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Frasi con button (in inglese)

1. He hit a red button.
2. I punch the next button.
3. Click on the OK button.
4. There is a button for.
5. She hit the lock button.
6. Got the button at hand.
7. Max jabbed the G Button.

8. He hit the enter button.
9. Doyle hit the red button.
10. He clicks the off button.
11. He hit the search button.
12. You push this button here.
13. I pushed the button and.
14. Marv hit the pause button.
15. He pushed the play button.
16. Then he pressed a button.
17. I pushed the only button.
18. She flipped the On button.
19. It was my favorite button.
20. He pressed the top button.
21. I hit the Review Ad button.
22. I hit the call back button.
23. Joe pressed the red button.
24. He fumbled with the button.
25. Here, let me button you up.
26. Next to it a button which.
27. Mr Wonka pressed the button.
28. He switched the button on.
29. Zem then touched a button.
30. Madame Button blinked at him.
31. She pressed the STOP button.
32. He tapped the redial button.
33. He idly hit the PLAY button.
34. Click on the Delete button.
35. Click on the Download button.
36. I would kill for that button.
37. Ames hit a button on the dash.
38. Inside was a wide red button.
39. I hit the off button and paced.
40. Click on the button "Options".
41. You know you lost a button.
42. Richard pushed the call button.
43. He pressed the trigger button.
44. There's a pause button, Max.
45. He hit the button and sat back.
46. He pressed an intercom button.
47. This red button is the trigger.
48. Michael hit the 'ignite' button.
49. A green button is on the player.
50. My finger hit the button again.
51. A click of the button and the.
52. Charlie punched the STOP button.
53. Now press the blue button twice.
54. Claire pressed the PLAY button.
55. I pressed the nearest UP button.
56. Depress that yellow button for.
57. The button to edit/insert image.
58. She anxiously pushed the button.
59. Nothing resembled a call button.
60. I pressed the round button and.
61. Donate button on the Free-Ebooks.
62. CLOSE button in the nick of time.
63. Push the button or I'll push it.
64. At the click of a button upper.
65. At a push of the button, a comm.
66. Zorn obeyed and pushed the button.
67. They’ve got the button at hand.
68. I quickly pressed the end button.
69. Click on the button to select it.
70. Click the Action button (Fig 45).
71. Placing a wireless, button size.
72. He pressed Gary’s speed button.
73. Halfshaft punched the button to.
74. Click on the Custom Level button.
75. When you press on the button www.
77. A lock button prevents the tape.
78. He then pressed a button on his.
79. Click the Multi line radio button.
80. Blouse with the top button undone.
81. Theresa wore a green button down.
82. Everytime we press the button we.
83. Then there was a laugh; a button.
84. Vinny pushed the button once more.
85. Michael jabbed the button on his.
86. Bell bottoms that needed a button.
87. She pressed the small button be-.
88. Krystal pointed to the tiny button.
89. I found the ladybug-sized button.
90. Tyler touched one button and then.
91. I found the Mute button and hit it.
92. Hiss pressed the Stop button.
93. Click on the Save changes button.
94. Some bastard has stolen my button.
95. This happens when button is pressed.
96. I pressed the truck's radio button.
97. Press on the e-mail button to apply.
98. Norman pressed a button on his desk.
99. He pressed the button on his radio.
100. Whitey pressed the retrieve button.
1. He was now buttoning up his shirt.
2. Fixing his coat, buttoning it up.
3. Fred buttoning the khaki shirt he wore for his flying lessons.
4. I walked out of the bathroom to see Jesse buttoning up his shirt.
5. I closed my shirt in shock, buttoning it up nervously while I got up.
6. He came back to the trucks presently, ostentatiously buttoning his shorts.
7. What can I do for you? he said, buttoning up the middle button of his uniform.
8. What is it you want? he said, buttoning up the middle button of his uniform.
9. But Miss Ivors, who had put on her hat and was buttoning her cloak, would not stay.
10. Did you call me, sir? Qolam asked as he came out of the barn, buttoning his fly.
11. His fingers went down to try to figure out the intricacies of the buttoning of his fly.
12. Reeling, he groped for his coats and got them on, buttoning his overcoat up to his ears.
13. Breckinridge, he continued, buttoning up his coat as we came out into the frosty air.
14. Davout brightened up at the news the adjutant brought, and began buttoning up his uniform.
15. He passed, discreetly buttoning, down the aisle and out through the main door into the light.
16. He dressed in Russian style, with a shirt buttoning down on one side, and a full-skirted coat.
17. As she was buttoning up the doors on the trailer, she told me one thing that I would always remember.
18. Why, it seems only yesterday that I was buttoning Amy's pinafore, and pulling your hair when you teased.
