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Frasi con category (in inglese)

  1. There is one category left.
  2. Choose the top category that.
  3. Category column and in iTunes.
  4. Roman won the no-sleep category.
  5. Category #5: Other Food Products.

  6. Which category has higher prices?
  7. So he came up with this category.
  8. Twenty minutes per category is a.
  9. My website is in a similar category.
  10. The ads might be within a category.
  11. Manuals fall into the same category.
  12. Siamese weight category is light or.
  13. This is similar to the category above.
  14. Choose the Popularity search category.
  15. Category 4: Advanced and Mathematical.

  16. Each category contains three concepts.
  17. Or do you belong to the third category.
  18. Each category can be associated with.
  19. Only about 20% fall into this category.
  20. The final category involves works of.
  21. The second category is 'prehypertension.
  22. Children are in high risk bite category.
  23. Adobe would fall into this category too.
  24. Moon falls into that last category?
  25. In the third category indicate all the.

  26. It is best to set five in each category.
  27. Most businesses fall into this category.
  28. Can you see yourself in this category?
  29. You decide which category you belong to.
  30. We have one more gift in this category.
  31. Jim and his team fall into this category.
  32. It too is supposed to be a category four.
  33. However, the "EUR" category can be useful.
  34. There is a separate category for such men.
  35. It falls into the same category as busing.
  36. Clement Hubbell was in the latter category.
  37. The second category is of those who judge.
  38. Choose the category you created previously.
  39. Every category, every race is affected by.
  40. A prime example in this category is Wal-Mart.
  41. Investment securities were the next category.
  42. I, however, did not fall into that category.
  43. Detective Maguire slotted into that category.
  44. Equivalent strategies fit into this category.
  45. Morphogenetic fields fall into this category.
  46. General Wilkes would fall into that category.
  47. Here is a brief description of each category:.
  48. The latter category of people, lash out at me.
  49. Don't categorize everyone in the same category.
  50. The first and broadest category is ten sectors.
  51. Th e main category of subpersonality that was.
  52. Each category of risk stems from the previous.
  53. It was Montaine who spotted our category first.
  54. But this category of abusers carries a gun, a.
  55. The second category involves works that might.
  56. Then came the announcement of Charlie's category.
  57. You probably know men and women in this category.
  58. The third category is called Stage 1 hypertension.
  59. Regardless of category, however, the freedom to.
  60. She put us in the same category as my old man.
  61. The other half fell into the corruption category.
  62. The first category of changes is the most obvious.
  63. This led to the addition of a category for "jobs".
  64. In this category, the most notable are the indexes.
  65. The word disbelievers indicates the category.
  66. The fourth category is called Stage 2 hypertension.
  67. The official started our category and we were off.
  68. It should be suggestive of your business category.
  69. If you fit into that category, take advantage of it.
  70. The women and animals in this category have a dual.
  71. You think your father fits into that category?
  72. Over half of all down gaps fall into this category.
  73. Guess you could place the Delmons in that category.
  74. I’m lumping all of these together in one category.
  75. The film is in the category of "historical fiction".
  76. I expected a figure in that category, she said.
  77. Today, a popular game in this category is Urban dead.
  78. It was only a category three storm with 50 kph winds.
  79. That would fall into the bad category, she said.
  80. The next category involves technological obsolescence.
  81. The Jewish Left have created a new category of crime.
  82. By any measure, the book is in a very unique category.
  83. Depending on the jurisdiction, this category can also.
  84. Alaska has been placed under the category of wildlife.
  85. I suggest we take a sample of ten from each category.
  86. These are linked to different category sections on my.
  87. This is what the category selection screen looks like:.
  88. That day I would create a category in my mind for these.
  89. My marriage would qualify as falling into that category.
  90. This module displays the list of web links in a category.
  91. There’s another category of bite victims; that of dog.
  92. Category 3: Functions with arguments and a return value.
  93. Honey, that’s in the can’t-talk-about-it category.
  94. It’s usually difficult for a victim in this category.
  95. Another category of Chechen rape victims were those who.
  96. Grouping by numbers, colors, or under the same category.
  97. Select the Inbound Link Opportunities category (STEP 1).
  98. Generally this falls under the category of don’t do it.
  99. Women's faces are subsumed in the category of men's faces.
  100. Bend: a category of knots used to join two lines together.

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