sped off, giving the horn a little beep.
  48. Fifty-nine, Bob said, smiling as he stopped the beep, silencing the room.
  49. The room was quiet with the exception of a slow constant beep from a bit-map E.
  50. But Joey didn’t reply, she only heard the communicator go off line with a beep.
  51. The horrific beep beeping was pounding in my head, but I concentrated, I focused.
  52. The impatient beep of a horn behind her reminded her she’d slowed almost to a stop.
  53. Its seeker head actively sweeping visually, it gave a double beep and began to growl.
  54. Again the door handle just caused a low beep and the door remained steadfastly sealed.
  55. Apart from the idiotic driver who thinks he can beep you out of the way said Penny.
  56. There was a loud beep and the panel came to life, the com-link cube forming before her.
  57. Just then the monitors started to beep wildly and Melvin began to shake on the operating table.
  58. There was a beep beep noise as the mobile phone that Darius had in his jacket, started ringing.
  59. I hear something moving in the walls on either side of me, and then there’s a high-pitched beep.
  60. I like to use a timer with a beep so that I’m aware of when the 35-minute time limit has passed.
  61. He looked at me puzzled and was about to tell me something when his digital watch started to beep.
  62. There was an affirmative beep from the door and he heard the motorised clunk as the mechanism unlocked.
  63. Doctor Geldfrey was such a nice young man-- Beep! Number 7 saved the message to torment me later.
  64. Calvin heard a beep and the comms officer gave him a thumbs up; the Nighthawk had accepted the connection.
  65. The android held my ID card to its eyes, the familiar beep of approval, and then handed the card back to me.
  66. A few weeks later when the receiver was fitted behind my ear, my left ear heard beep beep for the first time.
  67. Just then, a beep came over the line and the name on the caller ID was like the past slamming into the present.
  68. And with each beep, a strategically placed needle would jump up and down with each of his friend’s heartbeats.
  69. Again he pushes the key chain button, and again he hears the horn beep, and he feels that he is getting warmer.
  70. An angry beep came from the machine and under his half-finished sentence, the words 'What? Let you have what?' appeared.
  71. I asked her if I could give you this translator, said Lezura, pressing a button on the device and listening to a soft beep.
  72. You could add another word in that last sentence and may want to tell your friends and family to wait for the beep and leave a message.
  73. Just as she had that thought, in the midst of trying to find more internet information on the Peru illness, she heard the beep of her phone.
  74. As the miles slipped by, the faint beep of the directional receiver became stronger, always at 20-second intervals from the time datum Mark had set.
  75. The alarm began to beep, giving 3 seconds before the full siren kicked in; Preeti dived over like super woman with her scissors and cut the main wire.
  76. After dialing, Irena held the receiver tightly against her ear and carefully listened to the beep repeating itself once, twice, a third and a fourth time.
  77. She used this beep, this interrupt, to keep her mind on the mundane task of recording diagnostic information, while she and her world were being discovered by this one.
  78. Stopping at a nearby panel which was making strangled beep sounds increasing in volume, and obscured by the shadows, she punched in a series of numbers which cut the noise off.
  79. With a beep and a flash of the lights, Vinnie dropped the keys in his pocket, adjusted his expensive sunglasses in the reflection of the tinted window, and disappeared inside Eddie’s place.
  80. When Sober is over you march over to the door, papers and overhead slides tucked under your arm, swipe your card through the magnetic reader, beep your way out of the lab-farm and into the government labyrinth.
  81. From beyond the walls came the infinitude of sound, the beep beep of trucks backing up, the rattle and whinny of a garbage masher, and, nearer in, the elevator engine’s sigh, the ghost frequencies of the super’s walkie-talkie, the noise, real or imagined, of my neighbor, my quondam drinking buddy, slamming cabinets next door.
  82. Twenty miles away, at Beth Israel Hospital, the best friend he’d ever had was lying in more or less the same posture, and all he wanted to do was go and be with her, watch over and protect her, but he was too late, and now he’d trapped himself here in this wood-paneled prison, where no one knew that the victim, the one whose name the radio said they weren’t releasing, was Samantha Cicciaro, or that her friend Charlie Weisbarger had been with her both before and after the shooting, or that any second now, some machine might start making the dreaded beep that meant her heart had stopped.
