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    1. In this particular case

    2. In case you are interested, O

    3. I imagine it has to do with a case you’re working on?

    4. children be kids in case they hurt

    5. until you have the number of pounds that you want to lose, in this case, twenty pounds

    6. In any case, it would be difficult to have been more

    7. metaphor; in my case for the “omnipresent and shallow

    8. I pull on my ear flaps and waddle out with my case of beer, nearly tripping on the first step through the door

    9. My earliest memories of my father were of him being away a lot on a case in Anchorage

    10. When Mom finally told me about the case, I remember just nodding and walking to my room to just stare at the ceiling and think

    11. They have a tough plastic or hide side to expose to the ground, or sand in this case, with a nylon lining and dacron batting

    12. “You’re not working on a case!” It offends me more than it should

    13. If that is the case, what is the different than

    14. In case of hoarseness, rest the throat without misuse till hoarseness passes

    15. In case of glandular swelling in the neck, consult your doctor

    16. In case of toothache, gum bleeding, ulcers of the gum and cheek, white patches etc

    17. As is often the case at times like these, he woke while dark still gripped the land

    18. So in that case, decision is actually the only thing that sets us apart from other

    19. · In case it is essential to ignore pain, may be temporarily, say while playing a game or attending to a more serious patient, remember that beyond a certain time this could lead to serious body injury to you

    20. In this case, God did something that can be understood

    21. My theory turned out to be true in Micah’s case

    22. This in turn, will ensure that his long-term finances will not take a hit in case of major medical expenses in his latter years

    23. In case of hospitalisation, the expenses that are incurred will be taken care of by this policy subject to the limit of the cover

    24. Tax benefits are also available in case of dependents

    25. In case of medical insurance, the individual is covered only to the extent of the actual expenses incurred on medicine/hospitalisation (up to a maximum limit of the sum assured)

    26. This was not the case till say a decade back

    27. In his case it hadn't been sex that ended their relationship, but politics

    28. They took to the bed for an hour, just in case Jorma or Venna decided to pop back in on them

    29. In our case also similar impressions would have been created that we find very difficult to get over

    30. The only part of the computer that was physical was the small, rectangular case he held up in his left hand

    31. They had fought even over that hypothetical case

    32. In that case she could be gone a year

    33. In case you are a doctor then counseling your patients is in any case part of your profession

    34. The first stage of counseling is to develop a working relationship, except in the case of close relations

    35. In the case of dealing with patients in the medical profession the counseling takes a much wider and long-term meaning between the doctor or counselor and the patient

    36. ‘Inspector, if that is the case, what else do you want to ask my client?’ he asked

    37. ‘Liz, it has been headlines that a woman has been helping the police with their enquiries in connection with this case, and a lot of speculation has been flying around

    38. In any case she didn’t have much else left to her; she had to try and escape

    39. In the case of a Hindu, equal division is made between the wife, children and mother

    40. In any case,

    41. does not seem to be the case

    42. ‘It’s possible … things are moving in the Sadler case

    43. It’s a large village with a very active social spirit and I know Emma and Adrian get involved in a lot of the activities which, as has been the case throughout the centuries, are in the main organised by the church generally and, more specifically, by the vicar

    44. Still, he was always a help if he was around, but it was probably good to get this done without his knowledge, just in case there was something shady going on

    45. In any case, Bush wanted you

    46. The reason for this is, that after we have participated in the happenings of the day and in the general give and take of life, the mind is in a state of violent vibration; this is not the case if the meditation is performed first thing in the morning

    47. ‘Molly, can you pass on what I’ve said to Stephen, please? He’s in touch with the Inspector dealing with the case and I feel he ought to know about Dan’s behaviour

    48. The infamous Black Dahlia case of the 1940s and a much more contemporary case from the 90s

    49. This was the most high profile case he had handled to date

    50. He had left Talshi a note in case she came over, but that was not disturbed when he got back for Nightday

    1. It was a fine silver cased English pocket watch about eighteen fifty with a lovely enameled landscape on the reverse side

