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Frasi con browse (in inglese)

  1. He gave me time to browse the colection.
  2. Now with her gone you can browse in peace.
  3. Lots of teachers sites to browse through here!.
  4. You should also browse the major bank websites.
  5. Mark beelines for her music collection to browse.

  6. Clip and collect information as you browse the web.
  7. Whilst awaiting my meal I browse through the menu.
  8. But before I went to the kitchen I decided to browse.
  9. He turned on the phone and started to browse the contacts.
  10. Again, you should browse through the terms and conditions to.
  11. He walked the streets of Vienna, stopping in shops to browse.
  12. Browse through the app and use the features that interest you.
  13. The same way you connect to and browse or partake in the Internet.
  14. Browse thousands of recipes and download cookbooks from FoodUpload.
  15. Browse and use the search features to locate what you want to buy.

  16. Keep in mind that when you click on a link to view and browse wigs, hair.
  17. You could browse through them one by one and list all the jobs you prefer.
  18. He would then browse through the various sub-categories within the sports.
  19. You can browse a list of regularly scheduled Twitter chats on Google Docs.
  20. Navigate to the Location tab, select Move and browse to the new location 3.
  21. You can then browse through to find out what questions are being asked and.
  22. Eventually they conceded and began to browse around the colorful flower shop.
  23. Untargeted visitors either ignore what you have to offer or they just browse.
  24. Visit your website, browse several pages which shows they have an in interest.
  25. Click on Choose File and it will prompt you to browse your computer and select.

  26. I nervously paced around behind Phyllis as she continued to browse over the sewing.
  27. When you browse in this way, you are looking at an index of all of the stored files.
  28. As they continued to browse, John noticed that he hadn�t seen any more of Mag�s kind.
  29. You can browse through a directory structure to locate the files that you want to restore.
  30. They too said they would browse my site and were interested in purchasing one of my books.
  31. You can browse through a long list of names on various websites and choose several options.
  32. A few, however, had ventured out into the field, to browse and play in the last of the sun.
  33. He thought about continuing to browse through more pages but he figured it wouldn’t help.
  34. When you browse the Web, most of the tax software programs you will find offer free services.
  35. Whatever topic you're writing on for your proposal, browse a few Web sites which are related.
  36. Friday- I take in a movie , then a spa session, browse the books section for something new to read.
  37. The dialog box that opens allows you to enter the appropriate network address or browse the network.
  38. Once aboard she had ample time to have some refreshments and then to browse around the on board shop.
  39. He would inevitably have to engage in a wider search than merely browse just by standing in one place.
  40. You are one of a flock; and you disapprove of sheep like me that choose to wander off and browse alone.
  41. Together we watched the greatest of God’s creation browse in the meadow beyond as the evening shadows thickened.
  42. These links are not only useful for your users to browse content, but also good for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  43. As you review the list of systems, take a few moments to browse through the review book of your choice (more on this.
  44. Nevertheless, there are still people who depend on the reviews before they browse on a particular online dating service.
  45. All important documents are printed out, as they are a loteasier to consult on paper (easier to browse, never a dead battery).
  46. Other studies are applying this concept to see whether the Browse thousands of recipes and download cookbooks from FoodUpload.
  47. Megan quickly picked up the way they worked and after doing the few invoices, she started to browse through the accounts set up.
  48. We have discussed using Safari to browse and search the Internet, but not where that takes you and what to do when you get there.
  49. We debate the differences of the various calibers, relating our experiences and opinions, and browse the catalogues on the boat.
  50. Despite that fact, there was nothing else to do other than browse while I waited for my uncle—or father, if the story was true.
  51. Use a top level to specify the browse category, and a nested to specify the browse subcategory.
  52. As he ate, he would browse the classified sections, seeking single females who are looking for someone to share their apartment with.
  53. Later, when we’re planning a trip, we browse through our collection and select a couple of new (or favourite) recipes, then plan our camp catering to suit.