19. A man walked down the trail toward the camp, boosting his suspenders and buttoning his jeans as he went.
20. I need to go check on the colt, she said, buttoning her pants and looking around for a clean shirt.
21. Yashvin, tipping another glass of brandy into the bubbling water, drank it and got up, buttoning his coat.
22. An officer, buttoning his glove, stood aside in the doorway, and stroking his mustache, admired rosy Kitty.
23. May it please the court, Akers says, buttoning his suit coat and positioning himself before the jury box.
24. Rachel straightened herself and began buttoning up her blouse as Peter started the car and put it into reverse.
25. Buttoning it down, his chin lifted, he saw the image of Marie Kendall, charming soubrette, beside the two puckers.
26. He collapsed to the floor with a series of wheezing curses as she stepped away and began calmly buttoning her shirt.
27. I was still buttoning up my shirt and fastening my belt when the elevator doors sprung open in the downstairs lobby.
28. With a combination of generating friction by rubbing his arms and buttoning his suit jacket, he got control of his body.
29. Grampa, fumbling with his chest, had succeeded in buttoning the buttons of his blue shirt into the buttonholes of his underwear.
30. Handleman, says the prosecutor, buttoning his coat at the podium, is your appearance here today pursuant to a subpoena?
31. Patrick, buttoning up his coat first, went as well to the barn to meet them, finding Ingrid already taking the saddle off her horse.
32. To stay? The elder, engaged in buttoning her tight kid gloves, said it was most kind of me, but they couldn't possibly stay any longer.
33. Thomas had entered the dining room; his hands were busy buttoning the remainder of his many buttons on the front and sleeves of his shirt.
34. He pulled back abruptly and I heard the sound of running feet and I lifted my head off of his shoulder and let him finish buttoning me up.
35. Thinking that Paul could help me out, buttoning my shirt and with my jeans rolled up just past my ankles, I went to the kitchen to find him.
36. The Russian spymaster smiled briefly at Zinoviev and gave the East German a polite and formal nod, then buttoning his coat, made for the door.
37. There were rules about every detail of life, from the folding of blankets to the buttoning of clothes, each reinforcing isolation and total obedience.
38. He had seen everything from the upper floor and, swollen and livid, he came down the stairs buttoning his shirt, his side-whiskers still in an uproar after a restless siesta.
39. For one second he remained motionless, but, on glancing about him, he perceived that the soldiers were buttoning up their coats with tolerable equanimity, and crawling out, one after the other.
40. On hearing that Prince Andrew had come, he went out with his spectacles on his nose, buttoning his coat, and, hastily stepping up, without a word began weeping and kissing Prince Andrew’s knee.
41. The sergeant rose near the group about the reader, buttoning up his coat as he did so, and stepping over and on the feet of those who had no room to withdraw them, and came forward to his officer.
42. He was buttoning his fly as he came, and his old hands were having trouble finding the buttons, for he had buttoned the top button into the second buttonhole, and that threw the whole sequence off.
43. Buttoning his trousers, and slipping a nylon mask into his pocket, he checked for the soft kid gloves and turning his mobile phone off, he carefully zipped it into the special pocket he had for it on his ankle.
44. A short stout man of about thirty, in white breeches and high boots and a batiste shirt that he had evidently only just put on, standing in that room, and his valet was buttoning on to the back of his breeches a new pair of attracted Rostov’s attention.
45. And immediately Tushin, with a short pipe in the corner of his mouth and his kind, intelligent face rather pale, rushed out of the shed followed by the owner of the manly voice, a dashing infantry officer who hurried off to his company, buttoning up his coat as he ran.
46. And immediately Túshin, with a short pipe in the corner of his mouth and his kind, intelligent face rather pale, rushed out of the shed followed by the owner of the manly voice, a dashing infantry officer who hurried off to his company, buttoning up his coat as he ran.
47. She was left dangling, barely at the entrance of her tunnel of solitude, while he was already buttoning up again, as exhausted as if he had made absolute love on the dividing line between life and death, when in reality he had accomplished no more than the physical act that is only a part of the feat of love.
48. A short stout man of about thirty, in white breeches and high boots and a batiste shirt that he had evidently only just put on, standing in that room, and his valet was buttoning on to the back of his breeches a new pair of handsome silk-embroidered braces that, for some reason, attracted Rostóv’s attention.
