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    1. Conversely, something that seems like a short term benefit, may have long term implications

    2. It is by these times where we benefit a lot from

    3. Human nature is such that he always tries to benefit at the cost of others and in the process if palms have to be greased, it is accepted and in some cases even encouraged to take undue advantage of the loopholes

    4. Organic matter and rock powders form the basis of organic fertilizers, and benefit the soil as well as the plant

    5. Your lawn will benefit by having a thin layer of aged (at least 6 months old) horse manure spread over it (using a manure spreader), and then watered well

    6. This practice will also benefit the microbes as well as the beneficial insects

    7. “Your lawn will benefit by having a thin layer of aged horse manure spread over it

    8. An added benefit is that roses organically grown are more disease resistant, & they last longer!

    9. If an endless food source has been found, they will use it to the benefit of their colony

    10. However, if you are a patient and therapeutic Yoga is your need, you will benefit in learning it from a medical practitioner who is trained to understand the physiology of the human body and can thus be watchful of the effects of Yoga if performed incorrectly

    11. This time without the benefit of a sign, I went into my wind-up and the pitch

    12. One benefit of it all was that I started to see one or two faces clearly again, if only in those brief moments before the jostling thoughts and memories got too rough

    13. " In fact Jalloo was a good portion of the variety he was supposed to indulge in and she considered that an important fringe benefit to this job

    14. God the Father did nothing without thinking about the benefit of His Son Jesus

    15. The Father wants nothing more than to bring honor to His Son and set Him up to benefit in all things; the Son wants nothing more than to glorify His Father by repeating that which He sees His Father do and say

    16. One such company that has used Instagram to their benefit in terms of their posts going viral, is Sharpie

    17. His mind is a strong one, and there are many things in there that I came across that could be of benefit to the community

    18. Her work in building bonds of friendship and economic benefit between our peoples over the last fifteen years will stand as a lasting tribute to her vision and practical ability

    19. During the Millennial Kingdom, Israel will have that benefit of the filling of the Spirit

    20. antioxidants can benefit the body

    21. Exercise can benefit the body and the

    22. It has the added benefit of toning and strengthening the muscles and organs of the abdomen as well as bringing relief from our two antagonists of this chapter

    23. I mentioned this position of the hands earlier in connection with the Bull Posture for sciatica but sufferers from arthritis and rheumatism in the shoulders will also greatly benefit from this simple arm exercise

    24. I would be respected soon in my home country for what I brought back and shortly the world would be able to benefit

    25. ‘How’s Sam?’ He’s more than a little choked up and is obviously changing the subject to defuse the emotional atmosphere for his own benefit

    26. The greatest benefit of this exercise is realizing that fearful

    27. Nine times meant I had lost all benefit of

    28. She’s got them staying with her in her tiny two bedroom place at the moment which is cramped to say the least … the idea is that the girl will move into her own place in the village where she’ll have the benefit of her mother’s support – they’re a pretty close-knit family, Jo

    29. I've changed into a clean pair of jeans and a pretty top - mainly for my benefit

    30. used to benefit the subject

    31. will be sound-proofed! The benefit is seen of the ritual when full release

    32. that works aptly and with patience will benefit from it

    33. “We have the benefit of intercepting their communications,” Learned Maroclo said

    34. hardest to face, benefit us the most

    35. practice that will benefit you

    36. approach is all that you need to have to benefit from any God-given

    37. As far as the occupants of the flats in Danvers House are concerned - and we prefer to call them tenants – they pay a low rent for their flats that is usually paid by Housing Benefit

    38. We certainly don’t benefit at the expense of the public purse as has been suggested from time to time

    39. Between us we try to select the women who would best benefit from being given a place

    40. readers can benefit, that is called a trackback

    41. For your benefit, and the man’s safety I will call upon my brothers and sisters across this

    42. This wil not only benefit your life, but theirs as wel

    43. of true unconditional love, to bring benefit to al aspects of itself

    44. • Always give with a pure intent to bring benefit to other aspects of

    45. He should be able to pass on the benefit of his experience, but it seems so sordid

    46. “This will in some way benefit you

    47. ’ Sheila gloated for Chrissie’s benefit as the men shouted their approval from the edge of the mudhole

    48. He had regular business to conduct that detained him in some of those offices and many of the ladies with private workspace delayed him for the skills of his hands, one fringe benefit of life at the Kassikan he still allowed himself to indulge in

    49. Something that old should look different, shouldn’t it? She tried to visualise what it must have been like living here without the benefit of modern housing and facilities, concluding that she would miss the hot water most

