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Frasi con graze (in inglese)

  1. The bullet graze on my.
  2. I’ve got a graze wound.
  3. His fingers graze my hand.
  4. You miss the graze of her bumper.
  5. The dairy cows graze on the hills.

  6. They will graze on the live rock.
  7. They will graze now while we sleep.
  8. Then lambs will graze in their meadow.
  9. She was referring to the graze on his knee.
  10. Where cattle graze and children frolic near.
  11. They may graze on the live rock in your tank.
  12. Leaving their horses to graze on the meadow.
  13. This helps the animal to graze during the summer.
  14. Jacob had been shot, just a graze on his forehead.
  15. It’s illegal for llamas to graze on city property.

  16. The middle of his back felt stiff from the graze there.
  17. Then she let her fingers graze the lump in his trousers.
  18. I’m told it’s a minor graze, nothing to worry about.
  19. To so much as graze against them had become excruciating.
  20. Omiros (Homer) came back with a bullet graze to his cheek.
  21. We stayed here to rest and graze the horses for a few days.
  22. Wow! That’ll give Half Pint plenty of room to graze in.
  23. The wolf and the lamb will graze to-BEYOND THE DISCONTINUITY.
  24. Hesper must have led them up the hill to graze in the lemon grove.
  25. Aircraft don’t graze while waiting a reply and further directions.

  26. Why though? I asked, closing my eyes when I felt his teeth graze.
  27. This urchin will graze on algae, sponges, tunicates and does a decent job.
  28. There was hardly a word spoken as we settled in to graze, except for the.
  29. Hundreds of the animals graze contentedly in the long shadows cast by cork.
  30. Also, if you have fish that graze on algae such as some of the Tangs, you.
  31. It was a meek attempt and her hand managed to graze his wet, slippery face.
  32. Having live rock is beneficial because it can constantly graze on it for food.
  33. There was a small heard of goats but there wasn't enough for them to graze on.
  34. Dismounting, leaving Tunder to graze nearby, the hollow under a large tree was.
  35. A couple of dozen Longhorn cattle graze indolently in a field next to the highway.
  36. Earlier, if I did not borrow the reflection of the Moon to graze at the running.
  37. The horses immediately began to graze the fresh fodder, but I just looked on in awe.
  38. You shouldn’t be worried about me though, not with a bullet graze along your cheek.
  39. He was buggered if he was going to graze on skanky old grass for the rest of his life.
  40. Not until several minutes later did Ryato slip off Moravion and let the horse go to graze.
  41. He released her head and moved his mouth lower to graze over the stiff peaks of her breasts.
  42. Can’t graze nothin’ on ‘ere, can’t plough it up ‘cos of all they rocks in ‘un.
  43. The ponies had to be tugged along because they wanted to stop and graze at regular intervals.
  44. The word pasture indicates the herbage and plants which the animals graze upon and live on.
  45. Aazuria felt a few sharp pieces graze her own legs as the container smashed on the marble floor.
  46. She let Vanil trot over to graze and sat down to wait in the still moist grass next to the path.
  47. I anticipated his actions but only managed to graze his sleeve as he ran after the escaped item.
  48. She and I were leaning on the top rail of a white wooden fence, watching a handful of horses graze.
  49. They did not like to graze in the flowers, and were glad when Peter awoke with their loud bleating.
  50. All that she allowed herself to do was to reach out and gingerly graze her fingers against his hand.
  51. I leaned in to graze my lips against the tip of her nose and her breathing changed to a slight whimper.
  52. Just then Charlie got a bullet graze across the back of his hand which started to bleed he yelped and shouted.
  53. There were more people in the water than could graze kedas in this field, so that was facilities for them also.
  54. For several years I’d graze three or four head of cattle, and would mow and rake hay with horse drawn equipment.
  55. They stopped at midday by a stream on the edge of a wood, where there was an unburned meadow for the ponies to graze.
  56. Its yard went thru from the main street to the canal, but was nothing but well-chewed keda graze with some troughs in it.
  57. And a gunshot lazes over the sunset of the final day, meanwhile in secret a young girl & boy graze at each others hearts.