    2. Divorce Spells should be used in extreme cases for example if your husband has disturbed you a lot and you are tired of his tortures, you need a divorce but he is not giving you and thus your life had become miserable in such cased you may go for these powerful Spells can also be used to prevent a divorce, if there are people who are not happy with your happy family life and are trying different ways to separate you and so are insisting on a divorce then these divorce spells should be used to protect you from all such evil people so that you may have a very happy and secured married life

    3. past a small cased opening to the left

    4. He is holding a cased video camera, the viewfinder pressed to his eye as he runs his hand along the jaw line of some fair‐haired brown skin girl grinning at him

    5. I carefully cased the whole place out, mostly to see if there were

    6. "By Mitra," said he slowly, "I never expected to see you cased in coat-armor, but you do not put it to shame

    7. ” She handed him a jewel cased DVD

    8. Shortly afterwards, accompanied by several trumpets and mounted on a powerful steed that threatened to crush the whole place, the great lacquey Tosilos made his appearance on one side of the courtyard with his visor down and stiffly cased in a suit of stout shining armour

    9. to, and which now cased home, so gorged me with pleasure, that it

    10. The lower part of his dress was more distinctly refulgent beams on feet cased in elegantly made boots of polished leather, over which descended fashionably cut trousers of black cloth

    11. He had large fat feet cased in soft calfskin boots, with drab-coloured spats

    12. But Diondra was not going to let it go, she walked over to Michelle’s bed where Michelle was cowering against the wall, whimpering, and she yanked Michelle down by a leg, straightened her out on the bed and sat on her, You want to tell the world I’m pregnant, that your plan, one of your little schemes, some fucking little secret you sell for fifty cents, tell your mommy, guess what I know? I don’t think so you little shit, why is this whole family so stupid, and she wrapped her hands around Michelle’s neck, Michelle’s feet, cased in slippers that were supposed to look like puppy feet, kicking up and down, Ben watching the feet, disconnected, thinking they really did look like puppy feet, and then Debby slowly waking from her zombie sleep so Ben closed the door, instead of opening it wide, calling for his mom, he wanted everything to stay quiet, no other instinct than to stick to the plan which is don’t wake anyone up, and he was trying to reason with Diondra, thinking it would all be OK, Diondra, Diondra, calm down, she won’t tell, let her go and Diondra leaning deeper onto Michelle’s neck, You think I’m gonna spend my life worried about this little bitch, and Michelle scratching, then stabbing Diondra’s hand with her pen, a glint of blood, Diondra letting go for a second, looking surprised, looking like she just couldn’t believe it and Michelle leaned to one side and gulped air and Diondra just grabbed her neck again, and Ben put his hands on Diondra’s shoulders to pull her off but instead they just rested there

    13. He kept his axe, its head cased in stout nosehorn leather, propped close at hand

    14. - Fruits and seeds: Are they fleshy, hard and cased like a nut, or small and tough like a seed? Note colour, size, shape, whether singly or in clusters, in pods or capsules

    15. On the flanks it is cased with wood, and at top completely covered by a large, sloping, battened hatchway

    16. Are cased in the pure crystal; each light spray

    1. cases shallow tv celebrities, in ful makeup and with overexposed

    2. Reducing stress levels in these cases, then, requires not an elimination of stressful situations (which is impossible), but a change in the way stress is handled

    3. In such cases the counselor is well trained in his profession and can supervise the client and modify the approach based on the inputs from the client

    4. Females lay several egg cases containing 30-50 eggs ea

    5. Some varieties carry their egg cases with them and place them for hatching later

    6. Human nature is such that he always tries to benefit at the cost of others and in the process if palms have to be greased, it is accepted and in some cases even encouraged to take undue advantage of the loopholes

    7. As senior citizens this is an area that can be tackled by reporting all cases of injustice, corruption (both giving and taking), flouting of rules and so on

    8. Of course the Government should have a framework for taking action on such reports without discouraging those reporting such cases

