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Frasi con puke (in inglese)

Puke, urine, blood, and fecal.
I figured she'd pass out, or puke.
She just told him to let me puke.
The urge to puke returned at once.
One that I talked about is the puke.
The puke had a booze wine-cooler scent.
On what basis was this wretched, puke.

The whole thing makes one want to puke.
Apparently you ran out so fast to puke.
He made a face like he was about to puke.
Its clapboards were a hideous puke green.
Puke is something that I could never eat.
That was a powerful motivator not to puke.
The acrid smell of vodka and rancid puke.
The other cats that we made puke had the.
Man, the sight of which still makes me puke.
Was he going to puke? On her good jumper!?
Our heaving and the stench of our puke caught.
Spotting that puke is a legitimate way to trade.
There was puke, poop, blood and urine in the air.
The scent of puke, tears and blood filled the air.
But thankfully, much of the puke was on the wall.
He really didn’t want to puke in the crime scene.
Thankfully, some of his puke landed on Jeff’s arms.
My stomach is flipping around so much that I might puke.
Everything-on-a-stick and puke covered dandelions in the.
There are a few prop firms making good money on the puke.
Either that, or I might puke from all the junk food I ate.
Oh yeah, she’s dead, Melvin said trying not to puke.
The gull was flying so high the elevation caused me to puke.
The stench was terrible! If I'd been a human, puke would've.
I'd tell you the rest of the story, but I might puke if I did.
And when I puke I think about nothing but my heaving, be it dry.
The scent of puke and visible puke are a dead giveaway that you.
My father cleaned the puke off his shoes and we bolted for home.
But that’s a legitimate pro trader trade, playing for the puke.
Anyway, she must had seen puke before, and I let out another groan.
Meanwhile Alec was still bent over the fountain, gagging on his puke.
If you don’t have that on your chest, you’re just another Navy puke.
His actions indicated to me that he wanted to prevent puke proliferation.
Meanwhile, Corey was puking his.
Puking overboard to feed the herrings.
I want to, but I’m terrified of puking again.
Their puking took Steve’s mind off his question.
I could hear a young woman puking and dry heaving away.
Speaking of puking, I dare you to eat this bug!.
A young gal who was puking was in terrible physical shape.
After the burly teen finished puking, his friends called.
The smell is so bad that you’ll probably start puking.
I've really had it with the side effects attached to puking and.
She was on the side of the road by a sign, puking into the bushes.
Heather, well have to remove the puking cat to an isolated section.
She had been still on her pallet while I was puking, and that worried me.
He was embarrassed to recognize the signature sounds of his brother puking.
Shakespeare said, At first the infant, mewling and puking in the nurse’s.
I started to complain and it turned into a bout of coughing that ended with me puking.
Thompson, Chalmers said, get that thing out of here before we all start puking.
She went on: You were puking and shitting all over the place, and bleeding down there.
Wrote Saturdays stuff yesterday morning as I wasn’t up to it after puking the other night.
After throwing up I closed the toilet seat with a grimace, puking always left me in a slight daze.
Belted it around my tender waist, it still hurt from the bout of puking that had left me sore in the ribs and belly.
The lower ranks, although eager, did not fight well and, as a puking advisor the Wolf couldn't do anything about it.
Tommy was already paying for his sins: when I found him downstairs, he was hooked up to an IV and puking his brains out.
Besides, men get to drink until they're puking and it's expected! We shouldn't we! Sashi said to the table at large.
And then I was sputtering and puking salty water and rough hands were holding me and hairy lips were breathing air into my lungs.
Tommy was already paying for his sins: when I found him downstairs, he was hooked up to an IV and puking his brains out.
He said Nuran came to his cabin puking her guts out and whining that you were so mean you were going to make her stand her shift anyway.
People running out of the building, ½-dead already and puking in the streets, sidewalks, and parking lots around the $8,470,000,000 complex.
