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Frasi con range (in inglese)

  1. I was out of range.
  2. Over a range of 100m.
  3. She moved out of range.
  4. Not the type of range.
  5. They cover a wide range.

  6. Within the range of the.
  7. And the long range scans.
  8. The range below 1 (from 0.
  9. They vary in range from a.
  10. The range of motion on my.
  11. Trading range of the session.
  12. Trend and the Trading Range.
  13. Wasting ammo at this range.
  14. Years Active (Range 0 to 20).
  15. They got into the range rover.

  16. A field is the range studied.
  17. Now Jamil s filled with range.
  18. He’s still out of range.
  19. The Romulans are in range.
  20. The voices moved out of range.
  21. Into The Range Of The Lights.
  22. We're in range of all weapons.
  23. His plane had a limited range.
  24. The range of price indicators.
  25. Next, we went out to the range.

  26. While the range of accessing.
  27. A three-pointer at this range.
  28. But they were out of range.
  29. A Final Dip is not a Key Range.
  30. In the chest at close range.
  31. Yes, but only long range images.
  32. The range is good – it goes.
  33. Placed at the customary range;.
  34. One whose range was limited to.
  35. Thus I had the full range of a.
  36. You see I give you a wide range.
  37. Can’t miss from this range.
  38. It is requires in the range of 7.
  39. They range in age from 79 to 94.
  40. The E12 range: This is a range.
  41. Maximum range of the rocket : 19.
  42. It just has to be close range.
  43. What did Bloom see on the range?
  44. Remember that the range extends.
  45. Because you'll be in a range of.
  46. We multiply 1 / 16 by the range.
  47. Aaron returns to MacGregor Range.
  48. OCD can range from mild to severe.
  49. The 100-year range is 1920–2019.
  50. The range of his cronies was vast.
  51. I am invested in Range Resources.
  52. They can range in thickness from.
  53. The broader is the range of your.
  54. That leads him through the range.
  55. I saw Vince move into camera range.
  56. We’re going out of range shortly.
  57. The Range Rover was put into motion.
  58. My eyes range throughout the earth.
  59. What’s the range of your mat?’.
  60. Xin was still in communication range.
  61. The frequency range is one we have.
  62. Tip #7: Have a range of credit types.
  63. It can range from, are they having.
  64. The average price in terms of range.
  65. The range of his embrace was immense.
  66. This was close range, center mass.
  67. They were hypnotizing at close range.
  68. What is our ETA to missile range?
  69. It calculates clear range and sample.
  70. You have the range for that?
  71. But the crossbowmen were out of range.
  72. They backed their chairs out of range.
  73. We don't have any ships in that range.
  74. It is within my price range, mister.
  75. It has a range of approximately one.
  76. It hasn’t broken this range all day.
  77. They can cost range from only twenty.
  78. Some shot targets at an archery range.
  79. It has a range of about thirty metres.
  80. While it has a higher range than the 5.
  81. They’ll be in firing range in ten.
  82. Although delta values range from 0 to 1.
  83. I and my soul to range in range of thee.
  84. I was amazed at the range of interests.
  85. Equally amazing was the range of tex-.
  86. You said it would work from long range.
  87. The ballistic vest was top of the range.
  88. They are out of your range, I said.
  89. This number should be in the 100K range.
  90. But your lives are all within its range.
  91. Probably he has a bag of each range of.
  92. How’d she miss you at this range?
  93. Expats can show a range of openness to.
  94. Their range is greater than we'd feared.
  95. Hate to see this whole range so bare---.
  96. There can be a large range in costs for.
  97. Earnouts can be based across a range of.
  98. Range of products with some in different.
  99. A Key Range has nine possible variations.
  100. He galloped away toward the archery range.
  1. However, it can be sold at any price ranging.
  2. We chatted about various topics ranging from.
  3. However, the methods used are variable ranging.
  4. Is it trending, is it ranging or is it volatile.
  5. Boxes and crates of ranging sizes had been left.
  6. Ranging in age from 79 to 94, they were all there to.
  7. She knew of their wide ranging speculations and their.
  8. The EUR/USD 30 minute chart below is showing a ranging.
  9. The regolith is thin, ranging from about 2 meters on the.
  10. There are tons of lizards in Aruba, ranging from the much.
  11. Alex hesitated, a flurry of thoughts ranging from Shannon to.
  12. Hartridge's class, ranging from nine to fourteen years of age.
  13. The jump drive contained a wealth of information, ranging from.
  14. No one worth ranging to the west is there anyway, he said.
  15. Natural and supernatural ranging from storm to space time warps.
  16. There had to be at least fifty of them in various ranging sizes.
  17. The median returns are consistently negative, ranging from –5.
  18. We also used our haven for a variety of activities ranging from.
  19. When they noticed Barron, there were mixed reactions, ranging from.
  20. The stout sail-boat that had accompanied us began ranging alongside.
  21. The areas with the lowest tax rate are in Louisiana, ranging from 0.
