branch sätze

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Branch sätze (in englisch)

  1. He held a branch in.
  2. On The White Branch I.
  3. Slug sat on the branch.
  4. They landed on a branch.
  5. Emory dodged a low branch.

  6. The branch is giving way.
  7. He shifted on the branch.
  8. The dove rests on a branch.
  9. TOT ihk) giant branch (AGB).
  10. I reached for another branch.
  11. I used a yew branch and my.
  12. He pointed along the branch.
  13. One branch is here on earth.
  14. Olive Branch, I think it was.
  15. I heard the crack of a branch.

  16. It catches the hanging branch.
  17. You are the branch of the Lord.
  18. Special Branch has briefed me.
  20. With The Flower From The Branch.
  21. Richmond branch president John M.
  22. In what branch of service?
  23. I took the branch that led south.
  24. As soon as I reached the branch.
  25. When a trip to the local branch.

  26. Of The Branch Fluting The Sounds.
  27. That means retreat, Elm Branch.
  28. Another branch of the human race.
  29. Another, a bald eagle on a branch.
  30. We slept on a nearby tree branch.
  31. Project Jenova is a branch of this.
  32. A large branch broke off, leaving.
  33. Only a high branch and no clothing.
  34. The branch of the Lord in that day.
  35. Within each branch, there is a story.
  36. In another a fallen tree branch had.
  37. The United States Legislative Branch.
  38. This type – or branch – of yoga.
  39. A rotted branch may to be removed or.
  40. The house was on Running Branch Street.
  41. He ripped a branch off and held it out.
  42. The splitting branch howled in protest.
  43. Lezura dropped onto a branch and hung on.
  44. Releasing the branch he recoiled and ran.
  45. Bigwig like a branch falling from a tree.
  46. Now, I was perched on a large tree branch.
  47. He moved out of the way of another branch.
  48. The branch broke, Torrian whimpered.
  49. She could not chop down the dying branch.
  50. The Branch in verse 2 is a reference to.
  51. She had been sold to another branch of G.
  52. There are five root and five branch winds.
  53. Floy hopped from a branch to my shoulder.
  54. There they branch out in every direction.
  55. That is handled by another branch of The.
  56. Son stayed perched on a branch hidden by.
  57. As he saw an apple fall from a branch and.
  58. There was no Executive branch of government.
  59. The heavy branch had fallen exactly where.
  60. It had to be the wind snapping a dry branch.
  61. Maurice picked at the branch with a hatchet.
  62. First one and then another, till the branch.
  63. I heard the crack of the branch and looked.
  64. This tree was incredibly thick, the branch.
  65. Trees exploded in clouds of leaf and branch.
  66. I nearly screamed, but it was only a branch.
  67. She laid the branch back down on the ground.
  68. He hated it when they called him Elm Branch.
  69. She had stayed on the branch throughout the.
  70. A branch bumped her head and she jerked back.
  71. That’s because the branch will be done to.
  72. THEM NEITHER ROOT NOR BRANCH [Malachi 4:1-3].
  73. Maybe I’ll have a word with Special Branch.
  74. The branch she planted in a corner near the.
  75. And the local branch of the Red Cross got a.
  76. Emry swept aside the branch of a river birch.
  77. Instead of a staff, he carried a thick branch.
  78. He hopped along the branch and called again:.
  79. The olive branch had been offered and accepted.
  80. You are the branch, that grows out of the roots.
  81. Numerous side corridors branch off the main one.
  82. The branch office was closed by the head office.
  83. This branch stems from a domain called in-addr.
  84. It felt like it was being hit with a big branch.
  85. The branch was quickly sucked down into the mire.
  86. The young man and the hare pulled the branch out.
  87. He screamed and dived beneath a low lying branch.
  88. He had a lodging, as a bird has one on a branch.
  89. He hopped further to the very end of the branch.
  90. By-and-by they reached a branch road to a village.
  91. There was a crack, and the branch snapped in two.
  92. But the Woodman promptly chopped off the branch.
  93. Smith wiped a low-hanging branch out of his face.
  94. You Macneils, drag that large branch over here.
  95. That was a nice looking girl sharing your branch.
  96. He went in for another pass with the tree branch.
  97. Vanity was better than spying for Special Branch.
  98. He dismounted, tying the reins to the branch of.
  99. The judicial branch isn’t without fault, either.
  100. Then a branch caught on a stump, snagged and held.
