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    1. She didn’t hide behind the camouflage paint any more

    2. camouflage, as a shield against the austerity of the regime in which

    3. discourage rust, and painted in olive drab camouflage colours

    4. The putting on of clothes is an act of camouflage

    5. Now it was for camouflage

    6. camouflage was not good enough to fool me

    7. The camouflage was fully laid out now

    8. were now fully apparent—he wore camouflage and his face was a brown, green,

    9. But his camouflage was everyday attire: hat, boots, and all

    10. They were dressed in MTP camouflage and carried the SA80Mk3 assault rifles

    11. Bob the Buho’s camouflage, found in other species of Mother Nature’s children, is not only created by the darkness of his environment when he is out on the hunt, but also his plumage itself is skillfully adapted to blend in with the colors, textures, and patterns of his surroundings

    12. I looked again and this time I saw him he had covered himself with mud and bits of debris it was a brilliant piece of camouflage and if he hadn’t moved his rifle I would never have spotted him

    13. Camouflage uniforms were banned (in the townships) in order for the police to appear less military and more like police

    14. Jayana said nobody lived out here now, so why does any animal need camouflage?”

    15. He might have been Maldynado’s age, but the thin hair swept over his head in an attempt to camouflage a balding pate made him look older

    16. Now, a SAP camouflage jacket is not the best camouflage material in a city and we had a target to look for because of that

    17. In the meantime we searched for a man in a SAP camouflaged jacket hoping none of the SAP COIN Instructors or Special Task Force members were around for they also wear the same camouflage jackets (but also the full uniform including trousers)

    18. As they explained to me later, the fact that he had a SAP camouflage jacket on, made them hesitate and that saved his life

    19. At first the SAP members had neither camouflage uniforms nor specialist vehicles which offered landmine protection

    20. There were two different SAP camouflage uniforms which looked slightly dissimilar

    21. It was in fact a status symbol to have the old style camouflage but you better also be entitled to it for the owners did not take kindly to interlopers and wannabes

    22. It was a status symbol for us to wear faded camouflage as it indicated veteran status in our macho world

    23. The art of camouflage and breaking your silhouette was taught extensively

    24. It is always amusing to me to see pictures of a soldier with a few diagonal camouflage stripes across his face only

    25. they are in the strangest camouflage and some even air-conditioned

    26. The constant border duty or "bush trips" as we called it created havoc in my life as you never really settled into wearing SAP blue and driving at top speed in Flying Squad, and then the next moment you are in camouflage in a much slower Casspir

    27. Thought-provoking is that one pilot suffered from a mild form of colour blindness which made it possible for him to see through the usual camouflage where others could not

    28. The same technique was used during the Second World War and it rendered normal camouflage useless

    29. The use of turned terrorists in police camouflage uniform raised a lot of eyebrows so it was kept quiet and the unit itself fell under the Special Branch and quite separate from SAP COIN

    30. Camouflage material on anything – including suitcases – is against the law

    31. We had fourteen planes lined up under canvas and tenting; some under camouflage netting, stashed here and there

    32. “You’re saying this is easy? Is that why you don’t even bother with a canvas or some camouflage?”

    33. ‘Also,’ said Russell, continuing in his calm pleasant voice, ‘they’re experts in camouflage, both to avoid predators, and to snare victims

    34. Xeila, evidently, was nowhere to be seen, thanks to her flawless camouflage,

    35. of the steely grey gunboat; the sailors were wearing a camouflage

    36. all of us have the ability to camouflage like a

    37. I carried my camouflage hiking backpack with a large pull-behind plastic bag, and a shoulder bag in the other hand

    38. Dressed in camouflage, Matthew looked more intimidating than she remembered

    39. The man and woman were wearing camouflage, holding

    40. Camouflage, soon sold by Victoria's

    41. camouflage and he didn't hardly notice the man wearing the same

    42. She was a stunning woman and camouflage never looked so

    43. This began a conscious policy, continuing to today, to showcase people who are not Jews in order to camouflage Jewish influence