  54. Come here to browse the recent shareholder letters of famous money managers and hedge funds from Berkshire Hathaway to Apaloosa Management and the Sequoia Fund.
  55. It has a feature called SmartScreen Filter that scans all the websites you browse to identify phishing scams and warns you whenever a suspicious site is detected.
  56. Beneath awnings, tourists browse over blue-and-white-striped sweaters and framed watercolors of corsair ships; a father sings as he puts his arm around a daughter.
  57. From then on, night and day, Buck never left his prey, never gave it a moment's rest, never permitted it to browse the leaves of trees or the shoots of young birch and willow.
  58. Browse through the lists of needs, items, donation requests and volunteer jobs on their various websites and see what you can give to assist in the mission to help in Honduras.
  59. I was the sole patron and, as no one arrived to harass me, I pretended to browse until an elderly woman, bright red ringlets framing a mask of powder and paint, tottered towards me.
  60. Max was surprised there was so little computer equipment in the flat; it was as if the missing computer was the bedtime toy, just to browse and look up, rather than active monitoring.
  61. These cattle can browse as well as others on grass, but from the projection of the lower jaw they cannot, during the often recurrent droughts, browse on the twigs of trees, reeds, etc.
  62. The Narragansetts were suffered to browse on the branches of the trees and shrubs that were thinly scattered over the summit of the hill, while the remains of their provisions were spread under the shade of a beech, that stretched its horizontal limbs like a canopy above them.
  63. But today I had come into the office to discuss some minor concerns I had with the accounts department and then went into the editorial department and perched in front of a monitor at a free work station to browse the web in search of a particular American author I was addicted to.
  64. It has its buttercups and its daisies; the grass is tall there; the cart-horses browse there; cords of hair, on which linen is drying, traverse the spaces between the trees and force the passer-by to bend his head; one walks over this uncultivated land, and one's foot dives into mole-holes.
  65. The calf, for instance, has inherited teeth, which never cut through the gums of the upper jaw, from an early progenitor having well-developed teeth; and we may believe, that the teeth in the mature animal were formerly reduced by disuse owing to the tongue and palate, or lips, having become excellently fitted through natural selection to browse without their aid; whereas in the calf, the teeth have been left unaffected, and on the principle of inheritance at corresponding ages have been inherited from a remote period to the present day.
  66. But shall our superintendence go no further, and are the poets only to be required by us to express the image of the good in their works, on pain, if they do anything else, of expulsion from our State? Or is the same control to be extended to other artists, and are they also to be prohibited from exhibiting the opposite forms of vice and intemperance and meanness and indecency in sculpture and building and the other creative arts; and is he who cannot conform to this rule of ours to be prevented from practising his art in our State, lest the taste of our citizens be corrupted by him? We would not have our guardians grow up amid images of moral deformity, as in some noxious pasture, and there browse and feed upon many a baneful herb and flower day by day, little by little, until they silently gather a festering mass of corruption in their own soul.
  67. I browse the paper that’s provided,.
  68. I browse the icy overhangs and hold the moment,.
  69. We browse, we are two among the wild herds spontaneous as any,.
  70. I tend to browse the Web for research whatever I happen to be working on,.
  71. At the back of the newsagency, pretending to browse through magazines, Adam whispered,.
  72. The country boy at the close of the day driving the herd of cows and shouting to them as they loiter to browse by the roadside,.