  58. They were confined to the Island of Cardus where few were permitted; it was a community of old warriors put out to graze.
  59. In fact, they have an incentive to graze that land as fast as possible, before somebody else’s cattle eat all the grass.
  60. Sometimes they sound so close that Marie-Laure fears they might graze the rooftops, knock over chimneys with their bellies.
  61. I was out with the goats letting them graze on the cerrado when I saw a large brown patch in the centre of a rocky mound.
  62. Painfully we graze our throats on blunt-cigars, and fill in the blank prophesy, under the audacity of our rank scars, with our B.
  63. He repositioned the skins and settled his pack on the rock; he sat down to rest as he watched the sheep scamper and graze peacefully.
  64. When we got to the granite cliffs, I tied the horses where they could graze, then carried John up the trail to the top of the cliff.
  65. It seemed more important that we push our brooms across floors or take the flocks out to graze while sharing our latest observations.
  66. Here and there we have to drive around deer standing about on the road; they graze on the grass in front of the houses, quite relaxed.
  67. He wheeled it into place in the shade provided by a pair of stunted trees and set the horse free to graze in a nearby patch of grass.
  68. The spin of her attack accompanied by black magic dispersed the heat enough for her to come within range to graze the Devata’s chest.
  69. Carefully pointing her gun at a specific angle that would let the bullet barely graze the man’s genitals, Ingrid pressed the trigger.
  70. Not only is there less stress on the animal, but often, feeders can put cattle out to graze in pastures instead of keeping them in the pen.
  71. The two men were driving a herd of the peasants’ horses to graze in the night, alongside the highroad and secretly, in the landlord’s forest.
  72. The wind had ruined her neat hairstyle and there was something that looked like a graze on her right cheek, which had not been there that morning.
  73. He sees the cows graze in the pasture and the birds fly gracefully through the air, diving, picking off the first worms of the day, but he is not happy.
  74. Elephants must have a bell around their necks to warn swans; hunting camels is prohibited; it’s illegal to eat grass from a place where cows or sheep graze.
  75. As the seconds dragged by Ben’s fear intensified… what was it this man had to show him? He felt the skin on his palm graze as the cuts of the knife dug into it.
  76. But when we reached him, and that was scarcely a quarter of a mile from his own door, we found he had no horse; and we were forced to dismount, and leave ours to graze.
  77. A sprinkling of intricately decorated blue and white houses and chapels that seemed to graze upon the saddle between the peaks of two mountains was laid out before us.
  78. She withdrew her hand and went on, in a tone which could have rent the heart of an observer, but which did not even graze Marius in his intoxicated and ecstatic state:—.
  79. What had been an empty, open space, was now covered in whirling dervishes, gymnasts, acrobats…when he felt the first hard elbow graze his rib cage it took a while to sink in.
  80. Kay knew well the fields where the horses liked to graze this time of year – the clover lingered there long past fall, and the winds were blocked by the edge of a small cliff.
  81. Birds would fly above, deer would graze in the distance, and swans would glide in the water, spreading their wings and bellaring cries of just, for this land was theirs and theirs alone.
  82. But in that gale, the port, the land, is that ship's direst jeopardy; she must fly all hospitality; one touch of land, though it but graze the keel, would make her shudder through and through.
  83. He climbed down off his horse, and left it to graze, and sat down by the gipsy, and did sums on his fingers, and at last he said, 'A shilling a leg? Why, that comes to exactly four shillings, and no more.
  84. He had been careful to send ambassadors well ahead of their movement to those outposts of the strange people announcing their peaceful intentions, and asking permission to graze and water their ever growing flocks.
  85. Sometimes to strike one’s head violently against a ceiling hurts one less than just to graze some spot which has been hurt and bruised before: and in almost every family there exists some such raw and tender spot.
  86. Swinging down Lamb's Conduit Street, the scarlet van rounded the corner by the pillar box in such a way as to graze the kerb and make the little girl who was standing on tiptoe to post a letter look up, half frightened, half curious.
  87. Reacher turned instantly and headed across the living room, charting his course many steps ahead, as straight as possible, setting himself to graze the corners of tables and the arms of chairs, like a downhill slalom against the clock.