    9. Even if one or two cases were corrected, we would have done a service to the society

    10. Their egg cases can survive for years under the right conditions

    11. Poisons have no effect on egg cases and must be present when bugs hatch to be effective

    12. Yes, advice, especially if unsolicited, is not usually welcome, but a heart-to-heart talk is usually the answer in many cases

    13. Throw away any food stuff with cockroach cases

    14. In all these cases we should keep ourselves abreast with the knowledge about taxation

    15. · Oral wills are permitted only in three cases: member of the armed forces in action, a mariner at sea whose ship is going under, and a Muslim

    16. In most cases it’s a simple matter of dissolving in water then spraying on areas

    17. cases in which patients have

    18. There were studies of its history, its meta-molecular structures, its effects, famous cases, famous users who survived

    19. Two cases, separated by a lot of time

    20. "I've seen some of your cases in the news and when I saw this body it seemed to fit your profile

    21. Cases of liquor are stacked to the ceiling along rows that recede into the distance

    22. He had seen worse cases where traders had very specific orders to fulfill and would come back for more, either from a surviving victim, which was rare, or from their genetically comparable family, much more common, if they still needed more parts

    23. KA-BOOOOOOM! The shell fired by the militants explodes near the tail section, the plane shudders violently and cases of liquor tumble in every direction

    24. "I've heard of one or two cases alright but not here in Ireland

    25. He’s a nice guy – specialises in sticky family law cases

    26. Your author has done such and in some cases things have gone rather smoothly but at other

    27. decide on cases of benevolence

    28. the lost including, in many cases, their own husbands! They have cared for the sick, the

    29. answer is an obvious "no" in both cases

    30. They were still backed up however and could be 'resurrected' from backup in most cases

    31. In many cases the root belief goes something

    32. meaningful coincidences in your life, more and more cases of

    33. the cracked CD cases, the stubble in the sink

    34. There was, as usual now in these cases, a blue flash, and as

    35. ROBERT: Is it fair to say your experience of dealing with rape victims is limited to only two cases?

    36. CARRIE: Not all rape cases are taken to court

    37. Robbins, your experience of dealing with rape victims is limited to only two cases

    38. Robbins, you've been to court in two cases, but how many rape cases have you investigated that did not go to court?

    39. They are recommended in cases that feature coarse wrinkles and severe blemishes such

    40. This is usually performed in cases where there is sagging and loss of firmness in the skin

    41. Inside was a really large telescope in a case, many large, securely-locked map cases, a large finely-detailed globe of the world on a gimbaled stand, an unintelligible plastic machine, other purposeless tools, another table, more chairs, a comfortable reading chair with a plumbed lantern, a whole library of bookcases and a big clipstand holding what must be the ships manifest

    42. Incidentally the Shoulderstand is especially recommended for women after childbirth after a suitable period of recuperation has elapsed, but in all cases do not prolong the posture beyond the point of absolute comfort

    43. In few cases do legitimate illnesses make people do unspeakable things which are unlike themselves

    44. There are some bipolar people that can get by without medication, many do and not all cases are as black and white as mine

    45. Fair fighting leads to resolution in most cases

    46. They had just been granted the separation today and the lawyers had cases already

    47. harassment cases have been filed as the result of a failed work relationship

    48. In cases of when

    49. Giving this level of authority to the controller isn’t an easy task in most cases

    50. Great-aunt Edith showed Annie how to scan photographs and store them as images on the computer, using a collection of her very own black and white artistic poses from her early days in the glamour business, images which would now be considered at best cute but in most cases just as period pieces

    1. He reached in the casing and pulled out the card, which

    2. The whole train set was encased within a glass casing, and Andrew and Monica were now carrying it outside, as Jack, Julia and Matt carried the volleyball net and the penny

    3. “Not yet, sir, but it will by the time I’ve finished with it” chuckled Fletcher, tapping it with the wrench, “The main piston has been knocked out of place and now it catches on the casing

