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Branch in einem Satz (in englisch)

He held a branch in.
Slug sat on the branch.
On The White Branch I.
They landed on a branch.
The branch is giving way.
He shifted on the branch.
Emory dodged a low branch.

The dove rests on a branch.
TOT ihk) giant branch (AGB).
One branch is here on earth.
I reached for another branch.
He pointed along the branch.
I used a yew branch and my.
Olive Branch, I think it was.
I heard the crack of a branch.
You are the branch of the Lord.
It catches the hanging branch.
Special Branch has briefed me.
With The Flower From The Branch.
Richmond branch president John M.
When a trip to the local branch.
That means retreat, Elm Branch.
As soon as I reached the branch.
I took the branch that led south.
Of The Branch Fluting The Sounds.
In what branch of service?
We slept on a nearby tree branch.
Another branch of the human race.
Another, a bald eagle on a branch.
A large branch broke off, leaving.
The branch of the Lord in that day.
Only a high branch and no clothing.
Project Jenova is a branch of this.
The United States Legislative Branch.
This type – or branch – of yoga.
Within each branch, there is a story.
In another a fallen tree branch had.
A rotted branch may to be removed or.
The house was on Running Branch Street.
Its branching and ultimate feedback.
Raised o'er the heapy wreath, the branching elk.
It will not be long before we reach the branching roads.
It now consisted of a center hub, with five arms branching off.
It was straight, the walls, solid, with no hallways branching off.
Branching supports stretched from post to post, with thick, warped.
It looked like it was branching out as it was joined by patches of.
Tries to memorize the pale lines of scalp branching through his hair.
But that one life began to splinter—to evolve by branching out into many species.
At the bottom, upon a low pedestal carved like a branching tree, stood a basin of silver.
These formerly regulated companies have increased their collective risk by branching out.
Ulun had told him about the branching of the river that he could expect somewhere about a.
Some thought it was some kind of alien intelligence, most suspected it was Earth branching out.
What! Eighteen of them all in a row, some short, some deep, some branching, same as we saw them.
Unfortunately, what the map on my wall hadnt shown were the side tracks that kept branching off.
He lay as if asleep, his head pillowed upon a branching root; but it was no slumber that held him.
They had ridden for some four hours from the branching of the roads when they drew near to the Fords.
This article showcases a well-established author branching from his traditional means of publishing.
The gravel road seemed to wind around a small lake and had several dirt roads branching off from it.
With every beat of her heart the veins expanded, branching out further along the surface of her skin.
Some of these looked like gigantic branching ferns, some like fountains of green spray, softly frozen.
As he got several hundred yards inward, he saw two forks of the cave branching off in opposite directions.
This branching genealogical tree he began to develop was derived from a process he called natural selection.
Last, branching out of Timeline ‘B’, is Timeline ‘C’, created when someone tried to kill me in 1941 ‘B’.
The branching and diverging dotted lines of unequal lengths proceeding from (A), may represent its varying offspring.
Slipping quietly through this opening I discovered a maze of winding corridors, branching and turning in every direction.
On the second floor there was a corridor branching off to the rest of the floor on the left and a small portion on the right.
Everything looked different today: the people, buildings, the sidewalks marred with cracks branching in countless directions.
Nowadays a maze consists of thousands of deadly, twisting corridors branching out like brain synapses from a spherical centre.
In silence Mole rowed steadily, and soon they came to a point where the river divided, a long backwater branching off to one side.
And slowly but surely the cracks around the airlock door were spreading and branching, like a windscreen breaking in slow motion.
A stone-flagged passage, with the kitchens branching away from it, led by a wooden staircase directly to the first floor of the house.
As a way of sustained growth and as a means of making big in the end, she advocated branching out Sneha Travels to all the major cities.
The branching tunnels formed a labyrinthine network of caverns whose full reaches were memorized by only the eldest of pale, goblin navigators.
In many types of problems, branch and bound is faster than branching, due to the use of a breadth-first search instead of a depth-first search.
In certain genera of star-fishes, "the very combinations needed to show that the pedicellariae are only modified branching spines" may be found.
If I’d only done that … is actually reviewing all her decisions (branching points into other probable realities) which led up to this reality.
The fuse burned steadily, branching away from the initial ignition point so that a small, sputtering line of smoke moved towards each of the wagon sections.