49. Yes; and many is the time, when, after the severest uninterrupted labors, which know no night; continuing straight through for ninety-six hours; when from the boat, where they have swelled their wrists with all day rowing on the Line,—they only step to the deck to carry vast chains, and heave the heavy windlass, and cut and slash, yea, and in their very sweatings to be smoked and burned anew by the combined fires of the equatorial sun and the equatorial try-works; when, on the heel of all this, they have finally bestirred themselves to cleanse the ship, and make a spotless dairy room of it; many is the time the poor fellows, just buttoning the necks of their clean frocks, are startled by the cry of "There she blows!" and away they fly to fight another whale, and go through the whole weary thing again.
1. Peter buttoned up his coat.
2. She hesitated, buttoned her coat.
3. He carefully buttoned her up and.
4. Vamenos smiled and buttoned the coat.
5. My blouse had been buttoned wrong.
6. The buttons buttoned as fast as they.
7. She buttoned his shirt and washed his face.
8. It wasn’t buttoned up all the way to his.
9. It was buttoned from her breast to her waist.
10. His thick overcoat was buttoned up to his neck.
11. She knelt and buttoned her daughter’s polo shirt.
12. I kept my jacket tightly buttoned for the ceremony.
13. Hartridge buttoned up her blouse and looked at him.
14. Amy was wearing a red blouse that buttoned down the.
15. He made sure that it was buttoned before stepping back.
16. The shirt, buttoned to the collar, pinched at his neck.
17. The wind whipped at his open jacket and he buttoned it.
18. Dressed as he usually was in a tightly buttoned collar.
19. I shouldn’t, Kathy said as she buttoned her coat.
20. She was grateful for her warm jacket, firmly buttoned up.
21. By the time I had finished, Torhan had buttoned his blazer.
22. Tom buttoned his coat over his chest and settled back again.
23. The shirt was not buttoned, but instead it was tied at her.
24. Then he girded up his trousers, braced and buttoned himself.
25. He stood straight, with his shoulders square, and buttoned.
26. He pulled her pants up and buttoned the bottom of her shirt.
27. The buttons buttoned again as fast as they were unbuttoned;.
28. He hastily buttoned his shirt up and came to stand beside her.
29. Both were of the princess style, and buttoned down the.
30. Jim got up from the plank and buttoned his jeans and went outside.
31. He buttoned his jacket and stepped out to the lectern in the well.
32. He finally buttoned his shirt with aching arms, and he was ready.
33. His black overcoat was buttoned up to the chin because of the rain.
34. Coats and jackets were buttoned up as the search progressed, and Dr.
35. The Lilliputian man kicked at the door with his brass buttoned boots and.
36. The shirtsleeves were buttoned to the wrist despite the Indian-summer heat.
37. The pickers scurried at their work, coats buttoned close over their chests.
38. The woman glided on her scrolled buttoned boots to the door of Luna’s cell.
39. In a blue frock-coat, buttoned up close, decorated with the Legion of Honor.
40. Her grandmother, Ginny, buttoned up her coat, but said nothing about the cold.
41. The front yards were all open, but the back yards were all buttoned up tight.
42. When Lou had stitched up the ripped seams, pressed them smooth and buttoned.
43. Tom arose and buttoned two of the buttons on his jacket in one swift movement.
44. He buttoned up his waistcoat button by button, in the most punctilious manner.
45. Warm pyjamas buttoned up to the neck spoke of a cold flat not a passionate night.
46. I jumped off of him and buttoned my uniform while Duncan tried to compose himself.
47. She buttoned it up against the chill and then showed it off with a slow pirouette.
48. He sat in a leather buttoned Chesterfield armchair and read the relevant documents.
49. He stood quite pale, and buttoned and unbuttoned his coat, shrugging his shoulders.
50. Mama Adele had buttoned her blouse when she gave me a remarkably constrained look:.
51. Zander was wearing a brown checked jacket and a white shirt buttoned up all the way.
53. He buttoned up his overcoat, pulled his balaclava up over his head and put on his gloves.
54. By the time she’d buttoned her shirt, Anne and Rohan were at the table, clearly plotting.
55. Then the ADA stood, buttoned his jacket, said to the judge, The People rest, Your Honor.
56. She buttoned up her jacket which was torn in several places where the branches had snagged it.
57. One of them hadn’t buttoned up his shirt, and his chest and tummy looked all knotty and hairy.
58. He was glad of his jacket as he cruised thru the dewy air and he put up and buttoned the collar.
59. He habitually wore a hat with a wide brim, and a long coat of coarse cloth, buttoned to the chin.
60. A small man with a cheap green jacket buttoned over his beer belly appeared in the office doorway.