  83. We had given up our faith and the only thing we could hear during those moments of self doubt, those moments of total silence in the theatre, was the beep, beep, beep of his heart beating away, refusing to give up … and somebody said … they said … ‘come on, if he can keep going, so can we,’ and we all ploughed in again and started drilling and screwing and suturing … and he just lay there in front of us, all in pieces, sleeping like a baby, with his heart beating away when it should have stopped ages before, saying to us, challenging us, and this is the hardest part to accept, giving us strength, silently speaking to us in beeps, saying, hang in there guys, we’ll get through this.
  84. There was the beep sound then the same voice,.
  1. A small beeping sound began.
  2. I could hear beeping outside.
  3. I heard the microwave beeping.
  4. Then the heart monitor stops beeping.
  5. They are all beeping and making noise.
  6. Joe heard a car beeping and went outside.
  7. I awoke to a loud and steady beeping sound.
  8. Hey, what’s that beeping? he asked.
  9. The first thing I hear is his laptop beeping.
  10. The taxi driver was repeatedly beeping his horn.
  11. With a beeping sound, the door opened and the cold.
  12. Just as the doors were beeping closed, a guy leapt on.
  13. A beeping alarm then made them all jump in their chairs.
  14. We tried to distract the zombies by beeping the horn.
  15. She heard a machine start beeping as her heart beat faster.
  16. I don’t see it, said Ngem the machine still beeping.
  17. The monitor above Paul’s bed began beeping and Xen’s eyes.
  18. So when his cell phone started beeping, he wasn't a bit surprised.
  19. Now, I need you to tell me how to switch off this damned beeping.
  20. Mac woke to pain and the sound of beeping and odd, annoying smells.
  21. We all made our way out to the taxi and the horn was still beeping.
  22. Raymond woke up to his cell phone beeping indicating he got a message.
  23. On his way out, he turned on his Radio and the familiar beeping began.
  24. Suddenly, the beeping noise increased in both frequency and intensity.
  25. The beeping signal from the autopilot soon took her out of her thoughts.
  26. The big car responded by beeping at him as the alarm system deactivated.
  27. Passenger door closed, Chef Luc drove away, beeping the horn as he went.
  28. She handed the syringe to the congressman, then went to the beeping monitor.
  29. The loud beeping of the collision alarm startled the crew in the control room.
  30. The beeping stopped, and a silence as deep as outer space settled on the chamber.
  31. The horrific beep beeping was pounding in my head, but I concentrated, I focused.
  32. What was going on? There was an air of tension, a jeep zipped by him not even beeping.
  33. And the lights on Morg’s visor flashed red, a shrill beeping sound rung in his ears.
  34. The rapid beeping turned into one long squeal as the green lines on the monitor went flat.
  35. What's with the beeping noise?' He surveyed the room, but found no obvious source of noise.
  36. Red let out a gasp as all four square grenades started blinking and beeping at the same time.
  37. What you gone be doing…? A beeping sounded in Skinny’s ear, stopping her in mid-sentence.
  38. The beeping ups and downs of our earth's vital signs monitors are fast nearing deadly flat-line silence.
  39. Come on… Michael are you ok? Michael just nodded, after half an hour the machine started beeping.
  40. Both of her wrists were bandaged, and leads went from her body to an array of beeping machines around her.
  41. He could hear the incessant beeping of what sounded like hospital monitoring equipment and something else.
  42. In no time, with a few swift twists and a bang, the horn stopped beeping and it was suddenly deathly quiet.
  43. Well, what is wrong with this thing? It was beeping like crazy just a second ago, but now it looks fine.
  44. She keyed in a series of commands into her computer, turning off the beeping, and then headed back to the window.
  45. About once a second from a foot or two above Paul’s head, a rectangular-shaped heart monitor kept regularly beeping.
  46. Frank knew they were up to something but hadn’t a clue what it could be; all he knew was his trouble radar was beeping.
  47. Surveillance was notified right away with a quite beeping tone and a red warning sign on the monitor’s computer screen.