These large fowl were pecking, knocking over, picking up and puking on the ones closest to the bottom of the refuge, but also those who already starting up.
At first several of the other men had gone out with him to the wreckage, but they’d all soon been back, the whole lot of them as white as milk and puking on the beach.
What is so puking disgusting and stinking is how all of the conventional fucking accounts of that war not blaming the Russian tsar for starting a European war of total annihilation.
There, the bottom of a bottle indicates drunkenness, a basket-handle tells a tale of domesticity; there the core of an apple which has entertained literary opinions becomes an apple-core once more; the effigy on the big sou becomes frankly covered with verdigris, Caiphas' spittle meets Falstaff's puking, the louis-d'or which comes from the gaming-house jostles the nail whence hangs the rope's end of the suicide.
By then, some had retired to their rooms after puking,.
He puked, his.
I could've puked.
You would've puked.
One kitty puked her.
However he only puked.
I rolled over and puked.
I turned away and puked.
Oh yeah – he also puked all.
Someone had puked on the carpet.
He literally puked his brains out.
Otherwise, we would've puked our.
Following this, I puked my brains out.
The German shepherd puked his brains out.
Corey came to, puked then his mind but puked first.
Apparently, Yum had puked his brains out while I was.
He raked his throat rudely, puked phlegm on the floor.
Every single cat that we chased down puked in the exact.
The terrified toy dog defecated, urinated then puked his.
The VCO puked her brains out then hiccupped a dozen times.
A short while later, one of the animals, a Beagle, puked.
The first time that I puked my brains out from the booze.
After Corey puked away much of the booze in his stomach I.
Then, we ran out of the room and puked our brains out! It.
I’d puked a total of seven times, eliminating everything.
I looked around, desperate, and puked right there in the gutter.
Honestly, if I had to run another block or two, I would've puked.
He stepped out the front door and puked on the grass, then returned.
Chunt’s stomach could take no more and she puked on George’s shoes.
Did any of them listen to the few who puked their guts out seeing this shit? No.
I nearly puked on myself at how desperate sounded; she didn’t want or love Jesse.
Instantly, I puked and puked my brains out, almost choking to death in the process.
My first thought was I had fallen where I had puked, but I knew that couldn’t be the case.
His head swam, and sweat popped out around his eyes, and he just puked, and puked, and puked.
So much so, that as it all clicked in at once; Bru puked his guts out all over the table- top.
I said old Jesus probably would've puked if He could see it--all those fancy costumes and all.
Whatever it was she puked up, we’ll never know, but once again her face was caught on camera.
Afterwards, she’d puked her brains out, but it hadn’t changed how annoyed she’d been at me.
The medical prefab ones that the prosthetics companies puked out were both overpriced and not his style.
A cloud enveloped us, and I staggered out of it, eyes running with tears, nose and mouth burning…I puked.
To my delight, I was able to express my discomfort with the idea of eating Diomed or Beau and puked up the food.
Is it too much to hope that that phone belongs to one of those pukes from Sumar? he asked.
Who but a Woman can speak of pressing her Cheak to the tender pink Cheak of her own Child and her Breasts running with Milk at its very Touch, squirting fine Streams heavenward like the sprinkl’d Stars of the Milky Way? Who but a Woman knows the joy of Feasting her Eyes upon Eyes that cannot focus, of clasping tiny Fingers that can only grasp without knowing what they touch, of kissing tiny Toes that cannot walk and know not whither they shall go or whence they have come? O no Matter how lacking in Reason the Newborn Babe seems to the Masculine Philosopher, ’tis Reason itself to its Mother, so besotted is she with its Charms! Who but a Woman could love a Creature that cries all Night when she would sleep, who wakes up ravenous to eat only when a Plate is set before its Mother and she would eat, who partakes of no Polite Conversation but only pushes its Tongue in and out of its Mouth like a very stupid Puppy, and drools and pukes and shits all the livelong Day and Night!.

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