  22. His back was now toward her, as he stood looking in a ranging manner.
  23. Jack Weyland runs a concentrated portfolio ranging from 10 to 20 stocks.
  24. The shares were available at prices ranging from approximately 17 to 21.
  25. The Angels leave four children ranging in age from ten to twenty-four.
  26. At the Law Faculty he was exposed to a wide ranging curriculum: political.
  27. United States, ranging from active units, bomb storage, and interrogation.
  28. There were thin elegant ones for the most delicate of lines ranging out to.
  29. Again it had a wide ranging inventory, but the main article in the container.
  30. When the higher time frame is ranging, expect sharp trends on lower time frames.
  31. Ranging all commandments with care and legendary reputation in many cases and in.
  32. There were differences of opinion, ranging from weird through cute to typical boy.
  33. This basic knowledge may require study ranging from a few weeks up to several years.
  34. Other guidelines on approaches that may be used, ranging from inspectionalto.
  35. There were in the first months of opening 32 babies and toddlers, ranging between a.
  36. NDEr thus understands the emotional and wider ranging impact of their humanly actions on.
  37. For example, the January 2011 contract has 28 strike prices listed ranging from 10 to 80.
  38. Doji’s in the middle of a ranging price and don’t signify any major changes to the price.
  39. My emotions are ranging from the incredibility of what you have told me, to one of distaste.
  40. We have proposals to put to you that have wide ranging ramifications for both our countries.
  41. The old Westies at the bar were giving me a number of different looks, ranging from curious to.
  42. If the Picts are besieging the fort, war-parties will be ranging up the road toward our cabins.
  43. The contractual provision can be quite diverse, ranging from very strong to almost meaningless.
  44. When calculating the IV/HV ratio, it is optimal to use time periods ranging from 30 to 240 days.
  45. They were all volcanoes, ranging in elevation from a little under 8,000 to just over 14,000 feet.
  46. They live in herds ranging in size from 10 - 100; they never rest, but are constantly on the move.
  47. Well over a million copies have been sold in formats ranging from hardcover to audiobook to e-book.
  48. She was in possession of four or five diaries ranging from the seventeenth to the twentieth century.
  49. Since 2003, Triad has made over 550 grants ranging from a couple of thousand dollars to well over $2.
  50. Apocalypse continues that story with highly detailed and structured prophecies ranging from the 11th.
  51. A basic truth about energy is that there are various levels of it within us, ranging from the lowest.
  52. Pavel Pavlovitch preserved a most obstinate silence—probably concentrating and ranging his energies.
  53. She asks me a million questions ranging from what hospital I was born in to what my favorite color is.
  54. There are seventeen in total, ranging from Flowers to Poo, all arranged in order of their 'Pong Ratio'.
  55. For this reason, puts always have negative deltas, ranging from 0 for far out-of-the-money puts to–1.
  56. There were nine of them and their graves were severed far apart, ranging from Newfoundland to Vancouver.
  57. The Doom Glacier’s surface was pitted with rocks, ranging from the size of house bricks to huge boulders.
  58. The consistency of the results is impressive: all strategies have positive Sharpe ratios, ranging between 0.
  59. According to Tax Foundations 2005-2007 data, New York counties have the top real estate taxes, ranging from 2.
  60. Inside there were about thirty men ranging in age from fifteen to about sixty milling around in a large room.
  61. Veterans were awarded compensation based on their level of disability, ranging from 10 percent to 100 percent.
  62. Many institutional investors bought stocks ranging from lumber producer Georgia Pacific to wallboard leader U.
  63. The determined humanoids bore a variety of weapons ranging from lances and pikes to crossbows and short swords.
  64. Their caravan was not large, but still contained at least forty folks ranging in age from new-born to very old.
  65. In the next three hours, the two men collected more than forty diamonds ranging from two carats to thirty carats.
  66. Swann then proceeded to buy a major stake in the Toronto-listed shares of OceanaGold at prices ranging from $C0.
  67. Chart 3 is the cocoa option market that shows option volatility ranging from 20% to 48% over the last three years.
  68. Giant crystals of every color protruded into the space, ranging from the size of a fist to the size of a building.
  69. I watched, as two wolves ranging out in front of us a ways suddenly stopped with their noses held up to the breeze.
  70. W is the letter "W" for "Week"; nn is the week number ranging from 0 to 53; and dd is the optional day of the week.
  71. In fact, AT&T with a beta of around 1, only had a long term debt to capital ratio ranging from 15 % to 33 %.
  72. There are examples ranging from really trivial stuff, like genealogical errors, to much more fundamental beliefs.
  73. These services have a varied clientele, ranging from the most conservative-minded investor to the rankest speculator.
