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Frasi con serve (in inglese)

  1. Now it was his serve.
  2. He gave me the serve.
  3. To serve is an honor.
  4. We are here to serve.
  5. He asked me to serve.

  6. I'm here to serve you.
  7. He will serve you well.
  8. This will serve as a.
  9. Serve with a lime wedge.
  10. Pile on eggs and serve.
  11. It will serve for both.
  12. But to serve the wise;.
  13. It will serve you well.
  14. I’m not fit to serve.
  15. Serve on buns or rolls.

  16. The spin on the serve.
  17. Cool on racks and serve.
  18. They only live to serve.
  19. We serve more than 200.
  20. You can serve me tomorrow.
  21. Didn't you serve in the.
  22. Ye cannot serve God and.
  23. No other road will serve.
  24. How can I serve you?
  25. How may I serve you?

  26. Serve as is in the sauce.
  27. I’ve got a nothing serve.
  28. May it serve you well! '.
  29. It will serve as a check.
  30. We started to serve lunch.
  31. Serve either hot and cold.
  32. Ladle into bowls and serve.
  33. I'll never serve it again.
  34. This would serve more to.
  35. Chill until ready to serve.
  36. And they shall indeed serve.
  37. Find a way to serve others.
  38. Remove from oven and serve.
  39. This will serve to reduce.
  40. It will serve to remember.
  41. Crack into pieces to serve.
  42. Cut into squares and serve.
  43. Young men, try to serve God.
  44. How could she serve me? I.
  45. Spoon sauce over and serve.
  46. And serve the life of needy.
  47. That horse will never serve.
  48. It honors God and serve man.
  49. Do you intend to serve?
  50. These events also serve to.
  51. Serve with a mustard sauce.
  52. He lived now only to serve.
  53. Turn out when cold and serve.
  54. And it does serve a purpose.
  55. Serve with sauce on the side.
  56. What do you think? (serve).
  57. If I am called, I will serve.
  58. I was ordered to serve for.
  59. Cut into 4 pieces and serve.
  60. Turn out in a roll and serve.
  61. Cut the ribs apart and serve.
  62. Fold over and serve when set.
  63. No man can serve two masters.
  64. Serve me or be punished!.
  65. I will have you serve me as.
  66. To serve in such a difference.
  67. Mix into salad mix and serve.
  68. Simon, you serve the Balance.
  69. Shall I serve them up?
  70. How may I serve you, sir?
  71. Remove from the oven and serve.
  72. What beverages will you serve.
  73. Serve with low-carb flax toast.
  74. Perhaps a prísm would serve.
  75. Their function is to serve us.
  76. You can serve with fries, bes.
  77. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.