  1. Just by browsing through their.
  2. I‘d always enjoyed browsing through the.
  3. Later, after they finished browsing the busy.
  4. He was just browsing, looking for entertainment.
  5. After browsing a short while, he offered to take.
  6. But they heard the two horses browsing on the leaves.
  7. He found Bradshaw at the reference desk, browsing a.
  8. She finished her browsing with a search on foot care.
  9. Cass slams the book closed that he is browsing through.
  10. Return to browsing the Web and enjoy the extra speed!.
  11. After browsing through the souvenir shop, he paid his bill.
  12. Timmy and I spent the next hour browsing through books and.
  13. Madam, I noticed that you were browsing in the relationships.
  14. He was browsing through one of my books, but now he came over.
  15. And browsing for what, can I ask? I see you have all of your.
  16. When browsing Podcasts in the iTunes Music Store, Categories are.
  17. He started browsing it, sipping on some ice cold tea along the way.
  18. I thought I had enough time to do a little browsing on the Internet.
  19. The navigation should provide them with the option of browsing your.
  20. I recommend deleting Browsing & Download History, Cookies, and Cache.
  21. With his goats browsing at the base he began to climb the rock structure.
  22. The four of them picked up their PADDS and started browsing over his files.
  23. McCoy was browsing it more than reading, preferring to hear the story of.
  24. Browsing online, she saw a midsized 2004 Ford hatchback that looked suitable.
  25. The visitors can leave without even browsing through the pages of the sites.
  26. While I was browsing the selection, I had the feeling someone was watching me.
  27. When I was browsing the pages of the album, a single photo dropped on the floor.
  28. By browsing all the different sub-categories within the Yahoo! directory Freddie.
  29. Contact the company by calling investor relations or browsing the company website.
  30. She kept browsing the electronic guide on my TV hoping for a little extra to watch.
  31. There is no better way to find stocks to pick than by browsing around the internet.
  32. No, but by browsing the shrubs and trees that grow out of the crevices of the rocks.
  33. He started browsing through skateboarding magazines and found two of them with photos.
  34. Spend at least one hour browsing the various books available in the Sales section.
  35. Two weeks after the wedding, Carmen was browsing through some wedding pictures with Katie.
  36. Assortment from me a few days before had come in again, and was browsing the stock intently.
  37. I came across this picture while browsing on the Internet, which I thought was worth sharing.
  38. This is entirely subliminal and works with the same browsing method that we use in the scan.
  39. She actually kept her promise, spending no more than forty minutes browsing around the market.
  40. From browsing profiles of interesting individuals to trying out sending invites to over a dozen.
  41. Rosemary walked about the village, browsing in shops all afternoon and then took the long way home.
  42. He rises and goes over to a bookshelf against one wall, standing browsing the shelves as I watch him.
  43. I was browsing the TV channels so simply turned the TV on mute with the remote and listened intently.
  44. Today we will train the behavior that will substitute codependency in a session called browsing books.
  45. At breakfast when she asks him what he was browsing the night before, he just smirks and says, Magic.
  46. I was feeling bored and lonely; even I had completed browsing of sport star, film fare and other magazines.
  47. He nodded, flicking through the pages as if he was actually reading, and I resumed my browsing, doing rapid.
  48. I started browsing through famous couples in the history when the right phrase occurred to me Angel and demon.
  49. After a moment of intense listening it became clear to me that what I heard was the sound of a horse browsing.
  50. He doesn’t delete his browsing history, she thought as she scrolled down the list of recently viewed websites.
  51. Unfortunately, SmartScreen Filter can significantly slow down browsing the Web because it keeps scanning websites.
  52. Anyway, weeks later saw me browsing the New Age section book shelf, at a large bookstore located outside my hometown.
  53. Do enough key word searches to determine the hot spots in the stacks for your key terms and spend some time browsing.
  54. Angie picked one up and started browsing through it while Kara looked with interest at the pictures hanging on the walls.
  55. Increasing the number of simultaneous connections can significantly speed up page loading and, therefore, speed up browsing.
  56. He was browsing at a newsstand in the early evening, leafing through a few magazines, when he heard angry voices approaching.
  57. And with the introduction of smart phones with WiFi browsing and media playback, less people saw the need for having a more.
  58. The tall boy with rather short, dark blond hair was browsing some pages on the Internet, sipping hot coffee from time to time.
  59. Garcia accessed the file library with his neural implant, found the author and began browsing through the artist’s material.
  60. As he was browsing through the topics and threads of the group, he came across a post from the night before that he found interesting.