  1. Its branching and ultimate feedback.
  2. Raised o'er the heapy wreath, the branching elk.
  3. It will not be long before we reach the branching roads.
  4. It now consisted of a center hub, with five arms branching off.
  5. It was straight, the walls, solid, with no hallways branching off.
  6. It looked like it was branching out as it was joined by patches of.
  7. Branching supports stretched from post to post, with thick, warped.
  8. Tries to memorize the pale lines of scalp branching through his hair.
  9. But that one life began to splinter—to evolve by branching out into many species.
  10. At the bottom, upon a low pedestal carved like a branching tree, stood a basin of silver.
  11. These formerly regulated companies have increased their collective risk by branching out.
  12. Ulun had told him about the branching of the river that he could expect somewhere about a.
  13. Some thought it was some kind of alien intelligence, most suspected it was Earth branching out.
  14. What! Eighteen of them all in a row, some short, some deep, some branching, same as we saw them.
  15. Unfortunately, what the map on my wall hadnt shown were the side tracks that kept branching off.
  16. He lay as if asleep, his head pillowed upon a branching root; but it was no slumber that held him.
  17. They had ridden for some four hours from the branching of the roads when they drew near to the Fords.
  18. This article showcases a well-established author branching from his traditional means of publishing.
  19. The gravel road seemed to wind around a small lake and had several dirt roads branching off from it.
  20. With every beat of her heart the veins expanded, branching out further along the surface of her skin.
  21. Some of these looked like gigantic branching ferns, some like fountains of green spray, softly frozen.
  22. As he got several hundred yards inward, he saw two forks of the cave branching off in opposite directions.
  23. This branching genealogical tree he began to develop was derived from a process he called natural selection.
  24. Last, branching out of Timeline ‘B’, is Timeline ‘C’, created when someone tried to kill me in 1941 ‘B’.
  25. The branching and diverging dotted lines of unequal lengths proceeding from (A), may represent its varying offspring.
  26. Slipping quietly through this opening I discovered a maze of winding corridors, branching and turning in every direction.
  27. On the second floor there was a corridor branching off to the rest of the floor on the left and a small portion on the right.
  28. Everything looked different today: the people, buildings, the sidewalks marred with cracks branching in countless directions.
  29. Nowadays a maze consists of thousands of deadly, twisting corridors branching out like brain synapses from a spherical centre.
  30. In silence Mole rowed steadily, and soon they came to a point where the river divided, a long backwater branching off to one side.
  31. And slowly but surely the cracks around the airlock door were spreading and branching, like a windscreen breaking in slow motion.
  32. A stone-flagged passage, with the kitchens branching away from it, led by a wooden staircase directly to the first floor of the house.
  33. As a way of sustained growth and as a means of making big in the end, she advocated branching out Sneha Travels to all the major cities.
  34. The branching tunnels formed a labyrinthine network of caverns whose full reaches were memorized by only the eldest of pale, goblin navigators.
  35. In many types of problems, branch and bound is faster than branching, due to the use of a breadth-first search instead of a depth-first search.
  36. In certain genera of star-fishes, "the very combinations needed to show that the pedicellariae are only modified branching spines" may be found.
  37. If I’d only done that … is actually reviewing all her decisions (branching points into other probable realities) which led up to this reality.
  38. The fuse burned steadily, branching away from the initial ignition point so that a small, sputtering line of smoke moved towards each of the wagon sections.
  39. There were several side roads branching off to various villages around the Cosmodrome an Kurt watched carefully for the sign pointing to the town of Nestiary.
  40. The cure of one leads us into another disease; the cause could be the branching off the disease or the side effect of the medicines, we take to cure ourselves.
  41. Branching to the right the tunnel travelled on but the light faded gradually meter by meter and the children could see that ten paces into it the tunnel was in darkness.