  88. In conversation of this kind they passed a good part of the night, but Sancho felt a desire to let down the curtains of his eyes, as he used to say when he wanted to go to sleep; and stripping Dapple he left him at liberty to graze his fill.
  89. One day when they were talking over their plans for the future, they heard two or three reports of firearms, and then suddenly a man came out of the wood, near which the two young persons used to graze their flocks, and hurried towards them.
  90. I know, and what I found online said she lived on Eighty-First and Central Park West, I told her, biting my bottom lip as I glanced around at the trees and the buildings, the clouds in the sky that seemed to graze the tops of the highest skyscrapers.
  91. Veronique watched with joy as the hand holding the brush moved up inside her and she once again began fucking her, but this time she could feel it lightly graze Isabella’s chin while she suckled and slurped on Veronique’s clit and lips at the same time.
  92. Every day Luigi led his flock to graze on the road that leads from Palestrina to Borgo; every day, at nine o'clock in the morning, the priest and the boy sat down on a bank by the wayside, and the little shepherd took his lesson out of the priest's breviary.
  93. Felling timber must be punished as severely as possible, but he could not exact forfeits for cattle being driven onto his fields; and though it annoyed the keeper and made the peasants not afraid to graze their cattle on his land, he could not keep their cattle as a punishment.
  94. Why, e’en the English Cows who graze ’neath the Rain-drench’d Trees are more beauteous than Cows of any other Nationality! Whene’er the Mutability of Sublunary Things makes me melancholick, I rest my Mind upon an English Landscape, and once again am peaceful and content.
  95. Besides the land, there is the sun and rain; and, in addition, social order, which has been keeping these meadows from any damage which might be caused by letting stray cattle graze upon them, the skill of workmen, their knowledge of language, and many other agencies of production,—which, for some unknown reason, are not taken into consideration by political economy.