  74. The spectrum of behaviours ranging from what seems completely normal to what is abnormal is present in almost everyone.
  75. It was assumed further that these purchases were sold out at the end of holding periods ranging from one to five years.
  76. The WAN links themselves can use technologies ranging from telephone lines to public data networks to satellite systems.
  77. The group was now down to only two adult men, two women and three children, ranging in age from four months to six years.
  78. Companions in states of dress ranging from full plate to as naked as their captain surrounded his tent, all talking at once.
  79. While he stared at her chocolate eyes, he felt a torrent of emotions through his body ranging from bewilderment to betrayal.
  80. The ladies enjoyed conversation ranging from the Spelman's crossing, to the Clive House appointments and Redditch shopping.
  81. I’ve seen optimal rebalancing periods ranging from monthly to as long as once every several years for similar portfolios.
  82. Applications and services use different types of authentication mechanisms, ranging from the simple to the extremely complex.
  83. They divided their stock database into 10 groups ranging from the lowest P/B (cheapest) to the highest P/B (most expensive).
  84. In total, he was expecting this afternoon 35 adult guests, plus 32 children ranging from kindergarten age to late teenagers.
  85. After the 14 answers are selected the Hamilton Anxiety Scale will deliver a severity for anxiety, ranging from mild to severe.
  86. His career develops in Italy and abroad ranging from Price Waterhouse to the Fininvest Group, the IT directorship at EMI 136.
  87. The structure laid out here was originally conceived around the equity markets and on time frames ranging from months to years.
  88. That’s an interesting piece of speculation, but we seem to be ranging pretty far from the subject, don’t you think?
  89. Consider all of the possibilities, ranging from outright failure to a single extension above the level to a completely new trend.
  90. There are lots of resources on the internet about strategies for different types of exams, ranging from multiple choice to essay.
  91. Therefore the entire time series ranging from November 2000 to March 2007 included 347 trading dates belonging to the third weeks.
  92. Soon, they followed calling out for the dragon, ranging further away from each other with only Marcus worried about losing his way.
  93. The lengths of the Revenue cutters expanded with the Revenue Marine missions, eventually ranging from 56 to 110 feet of deck length.
  94. Raising equity money by accessing capital markets tends to be quite expensive, ranging from, say 2 to 8 percent of the funds raised.
  95. For example, the pharmaceutical industry has a consistently high ROIC, with returns ranging from 13 to 21 percent over the last decade.
  96. He learned that OceanaGold had two big mines in New Zealand and was producing gold at a cash cost ranging from $425 to $475 per ounce.
  97. He’d taken her then, luxuriated in her ranging memories, adding them to his diaries, and had then scattered her sentience to the winds.
  98. There are also smaller creatures which appear to emit their own kind of light, ranging from an eerie glow to crisp, electric-blue pulses.
  99. Typically you will pay a monthly fee for this ranging from $5 and upwards depending on what additional services you require from your ISP.
  100. The suspect has been arrested more than fifteen times over the last five years on charges ranging from spousal abuse to disorderly conduct.