  42. He peered up ahead as he suddenly remembered what Ulun had told him about the branching of the river that he could expect somewhere about a half-day’s journey ahead of them.
  43. He now came to a road branching in four directions, and immediately he was reminded of those cross-roads where knights-errant used to stop to consider which road they should take.
  44. All about them as they lay hung the darkness, hollow and immense, and they were oppressed by the loneliness and vastness of the dolven halls and endlessly branching stairs and passages.
  45. Basically, instructions for computer programs consist of five types, input/output, arithmetic, logic such as comparison and tests for status, branching for conditions, and transfer operations.
  46. For a charming week we wandered up the Valley of the Rhone, and then, branching off at Leuk, we made our way over the Gemmi Pass, still deep in snow, and so, by way of Interlaken, to Meiringen.
  47. We passed through two more security checkpoints, then proceeded down a long tubular corridor with lots of smaller corridors branching off of it, each lined with numbered doors spaced just a few feet apart.
  48. But the thought of branching time-streams or whatever—of a great number of alternate Earl Gepharts running off each in his own direction, none of them knowing what the others were doing—that purely seemed crazy.
  49. Light filtered down from the clerestory windows above, and only then came the ceiling, divided into coffers which were painted in a variety of mythological and biblical themes and hung with sixteen vast and branching chandeliers.
  50. Within the same large group, the later and more highly perfected sub-groups, from branching out and seizing on many new places in the polity of nature, will constantly tend to supplant and destroy the earlier and less improved sub-groups.
  51. The moment passed, and Eric's mind struggled to categorize the insight of the previous instant: he saw himself as a collection of systems - the blood flowing in his veins, the bones of his skeleton, the muscles upon them, nerves branching out.
  52. Then, with rough trails cut branching from the road through the trees to the edge of the wood, several columns could have emerged simultaneously in the valley, formed line, and charged the hill with small loss, ready to face the enemy's main position.
  53. All along the Perak River, which we had followed for nearly a hundred miles before branching off across an inviting pass in the dividing ranges, we had met the almond-eyed Celestials in great bands clearing the forest growths and prospecting for tin in the most unlikely places.
  54. If I looked south to where we had come from, I could see the wide river getting smaller and smaller until it finally disappeared into the jungle and when I looked north I could see the river branching off into other smaller rivers that threaded through the green river delta toward the great blue water.
  55. If then there be some degree of truth in these remarks, we have no right to expect to find, in our geological formations, an infinite number of those fine transitional forms, which, on our theory, have connected all the past and present species of the same group into one long and branching chain of life.
  56. Anthropologists believe that the different races of humankind arose from a single parental population branching from a common ancestor that dispersed from Africa about 80,000 years ago, having then, become rapidly differentiated through the concentration of gene pools that we observe in today's diverse races.
  57. Dean had deserted the Grange, but it was impossible to delay her at such a crisis, so I turned away and made my exit, rambling leisurely along, with the glow of a sinking sun behind, and the mild glory of a rising moon in front—one fading, and the other brightening—as I quitted the park, and climbed the stony by-road branching off to Mr.
  58. It is, for instance, an astonishing fact that a delicate branching coralline, studded with polypi, and attached to a submarine rock, should produce, first by budding and then by transverse division, a host of huge floating jelly-fishes; and that these should produce eggs, from which are hatched swimming animalcules, which attach themselves to rocks and become developed into branching corallines; and so on in an endless cycle.
  59. We shall, when we come to our chapter on geology, have to refer again to this subject, and I think we shall then see that the diagram throws light on the affinities of extinct beings, which, though generally belonging to the same orders, families, or genera, with those now living, yet are often, in some degree, intermediate in character between existing groups; and we can understand this fact, for the extinct species lived at various remote epochs when the branching lines of descent had diverged less.
  60. This gradual increase in number of the species of a group is strictly conformable with the theory; for the species of the same genus, and the genera of the same family, can increase only slowly and progressively; the process of modification and the production of a number of allied forms necessarily being a slow and gradual process, one species first giving rise to two or three varieties, these being slowly converted into species, which in their turn produce by equally slow steps other varieties and species, and so on, like the branching of a great tree from a single stem, till the group becomes large.