  61. She knew she was being nosey with the question but the Captain was still wistfully browsing through the magazine and didn't seem to notice.
  62. On this particular day, as I was browsing in the Mall, I met once again my fellow American from the previous night’s Twelve-Step Meeting.
  63. It reminded him of a book title from a list of old Science Fiction he had been browsing to adapt for a holosuite self-learning language session.
  64. Maybe you should start with the titles most relevant to our situation, Sionna suggested as she went back to browsing the section she favored.
  65. Later that night, Mitchell found himself browsing through a retail outlet store that specialized in surveillance and disguises to the general public.
  66. Since then I’ve been regularly browsing around the internet looking for far away sunny locations and their habits, culture, temperature and so on.
  67. Ingrid ignored the stares and whispered comments and slowly made her way towards a nearby market place while browsing with Jacques at the shop fronts.
  68. If any person who happens to be browsing through that online magazine happen to be interested, all he or she would have to do is click on the personal.
  69. On either side of the city, and beyond it, stretched the fertile meadowlands, with cattle browsing in the distance where fields and vineyards checkered the plain.
  70. A user while browsing web sites, quickly takes a decision whether to explore a site further or to move on to some another by its design and presentation of content.
  71. We've amended public function index() so that we can filter the user's browsing results by $category_id (which is the primary key of each category in the database).
  72. The giraffe, by its lofty stature, much elongated neck, fore legs, head and tongue, has its whole frame beautifully adapted for browsing on the higher branches of trees.
  73. And now what fresh horrors await us as this newest Siren, the internet, takes a hold? Our subconscious laid bare to anyone who happens to glance at our browsing history.
  74. A young woman with waist-length, strikingly black hair and deeply tanned skin—a woman whom Connie did not recognize—stood browsing at the magazine and newspaper racks.
  75. They had evidently finished the hungry, intent stage of feeding and were browsing and talking at leisure, and he could see that one of them had the attention of the other three.
  76. Subsequent to that incident, he is browsing through cookbooks, when he is accused of looking at the book too long by a tall thin young security guard who forces him to purchase the book.
  77. Finally I arrived on the seventh floor and turned into the main unit where a middle-aged nurse with dark skin was browsing through several files which were scattered on the desk before her.
  78. She was maybe a hundred meters away and didn’t seem to look in any particular direction, apparently browsing around the shops of the market square while advancing slowly in his direction.
  79. Why only seven years? I don’t see much, but I perceive my mind browsing thousands of experiences of anxiety and fears in a fraction of an instant and use it to trace the cause of those miseries.
  80. Like most stores and restaurants inside the walls of the Old Jerusalem, the shop was small and cramped inside, something aggravated by the large number of customers browsing through the rows of shelves.
  81. Then, after browsing through a local library, he stood in the checkout lane for a good five minutes while the librarian was busy chatting it up with an old acquaintance of hers who stood in front of him.
  82. Only by continuously checking the chart as part of our regular browsing process, and also by occasionally checking the weekly chart to get a big-picture view of the price action, could we spot this pattern.
  83. So they rode now for two more days, and all the while they saw nothing save grass and flowers and birds and scattered trees, and occasionally small herds of red deer browsing or sitting at noon in the shade.
  84. At the foot they found the Narragansetts browsing the herbage of the bushes, and having mounted, they followed the movements of a guide, who, in the most deadly straits, had so often proved himself their friend.
  85. Having said that, with the kind of advanced web analytics tools today available, ecommerce companies will do well to build their own understanding of shoppers by tying browsing behaviour directly with end conversion data.
  86. Except by assigning such general and vague reasons, we cannot explain why, in many quarters of the world, hoofed quadrupeds have not acquired much elongated necks or other means for browsing on the higher branches of trees.
  87. Before I could excuse myself and go out the way I’d came in, my first instinct, the student was offering me a chair, so I sat down at the nearest machine and began browsing the pages the previous customers had chosen, a habit I had picked up that was often very amusing.