  78. Serve with Tostitos Scoop chips.
  79. Cut into wedges and serve warm.
  80. Sharon had promised to serve me.
  81. They serve beer on this side.
  82. That's why you still serve him.
  83. Surely, you and what you serve.
  84. How can I serve you, Mark?
  85. Cut pizza into wedges and serve.
  86. Another job was to serve meals.
  87. Money wants all to serve it.
  88. Serve within 2 hours of making.
  89. This will serve as your kitchen.
  90. We all serve the Corporation.
  91. Pour the tomato round and serve.
  92. They were all employed to serve.
  93. Serve upon fresh crisp lettuce.
  94. It will then be ready to serve.
  95. I have come to serve a new one.
  96. Let it cool a little and serve.
  97. And serve them both right, too.
  98. Not to serve the foolish,.
  99. Serve the LORD with fear,.
  100. To serve the Lord of Lords,.
  1. After serving in the U.
  2. A serving dish of stew.
  3. I was serving with the M.
  4. Need many girl for serving.
  5. Chill 3 hours before serving.
  6. He is presently serving the.
  7. Jello 1 serving (5 to the pkg.
  8. Yes, all four serving girls.
  10. Obed means serving, as in to.
  11. Place on warmed serving plates.
  12. Serving the master of its hopes.
  13. But they will stop serving you.
  14. This recipe is for one serving.
  15. Chill 8-12 hours before serving.
  17. Fat (equal to 1 serving of Fat).
  19. Freeze 20 minutes before serving.
  20. Turns out Rod was serving people.
  21. We were serving in a destroyer (H.
  22. Group is dedicated to serving the.
  23. A waiter came and began serving us.
  24. Jesus serving as King in Jerusalem.
  25. I was still serving in Diphu town.
  26. With Watt now serving the thirsty.
  27. These improved methods of serving.
  28. What is a serving of carbohydrate?
  29. Salomon van der Merwe began serving.
  30. It depends on what you are serving.
  31. Garnish with scallions when serving.
  32. If the entity still is serving its.
  33. He winks and goes serving a customer.
  34. God was serving the universal repast.
  35. Jason leans out of the serving window.
  36. What is their self serving intention.
  37. Allow to chill 2 hours before serving.
  38. Protein (equal to 1 serving of Meat).
  39. A: YES…but at a reduced serving size.
  40. Don’t put serving bowls on the table.
  41. This morning the kitchen was serving.
  42. Why I Like Serving The Privately Held.
  43. Smit was behind the bar serving drinks.
  44. Sprinkle with the peanuts after serving.
  45. I have been serving you for forty years.
  46. He was serving a life sentence in prison.
  47. Does he bed all the serving girls?
  48. Then refrigerate or freeze until serving.
  49. They were serving packed food in the mess.
  50. Approaching the counter, the man serving.
  51. This woman was serving her term for theft.
  52. One serving this world more than the next.
  53. It is by serving others that you are served.
  54. A serving man followed with a tray of food.
  55. NOTE: This serving will feed a good 5 to 6.
  56. I felt proud that I was serving my country.
  57. Place a serving platter over it and invert.
  58. Why aren’t you serving in the army?
  59. She placed it carefully on a serving stand.
  60. Stay focused on giving and serving to others.
  61. But after serving for a several months, he.
  62. Power is more important than serving people.
  63. He had serving staff and owned several cars.
  64. Fruits (equal to 1 serving of Carbohydrate).
  65. Hey, what's this I hear about Nick serving.
  66. Let stand for 10–15 minutes before serving.
  67. I saw the maid's fingers on the serving tray.
  68. Starches (equal to 1 serving of Carbohydrate).
  69. Sprinkle with icing sugar just before serving.
  70. Re-cover with foil to keep warm until serving.
  71. Decorate with mint leaves just before serving.
  72. I was serving with him on the Pegasus and.
  73. Serving in the Teams is serving a greater good.
  74. He lived to see his children serving the Lord.
  75. And keep in mind that you'll only be serving.
  76. Don't ruin it by serving it with salted butter.
  77. Transfer to a serving dish and dust with sugar.
  78. The serving girl motioned for us to follow her.
  79. The means of serving others are various for men.
  80. Become interested in serving and helping others.
  81. They do not formally mention serving justice.
  82. While serving as a civil servant tax lawyer, Mr.
  83. Add a small piece of butter just before serving.
  84. As of now, the Lead Arrows are done serving you.
  85. One morning I was serving the children breakfast.
  86. Clarence returned to the room with a serving tray.