  61. Brilliant of face, delicate of profile, with eyes of a deep blue, heavy lids, feet arched and small, wrists and ankles admirably formed, a white skin which, here and there allowed the azure branching of the veins to be seen, joy, a cheek that was young and fresh, the robust throat of the Juno of AEgina, a strong and supple nape of the neck, shoulders modelled as though by Coustou, with a voluptuous dimple in the middle, visible through the muslin; a gayety cooled by dreaminess; sculptural and exquisite—such was Fantine; and beneath these feminine adornments and these ribbons one could divine a statue, and in that statue a soul.
  62. And fixed, with all their branching jets, in air,.
  63. A world primal again, vistas of glory incessant and branching,.
  64. There long the golden leaves have grown upon the branching years,.
  65. He retraced his steps and took the second branching chasm nearly to the road,.
  66. She would have turned heads even if she wasn’t Deltan, wearing that old style Vulcan dress that fell mid thigh level, and had thin straps holding it to her shoulders, branching out to cover her chest but leaving much of her back exposed,.
  1. Michael's wings branched at the insult.
  2. Strolling through branched tunnels felt.
  3. The path again branched out in two opposite.
  4. More roads branched off to similar buildings.
  5. Two other hallways branched off from this one.
  6. Ahead the path branched apart in different directions.
  7. We haven't really branched out into other topics yet.
  8. Climbing the branched stairs when reaching the tree, she.
  9. They branched out from the vertical face and poked up on ledges.
  10. Over time, Buddhism has branched out into many different schools of.
  11. Then the path branched and the right side track led towards the river.
  12. He entered his fathers jewelry business and branched out into diamond.
  13. Can you not choose another? It branched into stems absent of fruit.
  14. He paused, half minded to turn back to where the corridor had first branched.
  15. My thoughts branched and flowed and branched again and connected like rivers.
  16. There was a picture of the magnificently branched coral on the dive shop wall.
  17. They branched off to the left, following a line of stones which led off into.
  18. Evolution: a branched tree of chance when survival is only equal opportunity.
  19. It was obviously a highway, for other runs branched off it in all directions.
  20. And the last few years, we’ve branched into urban renewal and revitalization.
  21. Making his way through the labyrinth of branched corridors, Brandor reached the.
  22. Bane gasping at the size and complex designs of both the branched stairs and the.
  23. Two goons, who looked more like musclebound apes, scanned the bar and branched off.
  24. I had branched off for about thirty yards when I noticed that behind me on the far.
  25. Both Joey and the predator tussled on the branched, rolling and falling off the edge.
  26. I’ll be operating in the lounge, Sampson said as we branched off in the lobby.
  27. He came to the end of the main tunnel and the tunnel branched into two separate tunnels.
  28. They branched off from the back fence down the party fence to the houses, both sets on one fence.
  29. Itackled more fundamental aspects of the Internet, and then branched out intocurrent national and.
  30. Discoveries of fossils indicate that human species branched off from a common ancestor with the Ape.
  31. Candle branched to seven is one? Number six the rebellious number against seven has no mention in O.
  32. It took about ten minutes for Jane to walk down the lane to the path that branched off it towards the beach.
  33. They were in a smaller corridor that branched into three offices, one of which was the auxiliary control room.
  34. At the point where the footpath branched off for Sotzil they stopped and looked at one another in the moonlight.
  35. There was a grass-grown track descending the forest aisle between hoar and knotty shafts and under branched arches.
  36. He was at the front of their formation and they branched out behind him; the mass of birds took the shape of an arrowhead.
  37. Starting as the leading maker of pressure cookers, it had branched out into various other household and electric appliances.
  38. Hank noticed many other short hallways, with vault-like doors at the end of each, branched off of the hallway they followed.
  39. Our conversation continued, but it branched off into why we were chosen; why God selected us to carry these special children.
  40. Need I remind you that not all of our race is bad? Commander Tio was kicked out of our kingdom and branched off on his own.