  88. During the interim, until they might try their skills on the lake, many of the men and women entered for the competition spent their late mornings and afternoons going on hikes or boat tours around the Tahoe, gaily brunching together at the cafes, or browsing the shops of the village.
  89. Whether marching amid his aides and marshals in the van of countless cohorts that endlessly streamed it over the plains, like an Ohio; or whether with his circumambient subjects browsing all around at the horizon, the White Steed gallopingly reviewed them with warm nostrils reddening through his cool milkiness; in whatever aspect he presented himself, always to the bravest Indians he was the object of trembling reverence and awe.
  90. So the wise girl retired for the time, but, of course, a good deal of the smell of hot cabbage remained behind, as it will do, and Toad, between his sobs, sniffed and reflected, and gradually began to think new and inspiring thoughts: of chivalry, and poetry, and deeds still to be done; of broad meadows, and cattle browsing in them, raked by sun and wind; of kitchen-gardens, and straight herb-borders, and warm snapdragon beset by bees; and of the comforting clink of dishes set down on the table at Toad Hall, and the scrape of chair-legs on the floor as every one pulled himself close up to his work.
  91. So the wise girl retired for the time, but, of course, a good deal of the smell of hot cabbage remained behind, as it will do, and Toad, between his sobs, sniffed and reflected, and gradually began to think new and inspiring thoughts: of chivalry, and poetry, and deeds still to be done; of broad meadows, and cattle browsing in them, raked by sun and wind; of kitchen-gardens, and straight herb-borders, and warm snap-dragon beset by bees; and of the comforting clink of dishes set down on the table at Toad Hall, and the scrape of chair-legs on the floor as everyone pulled himself close up to the table.
  92. So the wise girl retired for the time, but, of course, a good deal of the smell of hot cabbage remained behind, as it will do, and Toad, between his sobs, sniffed and reflected, and gradually began to think new and inspiring thoughts: of chivalry, and poetry, and deeds still to be done; of broad meadows, and cattle browsing in them, raked by sun and wind; of kitchen-gardens, and straight herb-borders, and warm snap-dragon beset by bees; and of the comforting clink of dishes set down on the table at Toad Hall, and the scrape of chair-legs on the floor as every one pulled himself close up to his work.
  93. A trailing palm in the Malay Archipelago climbs the loftiest trees by the aid of exquisitely constructed hooks clustered around the ends of the branches, and this contrivance, no doubt, is of the highest service to the plant; but as we see nearly similar hooks on many trees which are not climbers, and which, as there is reason to believe from the distribution of the thorn-bearing species in Africa and South America, serve as a defence against browsing quadrupeds, so the spikes on the palm may at first have been developed for this object, and subsequently have been improved and taken advantage of by the plant, as it underwent further modification and became a climber.
