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    2. I explained that I wore “that cap” to cover an operation scar and the loss of hair from radiotherapy – this seemed to satisfy

    3. The day was fine and warm but I was wearing a wool hat to cover my scars – rather odd in the circumstances so I was

    4. Tempus Fugit [as featured on the cover of this section] works as a metaphor in that the mol usc - not known for its speed - has fossilised with the inexorable passage of time

    5. Raw Sex Object is on the cover of Best Scandal Ever

    6. Cover up the entrance and pat down the soil

    7. Throw the cotton balls back into the tunnels and cover the entrance with a large rock

    8. Hermann tried to cover his ears with his pillow, but then he was bothered by the sound of the whistling from his own nose

    9. In this chapter, I will cover some basic methods of making your own organic fertilizers while showing you how we can help the earth (soil) reestablish the balance and restore the natural process by harness-

    10. In such a scenario, there's a definite need to cover for unforeseen medical expenses during the individual's working years

    1. I barely remember Earth and when I try to picture it in my mind today I notice the fields covered with ribbonleaves and archwoods shading the houses

    2. Isa: 6:2: Above it stood the seraphims: each one had six wings; with twain he covered his face, and with twain he

    3. covered his feet, and with twain he did fly

    4. In case of medical insurance, the individual is covered only to the extent of the actual expenses incurred on medicine/hospitalisation (up to a maximum limit of the sum assured)

    5. The walls were also covered with writing, both on and off the multiple whiteboards around the room

    6. Without the help of insects, we would be covered with our own waste

    7. The waters covered the house and the man was forced to sit on his chimney as the rain poured down and a helicopter came by and another man urged him to get in or he'll drown

    8. The insects bled Haques, little by little, until the great hunter died, shriveled and covered in his own blood and the bodies of those he had killed

    9. It was at least an hour, but they might have covered a sixth of the distance back to habitation when her mount went down

    10. A counter divides the room into an office for the secretary and a small waiting area with a few chairs and a coffee table covered with magazines

    1. She had a light knit-wrap with her, but she hung that on the rail, leaving only her thin jersey covering her long and elegant body

    2. ” He snorted, covering his mouth

    3. He placed the box over the alarm keypad, completely covering it, and then started entering random number combinations on his own keypad

    4. A quick look outside told her that there was no one covering that side of the house, at least she hoped there wasn’t

    5. John lies on his back resting with his eyes open, the sheets covering his body up to his waist

    6. with our physical eyes His covering hand which separates, protects and

    7. ’ I said, covering the moment

    8. I think he is covering another identity

    9. This advanced technology had allowed it to make the fastest crossing ever to Satan's Star, covering the eleven light years in under fifty years

    10. Ridges of crumbling stone and cement bit into the thin skin covering my knees and I waited, letting the reality of this simple and basic reaction to the physical world wash through me

    1. This sticky substance covers the leaves and provides nutrients for the mold to grow

    2. The third stage covers the actual process of counseling

    3. The covers are in disarray

    4. Ivy covers part of the front wall of the house, giving it a solid, friendly feel

    5. He was bathed in sweat, and the covers were

    6. straining under the covers

    7. them, He is with us today and He covers us with His clothes, makes the

    8. He comes back to the bed, draws back the covers and helps me to my feet

    9. Cloud that hovers and covers

    10. Between the two of them, they manoeuvred her between the covers, Angie fussing over straightening the sheet and patting the pillows

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    cover covering fire covering masking screening back binding book binding blanket cover song cover version concealment covert screen top natural covering cover charge wrap up brood hatch incubate insure underwrite report address deal handle plow treat spread over overlay breed enshroud hide shroud cross cut across cut through get across get over pass over track traverse cover up comprehend embrace encompass compensate overcompensate continue extend harbour asylum pretence defence guard ceiling case umbrella roofing attic integument copse bower growth shrubbery thicket underbrush disguise curtain cloak camouflage spread mask wrapper sheath capsule pod casing wrapping jacket clothes bonnet cowl cap mantle muffler cosy rug carpet runner canopy clothe face wrap overwhelm envelop overspread shade defend house shelter shield