    50. “Every so often, certain of the women of our lineage have for generations developed within themselves the necessary strength of spirit which allows them to conquer the silencing power of death and carry their wisdom forward for the benefit of themselves and for following generations

    1. benefited his son, so he shook his head once more and

    2. benefited from warm of summer and have

    3. Compare the cultivation of the lands in the neighbourhood of any considerable town, with that of those which lie at some distance from it, and you will easily satisfy yourself bow much the country is benefited by the commerce of the town

    4. Those workmen however, who suffered by our neighbours prohibition, will not be benefited by ours

    5. The government, therefore, when it defrays the expense of coinage, not only incurs some small expense, but loses some small revenue which it might get by a proper duty; and neither the bank, nor any other private persons, are in the smallest degree benefited by this useless piece of public generosity

    6. The persons, again, most immediately benefited by this expense, are those whom the courts of justice either restore to their rights, or maintain in their rights

    7. To sum it up, I left the internship with no bitterness against anyone and feeling that I had been greatly benefited by the experience

    8. Her tuna fish husband (a major owner in the Starkist brand) has more than benefited from her being able to pass legislation that exempted Guanamian tuna fishermen from the Fair Labor Standards Act, thus ensuring that those fishermen, who catch the tuna that would become Starkist, would be paid less than the minimum wage

    9. “If it benefited him in some way

    10. ” I’m comfortable with the climate that has benefited my arthritis, with the people, the economy, and the multiple attractions of La Paz and its vicinity

    11. So I decided the parachute would have benefited me more but luckily we always landed and had no cause to become long haired liberals to complain about their silly jokes

    12. On top of all this, AIDS prevention in Africa was not a project that benefited Bush politically

    13. repeat the Quranic verses and benefited from it

    14. benefited with complete solution for its needs; trillion dollars will be accumulated without needing to spend them or to lend them; 80% of the social cost of the country will be reduced; elimination of 80% of illicit act that involves the possession of goods or money and elimination of more than 80% of the

    15. Every process happens without the utilization of the physical money or official coin for all the participators of this Project, such as: benefited people, lacking people, voluntary people, Social Philanthropy Networks, Use Network, Solidary Economy Network, Economy of Communion, Global Ecovillage Network, Red de Trueque Solidario, Ethical Bank, altruistic people’s communities (forum, debates, BBS), Kibbutz, among others

    16. Besides, the new systematics guarantees that every population really is benefited, inclusive the First, Second and Third sector

    17. Up to the Civil War, in terms of representation, the South benefited over free states from the ‘slave vote,’ even if it was a fraction

    18. Their creations have benefited mankind artistically, philosophically, and scientifically

    19. Here, the school administrators valued my unconventional approach because it clearly benefited the children

    20. These were not men who benefited from the attack, the men who carried this out were strong-armed into doing so by higher authorities and those who were blamed were not existent

    21. In fact, therefore, we have harmed him and he has benefited us! If this is so, why should we become angry with him? By giving harm he has allowed us to practice patience, a practice that, if done properly and with the correct motivation, can purify us of accumulated non-virtue and bring us great merit

    22. 5 For by what things their enemies were punished, by the same they in their need were benefited

    23. 13 For when they heard by their own punishments the other to be benefited, they had some feeling of the Lord

    24. 12 For you were always being benefited, but you were always ungrateful

    25. It was known that if a human was deemed to be good enough or if it had done something that might have greatly benefited them, titans gave them energy of titans

    26. I even think that Judaism benefited a lot by splitting into orthodox and

    27. 6 And now I am coming to my land and my home to my father and mother, who are in the land of Canaan; and I have sent to let my Lord know all this in order to find favor in the sight of my Lord, so that he may not imagine that I have of myself obtained wealth, or that the blessing with which my father blessed me has benefited me

    28. Examples are news about an upgrade in software or about a new trading partner in Africa or new legislation that has benefited the company and other businesses in your industry

    29. be benefited as it is used in the sessions

    30. If you want to join those who have benefited from the power of the unconscious mind,

    31. They have been a real blessing to lawyers who were hired to protect businesses from the EPA and who were able to use EPA rulings to get money from businesses and then the lawyers also benefited from representing businesses in bankruptcy

    32. charity writes to you to thank you for all the skills you have brought to their business and how it has benefited those in need, how valuable would that

    33. skills you have brought to their business and how it has benefited those in need, how