  1. The animals are always grazing.
  2. I’m grazing on the rancid treat -.
  3. Of farms and houses, cattle grazing?
  4. A shot hit her shoulder, grazing her.
  5. He sat up grazing my cheek with his lips.
  6. One day Moses was grazing sheep on the moun-.
  7. Crossing wild grazing lands, the Fife and his.
  8. Grace stopped on a tree where sheep were grazing.
  9. The grazing horses came in his direction by chance.
  10. There were goats and sheep grazing on the hillside.
  11. A large herd of yaks was grazing on the surrounding.
  12. Park it in a small grazing pasture or training area.
  13. The Wiselkops had orchards and grazing lands as well.
  14. We soon came upon a herd of cattle grazing in a field.
  15. The Arkin ranch did have some prime grazing land and.
  16. Once they all settled into grazing, Thomas and Stinger.
  17. Bullets flew, grazing one cub on his paw as they escaped.
  18. A half dozen raised their heads and went back to grazing.
  19. Little Nell, grazing nearby, saw her master’s distress.
  20. They spent their time protecting grazing herds from Lions.
  21. The plasma bullet popped through, grazing Stralin’s hat.
  22. This case helps the animal for grazing in the summer days.
  23. Kangri's family lived a nomadic life, grazing yaks in the.
  24. Oh no, I've been grazing all day as I followed your trail.
  25. Cows were grazing in the open fields and huts were dotted.
  26. From it is drink, and with it grows vegetation for grazing.
  27. Tinkling of a bell reminded us that sheep were grazing nearby.
  28. Presently I reached a great plain where a grazing horse was.
  29. He slides his hand back slowly, his fingertips grazing my side.
  30. Cenni spots three bucks; they are grazing on a neighboring hill.
  31. Josh swung at Alex, grazing his head with a fist as Alex ducked.
  32. Below us, grazing in the center of the clearing, were two horses.
  33. The bullet had hit her at her temple, grazing into her hairline.
  34. It is a beautiful ranch, rich in water and trees and grazing land.
  35. They emerged over a pasture field where a herd of cows was grazing.
  36. He then sat down to do the calculations on his Sun grazing manoeuvre.
  37. She could still feel Donovan’s fingertips grazing her skin, and was.
  38. Emily stood in the pasture, the cattle grazing absentmindedly around her.
  39. Their big heads are hanging down, and they are grazing on the thin grass.
  40. Horses, now— you'll find them grazing up to twenty miles from a drink.
  41. He could also feel something strange grazing against the tip of his tongue.
  42. I stumbled and fell, grazing my knees, but that was the least of my worries.
  43. Convert it to grazing, cattle on the lower slopes and sheep on the higher.
  44. The farm consists of grazing land lying at the bottom of an irregular valley.
  45. Joey shot at the animal again, the burst barely grazing the lithrike’s head.
  46. Then Jordon pretended to be a grazing pony and strolled under the tree-house.
  47. He rather watched the horses who were grazing in their usual carefree manner.
  48. Having live rock is a great idea because it will provide grazing opportunities.
  49. She found her and the other horses that happily stood grazing near the big lake.
  50. A general sees deer grazing near his camp and thinks what good guests they make.
  51. We do spot a couple of grazing bears, but they are too far away, and too high up.
  52. There were many flocks of goats or sheep and herds of cattle grazing along the way.
  53. Chance happened that she came across a lone deer grazing, separated from its mates.
  54. They’d spotted a herd of deer, grazing in a meadow perhaps two hundred stadia away.
  55. As we approached, they suddenly stopped grazing and all stared in the same direction.
  56. Yet, as I stood grazing at it, I at last recognised the well-known, beloved features.
  57. Here and there, I spotted substantial holdings and beef cattle grazing in the meadows.
  58. Micah turned and walked the short distance to where the Captain was grazing his horse.
  59. She left the flock grazing behind her as she climbed to the forest on the upper slope.
  60. The first warrior then swung his axe again, grazing Nancy’s belly and drawing blood.
  61. When its momentary panic subsides, it will begin grazing again; it has no other choice.
  62. Those parts of Great Britain which border upon the Irish sea are all grazing countries.
  63. Holmes followed him, and I, leaving the horse grazing beside the road, followed Holmes.
  64. The operation here was a grazing property and covered several thousand hectares of land.
  65. Only then, when they found a way to dominate grazing animals did they invade their lands.
  66. On almost every open area there were animals grazing; horses, sheep, rabbits and even deer.
  67. They would rather be outside in a herd with other horses and grazing animals than be alone.
  68. Jarken nodded and walked toward the grazing camels slapping me on the back as he passed by.
  69. She went on grazing contentedly, but she sharpened her ears and steered somewhat towards Tom.
  70. She gently felt her arm with both hands then moved to her shoulders, grazing Olivia's tresses.
  71. Amongst the parched brown grasses and faded wildflowers, a few black-nosed sheep were grazing.