  94. With the letters over, I started browsing my psychology periodicals that Dr Fatthi,.
  1. The two men browsed and lingered for.
  2. He handed it to me and I browsed through.
  3. We had started to get separated as we browsed.
  4. Gonzalez browsed around the room, deep in thought.
  5. I browsed online jewellery stores, and museum sites.
  6. Mary and Annah checked the Internet, and browsed the.
  7. Back in the living room he browsed through the CD’s.
  8. They browsed the photos one by one, passing each other.
  9. Tom browsed through the selection, checking to see what.
  10. She opened his mobile and browsed through his contact list.
  11. They went downstairs to the food court and then browsed at.
  12. I read books, browsed the Internet and also consulted sex.
  13. The young man in gray browsed his view and saw Mei Yinxue who.
  14. She picked up the newly printed brochure and browsed through it.
  15. The phone was ringing incessantly in her office while she browsed.
  16. She stepped inside and browsed the display case nearest the window.
  17. He browsed through websites full of obscure legends and found nothing.
  18. She had browsed through the usual search engines: Yahoo, Jeeves, Google.
  19. She browsed for a while but could not get interested in the new fashion.
  20. He opened it and browsed through a standard report from the science lab.
  21. He sat around and browsed the Internet to try to distract his busy brain.
  22. Tammas sat down on the couch, browsed over the profile, set the profile down on.
  23. She found his inbox and browsed through his text messages and her hair stood on end.
  24. This library is rather eclectic, Sionna observed as she browsed through the titles.
  25. As I browsed I knew it would turn my time around, that my days would become nights and my nights, days.
  26. We went in and found a table in a quiet corner, and browsed the menu, consisting of mostly traditional fare.
  27. The air was pure delicatessen, a warm nest where a great, kind, strange elephant had browsed and sung and eaten for twenty years.
  28. In her quest for new motivation, she browsed her CD collection which, having replaced her scratchy vinyl, had stalled in about 2007.
  29. As he browsed the store’s shelves and counter tops his gaze fell upon packages of chocolates, tea and coffee wrapped in tin foil.
  30. Stopping, he browsed through the occurrences and decided that Denver knew what was best, and if he trusted Oak then Flint would too.
  31. On a shelf on the wall was placed a video recorder, and the barman switched it on and browsed through a row of video tapes on the shelf.
  32. How can I attune to the earth element? I browsed the Earth section of the Dreamer's Handbook, but there's nothing about attunement in there.
  33. Had I not planted a little garden before the bower? Had we not hedged it in with rush? A sheep might have browsed off the hedge in a moment, it was so large.
  34. They traversed the length of the Riverwalk while the setting sun slowly turned the river to gold, then leisurely browsed through whatever shops caught their interest.
  35. Extinguished brands were lying around a spring, the offals of a deer were scattered about the place, and the trees bore evident marks of having been browsed by the horses.
  36. Her fluent use of both Vietnamese and Chinese as she browsed around attracted more stares from the Vietnamese, who were accustomed to Westerners who mostly never bothered to learn the local language.
  37. Had browsed dictionaries, encyclopedias and some items of famous writers, and extracted from each what he thought it was better, in order to give his writing the strength and prestige of a legal document.
  38. Far and wide, on each side, there were only fields, where no cattle now browsed; and the little brown birds, which stirred occasionally in the hedge, looked like single russet leaves that had forgotten to drop.
  39. She browsed in the shop and collected a Woman’s Own from Britain, an Australian Women’s Weekly, a Far Eastern Economic Review, and finally a copy of Frederick Forsyth’s 1979 thriller The Devil’s Alternative.
  40. As soon as the cars had screeched to a halt outside the internet café, Jessica quickly left her table and made her way inconspicuously into the nearby shopping mall where she browsed the store items, until she felt it was safe to come out.
  41. Backward-leaning conservatism, run-of-the-mine featureless companies, the most peculiar combinations of principal business, all kinds of Wall Street gadgets and widgets—they are all there, waiting to be browsed over, or studied with a serious objective.
  42. He was enchanted with the fine weather; the darkening clouds, sometimes obscuring the sun; the fields over which the larks soared; the woods, just covering up the top and bottom with green; the meadows on which the flocks and horses browsed, and the fields on which plowmen were already seen—but a feeling of dissatisfaction crept over him.
  43. Now the trunks of trees on the bottom, and the old log canoe, and the dark surrounding woods, are gone, and the villagers, who scarcely know where it lies, instead of going to the pond to bathe or drink, are thinking to bring its water, which should be as sacred as the Ganges at least, to the village in a pipe, to wash their dishes with!—to earn their Walden by the turning of a cock or drawing of a plug! That devilish Iron Horse, whose ear-rending neigh is heard throughout the town, has muddied the Boiling Spring with his foot, and he it is that has browsed off all the woods on Walden shore, that Trojan horse, with a thousand men in his belly, introduced by mercenary Greeks! Where is the country's champion, the Moore of Moore Hill, to meet him at the Deep Cut and thrust an avenging lance between the ribs of the bloated pest?
  1. Instead, Chelsea browses through women’s wear and other shops.

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