    44. which know how to trade on the camouflage of Biblical Immunity

    45. Both men wore the striped camouflage pants and jackets known as tiger suits

    46. He stroked up his face and hands with his camouflage stick

    47. The beings he arrived with came as a tribe of native Indians but they really weren’t; it existed only during the time needed to hide and camouflage the container

    48. They brandished a variety of firearms, all impressive, and stood rigid, side-by-side, in dark grey camouflage with black berets

    49. He saw black boots and the bottom of camouflage trousers moving his way, stepping over fallen Rotham corpses

    50. We took off our helmets and fastened them to our belts under the camouflage tunics

    1. That accomplished, he climbed the ladder and crept up on the roof where he had stacked corrugated metal panels, which so matched the existing roof as to have been perfectly camouflaged laying as they were

    2. hands in the pockets of his camouflaged shirt, and pulled out two dart pistols—

    3. Is once again camouflaged

    4. And they grew, which not only effectively camouflaged my residence, but also provided it with a shield of sorts against the onslaughts of hurricanes, which I would learn were a fairly regular occurrence on the island

    5. The black slacks and turtleneck camouflaged her form as well as the dirt that covered every inch of her

    6. Then I saw him he was well camouflaged but I had spotted him moving his rifle up into the shooting position I rested the recticle on his temple saying to Elijah

    7. “They appear to be camouflaged, but I can sense them

    8. Studying the man, Terry saw that he was dressed in the same camouflaged outfit as the gunman back at the folly and carried a similar pistol in his hand

    9. A man in camouflaged fatigues stood in the doorway, his swarthy face glinting with a light sheen of sweat, his hard eyes locked on Terry, along with the gun he carried

    10. In the meantime we searched for a man in a SAP camouflaged jacket hoping none of the SAP COIN Instructors or Special Task Force members were around for they also wear the same camouflage jackets (but also the full uniform including trousers)

    11. With the years a camouflaged uniform and the brilliant Casspir anti-mine armoured vehicles were in service and this was totally unique to the SAP COIN Units

    12. We draw our kit on the first day which consisted of camouflaged overalls, old fashioned sail webbing (suitably appropriated from the Army just after the Korean War), a sleeping bag and an R1 (SLR) rifle without a strap and two magazines

    13. It was also standard procedure to turn you camouflaged hat inside out so that the day glow could clearly show the circling K Cars who you are

    14. ” The swathes of gauze encasing Herminia’s head so camouflaged her that at first glance, Beth thought she had slipped out, but the movement of nuzzling into her pillow for another forty winks gave her away

    15. If the beasts turned to flee in the wrong direction, they would need to cross the camouflaged trench, resulting in their fall and ultimate death

    16. They’ve been hidden on the iceberg all the time, camouflaged

    17. ‘The bad news is: I have obtained knowledge of twenty-five insect battleships camouflaged on the iceberg

    18. Such blind hatred camouflaged the reality—that at the time (before the surge) a lot of the frustration with the war was based on a desire to fight it more vigorously, not withdraw

    19. She moved her hip slightly and felt her sword, currently camouflaged, against her thigh

    20. As soon as she did as well, it disappeared, probably camouflaged

    21. On closer inspection, I notice a shoulder-width opening nestled between two buildings and camouflaged by the shadows

    22. The Wolf, dressed in the camouflaged fatigues known as Tiger suits, wearing his mashed and sweaty sun-faded green beret for the first time legally in eight months, was at the wheel of a jeep rumbling down a dusty road on Tan Son Nhut Air Base headed toward the O� Club to celebrate

    23. Both men folded and stuffed their green berets into a leg pocket, and put on floppy-brim�ed camouflaged jungle hats

    24. Smith at the wheel, they sped off in one of their "self-help" vehicles, a camouflaged M-151 jeep with a pedestal-mounted M2