  41. The master private key can be branched into sub-master keys, which can be further branched into sub-submaster keys and so on.
  42. Homo-erectus and homo-sapiens have definitively branched off from the species of the ape family as a unique species in their own right.
  43. It seemed to have been wrenched from where it had branched, tearing a piece of trunk off with it, making a flattish surface at its base.
  44. The new corridor branched off in several directions, with no markings of any kind that Maggie could see to indicate where they would lead.
  45. In the center of the hall, there was a staircase, which branched off into corridors leading to every floor and finally to every apartment.
  46. Human beings have definitively branched off and evolved from the ape family over millions of years, whilst chimpanzees have remained unchanged.
  47. At the moment the doctor said, “You have AIDS”, another probable reality branched off in which the doctor said, “You don’t have AIDS”.
  48. Every one knows how the horns of stags become more and more branched, and the plumes of some birds become more finely developed, as they grow older.
  49. Leaves lanceolate, broad at base, acute, decurrent, somewhat scabrous above, tomentose beneath; stem leafy branched spreading, about three feet high.
  50. It had an arm that branched off from the ear piece to an old style microphone boom that typically hovered in front of the mouth, but could be bent away.
  51. He counted off the overhead grates, as Plax had told him, and after four he turned left where the channel branched, and after two more came to his target.
  52. I live just up over there at Chazzi’s place, she said, pointing up a lane that branched off at a diagonal just a little ways from where they stood.
  53. They wound this way and that, far down into the secret depths of the cave, made another mark, and branched off in search of novelties to tell the upper world about.
  54. From there she branched in to the areas she knew the most about, Sales, bookkeeping, employee record keeping, tax records, and balancing the two sides with the middle.
  55. On this morning, having long since branched out from the Tribeca Grand, we were meeting at one of our other regular spots: Morandi, an Italian bistro in the West Village.
  56. But in total contrast to these examples of ‘non-evolution’, humans have branched off from specific primates as a result of the particular design and order of their genetic DNA.
  57. Evening came, they set out from the village, and after about half a league two roads branched off, one leading to Don Quixote's village, the other the road Don Alvaro was to follow.
  58. He couldn’t go back the way he’d come, because when he’d realized it was the wrong tunnel, he turned around and discovered that this tunnel branched out in three different directions.
  59. He would get three or four jumps out on a cost-benefit tree, a single choice having branched into eight, or sixteen, and then, partway into examining those, would throw up his hands and go with his gut.
  60. Every few steps other lofty and still narrower crevices branched from it on either hand—for McDougal's cave was but a vast labyrinth of crooked aisles that ran into each other and out again and led nowhere.
  61. We can understand this when we observe humans having branched off from the ape family, when yet there has been no significant changes or evolutionary characteristics within chimpanzees over millions of years.
  62. Looking ahead they could see only tree-trunks of innumerable sizes and shapes: straight or bent, twisted, leaning, squat or slender, smooth or gnarled and branched; and all the stems were green or grey with moss and slimy, shaggy growths.
  63. Whether on this account, or from absent-mindedness, or from sleepiness, she did not perceive that they had long ago passed the point at which the lane to Trantridge branched from the highway, and that her conductor had not taken the Trantridge track.
  64. Specific characters—that is, the characters which have come to differ since the several species of the same genus branched off from a common parent—are more variable than generic characters, or those which have long been inherited, and have not differed within this same period.
  65. There is arguably enough proof to profess that humans have evolved and branched off from the animal species, from mammals, from the Great Apes, from a distinct and separate linage of common ancestor of the Chimpanzee between 4 and 6 million years ago, into what and who humans are today.
  66. I would guess that they started with a seed, and the first thing they grew from it was a great root that grew horizontally, under the lines that marked the walls until it’s ends had joined, then it branched out in all directions for stability, and the trunks grew straight up from the main root.
  67. Rosevelt, the Melbourne, the Firebrand, the Saratoga, the Bellerophon, the Kyushu, the Princeton, the Bonestell, the Tolstoy, the Chekov, the Gage, the Yamaguchi… He had to force himself to stop the count, because with each ship named a tree branched off in his mind delineating the names of the dead.