61. Murphy and the Colonel helped Doug inside, his coat buttoned to conceal his torn and bloody shirt.
62. When it comes to its bottom button, you need to keep in mind that it is not intended to be buttoned.
63. ZOE: There was a priest down here two nights ago to do his bit of business with his coat buttoned up.
64. Wortley, always urbane, always in time for the overture, buttoned his gloves, and admired Miss Clara.
65. Once in the toilet, he took out the tap from his shoe, slipped it into his jacket pocket and buttoned.
66. They indulged, and usefully too, in excesses in the matter of white neckties and tightly buttoned coats.
67. We’ll talk about that later, Rapp said, pulling the partially buttoned dress shirt over his head.
68. Alex is wearing his suit jacket buttoned up, but not to guard against Easter's vaguely inclement weather.
69. One was buttoned only in the two lower buttons out of five, and the other at the first, third, and fifth.
70. She buttoned her black basque up to the chin and pinned down the collar with Pittypat’s mourning brooch.
71. Phil Hoffman stood, buttoned his jacket, straightened his Hermès tie, and walked smartly to the witness box.
72. I know I don’t have it buttoned up yet, but I’ve got a motive and links that tie him to three victims.
73. He detested the large soft creases of his clothes and the way they buttoned and bulged between the buttonings.
74. The officers buttoned up their coats, buckled on their swords and pouches, and moved along the ranks shouting.
75. Hurrying to the door and making sure first that his top was well buttoned, he then unlocked and opened the door.
76. Pierre was there too, buttoned up since early morning in a nobleman’s uniform that had become too tight for him.
77. It had a high-necked collar with no neckline, suited to the most modest noblewoman, buttoned up with white pearls.
78. D'Arcy came from the pantry, fully swathed and buttoned, and in a repentant tone told them the history of his cold.
79. Every expression and movement was as deliberate and controlled as the heavily starched shirt buttoned at the collar.
80. He buttoned the collar of his jacket up around his throat when he was cold and drew his hands up inside the sleeves.
81. As we buttoned up our coats and started back across the marsh, Jip ran ahead pretending he was looking for water-rats.
82. Putting back his handkerchief he took out the soap and stowed it away, buttoned, into the hip pocket of his trousers.
83. The bullets hit him in the chest, in the left eye, in the stomach, went through his clean coat buttoned all the way up.
84. All the three buttons buttoned up without tearing on the long glove that covered her hand without concealing its lines.
85. The waistcoat buttoned up to the neck, the collar, straight and stiff like cardboard, kept his chin in its proper place.
86. Huldah herself felt a little qualm of fear as she opened the kitchen door to the tall figure buttoned in the big ulster.
87. He lighted his bicycle-lamp, bounced the machine on the barn floor to see that the tyres were sound, and buttoned his coat.
88. I buttoned up a few buttons of my shirt while hoping they could witness such ignorant remarks from the by passing motorists.
89. The brown beaten jacket matched the cowboy boots but not the short skirt or incorrectly buttoned and oversized linen shirt.
90. Stubb," said I, turning to that worthy, who, buttoned up in his oil-jacket, was now calmly smoking his pipe in the rain; "Mr.
91. Amy was always wearing slacks with collared shirts that were buttoned up all the way to the top, practically choking her neck.
92. I was in the coat, anointed by tobacco scent and booze, as John buttoned me up with royal dignity, grabbed my ears, kissed my brow.
93. He stood erect in the half-open door, his hat on his head and his left hand thrust into his coat, which was buttoned up to the chin.
94. His hands clad in wrist buttoned white gloves were crossed on his waistband cummerbund with a clear show of silk cuffs at the wrist.
95. Having buttoned the overcoat round her shoulders he plunged into the webs of vapour which by this time formed veils between the trees.
96. It was a California Highway Patrol officer in the customary tan uniform: short-sleeved shirt with buttoned pockets and a brimmed hat.
97. Her lab coat with the butterfly appliqué on the breast pocket was buttoned up to her neck and she was wearing sweatpants under that.
98. He buttoned it up, made sure every one of his decorations was in the proper place, and then picked up his cover and put it under his arm.
99. He was dressed in a blue frock-coat, buttoned up to the chin, and wore at his button-hole the rosette of an officer of the Legion of Honor.
100. Don Juste Lopez, after taking his daughters home, had entered solemnly, in a black creased coat buttoned up under his spreading brown beard.