  72. Because of this, I decide to aim my camera, rather than my gun, at the animals grazing 1800 ft.
  73. The two juicy ladies he’d seen going into the store were grazing among the clothing displays.
  74. The soldiers went out and the first creature they found was Rabscuttle, grazing on the hilltop.
  75. We even saw a few elk and a mule deer grazing away, as if they didn’t care that we were there.
  76. There was nothing to see except for the rolling hills and sheep grazing on the fine green grass.
  77. In its bucolic setting of pastoral fields they noticed a great number of cows and sheep grazing.
  78. He followed behind her as she drove the ATV out to where the cows were grazing, then grabbed her.
  79. Oho, small kids used to play here and the goats spent their times after grazing grass, huh?
  80. They still have spots painted on them and white lines mimicking the white lines of grazing antelope.
  81. The door was open, and the horses had been let out and were grazing a patch of meadow around a pond.
  82. On the mountain where Jay saw his sheep yesterday there are now seven beautiful white shapes grazing.
  83. A herd of cows, calves, sheep, and pigs, which belonged to the village community, was grazing there.
  84. There almost nothing there to eat except food only designed mostly for grazing animals and predators.
  85. The boys were confidently astride their ponies which had their heads down grazing in the thick grass.
  86. Jess turned towards Tonka who stood patiently a ways off grazing what was left of the yellowing grass.
  87. His lips were soft, grazing, tickling hers, and then increasing in intensity as she responded to him.
  88. A while later she sat down next to the mare that was now grazing satisfied with being here with Enilia.
  89. In the same second that she recognized the voices, she saw Uruvian and Moravion grazing behind the tent.
  90. Beyond his shoulder was the grazing field, and the official used the beam of the flashlight as a pointer.
  91. Sometimes they passed flocks of sheep or cows or goats, grazing on green patches of new-sprouted plants.
  92. The rich citrus orchards of the Rio Grande valley do not relate to the sagebrush grazing of South Texas.
  93. Before she could pounce, she was pushed roughly against the tree, the bark grazing the skin of her cheek.
  94. The plane passes the condos, with one of the wings barely grazing the roof of the building across from us.
  95. Suddenly she screamed aloud, for there on the picture she saw a peaceful flock grazing on a green pasture.
  96. The islands on which the bat lives have also been intensively logged for agriculture and livestock grazing.
  97. Most large mammals are an indication that there is a water supply within daily reach of their grazing areas.
  98. By good luck, a few rooms were reserved for overnight stays by cattlemen from the grazing lands to the west.
  99. They gave the horses some grain: grazing was not enough for a mount that had to carry a man or woman all day.
  100. Then there is the winter season ease: grazing in their Northern pastures that have no predators to be wary of.
  1. It but grazed her side.
  2. Sheep grazed in the hills.
  3. The bullet had only grazed her.
  4. The damn thing just grazed me.
  5. She grazed his cheek with her hand.
  6. It grazed off one of the mushroom.
  7. Libby froze as his fingers grazed her.
  8. A bullet grazed my father’s left leg.
  9. Clouds like lambs grazed over the blue.
  10. A substantial herd of horses grazed nearby.
  11. Another grazed her head and made her swear.
  12. He reached down, grazed her thigh and then.
  13. This time the toe of his shoe grazed her arm.
  14. He’d only grazed the skin, but the sight.
  15. As they rose to greet him Kanaklata grazed a.
  16. The goat grazed nervously nearby, but he was.
  17. More shots, one grazed the inside of his thigh.
  18. The bullet seemed to have just grazed the skin.
  19. The double ought buckshot nearly grazed her ear.
  20. They were grazed by cattle as they had always been.
  21. She ducked and the ball of ice grazed off her hood.
  22. Finally he took a swing at me and it grazed my head.
  23. Ah, you’re not cut too deeply, you’re grazed.
  24. He dived in and the snatch boat grazed his shoulder.
  25. One punch grazed his head, al owing him to grab his.
  26. Their cattle and horses grazed in herds on the steppe.
  27. The doctor prescribed it because I have grazed my foot.
  28. The shot from the Beretta grazed the policeman’s face.
  29. The hair on Raleigh’s forearm gently grazed against mine.
  30. The tip of his blade ripped my sleeve and grazed my forearm.
  31. Cows and sheep grazed in the fields all happy and contented.
  32. The spear head grazed his shoulder and drew a thin red line.
  33. Selwyn was right beside me; his arm grazed mine several times.
  34. My face and neck are red where his stubble has grazed my skin.
  35. Jesse’s thumb grazed my lips as he stared deeply into my eyes.
  36. As the buffalos grazed, their tails and ears wagged and twitched.
  37. He had chills across his arms as his fingers grazed over her skin.
  38. He looks down at his grazed knuckles and tries to flex the joints.
  39. To the north cattle and horses grazed themselves upon the prairie.
  40. Directly behind them grazed an older joey about the size of Robert.