There were several side roads branching off to various villages around the Cosmodrome an Kurt watched carefully for the sign pointing to the town of Nestiary.
The cure of one leads us into another disease; the cause could be the branching off the disease or the side effect of the medicines, we take to cure ourselves.
Michael's wings branched at the insult.
Strolling through branched tunnels felt.
More roads branched off to similar buildings.
The path again branched out in two opposite.
Two other hallways branched off from this one.
Ahead the path branched apart in different directions.
We haven't really branched out into other topics yet.
Climbing the branched stairs when reaching the tree, she.
They branched out from the vertical face and poked up on ledges.
Over time, Buddhism has branched out into many different schools of.
Then the path branched and the right side track led towards the river.
He entered his fathers jewelry business and branched out into diamond.
Can you not choose another? It branched into stems absent of fruit.
They branched off to the left, following a line of stones which led off into.
It was obviously a highway, for other runs branched off it in all directions.
My thoughts branched and flowed and branched again and connected like rivers.
Evolution: a branched tree of chance when survival is only equal opportunity.
There was a picture of the magnificently branched coral on the dive shop wall.
He paused, half minded to turn back to where the corridor had first branched.
And the last few years, we’ve branched into urban renewal and revitalization.
Making his way through the labyrinth of branched corridors, Brandor reached the.
Bane gasping at the size and complex designs of both the branched stairs and the.
Two goons, who looked more like musclebound apes, scanned the bar and branched off.
I had branched off for about thirty yards when I noticed that behind me on the far.
I’ll be operating in the lounge, Sampson said as we branched off in the lobby.
Both Joey and the predator tussled on the branched, rolling and falling off the edge.
He came to the end of the main tunnel and the tunnel branched into two separate tunnels.
They branched off from the back fence down the party fence to the houses, both sets on one fence.
Itackled more fundamental aspects of the Internet, and then branched out intocurrent national and.
Candle branched to seven is one? Number six the rebellious number against seven has no mention in O.
Discoveries of fossils indicate that human species branched off from a common ancestor with the Ape.
It took about ten minutes for Jane to walk down the lane to the path that branched off it towards the beach.
They were in a smaller corridor that branched into three offices, one of which was the auxiliary control room.
At the point where the footpath branched off for Sotzil they stopped and looked at one another in the moonlight.
There was a grass-grown track descending the forest aisle between hoar and knotty shafts and under branched arches.
He was at the front of their formation and they branched out behind him; the mass of birds took the shape of an arrowhead.
Hank noticed many other short hallways, with vault-like doors at the end of each, branched off of the hallway they followed.
Starting as the leading maker of pressure cookers, it had branched out into various other household and electric appliances.
Our conversation continued, but it branched off into why we were chosen; why God selected us to carry these special children.
The master private key can be branched into sub-master keys, which can be further branched into sub-submaster keys and so on.
The branches at one end.
All the branches of the.
It shook the branches and.
You can frag the branches.
The branches of the willow.
She Peers Into The Branches.
The branches came alive and.
The branches are freshly cut.
Branches and twigs and things.
I put her high in my branches.
That cuts across all branches.
Any branches that do not bear.
His branches run over the wall.
But the branches hung over the.
Her other branches became great.
The three branches are three days.
I looked up to see broken branches.
Those branches that abide in Jesus.
Any branches that do not bear fruit.
A third said: They are like branches.
Knotted branches and the occasional.
They rested on one of those branches.
From the branches of an ancient tree;.
No, the branches needed to reconnect.
I am the vine, you are the branches.
Lanterns were hung on all its branches.
Movement stirred branches ahead of them.
She released the branches so that the.
Stones and dead tree branches flew up.
I found myself tangled in some branches.
Cash transaction reporting by branches.
Sorren leapt high into the tree branches.
You have grown numberless branches and.
Branches and trunks crackled in protest.
Constructed of leaves and branches, the.
As you got closer, branches were missing.
Cold, gritty and full of broken branches.
There were lorisaurs in the branches now.
Corporation had twenty-three branches of.
Leaves and branches slapped him all over.

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