  48. Moments later a flashing red light mounted in the low ceiling above him began to flash urgently, with a piercing beeping tone.
  49. The dwarf stamped bare feet theatrically at Mistral, who arched her long back into a hoop and bounced sideways, beeping furiously.
  50. During the night, a high-pitched beeping noise crept into Jesse’s consciousness before she heard Gabriel say, Hello—Phillip.
  51. What’s going to happen now? Big Petey asked with wide eyes as Red continued to hold all four of the beeping and flashing square grenades.
  52. The soft tranquil sounds of the waves were soon drowned out by the beeping of horns and shouts of anger and rebellion in the streets of New York City.
  53. But here, around the college student turned prostitute, there was just the beeping of monitors and the dripping of whatever they’d put in her IV line.
  54. A barely-awake man, an unconscious woman, a beating heart monitor and a closed window—they and only they could be heard, living, breathing and beeping.
  55. The drive was uneventful, until a point about ninety minutes out, when all kinds of chiming and beeping started coming from the phone in Chang’s pocket.
  56. Once inside the house, he kicked closed the front door with his foot, and carried her over to where the security alarm panel was located and loudly beeping.
  57. He did not now what he was going to do but he new for certain that he didn’t want to destroy all these years of work he was startled by the intercom beeping.
  58. On the door of the safe they could see an electronic device with a red light blinking in time with the beeping noise, which had suddenly grown uncomfortably loud.
  59. A beeping noise and small flashing red light on her control panel then made Sylvie straighten in her seat: the sensors of the spy probe were detecting something approaching the cave.
  60. Before he could say more, one of Julie’s screens emitted a beeping signal, while a second image appeared beside that of the unknown woman photographed by Erik at the Puertobahia Hotel.
  61. Then he turned, pulled his phone from his pocket and began a low, urgent conversation with someone as he walked away, ignoring the beeping taxi that had to swerve around him, and casting us only the briefest of backwards looks.
  62. The beeping sound of the thermometer stopped them, and William was going to take it out but the doctor took it for him and looked at it, he was concentrated on writing everything down then, ok we have the results for William Anderson, are you the father?