  1. I ranged up and says:.
  2. His prices ranged from $1.
  3. These Are All Ranged Attacks.
  4. These images are ranged round the.
  5. The others ranged from twenty to forty.
  6. They have ranged between 386 and 448 days.
  7. Behind it he ranged a rank of full glasses.
  8. The year-end 1970 figures ranged between 44.
  9. And the debt/equity ratio has ranged from 0.
  10. It ranged from soccer balls to swimming pools.
  11. They ranged from ancient history to abstract.
  12. The guesses ranged from 2,000 to 5,000 people.
  13. Nuts and seeds are ranged very low in GI index.
  14. The replies ranged from a bellowed as soon.
  15. My sons ranged in age from eleven to seventeen.
  16. They ranged over the high ridgeline, where the.
  17. Their reactions ranged from anger to hopelessness.
  18. The amount of vitamin C used in that study ranged.
  19. Their galleys ranged from one to five banks of oars.
  20. I found several of them ranged along the waterfront.
  21. The 3-year rolling SR has always ranged between—0.
  22. Estimates of the deaths ranged from 170,00 to 567,000.
  23. In the same period the stock ranged between 26 and 54.
  24. But it constantly ranged and I annoyingly picked it up.
  25. This power is a ranged attack that causes 1 die of damage.
  26. They have ranged from studying massage to bungee jumping.
  27. They ranged over much of the Old World and varied widely.
  28. This power is a ranged attack that causes 2 dice of damage.
  29. If the attack was ranged, the weapon can be snatched out.
  30. The four of us ranged in a line before the door of the tomb.
  31. They ranged in age from very early twenties to late fifties.
  32. The Tigress ranged the sea, and the black villages shuddered.
  33. The rare prowlers they met ranged themselves against the wall.
  34. His bills ranged from $1,000 to $2,500, Angelina offered.
  35. But for every evil act, there is an opposite ranged against it.
  36. Wherever his soldiers ranged, the prince's name became fear and.
  37. The price ranged between 30½ and 191¾, closing in 1939 at 73¾.
  38. Their charges ranged from resisting arrest to minor in possession.
  39. This characters ranged attacks can be reflected by a common mirror.
  40. The evidence of both Andy and Kev ranged against such accusations.
  41. This power is a very long ranged attack that causes 2 dice of damage.
  42. The swarming market-places, the temples with idols ranged along the.
  43. Estimates of FAPLA losses ranged upward of 4000 killed and wounded….
  44. Behind them stood their horses, ranged in a circle to keep off the wind.
  45. Ranged along the wall behind the dais were rows of glass-covered shelves.
  46. Supernatural agents ranged from spirits in objects that imbued special.
  47. The average % Wins ranged from 64% to 41%, with only 5 patterns above 59%.
  48. Moshe became aware of five other men seated on mats ranged in a semicircle.
  49. They ranged in age from young to old and in build from emaciated to portly.
  50. The musicians ranged in the traditional manner of the popular bouzouki band.
  51. The path the VIX took over that long period ranged from an intraday high of 89.
  52. Expected Allied casualties ranged from half a million to one and a half million.
  53. The underlying currency broke out of the downtrend ranged by the xx'-yy' channel.
  54. Matter but he could still do an Electric Ranged Attack that can effect any targets.
  55. The different sizes ranged from nearly seven feet tall to the size of a small baby.
  56. The clerk and clergyman then appearing, we were ranged in order at those fatal rails.
  57. Conan dismounted the archers and ranged them along the ridges, with the wild tribesmen.
  58. Ranged away before them, at distances he could neither judge nor that hung in the space.
  59. A considerable variety of concerns may be ranged under the rubric of financial companies.
  60. As Moshe moved away from the group, his thoughts ranged over the wide array of skills that.
  61. The bonds, issued in 1936 at par, ranged in price between 100 and 111¼ during 1936–1939.
  62. We were all ranged in lines on the three sides, with cannons with lighted matches facing us.
  63. The children that I spoke to during that presentation ranged in age from thirteen to eighteen.
