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    1. His jaw clenched as he snapped a branch off a dead quibreak limb

    2. This doesn't prevent him from going steady with the daughter of the family, but their happiness won't last: While she is in the garden, she bumps her head against a tree branch; she falls down on the ground and some mutated plants swallow her up; when they vomit her she is no longer what she was: she looks like a gigantic snail-like monster, a living horror

    3. Son stayed perched on a branch hidden by

    4. the leaves of the tree rustling and he dropped from the branch just in time to

    5. the branch toward the ground, he flipped himself over in mid-air to land on

    6. The end of each branch had a large tuft of leaves and a circlet of bright blue flowers

    7. One stick had a strong branch curving out on each side, from which she had run a string to a nub on the main stick

    8. Come to think of it, the archwood trees looked a little like giant ferns also, even though the fronds did branch extensively, giving them a look that was also something like a willow

    9. It was a fantail nyobba, she saw that as she slowly approached the branch it pretended it was part of

    10. He almost lost his grip on the branch root he was holding

    11. The branch is giving way

    12. ’ I replied, accepting his tacit olive branch gratefully

    13. On a branch, puffed up against the cold,

    14. Another branch of the human race

    15. ’ He said, acknowledging the olive branch

    16. This branch of the river was about a third of a mile wide here, the plots on the far side were visible, the ships passing by were close enough to shout to each other and moving so slow upstream with the barely perceptible tide that it was hardly worth the effort to sail at all

    17. Thereafter, the bank opened a branch in the haveli

    18. The ball went past me and hit the branch manager's office window

    19. civilisation after another charred and burned on the branch

    20. passing out on the mattresses in the branch manager's room on the first floor

    21. and I ran into the branch manager's office and shut the door

    22. group had reached the branch manager's office door

    23. Mama sat on the branch manager's table and looked at us

    24. has led to the creation of a new branch of medicine

    25. “Ours is a dead branch, because Thera did explode in real life, no more souls revived on the island, but we have had significant immigration, like me, so that the archipelago has four and a half million residents in the 2341ad echo, the most recent

    26. Once we were in the great days of our past, we found the branch of the future where Thera never exploded and the mainlanders adopted our culture rather than stole it

    27. Now people from all over the afterlife journey back to the Bronze Age and then forward on the branch of time that holds modern Atlantis, the temple of the Goddess and the seat of all learning

    28. Yellelle told her this was the low point in the history of the branch of history where Atlantis was never destroyed

    29. On this branch of history the modern day Atlantis looked more like China, with hundred story buildings along the shore and great hanger bridges and even venerable motorway bridges spanning between islands

    30. This branch of history was the same except that Atlantis was still one of the world’s major cities in spite of its small population

    31. products or services within that same niche, or branch out into other niche

    32. 32Now learn a parable of the fig tree; when his branch is yet tender, and putted forth

    33. 32Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putted forth

    34. He managed to swim towards the shore and grab hold of a sturdy branch

    35. He dared not move in case the branch dumped him back in to the depths

    36. He made a last ditch dash for freedom, trying to hoist himself onto the thicker part of the branch

    37. The splitting branch howled in protest

    38. Resting from its work, the bird sat on a branch and chattered to her, its head on one side as though trying to work something out – she found herself smiling at it

    39. through bush and branch, trying to find the path that

    40. Mechanics was going to take a big leap when their course stone for the 101st came out because photovoltaics and data handing were both in the Mechanics branch

    41. Releasing the branch he recoiled and ran

    42. The branch was quickly sucked down into the mire

    43. In another a fallen tree branch had

    44. He plunged into the chop of that lake like a diver doing a belly flop from a high branch of a tree

    45. Much to his relief, it really was a tree branch,

    46. seemingly of its own accord, the branch was

    47. another branch wrapped itself around his

    48. staring back at him, and then the branch

    49. ” Said Matt, carelessly tearing a tree branch off and tossing it aside

    50. A dove with an olive branch in his beak flew by indifferently

    1. surrounded the green and then branched out into four directions

    2. “I live just up over there at Chazzi’s place,” she said, pointing up a lane that branched off at a diagonal just a little ways from where they stood

    3. From there she branched in to the areas she knew the most about, Sales, bookkeeping, employee record keeping, tax records, and balancing the two sides with the middle

    4. Our conversation continued, but it branched off into why we were chosen; why God selected us to carry these special children

    5. In the center of the hall, there was a staircase, which branched off into corridors leading to every floor and finally to every apartment

    6. It seemed to have been wrenched from where it had branched, tearing a piece of trunk off with it, making a flattish surface at its base

    7. Near Chalco, one branch heads north to the cities along the eastern shore of the lake, near Tulyehualco; there was a branch that crossed a causeway over the lake and led to Culhuacan, Iztapalapa and Tenochtitlan; then, near Tlapan, it branched north along the western shore of the lake and south into the mountains toward Cuauhnahuac

    8. purple sang merrily in the pine trees that branched chaotically

    9. The new corridor branched off in several directions, with no markings of any kind that Maggie could see to indicate where they would lead

    10. "What are the methods of using a subroutine in a program and then returning to the routine form which you branched?"