  1. My phone beeped a fifth time.
  2. My watch beeped crap I thought.
  3. The tricorder beeped and wined.
  4. His electronic pad beeped again.
  5. A car beeped outside of his house.
  6. A text beeped through on her phone.
  7. The heart rate monitor beeped fast.
  8. His phone beeped with a new message.
  9. It beeped its approval and unlocked.
  10. Her phone beeped with a text message.
  11. The keypad beeped, the stair squeaked.
  12. His electronic pad beeped a third time.
  13. The car beeped, and the lights flashed.
  14. Midge beeped the horn and entered the.
  15. The computerized desk beeped and buzzed.
  16. The toaster beeped and the bread popped up.
  17. I pushed the button Bill had and it beeped.
  18. Stacey’s radio beeped twice and shut down.
  19. My computer beeped, and I settled in to read.
  20. She beeped the horn as she disappeared into.
  21. Junya beeped the horn, and the womans brake.
  22. The vi-phone beeped on my phone and Baloh’s.
  23. Something beeped and he pulled back on the stick.
  24. The Mercedes beeped once and flashed its lights.
  25. The gun beeped twice, and Orthon thrust his head up.
  26. My phone beeped and broke me out of my crazed state.
  27. But finally it beeped and the driver stack went green.
  28. An amber light flashed on the muzzle and beeped twice.
  29. She touched her QComm to mine and both devices beeped.
  30. I entered the code and the wristband beeped and unlocked.
  31. As he was putting the phone back in his pocket it beeped.
  32. I did lie this way for some time, and then my watch beeped.
  33. And there it was, the curves matched and the machine beeped.
  34. He took out his car keys and beeped the security alarm button.
  35. At that second, John's computer beeped insistently, three times.
  36. The phone beeped then an automated voice said the caller had gone.
  37. A few moments later, it beeped to tell her there was a new message.
  38. Nick’s laptop beeped, and he changed DVD’s in the RW drive again.
  39. I looked at Felix as the monitors were beeped in time with his heart.
  40. He considered locking the door for a quick one when the phone beeped.
  41. The computer beeped and dumped pages of error messages onto the screen.
  42. At that moment her direct line to the Major beeped and she answered it.
  43. What the fuck happened? His cell phone beeped, and he tapped the button.
  44. He jumped nervously as the comm-panel on the wall near him beeped sharply.
  45. The missile shape on his console began to glow, and something beeped quietly.
  46. Beyond the closed door, machines beeped, wheels rattled, clocks were punched.
  47. Her lascivious eyes flew from me to her screen as it beeped out at her warningly.
  48. A few minutes later, a horn beeped, indicating that my mom was there to pick me up.
  49. What? Mitch said as alerts beeped and lights flashed across all the consoles.
  50. The machines beeped and the nurses fussed and the other agent just stood and stared.
  51. My iPhone beeped on the coffee table, I picked it up and it was a text from Jesse:.
  52. Cierra licked her lips, folded them in and then stood as the timer on the oven beeped.
  53. A series of vectors appeared in the view screen, and the flight-comp beeped agreeably.
  54. He stepped closer to the car and gave me a sheepish smile when it beeped the unlock tone.
  55. The monitor beeped slower as Ricky‘s heart rate began to falter, then ceased altogether.
  56. The control panel beeped with flashing red dots, and a digital map flashed onto the screen.
  57. I quietly walked into the blue shower area to prepare for my shower, when Baloh was beeped.
  58. When the oven beeped, he tested the milk, then started back across the room with the baby.
  59. The captain was just about to call Peter as well when her comm-panel beeped an incoming message.
  60. But after a few seconds of inserting the sniffer, the scanner beeped with the discovery of four cells.
  61. I put in all the words and one by one they appeared on the screen; then something beeped and they’d disappear.
  62. However, this line of thinking was almost immediately T-boned in its tracks by another train of thought as a horn beeped.
  63. Winny Bosango tensed up when the videophone attached to the left armrest of the command chair beeped, announcing an incoming call.
  64. It was crowded with all kinds of birthday party–colored baby-seat things that beeped and buzzed and talked when the babies banged on them.
  65. The telephone beside President Malium beeped and he picked it up and listened for several seconds to the person at the other end of the connection.
  66. I stabbed my finger at the numbers again, growing more panicked as the alarm beeped and beeped and beeped its countdown—until it went into full intruder blare.
  67. He stewed about it all for a few minutes, then dialed the number again and this time got the answering machine, which still beeped at him many times before he could leave his message.
  68. I fumbled with my ticket from my pocket, put it through, the barrier beeped, I did it again, the right way round, got let through, waited for my ticket, then realised I didn’t get it back.
  69. Who would perform medical procedures in his own home, alone, other than a quack or a butcher? Where were the doctors? The nurses? Their lab coats and stethoscopes and clipboards, their machines that beeped and hissed?