  87. Christ in loving and serving his wife, while she.
  88. He never realized the true master he was serving.
  89. Shave chocolate over the top right before serving.
  90. As a civilian, I’d just be serving my own good.
  91. Every boy dreams of serving in the Kingsguard.
  92. My search (for a way of serving others) was over.
  93. Don't tell me that they are serving their country.
  94. He handed his commander a serving of stewed rabbit.
  95. He won the hearts of people by first serving them.
  96. In addition to being demagogic from serving as a H.
  97. Somebody has prohibited us from serving the public.
  98. Like more that you are serving the whole Creation.
  99. Mother Teresa, a life serving the poorest of india.
  100. It was something like the fly serving the spiders.
  1. But it had served a.
  2. Soup was served to him.
  3. We served many of you.
  4. He served 8 years of.
  5. She has served as the.
  6. He just served the food.
  7. But it served her right.
  8. He had served a prison.
  9. Then the food was served.
  10. They served tea and had.
  11. Levin had the lunch served.
  12. Said it served to remind.
  13. The party also served to.
  14. He served at the Pentagon.
  15. She got up and served Him.
  16. It served me well with Mum.
  17. Chloe served them each tea.
  18. He served his country well.
  19. This served for a sea-sofa.
  20. I can be served in honesty.
  21. The huge mound had served.
  22. Can be served hot or cold!.
  23. The tea was served in the.
  24. Coffee was served and drunk.
  25. Thin sheets served as walls.
  26. I served with his father.
  27. The snow served this purpose.
  28. She has served as a United.
  29. A servant served them water.
  30. He just served in the house.
  31. He tells me he served your.
  32. Coast Guard, served in all U.
  33. Dinner was served in the hall.
  34. She insisted that I be served.
  35. It has never served anybody.
  36. Today, it served as the altar.
  37. Your father would have served.
  38. A talent that had served him.
  39. It served as an awesome sight.
  40. He and Andrew served together.
  41. Why, I served with your father.
  42. He has served his purpose well.
  43. It also served as a record of.
  44. The little machine served its.
  45. Was Sanka served on the Titanic.
  46. I have served in the Wehrmacht.
  47. His sentence was almost served.
  48. Where sauce is served with feet.
  49. They served as a new method of.
  50. We served our leaders very well.
  51. I served his man the liquid cold.
  52. Jess served Andy and Sully first.
  53. Have you been served a copy, Mr.
  54. She served us as a special guest.
  55. That ambition has served us well.
  56. The charade served dual purposes.
  57. There was justice to be served now.
  58. Have you been served by His love?
  60. The meal is being served at this.
  61. She served the salad and put two.
  62. Abraham's father served other gods.
  63. They served the same devil, with.
  64. He served God and eventually was.
  65. It had served him well at Kurnell.
  66. I think it has served its purpose.
  67. Lager without alacrity she served.
  68. Yet one tombstone served for both.
  69. The first course was quickly served.
  70. The waitress served them wine and.
  71. Has served with the force for the.
  72. He served with distinction in four.
  73. Jacob served seven years for Rachel.
  74. I've served by his side ever since.
  75. The food to be served was a problem.
  76. A plastic pad served as a mattress.
  77. It served to diminish public crime.
  78. My father has served in the armies.
  79. Justice served and good riddance.
  80. He served and just wants to go home.
  81. They have served to compound stigma.
  82. It served as the territorial border.
  83. Calley never served a day in prison.
  84. You served in the Maya tumen?
  85. It served its purpose wel , however.
  86. Tim announced that dinner was served.
  87. Dogs have served with tenacity and.
  88. As served was he Sir Lancelot hight.
  89. She put it on a plate and served it.
  90. Everybody has served and does serve.
  91. My father served with the Red Army.
  92. Flavel Bascom both served as agents.
  93. They had been served with the most.
  94. In this a two-fold purpose is served.
  95. Served until its disbandment in 1944.
  96. After the roast, champagne was served.
  97. Meals were served twenty hours a day.
  98. Great served with a bowl of Tom Kha!.
  99. Witwatersrand and served articles at.
  100. They served the white roots and bread.
  1. Serves two, and is a.
  2. But it serves me right.
  3. The word serves us well.