  41. Her fingers grazed through, taking in the silk feeling of his curls.
  42. Her fingers grazed over his skin leaving it on fire where it passed.
  43. He grazed her shoulder, touching it lightly as he returned to his seat.
  44. Sebastian’s injured arm grazed the ground, and he yelled out in pain.
  45. The priest reached out a long-fingered hand and grazed her cheek with it.
  46. Then he barely grazed me on the steps of the Hall from point-blank range.
  47. Her cheek grazed her knee as she waited backstage, doing simple stretches.
  48. I had a bear nose around down below and several deer have grazed up close.
  49. Treadwell’s sheep grazed and the bog where his Highland cattle wandered.
  50. Horses grazed in the meadows, around the house and along the water’s edge.
  51. The impression only grazed his mind, but was left lodged in his subconscious.
  52. Tom’s heart skipped a beat when his little finger grazed something ice-cold.
  53. A man wheeled a trolley past Jacob's legs so near that he almost grazed them.
  54. A sliver of glass had penetrated Reed's heavy duffle coat but only grazed the.
  55. If they had only grazed, at least, they would have no pains in their stomachs.
  56. In doing so, the manila envelope she held in her hand grazed the man’s cheek.
  57. They were dotted with outcroppings over which goats scampered and cattle grazed.
  58. The bullet had only grazed the outer part of his thigh, but it left a large gash.
  59. His horse had been wounded under him and his own arm slightly grazed by a bullet.
  60. We rested, our horses grazed, we lay out on the grass and had some more breakfast.
  61. They all grazed on ribbonleaves, the ground cover in areas of intermediate rainfall.
  62. As he neared home a mighty gust threw him on to the footpath and he grazed his knee.
  63. Every so often, as one of its tires grazed a rock on the bottom, it would spin wildly.
  64. One shot only grazed him, the second buried itself deep in the obese president's body.
  65. A foetus-poet as a young as a grazed knee YOU WERE JUST 15 AND A POET WITH AN AXE ONLY 17.
  66. Cows grazed on the horizon as all manner of vegetables grew in a field close to the house.
  67. I ducked behind the dumpster again as a couple laser beams grazed off the ground next to me.
  68. There was a small rash of scraped skin where her face had grazed the brick wall in the alley.
  69. It grazed Sterling's cut arm and hand with its glistening translucent skin before diving deep.
  70. Hair as white as snow grazed shoulders in an attractive and yet slightly messy, layered style.
  71. Raccoons and badgers dozed under bushes at his feet as his toes grazed the surface of the earth.
  72. Enilia stayed back with the horses that stood a length behind the provision carriages and grazed.
  73. She halted to have a closer look at a little deer family who calmly grazed in between the houses.
  74. We believe he was grazed by one of Mitchell’s bullets, and it was his blood we found on Ashley.
  75. Because the bullet was deflected, instead of severing his arteries or spine, it grazed his neck.
  76. The ricochet bullet grazed him behind one ear and caused him to fall on his back down on the ground.
  77. The next strip had been left fallow, and wild grass and weeds were poking up, grazed by a few sheep.
  78. She had to be careful as the rocks were slippery, and she nearly grazed her knees a couple of times.
  79. Lord John had the shoulder of his coat torn away, but the creature's teeth had only grazed the flesh.
  80. When his foot grazed the edge of the circle, white fire flashed, throwing him back a couple of steps.
  81. My eyes looked ahead and grazed over the grand white arch draped with more garlands and blue ribbons.
  82. On well-grassed flats the blooded Herefords grazed, only looking up as we drove by in a cloud of dust.
  83. Grazed and bruised we finally negotiated the barbed-wire fence, crossed the road and raced to the car.
  84. Squall, whale, and harpoon had all blended together; and the whale, merely grazed by the iron, escaped.
  85. It grazed on low, feathery ferns with lavender underparts, which gave off a scent of mint when crushed.
  86. She missed three consecutive strikes whereas Eshana’s butterfly blades grazed her arms and legs twice.
  87. It was not scared in any way and as it had had a good look at her; it calmly bent its head and grazed on.
  88. These men and women ate the fruits of the trees and the seeds of plants, and animals grazed on the plains.
  89. Her ankle taped up securely I started to rise, when the tips of her fingers grazed my cheek, Thank you.
  90. Still, the bullet grazed Ethan slightly over his left shoulder; his third shot went wild and punctured a tire.
  91. Far below lay the fields green with wheat, the flat pastures grazed by horses, the darker greens of the woods.
  92. Cautiously leaving the safety of the fences they roamed out across the lush grass again, heads down as they grazed.
  93. Although her hand had not even grazed his skin, he was startled by the intimacy and felt his whole body grow tense.
  94. There were fields of thick ribbonleaves where streetcar kedas grazed instead of the thongga herds in the real wilds.
  95. The young goat herder walked slowly among his animals as they grazed the sparse scrub vegetation of the Jordanian desert.