    34. So I benefited greatly from long talks with him about what a shitty husband and father I was

    35. It is a route that has benefited Rogers, creating jobs in his home district and profits for companies that are donors to

    36. and I have no doubt that he would very easily hurt me if it benefited

    37. “My people have benefited greatly from our association with the humans of our country, and we’re of the opinion that the other elven nations could do the same

    38. “Still, you benefited

    39. He has combined that patriotism and entrepreneurship in a way that has benefited not only his own business but the communities, the institutions he’s served, his state and the nation

    40. Among the university facilities that has benefited from Roy’s generosity is the D

    41. 12 For you were always being benefited but you were always ungrateful

    42. 11 And a woman which had a flow of blood for twelve years had suffered much of many physicians and spent all that she had and was not benefited at all but her trouble increased further; And when she heard of Jesus she came in the thronging of the crowd behind him and touched a his garments; and she thought within herself If I could reach to touch his garments I should live; And immediately the fountain of her blood was dried; and she felt in her body that she was healed of her plague; And Jesus straightway knew within himself that power had gone out of him; and he turned to the crowd and said Who approached to my garmentse And on their denying all of them Simon Cephas and those with him said to him Our Master the multitudes throng you and press you and say you Who approached to me? And he said Some one approached to me; and I knew that power went out from me; And that woman when she saw that she was not hid from him came fearing and agitated (for she knew what had happened to her) and fell down and worshipped him and told in the presence of all the people for what reason she touched him and how she was healed immediately; And Jesus said to her Be of good courage daughter; your faith has made you alive; depart in peace and be whole from your plague

    43. Through his time and studies in different countries, he benefited from experiencing different cultures and business practices firsthand

    44. Western civilization adopted Capitalism, and everyone in the capitalistic countries benefited by its marvelous achievements

    45. , one finds a very different story of entrepreneurial ingenuity and aptitude, which benefited the whole population

    46. Anything fabricated ultimately benefited the evening harboring the editors in the growing field

    47. Thousands have already benefited from the principles and step-by-step method I teach

    48. It is a system that people have benefited from for over twenty-three centuries and is used to diagnose, treat and prevent a wide variety or illnesses and problems

    49. After the salesman had convinced himself that I could be benefited by the use of

    50. The fame of Jesus as a healer had spread even to this remote village, and many sick and afflicted sought help at his hands, and many were greatly benefited by his healing ministry

    1. ‘I’m sure your arteries are benefiting

    2. But I have to ask the question: as necessary as some of these things are, is it really benefiting the common person? Who is Lord? Does our Government satisfy our deepest needs, or do they only provide (sometimes) for our external luxuries?

    3. benefiting the current mood you both are in

    4. My desires are obviously conflicting and this prevents me from fully benefiting from everything I could get from PPW

    5. Interestingly though, due to the prey’s need to constantly develop and improve her skills of alertness and evasion, and the resulting need of the predator to continually develop and improve his skills of detection and capture, they both entered into a kind of escalating “arms race” that led to their joint evolution, mutually benefiting both parties

    6. There are only masters of the individual, masquerading as benefiting all

    7. Therefore, the simple change in the organizational systematics occasions high reduction of the social cost, it also produces immense reduction in the cost of the organizations, besides benefiting all the people and mainly the environment because it avoids the immense burning of resources with mistaken current system that utilizes the consumerism to leverage the economy

    8. of semen, one is not fully benefiting from the concept of transmuting

    9. boring, the best long-term strategy for benefiting from Traffic Exchanges is to build

    10. The children who’d not yet mastered their powers were seated inside the circle, benefiting from the protection of others

    11. They also were selling by making deals, some of the trades benefiting them personally, misusing petty cash and postponing maintenance and repair

    12. The key to benefiting from caffeine is to not use this product

    13. Only 20-25% of the drug therapy patients were still benefiting

    14. And aside from the ethical and moral considerations, my fault, so tiny in comparison with other harvested by other specimens of the human race, did not seek hurt anyone, but benefiting me

    15. He turned the business over to Jim in 1994, who was responsible for increasing profits while simultaneously benefiting the customers

    16. Concerning Karl-Heinz consummation of porns, Kitty will surely find out in bed, whether this has some other benefiting effects

    17. Many others "benefited" from my cultivation too, especially my parents and parents-in-law, among which the one "benefiting" the most is my mother, who missed her only daughter so much that she had an acute

    18. "one practitioner benefiting the entire family" advocated by Li Hongzhi is actually the real scenes of frightened and tortured families and even a