  4. For he serves in his name.
  5. She serves me at his beck.
  6. It serves as a beginning.
  7. This serves as a reminder.
  8. She serves me in all I ask.
  9. So, the whole verse serves:.
  10. I took four practice serves.
  11. That serves the term pulling.
  12. If anything, it serves a use.
  13. Ware, serves as chairman of.
  14. She serves him on this Earth.
  15. What serves my interests alone.
  16. The bell serves as a reminder.
  17. This only serves to decrease.
  18. This all serves to remind us.
  19. Christ serves us with His love.
  20. It thereby serves as the mind.
  21. It thereby serves as a source.
  22. He serves as a guardian for us.
  23. Hall now serves as office manager.
  24. The highly trained staff serves.
  25. The word No serves negation.
  26. This serves as an overlay to the.
  27. He serves your master as well?
  28. It serves, instead, as a beginning.
  29. He serves as an example of why we.
  30. And it serves me right, she thought.
  31. She serves on the board of direc-.
  32. Vegetation serves a purpose for us.
  33. Hunter serves as Executive Director.
  34. It also serves to prove that every.
  35. Thereby, it serves as the master.
  36. The final shield serves two functions.
  37. When it comes, it serves no necessity.
  38. The bridge serves one purpose only —.
  39. He also serves who only stands and waits.
  40. I feel more rigid, but it serves me well.
  41. None of it serves any useful purpose….
  42. Any excuse, though, serves a stupid woman.
  43. This thereby serves as a symbol for the.
  44. I will write again as the occasion serves.
  45. If memory serves me correctly, Foster.
  46. The cross also serves to overlay the two.
  47. The Chamber serves as a catalyst to bring.
  48. He’s cheap and he serves a nice portion.
  49. This serves no purpose, but to look pretty.
  50. It serves to bring you fulfillment in life.
  51. It serves as a warning and can be reversed.
  52. An effect that serves to bring displeasure.
  53. The logic now in use serves rather to fix.
  54. The Tribe of Juda designation serves as a.
  55. This everybody serves: whatever they fear.
  56. Church of Christ where he serves as an elder.
  57. The Veda of the Hindu serves as inspiration.
  58. I hope this path you choose serves you well.
  59. State Bank supports and serves the Panhandle.
  60. The use of signal AFTER the event serves as.
  61. Dzunga from our ship, she still serves there.
  62. You air that serves me with breath to speak!.
  63. It is simply a pursuit that serves a certain.
  64. This serves as a sign that the coming of the.
  65. Preserving dead things serves death; not Life.
  66. It serves both for a moral and for an epithet.
  67. Your ranking serves two purposes, he says.
  68. While it serves their purpose notwithstanding.
  69. What always served and always serves is at hand.
  70. To wash it white as snow? Whereto serves mercy.
  71. Intellect serves us only while we are on earth.
  72. This serves to anchor the date and time-cycle.
  73. Let’s see how well that loyalty serves you.
  74. Sheldon, who serves as CEO of the company.
  75. Allowing that which no longer serves to support.
  76. Every activity in life serves no ultimate purpose.
  77. Consider the type of warrant that is being serves.
  78. This serves to run in the premature short sellers.
  79. Nuke, the Board serves under the Creator of All.
  80. Death is not a prison that one serves out eternity.
  81. Now she serves me each day, just in another way.
  82. Reaction on the other hand only serves to.
  83. Every year, Dunkin' Donuts serves an estimated 650.
  84. This serves to expel me from every place where I go.
  85. A parking lot serves as a visual reminder that each.
  86. This also serves to model that the wisdom expressed.
  87. Serves 6 -- Goes great with "Gallo Red Wine Moscato".
  89. This procedure serves several purposes, as follows:.
  90. If memory serves, I think I was the best in my class.
  91. This serves as another sign in addition to the many.
  92. This is not perhaps universally true, but it serves.
  93. The cross also serves to organize the Zodiac and the.
  94. The doctor, he serves you, he said you could teach me.
  95. Apocalypse and serves as a foundation of its symbolism.
  96. Prince Lanigan - Sea prince who serves on the Council.
  97. The logic now in use serves rather to fix and give.
  98. Nay is a word that serves deterrence and checking.
  99. DIRECTV serves more than 32 million customers with the.
  100. What are you holding on to that no longer serves you?

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