  96. The tomahawk grazed her shoulder, and cutting the withes which bound her to the tree, left the maiden at liberty to fly.
  97. The mare, excited by Gladiator's keeping ahead, had risen too soon before the barrier, and grazed it with her hind hoofs.
  98. The mare, excited by Gladiator’s keeping ahead, had risen too soon before the barrier, and grazed it with her hind hoofs.
  99. He telegraphed a roundhouse punch, which I blocked; I teed up one of my own, and as my brother pulled back, I grazed his chin.
  100. During her roll her head had grazed a rock and there was blood slowly seeping down the side of her face and into her right eye.
  1. Grazes and angry.
  2. The freezing air grazes the.
  3. Enzo grazes his hand across the wall of Animal Revolvers.
  4. There's no time to waste, as the herd is moving as it grazes.
  5. Amabella does have some unexplained bruises and grazes, and a.
  6. He reaches over, grazes my knee with his hand, and pops the glove.
  7. What have you been doing? You're covered with grazes and scratches.
  8. She pulls her head back just in time, and my elbow grazes her chin.
  9. Karalintze, I hope this finds you in good health – and that the grazes are healing.
  10. Anthony hand grazes my knee as he shifts gears, and my whole body tingles from his touch.
  11. The word pasture indicates what animal grazes and lives on of the herbage and plants.
  12. Reaching my navel, he dips his tongue inside, and then gently grazes my belly with his teeth.
  13. After hot showers and splashings of antiseptic on copious grazes, we were asleep within minutes.
  14. Feel it, baby, Christian whispers in my ear and very gently grazes my earlobe with his teeth.
  15. The car makes a wide high-speed turn under elevated-train tracks and grazes one of the iron supports.
  16. This is a stroke lightly and quickly painted, where the brush just grazes the surface of the canvas.
  17. Perfectly understandable, I replied as I tended to her wounds and grazes with my first aid skills.
  18. Each person who grazes his cattle on the ‘free’ collective land—the commons—has no incentive to economize on the land.
  19. It was almost dark by the time they reached their swimming hole and plunged in to relieve the grazes, cuts, ant bites, and other irritations endured without realising it during their trek.
  20. Secure in the knowledge that no one would dare enter her sanctum without first knocking, the headmistress and her ancient acolyte tutted concern and gently swabbed and applied ointment and plasters to gashes and grazes.
  21. For the strain constantly kept up by the windlass continually keeps the whale rolling over and over in the water, and as the blubber in one strip uniformly peels off along the line called the "scarf," simultaneously cut by the spades of Starbuck and Stubb, the mates; and just as fast as it is thus peeled off, and indeed by that very act itself, it is all the time being hoisted higher and higher aloft till its upper end grazes the main-top; the men at the windlass then cease heaving, and for a moment or two the prodigious blood-dripping mass sways to and fro as if let down from the sky, and every one present must take good heed to dodge it when it swings, else it may box his ears and pitch him headlong overboard.
  22. Mac draws up short to keep from slamming into Barrons, and her blond hair swings back over her shoulder, brushing his face as it does, and my hearing is so good I catch the rasp of it chafing the shadow stubble on his jaw, then one of his hands grazes her breast and his eyes narrow when he looks at what he touched in a hungry way I want a man to look at me like one day and, as they continue to recover from the near-collision, their bodies move in a graceful dance of impeccable awareness of precisely where the other is at all times that is unity, symbiosis, partnership I only dream of, wolves that chose to pack up and hunt together, soldiers who will always have each other’s backs no matter what, no sin, no transgression too great, ’cause don’t we all transgress sometimes and it fecking slays me, because once I got a little taste of what that was like, and it was heaven and they’re so beautiful standing there, the best of the best, the strongest of the strong, that they practically glow to me, on fire with all I ever wanted in my life—a place to belong and someone to belong there with.

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