    19. The Arabs themselves weren’t doing badly either, benefiting as much as their Jewish neighbors from the social programs and technical innovations implemented by the Overseer

    20. For a while they have suspected there was someone in Whitehall providing sensitive information about military operations to the Germans, and they realized that this individual would have to be a high-ranking official in order to obtain the secrets that were benefiting the enemy

    21. relinquished much ego in the quest for benefiting others with a genuine

    22. "I've decided that I want my money to go to a fund benefiting abused children in the Cravenswood area

    23. Besides all of that, they were much better off there, benefiting

    24. Zuma was later indicted, among more than 700 other charges, on a main charge of benefiting in a corrupt manner to the tune of about R1

    25. Impulse in pluralism has no laws but the law of death benefiting from super emotional pressure that cannot be balanced

    26. With the help of many of Tinian’s men, women—and children—we are beginning to see them become a reality, benefiting the lives of all on our island

    27. The guiding social ethic of competing self-interest generating mutual benefits has been shown to be a rigged game: caste systems develop with the upper, top, wealthy, powerful class benefiting excessively compared to the hoi polloi

    28. Economies that cease benefiting the marketplace, i

    29. how is this relationship benefiting or costing me? Gaming obeys the cultural gravity of “Win and be Rewarded”, and one can only win if they play The Game

    30. When the crowd's field is controlled and determined by a cultural gravity prohibiting field-liberating ideas, movements, or emergences, which is opposed to the crowd's own desire, intention or act, then crowds, as forces systemizing into cultures, can only overcome the systems they are a part of by ceasing to create and maintain the near inescapable gravity of the culture benefiting from their suppression and chosen complicity

    31. a sensation of our self benefiting to such a quality as to compel our continued pursuit

    32. “These evolving systems of conspiracies for their own sake are Nisms: parasitic transganics that insinuate themselves into other systems to manipulate their host's acts towards their own nismatic ends, while benefiting from both the anonymity of the incognito secrecy and the publicly innocuous face of the infected host

    33. that each website owner would place a backlink to the other’s website, thereby benefiting both of

    34. you're benefiting others — not just yourself — by gaining the recognition that you're a complete human

    35. That Kartik is not benefiting at the cost of another less fortunate

    36. and the resulting profits could go directly to the coffers of the state, benefiting the whole of

    37. Try to export a universal ethic of greed to the unlucky ones who have no hope of ever benefiting from it

    38. People always want to join exclusive clubs, belong to exclusive communities or neighbourhoods, work at exclusive jobs, etc, etc… Favours… favouritism… the currency of the ego, the trading and benefiting of exclusive favours; is how all power works

    39. Re-living a traumatic experience only on a shallow, almost painless level; prevents the person from benefiting from the accrued wisdom of their own experiences

    40. And because of this: all the money he is donating is being sucked and stolen by all the corrupt greedy African nations he is giving it to, and ending up in the pockets of corrupt drug lords and corrupt tribal chieftains and corrupt politicians, and not benefiting anybody who is poor at all

    41. Those who have surplus wealth give millions every year which produce more evil than good, and really retard the progress of the people, because most of the forms in vogue to-day for benefiting mankind only tend to spread among the poor a spirit of dependence upon alms, when what is essential for progress is that they should be inspired to depend upon their own exertions

    42. many that were not as such spiritually aware, but who were benefiting themselves with

    43. Thousands of college and graduate students across the country are benefiting from the program

    44. When you sow early, you are actually benefiting by establishing the plants for the winter

    45. The various arts may be doing their own business and benefiting that over which they preside, but would the artist receive any benefit from his art unless he were paid as well?

    46. They will say that now that I have “made it,” I want to pull up the ladder and keep others from benefiting

    47. In addition five priests were ordained – they, too, benefiting from an accelerated training programme – and sent to replace plague victims in the surrounding countryside

    48. More than once she thought of going away from him during his absence at the mill; but she feared that this, instead of benefiting him, might be the means of hampering and humiliating him yet more if it should become known

    49. Of course, younger adults will turn older themselves someday and will likely require more medical care in the future, so while they might understandably grumble about the new law over the short term, they stand a reasonable chance of benefiting from it over the long term

    50. However, the markets eventually overcompensated to a point where option volatility was so low in the foreign currencies that it was substantially trailing futures market volatility, benefiting option buyers

    1. live a life that is not reflecting the advantage or benefits

    2. God, should produce the same benefits he enjoyed with

    3. Discuss the risks and benefits of treatment and non-treatment

    4. It appears as though plant fats have plenty of health benefits

    5. Along with simple activities such as dance, yoga, pilates and wobble boards, Tai Chi is one of the most effective things you can do and has both physical and social benefits