    11. above which will have to be branched into to

    12. pipe to be branched into with your poly tee

    13. the house by way of a tee joint branched into a

    14. I would guess that they started with a seed, and the first thing they grew from it was a great root that grew horizontally, under the lines that marked the walls until it’s ends had joined, then it branched out in all directions for stability, and the trunks grew straight up from the main root

    15. Then the path branched and the right side track led towards the river

    16. corridor that branched off in two directions, bright lights and flashing letters indicating separate

    17. branched chain amino acids – the very ones that exercise physiologists have

    18. My thoughts branched and flowed and branched again and connected like rivers

    19. He paused, half minded to turn back to where the corridor had first branched

    20. It took about ten minutes for Jane to walk down the lane to the path that branched off it towards the beach

    21. Both Joey and the predator tussled on the branched, rolling and falling off the edge

    22. Hank noticed many other short hallways, with vault-like doors at the end of each, branched off of the hallway they followed

    23. He came to the end of the main tunnel and the tunnel branched into two separate tunnels

    24. Pausing in the clearing that was only slightly lighter than the rest of the area, Feltus noticed the path branched out in three directions, all dark and equally overgrown, then wondered if the architect of this place had intentionally arranged the plots in the shape of a cross with this regal monument at the center, as if crucified for some unknown reason

    25. of the human race branched off

    26. came to the junction before Sittingbourne where the Sheppey line branched off to the North

    27. It had an arm that branched off from the ear piece to an old style microphone boom that typically hovered in front of the mouth, but could be bent away

    28. They were in a smaller corridor that branched into three offices, one of which was the auxiliary control room

    29. More roads branched off to similar buildings

    30. Rosevelt, the Melbourne, the Firebrand, the Saratoga, the Bellerophon, the Kyushu, the Princeton, the Bonestell, the Tolstoy, the Chekov, the Gage, the Yamaguchi… He had to force himself to stop the count, because with each ship named a tree branched off in his mind delineating the names of the dead

    31. At the moment the doctor said, “You have AIDS”, another probable reality branched off in which the doctor said, “You don’t have AIDS”

    32. At the point where the footpath branched off for Sotzil they stopped and looked at one another in the moonlight

    33. They branched off to the left, following a line of stones which led off into

    34. Ahead the path branched apart in different directions

    35. The path again branched out in two opposite

    36. Candle branched to seven is one? Number six the rebellious number against seven has no mention in O

    37. He was at the front of their formation and they branched out behind him; the mass of birds took the shape of an arrowhead

    38. And the last few years, we’ve branched into urban renewal and revitalization

    39. Evolution: a branched tree of chance when survival is only equal opportunity

    40. “Can you not choose another?” It branched into stems absent of fruit

    41. They branched out from the vertical face and poked up on ledges

    42. There was a picture of the magnificently branched coral on the dive shop wall

    43. Over time, Buddhism has branched out into many different schools of

    44. He couldn’t go back the way he’d come, because when he’d realized it was the wrong tunnel, he turned around and discovered that this tunnel branched out in three different directions

    45. He counted off the overhead grates, as Plax had told him, and after four he turned left where the channel branched, and after two more came to his target

    46. “Need I remind you that not all of our race is bad? Commander Tio was kicked out of our kingdom and branched off on his own

    47. ’ I led the way into the mazed catacombs, sneaking by many open rooms, then made a right turn that branched off into a huge hall

    48. " I led the way into the mazed catacombs, sneaking by many room openings, then made a right turn that branched off into a huge hall

    49. Two goons, who looked more like musclebound apes, scanned the bar and branched off

    50. Itackled more fundamental aspects of the Internet, and then branched out intocurrent national and

    1. Those who don’t, well… already you are seeing the rise of different branches of religions, a smattering of what we currently call “cults

    2. The branches of the houses above echoed with lumins and charrasspas singing in the noontime sun

    3. The top of the hedgerow is a mess of shattered branches – the hedging machine has been along here

    4. It is a twelve foot tree with a decent ‘apron’ of branches … yes, it looks really good

    5. Son approached a tree with many branches and leaves

    6. The road ends at a big plaza on the edge of downtown called Kivara Shig, the low side of this plaza has only six stories of stone or ceramic, the top branches of the other side are thirty stories above it