1. The buttons at the top.
2. He punched a few buttons.
3. Any one of those buttons.
4. So let's push the buttons.
5. He played with the buttons.
6. Click on the various buttons.
7. The gloves had nine buttons.
8. Trini punched up some buttons.
9. I hit buttons two and fifteen.
10. Let’s try the buttons first.
11. Carla pushed his buttons again.
12. Rachel pushed the four buttons.
13. Same goes for all the buttons.
15. She buttons it up to her throat.
16. He pusheda few buttons at random.
17. Steele had pushed all his buttons.
18. It will be a coat with buttons.
19. Do not use fancy colours or buttons.
20. He was already pushing buttons on.
21. Buttons burst off in all directions.
22. There were two tiny buttons on the.
23. Loved to count my waistcoat buttons.
24. Barrons popping the buttons on my fly.
25. Dresses shall not have metal buttons.
26. What the hell are these buttons for?
27. The buttons buttoned as fast as they.
28. They provide you with the play buttons.
29. She unbuttoned the middle two buttons.
30. Next to it are blue and green buttons.
31. The man pressed some buttons on a keypad.
32. I started punching buttons on the remote.
33. He knew exactly how to press her buttons.
34. Wilkes and a pair of massive cuff buttons.
35. He found the buttons on Nixon’s console.
36. He unfastened the top two buttons of her.
37. He was kissing him and undoing his buttons.
38. He was always trying to push my buttons.
39. He gestured towards the buttons on the wall.
40. Buttons fl ew as Alfi e was pulled forward.
41. He decided to take the door with no buttons.
42. Terry always knew how to push my buttons.
43. Silver snap buttons held his shirt together.
44. At a touch of several buttons, the Gateway.
45. It was black with silver boards and buttons.
46. The number of buttons in the remote channel.
47. On his suit he has diamond and ruby buttons.
48. Or is it my buttons he’s trying to push?
49. I’m glad the buttons haven’t popped!.
50. I knew Knotcher was trying to push my buttons.
51. And sprinkle the table with buttons and bran:.
52. Inside the box there were a series of buttons.
53. What motivated the study? Look at my buttons.
54. On top were buttons and bulbous status lights.
55. Brubaker pushed his buttons, and made him mad.
56. He undid her buttons slowly watching her face.
57. Alistair's mobile phone had only three buttons.
58. Then again some buttons being pressed by Sunny.
59. She'd pushed his buttons there and she knew it.
60. He pressed its buttons, shook it, and rubbed it.
61. Buttons on boots appeared to climb up her legs.
62. He dabbed at the menu buttons on his own cell-.
63. The light, lights up on the up and down buttons.
64. Her fingers glided over the row of bell buttons.
65. The video, bullets, download buttons (anything.
66. She touched buttons on the screen several times.
67. One day, the buttons were removed from the foils.
68. You will know exactly what their hot buttons are.
69. The cover pushed several emotional buttons as well.
70. Sebastian Akers rises slowly and buttons his coat.
71. Medusa tilted her head and pushed buttons as usual.
72. He stabbed a few buttons and waited for an answer.
73. There’s no buttons in the front of the shirt.
74. I mean Vangie had a way to push anyone‘s buttons.
75. It was a name that pressed more buttons than Libby.
76. Fingers pressed buttons then the ring tone started.
77. Shiny brass buttons adorn his wool four-pocket coat.
78. For the ‘no thank’ you buttons, use red or grey.
79. Paul grunted and pushed some buttons on the keyboard.
80. The wind blew snow between the buttons of his shirt.
81. A few buttons had been unbuttoned exposing some of.
82. She pressed a few buttons but nothing was happening.
83. He was just trying to push his buttons, that’s all.
84. Press the buttons at the right to turn it on and off.
85. Press the big red buttons either side of the hatch.
86. He took his seat and pressed several buttons on the.
87. He punched buttons and finally connected with Boston.
88. The big guy seemed to be an expert at pushing buttons.
89. Tina pushed the buttons on the PS2 controller as fast.
90. The recessed elevator buttons were ill-suited to paws.
91. Mary, who’d been bent over the buttons, straightened.
92. My fingers started in on the top buttons of her shirt.
93. She waited until he finished fiddling with the buttons.
94. It’s not time for flashy banners and buy now buttons.
95. He seemed to know what all the buttons were for anyway.
96. She’s perfectly healthy and as cute as ten buttons.
97. Don’t push my buttons and try to piss me off any.
98. Christian presses several of these buttons in sequence.
99. After a moment of Nancy pushing buttons, a male voice.
100. Medusa tilted her head every which way, pushing buttons.

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