  68. Great rents and splits branched out in the solid walls, like crystallisation; stupefied birds wheeled about and dropped into the furnace; four fierce figures trudged away, East, West, North, and South, along the night-enshrouded roads, guided by the beacon they had lighted, towards their next destination.
  69. When a part has been developed in an extraordinary manner in any one species, compared with the other species of the same genus, we may conclude that this part has undergone an extraordinary amount of modification since the period when the several species branched off from the common progenitor of the genus.
  70. Near Chalco, one branch heads north to the cities along the eastern shore of the lake, near Tulyehualco; there was a branch that crossed a causeway over the lake and led to Culhuacan, Iztapalapa and Tenochtitlan; then, near Tlapan, it branched north along the western shore of the lake and south into the mountains toward Cuauhnahuac.
  71. Pausing in the clearing that was only slightly lighter than the rest of the area, Feltus noticed the path branched out in three directions, all dark and equally overgrown, then wondered if the architect of this place had intentionally arranged the plots in the shape of a cross with this regal monument at the center, as if crucified for some unknown reason.
  72. Therefore, we must suppose either that all Rodents, including the bizcacha, branched off from some ancient Marsupial, which will naturally have been more or less intermediate in character with respect to all existing Marsupials; or that both Rodents and Marsupials branched off from a common progenitor, and that both groups have since undergone much modification in divergent directions.
  73. There is no more difficulty in understanding how the branched spines of some ancient Echinoderm, which served as a defence, became developed through natural selection into tridactyle pedicellariae, than in understanding the development of the pincers of crustaceans, through slight, serviceable modifications in the ultimate and penultimate segments of a limb, which was at first used solely for locomotion.
  74. On the other hand, the points in which species differ from other species of the same genus are called specific characters; and as these specific characters have varied and come to differ since the period when the species branched off from a common progenitor, it is probable that they should still often be in some degree variable—at least more variable than those parts of the organisation which have for a very long period remained constant.
  75. It is inexplicable on the theory of creation why a part developed in a very unusual manner in one species alone of a genus, and therefore, as we may naturally infer, of great importance to that species, should be eminently liable to variation; but, on our view, this part has undergone, since the several species branched off from a common progenitor, an unusual amount of variability and modification, and therefore we might expect the part generally to be still variable.
  76. Or to state the case in another manner: the points in which all the species of a genus resemble each other, and in which they differ from allied genera, are called generic characters; and these characters may be attributed to inheritance from a common progenitor, for it can rarely have happened that natural selection will have modified several distinct species, fitted to more or less widely different habits, in exactly the same manner: and as these so-called generic characters have been inherited from before the period when the several species first branched off from their common progenitor, and subsequently have not varied or come to differ in any degree, or only in a slight degree, it is not probable that they should vary at the present day.
  77. On the ordinary view of each species having been independently created, why should specific characters, or those by which the species of the same genus differ from each other, be more variable than the generic characters in which they all agree? Why, for instance, should the colour of a flower be more likely to vary in any one species of a genus, if the other species possess differently coloured flowers, than if all possessed the same coloured flowers? If species are only well-marked varieties, of which the characters have become in a high degree permanent, we can understand this fact; for they have already varied since they branched off from a common progenitor in certain characters, by which they have come to be specifically distinct from each other; therefore these same characters would be more likely again to vary than the generic characters which have been inherited without change for an immense period.