    7. Because I think that I am a secondary beneficiary of the Gospel instead of the primary, I will never boast against the natural branches (or root) lest I be cut off (Romans 11:18-20)

    8. This city had a dozen of these optical relays in the upper branches of it's jungle

    9. She parked the probe in the upper branches of a tree far above where humans could climb, and where it could catch the fringes of a beam from one small globe far down the hill

    10. Here I sit, watching nothing but wind in branches

    11. We can safely land at least a dozen probes in the upper branches of that jungle like the one we have back in the town of Bostok

    12. It had branches that always divided in two and did so no more than three times

    13. A family of lorisaurs murmured in the branches above, and the distant shriek of a small dactyl could be heard far back the way they had come

    14. There were lorisaurs in the branches now

    15. She was almost out from under these overhanging branches when she began to see the flashes of motion above

    16. Of an evening, when the mists hag in the bare black branches,

    17. Those upper flowers were a blue and purple topping to the orange, red and maroon of the larorlie blooms in the lower branches

    18. There were probably ten more houses in the village altogether, spread out around it and above some others up in the branches

    19. The shrubs and bushes are similarly smitten, the fruits shrivelled on the branches

    20. Instead of thick green leaves hanging from its branches, the ancient oak was covered in the large, round twig balls that made up a great city of rooks

    21. Our pace quickened for the final thrust and so we raced, slipping and sliding through scattered sun-bleached tree bark, fragments of branches and odd pieces of driftwood that littered the stony ground until we were close enough to resist it no longer

    22. It warps thru at least two more dimensions and closes back on itself in layers of common time, as well as branches in time at key events in human history

    23. hanging from its branches, the ancient oak was covered in the

    24. Carefully concealed in the uppermost branches he bided his time

    25. herbs, and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches

    26. trimming the branches of a hawthorn bush, trying to wrestle it back

    27. dried twigs and a rustle of leaves, the branches

    28. They got one that was serviceable but none too fancy or high in the branches, for an iron and a half a week

    29. Pushing through the last branches, he came to a

    30. There were short shrubby bushes bordering the cliff edge overgrowing the path in places, fingers of branches reaching across the gravel

    31. Rising on tiptoe and leaning over as far as she could without catching her jacket on the branches, she peered down at the shore below her

    32. brambles, the branches of the trees overhead adding to the effect of a

    33. He couldn’t see her, the brush of branches and roots effectively blocking his view of the top of the cliff

    34. the branches and gently pulled it out of the way

    35. trousers and the low-hanging branches, and he stifled several yelps as

    36. ‘The the ground’s been pretty thoroughly trampled and these branches have been broken – as though someone stood on them

    37. Magpies chatter in the branches of short stubby trees, swivelling greedy eyes on fresh road kill, waiting for the two men to pass, waiting impatiently for the hop, skip and intermittent flutter of fresh meat served on cold tarmacadam

    38. Stones and dead tree branches flew up

    39. It was overhanging branches near the bank, he would have gone aground without them

    40. Are there any plants worth keeping there? A few extra hardy shrubs are starting to show signs of spring – the hydrangea has big, swollen buds on the bare branches and the forsythia is giving it all it’s got with long flowing branches covered in bright yellow flowers

    41. photographs of tree branches

    42. The valley of Yoonbarla was steep enough that she could see the fields behind Larneh and Eknar’s houses thru the branches

    43. forest, which now nothing more than bare sticks and branches

    44. bald head—a green image that looked like the wild branches of a thorn bush

    45. This house was completely grown out of trained trees, not the straight kind with horizontal branches, but a supple, arching kind that could be trained to grow enormously fat and then hollowed out

    46. In the little valley a few miles away were clearings, and in the center of those, other trees had arching branches and long sprays of leaves swaying in the breeze

    47. He climbed, rather than walked over huge roots and dead trunks, falling into drops under overgrown piles of dead branches and sliding on the dead leaves and damp rocks

    48. “Let’s use these branches as oars,” Andrew said, and the others did so

    49. “Looks like you’re going to have to string up to the branches of that house,” Nobron told him

    50. This side of it was the Lappranile, all grown of framework, lots of window, and room-sized glass balls in the upper branches

    1. Some of these looked like gigantic branching ferns, some like fountains of green spray, softly frozen

    2. efforts, branching out to neighboring cities and creating a website devoted totally

    3. With every beat of her heart the veins expanded, branching out further along the surface of her skin

    4. This branching genealogical tree he began to develop was derived from a process he called natural selection

    5. ‘Certainly: branching out to other parts of the quantum superposition state could have caused a disruption in the eradication