  64. Ranged along the shore were the heavy wooden shields, called pavises, used by the crossbowmen.
  65. And they got incredibly popular in a year where the VIX ranged from the mid-teens to near 100.
  66. In contrast, ROIC for the major oil companies ranged from 3 to 15 percent over the last decade.
  67. Around him are ranged his children and servants, all with their names inscribed upon the drapery.
  68. And then they started to drink the liquid inside, which ranged in colour from dark brown to urine.
  69. With a shout, they took a mortal start forwards, and slantingly ranged up on the German's quarter.
  70. The tellers were ranged in front, and the Clerks of each House on the right and left of the tellers.
  71. On the bridge the crew were ranged at their stations and various monitors showed a brightening blip.
  72. By contrast, the price of American Can ranged between 9 and 47; its earnings between 7 cents and $8.
  73. Beginning P/Es for most big winners ranged from 25 to 50, and the P/E expansions varied from 60 to 115.
  74. The questions ranged from where had he been to what school did he go to and what did he go to jail for.
  75. They ranged from tax collectors, smelly fishermen and such Whores and great deceptors, murderers and thugs.
  76. The expressions the conversation had turned on Melodía ranged from disdain through incomprehension to lust.
  77. As Moshe moved away from the group, his thoughts ranged over the wide array of skills that they represented.
  78. Though the ern did have ranged weapons, the creatures found their use distasteful, and shied away from them.
  79. Today all the significance of his book rose before him with special distinctness, and whole periods ranged.
  80. And the open land, only a small part of which they had ranged through, he now saw in a somehow larger sense.
  81. Around four o’clock, an American field howitzer, two miles away, lets fly a single improperly ranged shell.
  82. Ezekiel phone ranged suddenly! It was detective Mark Henry; he was on the case of Ezekiel father’s murder.
  83. My intuition was right! For a moment, I thought, and as my eyes ranged the room, unconsciously looking for.
  84. Opinions varied, but estimates of the age of civilization ranged from three to five thousand years older here.
  85. The stories ranged from assassination plots to plotting and carrying out terrorist activities, even cyber crime.
  86. During that time option volatility ranged from 12% in the beginning of the move to the 9% level in May and June.
  87. When the opponents are using ranged weapons, especial y weapons that effect a large area, standing close together.
  88. All the guests were sitting down too, and the orderly way in which they were ranged on chairs suggested a meeting.
  89. I hadn’t showered for two weeks, during which the temperatures had ranged from the thirties to the low hundreds.
  90. The Indians silently obeyed, and once more they stood ranged in their circle, as before his appearance among them.
  91. A ranged attack with this Bonus doesn't have to be fired in a straight line, it can be thrown over or rol ed under.
  92. Unfortunately I had the feeling that she ranged Kylian on the same level even though he had sent Gabin in his place.
  93. Nineteen barricades were ranged, one behind the other, in the depths of the streets behind this principal barricade.
  94. What it is, or what it is not, none here can tell, though two of us have ranged the woods for more than thirty years.
  95. Now normally high-strength concrete is ranged as concrete with compressive strength at the age of 28 days 70-150 MPa.
  96. Ern were relentless warriors, and even without adequate ranged weapons, they still posed a terrible threat to Saparen.
  97. Their fighters ranged in size from that of a small dog to as large as myself, for they grow constantly when well fed.
  98. What I have learned from reading other books about obtaining your spirituality has ranged from dramatic to the passive.
  99. The pedestrians ranged themselves against the walls; then the trampling of horses and the clashing of steel were heard.
  100. Of course if you don't have any ranged attacks at al , you'll need to catch him and that may not be as easy as it sounds.