    4. But if you had to do any you would choose gas guard because all you had to do was stand beside an empty sixteen pounder shell casing that was suspended from a tree branch and then if you spotted a gas attack you just pounded hell out of it with a hammer warning everyone

    5. Eric ducked as a piece of computer casing

    6. A cable connecting it to the casing of what was undoubtedly… “A

    7. radio working without seeing what’s going on inside the casing

    8. “And I can’t do that with the steel casing in the way

    9. sliced through the casing without as much as a sound

    10. ” I said, scrutinising him as he sliced away more of the casing, leaving only

    11. The nurse opened the casket, removing the top casing

    12. The neural silicon-organic webbing was now almost fully formed; the processor core would close up with a protective EM casing, possibly within a few hours, and the device would be aware of any anomalies

    13. With image feed into his visual field, Gerrid was able to carefully control the drill at the node point until it got through the casing

    14. By this time, the second battery was also on fire, and its casing was melting down

    15. cylinder that was the protective casing to the Reactor’s internal

    16. anxiously around him, his eyes focusing on the Reactor casing;

    17. shattered fragments of what had been the outer casing of a large

    18. some in cement casing but most in vinyl sacks

    19. “Her wrists were cut with the plastic casing of a pen

    20. She carefully picked up the casing that fell into the trunk and

    21. and let it dry, she then reassembled it into its casing

    22. polished casing stones and covered with inscriptions

    23. oddbots pulled open the metal casing

    24. First off, a protective casing; manufacturer Capdase has a large library of solid and soft cases for the PSP’s many variants

    25. He remembers his father's last words to him before shipping out: "Your body is your shell casing

    26. Your body is your shell casing

    27. absolute sure there was not even the slightest hint of a breach in the casing or the inner seal

    28. The plastic is a casing for a super-tough ceramic composite material

    29. It was a large apparatus in a wooden casing that was placed on a high shelf in the corner of the kitchen

    30. There was inevitably partly formed rubber and reactants around the disc casing

    31. “I know,” said Gary, “The only safety device is that pressure disc fitted at the top of the casing

    32. It only took a few seconds till the outer casing of the reaction vessel started to overheat

    33. With the pressure release valve locked down tight, the super pressure produced was too much for the dome casing and it failed dramatically

    34. The super heating of the steel casing plates had already strained the rivet heads almost to breaking point, and the extra pressure tipped it over the edge

    35. The casing burst open with an ear splitting crack

    36. He had heard the huge crack when the casing had split just seconds before he arrived at the scene

    37. When the disc was switched and the steel casing overheated, the plates the casing was made of over expanded

    38. This, coupled with the enormous surge of pressure, sheered the heads off the rivets holding the casing together

    39. 1 pound turkey Italian sausage out of the casing

    40. Whenever a transmission was received, it would be automatically recorded onto a digital hard-drive sound recorder and a LCD light on the casing would be activated…………

    41. She extracted the lorgnette (which contained the works of a self-focussing digital video camera) from her handbag, attached an electronic connection wire to it, which she plugged in to the Digital Video screen, set in the walnut casing of the custom made PC station

    42. Their examinations of the devices would continue to prove useless as each one had a casing of titanium combined with a radiated form of a lead compound

    43. Satisfied he can do no more he re-seals the device in its casing and inserts it back into his head

    44. With his microchip now cool he turns on the new microchip for Martin Maseeve and seals it inside its casing

    45. Inside the contents are protected by a thin waterproof casing made of thin plastic which Grailem rips off

    46. Thyne opens the casing holding the microchip and hands him one of Grailem's modified microchip‘s

    47. Singly controlled robot spacecraft, built in a torpedo shape with metal handles welded onto the casing for the robots to hold onto, fill the cargo hold

    48. The robots appear a similar mix with body and limbs appearing as a coarse metal framework that supports a super computer inside the smoother metal casing of the skull

    49. Smooth outside casing, olive coloured body with a yellow band, nasty little weapon

    50. Some of these flying machine parts crack the glass casing holding Brick and when some of the liquid hits the electrical components the scene lights up like the fourth of July

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