    6. Tax benefits are also available in case of dependents

    7. Section 80D benefits are in addition to Section 80C benefits

    8. If this is avoided the benefits would out-way the problem areas

    9. There are a number of benefits that Instagram videos provide to business customers

    10. Have food stamps saved anyone? Has anyone been better off in life because they have health insurance? Does life get easier when we have these conveniences? Our tax money goes to pay for things like health insurance, food stamps, social security, Medicare, upkeep of unused buildings (that could be used to shelter the homeless if our Government really did care about us), great scientific studies like whether sick shrimp perform as well on a treadmill as healthy shrimp (this is a real study funded by the Government – it cost about 15 million dollars), army expenses, paying off the interest on our nation’s debt, veteran’s benefits, and government jobs such as postal workers or police officers

    11. benefits of these careers

    12. One of the benefits of Dragon & Rider is that the aging process slows

    13. o What are the benefits of achieving this goal?

    14. There are no benefits to the non existence of a plan

    15. ) For many of us, one of the benefits of success will be abundance of money

    16. Regardless of al the benefits vitamin C provides, one should note that it is important not to get stuck on just one antioxidant alone

    17. The benefits of exercise have been understated

    18. Since exercise has the effect of improving circulation, this improved circulation benefits the organs of the body

    19. And since the skin is the largest organ, it benefits greatly from exercise

    20. The benefits are many but principally the Half Somersault brings into play the muscles of the back, toning and stretching the whole of the spinal column

    21. The Swan Posture (Swanasana) As its name indicates, it is a graceful exercise and will, therefore, especially appeal to women readers, although its benefits also to male sufferers from backache can hardly be over-estimated

    22. Its benefits are many

    23. greatly enhances the benefits of this valuable posture

    24. Benefits of the Headstand

    25. It is because of its many benefits and because it affects the most important gland in the body, the pituitary, that the Headstand has been called ‘The King of Asanas’

    26. This intensifies the benefits of this asana

    27. The effort needed for the perfection of this advanced posture will greatly improve your powers of concentration and in addition to the benefits to the muscles of the arms and torso the deep breathing will help congested lungs and bronchial tubes and the posture tones up the entire nervous system

    28. The benefits of this exercise, apart from cleansing the lungs and bronchial passages, are the toning up of the whole lung action with highly stimulating effects on the entire body

    29. The children’s parents rose late into the morning, unless it was benefits day, and hit the pubs at lunchtime

    30. It is beautiful to look at, and when I explain the benefits of this lovely asana you will surely want to keep practicing it until you can perform it to perfection

    31. Thus sluggish kidneys are toned and the posture also benefits a congested liver and spleen

    32. As though all these benefits were not enough this posture confers on all who practice it the grace and flexibility of a ballet dancer

    33. diverse backgrounds and with different hobbies makes for great dates, right? But, it doesn't stop there – the benefits of using an online dating service right are plenty; from not having to dress up for the date as in real life, to spending less money (only internet time) and staying in the

    34. dating websites that are 100% free offer users a host of benefits, besides convenience and

    35. enhance the benefits of the getaway

    36. explores this fundamental skill and how the many benefits that come from it can advance your

    37. The nettles are also making the most of the benefits as are the brambles which are sending out long, hungry runners in all directions

    38. However, even with the benefits of chemical sedation she dared not turn on the television or the radio unless Lucy was in the room in case she heard about crimes that might remind her about the body under the patio

    39.  Co create a less fearful collective consciousness which benefits all of humanity

    40. Are You Ready To Discover The Benefits Of Meditation For Yourself? In the next few minutes, I'll show you a simple meditation technique you can use to instantly release ANY unwanted

    41. At least he arranged for his benefits to cover her, in spite of the fact that she disowned him

    42. His mother might have been frozen and ascended herself, his benefits would have paid for it

    43. “My benefits would have covered her ascension

    44. and significant benefits, something that chiropractic

    45. it was benefits day, and hit the pubs at lunchtime

    46. To know what benefits you and what does not: that's the only lesson in

    47. forward to enjoying the benefits that such preferment would bring

    48. However, even with the benefits of chemical sedation she dared

    49. Explained clearly, as she had done with her family, the costs, benefits, and allowances which might be arranged, and then sat quietly for her new friend's considered response

    50. that the trade across the causeway benefits both sides

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