  1. The pay ranges from $.
  2. The pay ranges from $5-$50.
  3. Here are the THT rep ranges:.
  4. The pay ranges from $5 to $50.
  5. The scale ranges from 0 to 14.
  6. The index ranges between 0 and 100.
  7. They can break out of these ranges.
  8. The diameter of Cat 6 ranges from.
  9. Ahead only further mountain ranges.
  10. The oscillator ranges from 0 to 100.
  11. It’s only for use on the ranges.
  12. There are three broad ranges of indicators.
  13. The RSI index ranges between zero and 100.
  14. The lower the $VIX, the tighter the ranges.
  15. He ranges boldly from high comedy to farce.
  16. The length of its body ranges from 6 - 8ft.
  17. Or other mountain ranges around the world.
  18. Ranges of the electromagnetic radiation:.
  19. They have proper ranges and proper volatility.
  20. Trend Terminations into Trading Ranges or Reversals.
  21. Rhone craned his neck to take in the ranges entire.
  22. Broadly speaking, there are two types of Key Ranges:.
  23. For example, if the value of b commonly ranges from 0.
  24. Coal, Wood and Gas Ranges, Heating Stoves and Furnaces.
  25. Most breakouts from trading ranges are false breakouts.
  26. Markets spend more time in trading ranges than in trends.
  27. The deflated width of such booms normally ranges from 0.
  28. Treatment duration ranges from a few months to one year.
  29. The ranchers had already put their cattle on the ranges.
  30. Topping Ranges are composed of Compact Tops and Major Tops.
  31. There are exceptions to al of the rep ranges in each cycle.
  32. Moving averages also seemed to play a part in price ranges.
  33. Here are some implied volatility ranges for certain futures.
  34. There are four of them and five of us in similar age ranges.
  35. The graphical design ranges from rudimentary to nonexistent.
  36. Churning days also tend to have wider intraday price ranges.
  37. Traders may use opening ranges from a few minutes to an hour.
  38. Thus we fired at different ranges, except at very close range.
  39. I hear the schools have sailboats, falconries, rifle ranges.
  40. However, the ranges are 80 for overbought and 20 for oversold.
  41. It ranges from a few hours before the auction to a week or two.
  42. These types of days usually have wide ranges and strong trends.
  43. It ranges from 0 to 1 and can be computed in the following way.
  44. It spread for miles in the distance between the mountain ranges.
  45. Affectivity ranges all the way from the widest possible context.
  46. Such trading ranges are well suited for the stochastic oscillator.
  47. This can provide a bias for a directional breakout of these ranges.
  48. The chief-gunner ranges and sights his piece and selects a fuse of.
  49. An excellent weapon but not exactly built for these kinds of ranges.
  50. Markets tend to alternate between trending periods and trading ranges.
  51. Big-shadow candlesticks have wider ranges than the nearby candlesticks.
  52. In fact, this should hold for any two-surface that ranges to infinity.
  53. Their military organization ranges from mobs of rabble to elite forces.
  54. But the quality of the particles of both ranges is completely different.
  55. We begin by finding Key Ranges and the key dates within those Key Ranges.
  56. Narrower ranges tend to be broken to the upside or downside more easily.
  57. They suck in trend-followers just before prices return into their ranges.
  58. You may put on bigger positions in trading ranges but with tighter stops.
  59. It is composed of two ranges, the eastern and highest (FG) being in Adams.
  60. Different industries should have different ranges of gross profit margins.
  61. For the unconditioned awareness there are no ranges; there is just reality.
  62. You can supply ranges to tr like "tr a-z A-Z" or use "tr [:lower:][:upper]".
  63. The pivots are great for establishing ranges in markets on an intraday basis.
  64. Specific risk management tactics are different for trends and trading ranges.
  65. The width of his channels is driven by Average True Ranges (see Chapter 24).
  66. If we were to graph the Players on Earth and the frequency ranges they could.
  67. The shallow water conveniently ranges in depths of about 5 feet or even less.
  68. As LULU pulled back, its daily ranges narrowed, and volume dried up in area B.
  69. Typical daily dosage to control inflammatory conditions ranges from 25-100 mg.
  70. One quick sweep down those ranges of prices will deliver to the specialist the.
  71. The height of the valley between the two ranges is about fourteen hundred feet.
  72. The Condition of size ranges from the infinitely small to the infinitely large.
  73. Ranges on lower time frames are often continuation patterns on higher time frames.
  74. Of course it includes all the ranges, five in number, of the Alleghany mountains.
  75. Kurt looked out the window and followed the ridges of the whitened mountain ranges.
  76. Also notice that those two weeks had very wide weekly ranges and closed mid-range.
  77. A cluster requires an expiring important count, as do all successful target ranges.
  78. Trading ranges are directionless areas where the market is in relative equilibrium.
  79. There were shooting ranges for rifles & pistols as well as mortars and air-strikes.
  80. Then, divide by 200, with the end result that the indicator ranges between 0 and 1.
  81. More often than not, they resolve into random, directionless, low-volatility ranges.
  82. The weapon was more convenient than the Win Mag, and at these ranges just as deadly.
  83. They are typically in the mean porosity ranges of 5-50 micron upstream to the resin.
  84. Some of the things that are checked include income ranges, age and current addresses.
  85. This suggests one of two things: On one hand, markets in trading ranges (see Figure 1.
  86. The display of minutes always ranges from 0 to 59, except when you are using the MMSSw.
  87. The disclosure ‘reports allow congressmen to report their finances within broad ranges.
  88. Violations of support and resistance in well-defined ranges are important areas to watch.
  89. Specifically, the lower shadows must occupy more than 40% of the days’ high-low ranges.
  90. First, this outcome is fairly rare; many trends end by transitioning into trading ranges.
  91. The weapon was more convenient than the Win Mag, and at these ranges just as deadly.
  92. The Tableland is a remarkable piece of natural beauty of rolling hills and mountain ranges.
  93. This holds true for almost all ranges of strike prices, although there are some exceptions.
  94. And I use it also to see how stocks in general are moving relative to their expected ranges.
  95. If it’s heavy, I would expect options volatility to cave to the low end of recent ranges.
  96. The trader should be aware that this is a guide and dramatic events can change these ranges.
  97. As they progressed, the river narrowed, until the land funnelled between two ranges of hills.
  98. Just a vague mention of up the ranges to the lakes, then they‘d see where the spirit moved.
  99. Solid data on the ranges of P/E, P/B, and dividend yield are available only for the largest U.
  100. She followed the river Outhen as it meandered along the flat plain between two ranges of hills.

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