  1. Then a horn beeps at the.
  2. The elevator beeps as it arrives.
  3. There'll only be one or two beeps.
  4. Two loud beeps and the doors closed.
  5. Her pager beeps and my nerves vibrate.
  6. Then he heard a click and some beeps.
  7. Beeps in a variety of tones rang out.
  8. It beeps, letting him know it’s worked.
  9. Then her phone beeps and she reads her text.
  10. It gave off three defiant, belligerent beeps.
  11. When that box beeps take out your food, but.
  12. I was interrupted by two beeps on her cellphone.
  13. Sia’s phone beeps and she presses it to her ear.
  14. So a lot of souls knew when Alan’s beeps came in.
  15. So, two beeps means this is its second reclamation.
  16. The beeps started and instantly I knew what they were.
  17. Several beeps and clicks later, Melvin began to type.
  18. My watch beeps on the hour, signaling that my time is up.
  19. Apart from the faint beeps from the machine, silence rules.
  20. I'm charging for this! the taxi driver beeps his horn.
  21. There’s been these series of beeps coming out of the dome.
  22. The valet beeps the horn just as he begins to kiss her again.
  23. Gervais looks as if he might say something, but his phone beeps.
  24. He listened as the beeps came closer; he was about to be caught.
  25. This can buzzer also beeps for a few seconds at half the set time.
  26. The hospital sounded eerily quiet, except for the beeps from the IV.
  27. Frantic beeps and the sound of a handset being lifted out of a cradle.
  28. His heart would fill with rage when he would hear the two beeps of 7.
  29. Three high-pitched beeps raced from the abandoned house in quick succession.
  30. An hour later, David beeps the car horn in front of his brother Kevin's house.
  31. In a few seconds the rhythm had slowed and the beeps from the monitor stopped.
  32. He could hear the little beeps and clicks as the instruments worked in overdrive.
  33. The alarm gave off three short sharp beeps as the security guard started his car and.
  34. He got up and popped out his earplugs, grinning, You’re shy by four beeps, Buddy.
  35. The car receives the message and obediently flashes its headlights and beeps its horn.
  36. A series of beeps from the heart monitor alerted the nurse that something wasn’t right.
  37. He heard the beeps when he punched the buttons, but it sounded like dead air on the line.
  38. Point is, we don’t have Dorece any longer and you have seized the radar at full beeps.
  39. He scratches at his stubble and, when the timer on the cooker beeps, takes his breakfast out.
  40. The chamber made a series of beeps and a sparkling display of static appeared in the cylinder.
  41. John pushed four, and after a series of beeps the dispatcher from the Police Department answered.
  42. Nancy walked forward, holding the wrist computer ahead of her as the beeps reached a frantic pitch.
  43. I waited out the beeps, then said, Yuki, I need a search warrant for Ellen Lafferty’s premises.
  44. I’m not a musical purist, but I’m not crazy about blips, beeps, bells, whistles and above all, clicks.
  45. The following Saturday morning, David pulls up in front of his brother Kevin's house and beeps the car horn.
  46. She could tell from the beeps that there were lots of messages, not just hers, that hadn’t yet been heard.
  47. He gave his usual three short beeps on the call button, and was dismayed that Elmore answered almost immediately.
  48. He faintly heard three beeps inside the pod, followed by a female voice shouting, Hang on, I’ll be there now.
  49. Even as the altitude warning alarm beeps in the background the cockpit crew remain focused on solving the bulb issue.
  50. Before Loofah could object, there was a loud click and three beeps, before another voice cut in, a voice he also recognised.
  51. She’s home! What a relief! She waited a few minutes, then called again and got the answering machine and all the beeps.
  52. Leesa squeezed back, but before she could reply, a series of beeps from the small nylon pouch on her hip told her she had a text.
  53. Ralph nodded knowingly as the silver ball made frantic beeps and clicks, then he stood up with a serious expression on his face.
  54. His earpiece produced a series of beeps in the eerie post-explosion silence, notifying him of an incoming encrypted call on his cell phone.
  55. But from the number of beeps Alice heard before she could leave a message, it seemed that Jean hadn’t listened to any of the earlier ones yet.
  56. With loud beeps, electronic whistles and screams that they released from their zigzagged mouths they argued with each other about the methods they should take.
  57. Nancy heard a series of beeps that told her the link was established through several layers of advanced encryptions, making it almost impossible for anyone to listen into her conversation.
  58. At that moment, a series of beeps sounded from behind Psyche, and everyone half-turned from the spectacle, their weapons still raised, to see the mortal they had forgotten convulsing on the bed.
  59. One of those grandchildren was my son Trip, twenty-six at the time, who left this message on my answering machine the day after he learned his grandfather died: After hearing eleven beeps, I guess that must mean you already have plenty of messages.
  60. We had given up our faith and the only thing we could hear during those moments of self doubt, those moments of total silence in the theatre, was the beep, beep, beep of his heart beating away, refusing to give up … and somebody said … they said … ‘come on, if he can keep going, so can we,’ and we all ploughed in again and started drilling and screwing and suturing … and he just lay there in front of us, all in pieces, sleeping like a baby, with his heart beating away when it should have stopped ages before, saying to us, challenging us, and this is the hardest part to accept, giving us strength, silently speaking to us in beeps, saying, hang in there guys, we’ll get through this.

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