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Frasi con bum (in inglese)

Ah, he was a bum.
He was a bum speaking.
And her bum, did it glow.
The bum returned his stare.
Rory was getting a numb bum.
Let go! he told the bum.
He had a special y made bum.

The early bum catches the food.
He stuck his bum out, and made.
Rogers had been living like a bum.
Don’t bum out on me, please.
But, don’t let that bum you out.
He said to her, On the bum?
You remember what the bum said?
Pissy Ann Mary had been a street bum.
It’s actually quite a gorgeous bum.
He slapped my bum and demanded access.
They’ll still think of you as a bum!.
All the ruckus startled the bum though.
None of this is true with BUM Marketing.
As he looked at him, like he was a bum!.
Tommy laughed, said, Throw the bum out.
And there’s nothing fat about your bum.
You ain’t give me no bum steers yet.
It was apparent to Bill the bum did not.
Hi, Chief, the bum said with a smile.
Ferguson’s buddy gave us a bum steer.
Yes, please tell, the bum encouraged.
I’ve got a plaster-cast of Annie’s bum.
The face wasnt too bad, but he had no bum.
Who, this bum? What are you on? Shrooms?
She wiggled her bum at the passing motorist.
Never to be "On The Road" or a "Dharma Bum".
I’m not much use, with my bum shoulder.
The giant bum appeared sad for the first time.
It took a bit to shove it up his bum hole but.
Bess had to stand with her bum against the wall.
The water had felt incredibly sexy on his bare bum.
Conceivably, if she’d said I had sexy legs and bum.
So I walked over to the dumpster and there's that bum.
I’ve got used to bumming around in jeans and a t-shirt.
She was bummed.
I’m bummed too.
I was so bummed out and.
I was so bummed out by the.
I was too bummed out to fake it.
I think we were also really bummed out.
In truth, we were so bummed out when 11:00 P.
I am a bit bummed that it turned out that way.
I left the kitchen a bummed out terrified cat.
I majorly bummed when I seen it was her, he says.
I walked away from Chip bummed out but certain that I’d.
Cynthia, if you’re ever bummed out, even in the restroom.
I’m still pretty bummed from all of this shit with my mom.
One of the reasons I am so bummed about my mom is that I am.
I nodded, though I was bummed out, Tess normally went with us.
I was bummed out when we prepared to leave the site Sunday afternoon.
When the bell rang and he didn’t even show up for class, I seriously bummed out.
I arrived home and Mark was already there, sitting on the couch, bummed beyond belief.
He bummed a ride to San Francisco on a navy plane, hitched his way to Letterman, and walked in.
The fellow shrugged and pointed out three bare bummed women in thongs, sunbathing while their toddlers played.
He bummed five hundred kronor off a young woman in the bar to pay for a taxi to Saltsjöbaden in the middle of the night.
I was dissatisfied with my job as a mental health counselor, and I was bummed that we couldn’t develop original material.
He had even more fun writing his second book, Drive, Ride, Repeat, but was bummed by non-fiction's need to stick to the truth (yucko).
It bums me out.
Move your bums!.
The ski bums were nestled.
Bums and winos filled the rooms.
Why those lazy bums, he said out loud.
A bunch of bums were standing before a can.
Now: even homeless bums buy lottery tickets.
Yeah, but where are those surfie bums?
It’s too nice a name for the likes of these bums.
They’re all old with fat guts and sagging tits and bums.
It was a couple bums back of town, both drunk, nothing to it.
That left plenty of room to let some bums and thieves slip in.
Tried to make friends, and they rebuffed him—a bunch of bums.
When they bent over their tunics rode up and you could see their bare bums.
Crumbs For Bums), the homeless shelter soup kitchen—ten loaves per person.
She rushed out from there and cried at her subjects, Find Zetor, you lazy bums.
We looked as if our naked bums and legs had been sprayed with slightly luminous paint.
Well, what do we have here? Two lazy bums: that missed out on some of the action this morning.
I enrolled my defense; I was not going to let a group of equine bums to intimidate me that way.
And speaking of bums, at least you can get all the free bread you need at Brunch for Buddies (a.
This one he used for a handful of low-level informants and contacts, mostly drug dealers and bums.
Birds soared, butterflies fluttered on shrubs, skinks scuttled and they warmed their bums in silence.
We’re a bunch of bums, what can we say? Gage grinned and pulled the deck of cars out of its box.
Half the apartments were vacant, the other half the nightly resting place for homeless bums with nowhere else to go.
The extra actors were in their twenties and thirties, lean and pale, not handsome, but healthy with fine legs and good bums.
Instead, Laura and I drove into the bush and looked for real, wild kangaroos so I could peer up their bums when they leaned over.
He thought that they were just afraid of his predilection for the cane which he used on the hands of girls and bums of boys with gay abandon.
Both the Whipping and the Sight of stripp’d Bums had brought him so close to his ultimate Hot Fit of Lust that he could not penetrate us long.
But they’d never expect a stupid Unterseeboot Kapitan who hates sunlight to wind up in Sol City, South Laguna, with all those mindless naked bums.
Clyde stood up and gave a few final words of instruction before we forced our stiff bums and legs to stand up and move toward the front of the truck.
Goddamn asshole grocery store managers always sabotage the old food they throw out so the bums and scumbags can’t salvage the food, get sick from it, and sue the store.
He turns around to see a massive and muscular Native American man with guns in both hands blazing numerous bums in the head with precise accuracy while running towards him.
He profiled freak show performers on Coney Island; a man who played cello on a Long Island City subway platform; a woman in Mount Morris Park who fed both pigeons and bums.
The rich would become incensed at the homeless poor flouting their sacred Laws: they would scream at their legislators to rip those lazy bums out of jail and make them work.
Paved with the bums of bottles, a road runs passed hotels and brothels, stores and pubs, roars and hubbubs (Letchard enters, seating himself in front of a bar-counter) TEA-COSY:.
I always thought orgies usually only involved extremely fat people with hairy bums? (That’s all there were at the ones I went to anyway … and you should have seen the blokes too!).
The Jeep had, as usual, stopped with a jerk, and the four toads were hobbling out of their high seats, rubbing their bums and twisting their thick, short necks as they came out into the sun-light.
As for the occupation of the beast, he was clacking away on his computer, which had a large printer connected with it, and he did not sense our presence any more than the drug bums in the other chambers.
America is fast developing a bum-culture… literally showing-off their bums and navels in public… showing their navels and buttocks in public: just as three year-olds do… completely unconscious of how ridiculous they look.
The Sight of our bare Bums in the Air excited him beyond Measure, for he drew his Supplejack ere he drew his Cock and burnish’d—so he call’d it—our Bums with the stinging Leather Thongs, creating that Redness and Heat without which his Privy Member would not stand at attention.

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