    25. They were all dressed in black pajamas, soft floppy camouflaged hats, and wore black rubber sandals cut from old tires

    26. '" He looked out to see a camouflaged F-105 flying close formation on the right wing

    27. Everybody's helmet and shield and clothing were camouflaged with hanging bits of dry moss or spruce-branches or tufts of dry grass

    28. others, it must be camouflaged in a thousand different ways, so they can do

    29. The cart passing-point that had been selected for the ruse, had been so well camouflaged with the rock flake covered canvas that it had looked just like an extension of the rocky walls that lined the track

    30. that this was an illness, it was camouflaged by something else

    31. adulthood, in thousands of camouflaged forms

    32. At the end of each day the prisoner would be thrown back into his cell which was a bamboo cage in a hole dug into the earth and camouflaged from view

    33. that were camouflaged by red, white, and blue crepe banners

    34. pavilion—ghostly shapes camouflaged in the smoky air

    35. ” These moths tend to be small and inconspicuous, with a variety of camouflaged wing patterns

    36. Music and light drifting up through the opened dome had camouflaged my noise

    37. Camouflaged and hidden and that is how I will have to remain with

    38. She camouflaged the cave entrance anticipating we would come back to find her and Eric

    39. Tar, because of his military training as a sniper, knew that he could stay camouflaged and motionless for days and his gold coloured undergarment and backpack blended in perfectly against the statue

    40. The cave mouth had an electronic shutter camouflaged to look like rocks, fifty-foot from the entrance, designed to make the cave appear as a dead end

    41. Pon returned to his camouflaged spot and watched

    42. How the aura of success camouflaged my jewel-less crown from public view! Who knew what a burden that was on my guilty head? And Sneha chose to damn me further with a garland of guilt

    43. He saw the slots now, in the floor where the jaws had lain, perfectly camouflaged

    44. Just to be certain she stayed on the sidewalk that was camouflaged by the old trees that had been there since the beginning of Jack City

    45. The uniform had camouflaged his age and appearance

    46. The woman‘s reverie was interrupted as she stepped into a burrow camouflaged by the dense wiregrass and fell into the thick weeds

    47. The ancient looking tramp dressed in hand me down old army clothes of green khaki jacket, camouflaged trousers and with a huge rucksack on his back pushes the old wooden gate and feels the latch give a little

    48. Hundreds of camouflaged trucks start to fill the huge yard as military personnel and service and military robots climb out

    49. They would then proceed through the caves to a camouflaged exit some of which were a kilometer away from the decoy site

    50. Moving to their camouflaged observation post, Sebastian and Sean watched as the attack began in earnest

    1. And even though it camouflages its true selfish agenda in the benevolent language of "environmentalism" or the "social good", anyone who knows anything about history or politics should be able to see through the State's sleazy veneer

    2. he talks about himself but camouflages and even distorts facts

    3. This divergence camouflages the real top in the market

    1. Lush leaves had filled in the trees, and were stretching their little veins to reach the sun, camouflaging the last of the pond from the deck's sight

    2. After camouflaging as best they could their rubber boats, the Chinese Marines, heavily loaded with weapons, ammunition and supplies, started the arduous climb up the rocky hill that extended from one end to the other of the islet

    3. The steam emerged like a shroud camouflaging Lola as she stepped into the sauna

    4. Besides the admiring looks of the males around, and the eagerness of the females to befriend her, enlivened her mood, Roopa didn’t fail to discern the amorous glances of men who loitered around her, though the not so forthright appeared casual, camouflaging their craving

    5. Stress is a camouflaging obstacle that gets in the

    6. ) Lumping alpha and beta together in a tie-in sale made sense for sellers who could add some long-run value by providing access to the equity premium (and camouflaging any underperformance), but not for buyers, who could access the equity premium much more cheaply through index funds

    7. You can get up close by getting in the water and camouflaging yourself around the head with reeds and other vegetation

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