    6. And slowly but surely the cracks around the airlock door were spreading and branching, like a windscreen breaking in slow motion

    7. Then, with rough trails cut branching from the road through the trees to the edge of the wood, several columns could have emerged simultaneously in the valley, formed line, and charged the hill with small loss, ready to face the enemy's main position

    8. Light filtered down from the clerestory windows above, and only then came the ceiling, divided into coffers which were painted in a variety of mythological and biblical themes and hung with sixteen vast and branching chandeliers

    9. "Basically, instructions for computer programs consist of five types, input/output, arithmetic, logic such as comparison and tests for status, branching for conditions, and transfer operations

    10. But that one life began to splinter—to evolve by branching out into many species

    11. after branching it in to the cold line feeding the

    12. He peered up ahead as he suddenly remembered what Ulun had told him about the branching of the river that he could expect somewhere about a half-day’s journey ahead of them

    13. Ulun had told him about the branching of the river that he could expect somewhere about a

    14. angles, a few threads of blood branching out along the dark rock,

    15. But the thought of branching time-streams or whatever—of a great number of alternate Earl Gepharts running off each in his own direction, none of them knowing what the others were doing—that purely seemed crazy

    16. Its branching and ultimate feedback

    17. The branching tunnels formed a labyrinthine network of caverns whose full reaches were memorized by only the eldest of pale, goblin navigators

    18. Unfortunately, what the map on my wall hadn"t shown were the side tracks that kept branching off

    19. and green, with more crimson leaves branching off at several points

    20. Some thought it was some kind of alien intelligence, most suspected it was Earth branching out

    21. Everything looked different today: the people, buildings, the sidewalks marred with cracks branching in countless directions

    22. As he got several hundred yards inward, he saw two forks of the cave branching off in opposite directions

    23. As a way of sustained growth and as a means of making big in the end, she advocated branching out Sneha Travels to all the major cities

    24. On the second floor there was a corridor branching off to the rest of the floor on the left and a small portion on the right

    25. too or the validation may be required before branching to another page or

    26. thousand, and was now branching out in areas like Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and as far south as

    27. These formerly regulated companies have increased their collective risk by branching out

    28. It looked like it was branching out as it was joined by patches of

    29. Last, branching out of Timeline ‘B’, is Timeline ‘C’, created when someone tried to kill me in 1941 ‘B’

    30. “If I’d only done that …” is actually reviewing all her decisions (branching points into other probable realities) which led up to this reality

    31. She would have turned heads even if she wasn’t Deltan, wearing that old style Vulcan dress that fell mid thigh level, and had thin straps holding it to her shoulders, branching out to cover her chest but leaving much of her back exposed,

    32. It now consisted of a center hub, with five arms branching off

    33. If I looked south to where we had come from, I could see the wide river getting smaller and smaller until it finally disappeared into the jungle and when I looked north I could see the river branching off into other smaller rivers that threaded through the green river delta toward the great blue water

    34. branching chasms to his right

    35. He retraced his steps and took the second branching chasm nearly to the road,

    36. consider branching out with a newsletter or email campaign to make

    37. Nowadays a maze consists of thousands of deadly, twisting corridors branching out like brain synapses from a spherical centre

    38. In many types of problems, branch and bound is faster than branching, due to the use of a breadth-first search instead of a depth-first search

    39. ” then in twain and twain and twain again, exponentially branching without end into people linked together forging a chain shackling Eartheart to each purchase

    40. The cure of one leads us into another disease; the cause could be the branching off the disease or the side effect of the medicines, we take to cure ourselves

    41. then they started branching out, and then came the

    42. This article showcases a well-established author branching from his traditional means of publishing

    43. Branching to the right the tunnel travelled on but the light faded gradually meter by meter and the children could see that ten paces into it the tunnel was in darkness

    44. branching so that five (5) heads are equally divided on either side

    45. The gravel road seemed to wind around a small lake and had several dirt roads branching off from it

    46. There were several side roads branching off to various villages around the Cosmodrome an Kurt watched carefully for the sign pointing to the town of Nestiary

    47. Branching supports stretched from post to post, with thick, warped

    48. Anthropologists believe that the different races of humankind arose from a single parental population branching from a common ancestor that dispersed from Africa about 80,000 years ago, having then, become rapidly differentiated through the concentration of gene pools that we observe in today's diverse races

    49. warren of other passages branching off from the main tunnel

    50. The moment passed, and Eric's mind struggled to categorize the insight of the previous instant: he saw himself as a collection of systems - the blood flowing in his veins, the bones of his skeleton, the muscles upon them, nerves branching out

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