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Honk in una frase (in inglese)

Let her honk.
"Honk, Honk!" Bang!.
Listen to them honk and.
Then, she began to honk her.
But then… Honk! Honk!.
was a nasal honk, and he was in pain.
Honk Honk! Out of the way, Toots.

Just then there was a loud honk outside.
I heard a honk and saw Farid waving at me.
Seriously! I gave him a honk and drove off.
The bird ruffled its feathers and let out a low honk.
directions a driver behind them began to honk his horn.
Every car and truck began to honk loud, sustained blasts.
The driver began to honk the car horn incessantly scaring.
and room-mate, 'Boozo' Van Honk, that he was going to marry.
for ten seconds and then I’ll honk the horn another five times.
He was a good guy, brought me back an Asai Pentax camera from Honk Kong.
benevolent fund, and since then all the cars honk and give me a wave if they.
The niddy decided for her when it gave out a long, tired honk through its nose.
Occasionally you hear the honk of a horn and tires rolling along unseen streets.
Wait!) Cars crawl by but do not honk, and sometimes offer a little bit of visibility.
would honk and wave from their air-conditioned car, but would not take them that last.
Car horns honk, the street lamps twinkle in the dark and I love being in the middle of it all.
Almost instantly, the ear-piercing honk of a car horn told him his quest to escape had been in vain.
Kemp hugged me too and said he was sorry before they heard the second honk initiating that they had to leave now.
While walking down the sidewalk on Main Street in Downers Grove on the way to McCollum park, I must have had a car honk at me every five minutes.
The car begins honking.
The cab moved forward, honking.
Because everyone starts honking.
With a ceaseless blowing and honking.
I was honking outside like a total LBR.
motorists continued honking their horns.
mind that I was the target of the honking.
honking their horns and shouting out their windows.
I was sneezing and honking and sneezing all the time.
frantically and then heard the sounds of her horn honking.
started honking and surpassing him, but Judas did not care.
he said because of that darn blasted cargo ship’s honking.
and spun in circles, flashing his lights and honking his horn.
would have no problem honking the horn at them or flipping them off.
The honking, flashing car spun sharply into the driveway of the house.
When she completed her last words, there was honking of scooter horn.
Thankfully she didn’t have big, honking, hairy, funny-looking feet.
honking at me and not giving one iota of a shit but just thinking that.
hot, swarming with people the constant honking of small Renault blue and.
His driver yelled one more thing at the van as it pulled away, honking its horn.
and the despairing squawks of the hens and quacking and honking of the ducks and.
Before long, the displeased driver of the honking vehicle pulled into the right lane.
The geese complained as he pushed through, honking and pecking as they surrounded him.
You listen for the honking horn of your doors locking while you charge through the car sea.
The mob was still swirling around the courthouse, a jam of horses and wagons and honking automobiles.
In the morning I had had to cope with the sounds of honking horns, yelling and a lot of traffic noises.
I honked again.
The owner honked.
Only a few honked now.
Then a horn honked outside.
Cars honked and guys waved.
Farid honked twice behind me.
The van honked at the children.
his window and honked his horn at us.
the young man at the wheel honked his horn,.
He honked his horn on every turn out of town.
Somewhere distant on the lake, ducks honked.
Eventually the man honked his horn and the.
Dakota honked and waved as she drove past him.
But not a single driver honked his or her horn.
She pulled up the driveway and honked the horn.
The driver honked his horn with agitation at the.
road before an oncoming Camaro honked his horn in.
Two horns honked from opposite ends of the station.
Cars honked as they tried to dodge the open door.
Horns honked and the motorists became very flippant.
A horn honked at her, the driver wanting to turn right.
down the bus, but the March Hair just honked the horn.
But I was still smiling as I honked the horn good-bye.
driver honked his horn and then spoke into a microphone.
seat and then honked the horn three times in short bursts.
must be in, but by that time, tires squealed, horns honked,.
honked at a large rodent, which disappeared into the forest.
loud engine of a semi and the fact that the driver honked his.
a car honks, a.
Outside a horn honks.
The Zetra Zeus driver honks.
Honks and the like are grotesque spews.
Their honks, kicks and the prance give us joy.
honks a ten seconds pause and then the second five honks.
Mary parks in front of Barbie’s house and honks her horn.
Frank closed the door Stan gave me three honks then drove off.
She turned around at my honks, blinked wildly as I got out of the car.
Rhythmic car horn honks wakes you from dozing in the spacious backseat of the SUV.
There was a fearful racket in the studio alleys, some backfires, honks, and a yell.
The crash of plastic on plastic, long honks, and angry shouts followed in his wake.
Bryony screamed and yelled in protest, but her words sounded like a series of angry honks to Ma.
he followed her out, as they both ignored the honks, screams, and curses of the other drivers.
Diane’s home was right where I remembered, and I rolled to a stop, giving her three honks, her ritual when she visited us way back when.
it's a freak show, if you know what I mean! After starting his car, he left the gas station attendant with two slight honks, a wave, and a smile of acknowledgment.

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