  78. Surprised to see part of the branched wall had converted itself into a bed,.
  1. The branches at one end.
  2. All the branches of the.
  3. It shook the branches and.
  4. You can frag the branches.
  5. The branches of the willow.
  6. She Peers Into The Branches.
  7. The branches came alive and.
  8. The branches are freshly cut.
  9. Branches and twigs and things.
  10. I put her high in my branches.
  11. That cuts across all branches.
  12. Any branches that do not bear.
  13. His branches run over the wall.
  14. But the branches hung over the.
  15. Her other branches became great.
  16. The three branches are three days.
  17. Those branches that abide in Jesus.
  18. I looked up to see broken branches.
  19. A third said: They are like branches.
  20. They rested on one of those branches.
  21. Any branches that do not bear fruit.
  22. Knotted branches and the occasional.
  23. From the branches of an ancient tree;.
  24. I am the vine, you are the branches.
  25. No, the branches needed to reconnect.
  26. Stones and dead tree branches flew up.
  27. She released the branches so that the.
  28. I found myself tangled in some branches.
  29. Lanterns were hung on all its branches.
  30. Movement stirred branches ahead of them.
  31. Cash transaction reporting by branches.
  32. Branches and trunks crackled in protest.
  33. Sorren leapt high into the tree branches.
  34. You have grown numberless branches and.
  35. Constructed of leaves and branches, the.
  36. Cold, gritty and full of broken branches.
  37. There were lorisaurs in the branches now.
  38. As you got closer, branches were missing.
  39. Corporation had twenty-three branches of.
  40. Snow falls from branches of nearby trees.
  41. Leaves and branches slapped him all over.
  42. The West wind was sighing in the branches.
  43. She said to look up high into her branches.
  44. I dreamt of three branches of the vine.
  45. Jane had a problem with one of her branches.
  46. Thus: 'I am the VINE, you are the BRANCHES.
  47. With forest branches and the trodden weed;.
  48. Choose healthy vegetation and bushy branches.
  49. The two branches of the RCC, the Greek East.
  50. She could hear branches snapping behind her.
  51. There was a noise like wind in many branches.
  52. Despite all this bad news, other branches of.
  53. We heard branches, doors, and other objects.
  54. Its white coat glimmers through the branches.
  55. DRY BRANCHES [John 15:1-10] Jesus is the vine.
  56. He clapped his branches together and sat down.
  57. There are low lying branches next to the car.
  58. Dry branches (John 15:1-10): Jesus is the vine.
  59. Dry branches [John 15:1-10]: Jesus is the vine.
  60. There were cuts on his legs from the branches.
  61. Are the chains to hold up the branches?
  62. DRY BRANCHES [John 15:1-10]: Jesus is the vine.
  63. You have to carefully trim the branches that.
  64. The wind murmured in the branches of the trees.
  65. He is now in the upper branches of the hemlock.
  66. He peered through the branches and undergrowth.
  67. The tree branches intertwined like spider-webs.
  68. Roots and Branches: Selected Papers on Tolkien.
  69. Or just noise sometimes, the rustle of branches.
  70. Any branches that do not bear fruit are cut off.
  71. A tree has roots, a trunk, branches, and leaves.
  72. A mean wind blew in, tossing leaves and branches.
  73. Pushing through the last branches, he came to a.
  74. The branches are too far apart on this other one.
  75. The bark caught fire, the lower branches cracked.
  76. The leaves hung silently again on stiff branches.
  77. Are BURNED UP like withered branches [John 15:6].
  78. One of its branches had turned completely yellow.
  79. Then pride is the tree and notoriety its branches.
  80. They wove and darted through the maze of branches.
  81. The branches of the flesh will only produce the.
  82. No branches have been extended into the interior.
  83. Here I sit, watching nothing but wind in branches.
  84. Jim helped him cling, gasping, among the branches.
  85. The branches of the trees shook under the ladders.
  86. Many of the branches of this tree appear redundant.
  87. He would hide in its branches chewing on its fruit.
  88. I heard branches strain and creak as the man obeyed.
  89. Big branches interlaced overhead to form a ceiling.
  90. They stared up through the colorfully clad branches.
  91. The President hunkered down to avoid the branches.
  92. Son approached a tree with many branches and leaves.
  93. The ancient customs were divided into three branches.
  94. All three branches seem to be on permanent vacation.
  95. Fire will burn up the withered branches (John 15:6).
  96. Wings almost sliced bushes and overhanging branches.
  97. The dead and drying branches were used on the fires.
  98. Its lower branches still held inches of frozen snow.
  99. The stems are not long, but they have many branches.
  100. The canal branches away from the river at that point.

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