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Frasi con class (in inglese)

  1. I hardly go to class.
  2. You won't be in class.
  3. Sally was in our class.
  4. And Class B: the elite.
  5. The best in the class.

  6. We went out of the class.
  7. This class will be held.
  8. I didn’t take a class.
  9. It was in history class.
  10. Free of the class system.
  11. He crammed a full class.
  12. Bill was a man with class.
  13. Jim never missed a class.
  14. When class was over, Mia.
  15. This is a world class city.

  16. First Class was capable of.
  17. They were not of my class.
  18. There's no class on Monday.
  19. Yvonne seemed shy in class.
  20. I had taken a class sev-.
  21. They scuttled away to class.
  22. She is not of your class.
  23. He talked to them in class.
  24. We run the class, not them.
  25. The class has been canceled.

  26. Well, he’s of that class.
  27. I have class in the morning.
  28. He had had us both in class.
  29. I met her in a class I took.
  30. It was Namit, her class mate.
  31. See you in English class.
  32. But that class is too small.
  33. Brunner had taken the class.
  34. I hated PE class, which is.
  35. Side of the New Happy Class.
  36. I won’t have it in my class.
  37. As if the class could forget.
  38. First class travel and so on.
  40. Overview of the Applet Class.
  41. I have a late class tomorrow.
  42. We’re in the same class.
  43. The entire class went silent.
  44. Nobody helped me in my class.
  45. She hardly attends any class.
  46. And a symbol of class status.
  47. Sitting in class, I pictured.
  48. He remembered his ethics class.
  49. This is a high class joint.
  50. Oh, no, she’s high class.
  51. A little boy came to our class.
  52. At the end of each class for.
  53. The class was very interesting.
  54. They are in a low income class.
  55. As if he’s late for a class.
  56. And so does the whole class!.
  57. Our class teacher was serious.
  58. They belong to a Loafer class.
  59. You are in the elite top class.
  60. The Middle Class chooses fear.
  61. However, when the class broke.
  62. The middle class will bring-in.
  63. Had he even been in the class?
  64. Top of the class for Celeste.
  65. Dickie Moats was our class hero.
  66. Southern charm, the class, the.
  67. Let us take that class, he said.
  68. She was a first class airhead.
  69. Had we been in this class for.
  70. He always stood first in class.
  71. A class can also have methods i.
  72. She’s in their history class.
  73. She was studying in class KG-2.
  74. What a class act this woman was.
  75. Class, and her looks and humour.
  76. It’s Rio from my history class.
  77. That was the real class warfare.
  78. Every class had a drop out rate.
  79. The teacher addressed the class.
  80. The class falls silent, waiting.
  81. They were in one class together.
  82. The Middle Class is frustrated.
  83. All of the class turns and looks.
  84. I'm always the first in class.
  85. Ask the whole class to stand up.
  86. He could be from different class.
  87. But that was in her ballet class.
  88. He stays with you in every class.
  89. Don’t put me in the same class.
  90. I was attempting to have class.
  91. First Class Section Of The Plane.
  92. This is a fourth class uniform.
  93. He was always first in his class.
  94. The whole class broke into clamour.
  95. Whereas the upper class is self-.
  96. And he greets his class of three;.
  97. David opened the door to his class.
  98. The purse is in a class by itself.
  99. He went to his class and I to mine.
  100. Mattingly, to bring the class to.
  1. Arming and Classing the Militia.
  2. Sir Thomas, indeed, was, by this time, not very far from classing Mrs.
  3. Fitch moved to strike out all that part of the bill which provides for the classing the militia of the United States.
  4. The House resumed the consideration of the bill supplementary to the act for arming the militia, and for classing the same.
  5. In classing varieties, I apprehend that if we had a real pedigree, a genealogical classification would be universally preferred; and it has been attempted in some cases.
  6. Geographical distribution may sometimes be brought usefully into play in classing large genera, because all the species of the same genus, inhabiting any distinct and isolated region, are in all probability descended from the same parents.
  7. Whatever part is found to be most constant, is used in classing varieties: thus the great agriculturist Marshall says the horns are very useful for this purpose with cattle, because they are less variable than the shape or colour of the body, etc.
  8. She had been quite overlooked by her cousins; and as her own opinion of her claims on Sir Thomas's affection was much too humble to give her any idea of classing herself with his children, she was glad to remain behind and gain a little breathing-time.
  9. She had been quite overlooked by her cousins; and as her own opinion of her claims on Sir Thomas’s affection was much too humble to give her any idea of classing herself with his children, she was glad to remain behind and gain a little breathing-time.
  10. He said he was disposed to have the militia in the South improved, but he prayed gentlemen not to adopt a measure calculated to injure one part of the militia, more than it would benefit the other; he hoped the provisions for classing the militia would be stricken out of the bill.
  11. I have chosen this example because the explanation which most naturalists would advance is not here applicable, namely, that specific characters are more variable than generic, because they are taken from parts of less physiological importance than those commonly used for classing genera.
  12. We use the element of descent in classing the individuals of both sexes and of all ages under one species, although they may have but few characters in common; we use descent in classing acknowledged varieties, however different they may be from their parents; and I believe that this element of descent is the hidden bond of connexion which naturalists have sought under the term of the Natural System.
  13. As descent has universally been used in classing together the individuals of the same species, though the males and females and larvae are sometimes extremely different; and as it has been used in classing varieties which have undergone a certain, and sometimes a considerable amount of modification, may not this same element of descent have been unconsciously used in grouping species under genera, and genera under higher groups, all under the so-called natural system? I believe it has been unconsciously used; and thus only can I understand the several rules and guides which have been followed by our best systematists.
  1. But then, I also have thoughts that can be classed.
  2. Me, ‘And He was classed among criminals; for that.
  3. No inclusions, the stone is classed as ‘flawless’.
  4. John Bunyan was a bad man who could be classed as a morally evil.
  5. Stephen looked as if she didn't want to be put with Mary, and classed as a girl.
  6. There were but few who could be so classed; and it was not all of them that were attainable.
  7. I am classed with the hard-labour men, but in my special division the labour is not so severe.
  8. The stage act that everyone paid money to see was banned in Queensland, being classed as lurid.
  9. If there was, the hotels would be classed as brothels and the licensing fees would be far higher.
  10. By the French laws, and they are ancient laws, the seamen of the country are all classed, and enrolled, and licensed.
  11. In spite of this favored Lancer, the label: Prude, under which we have classed her, suited her to absolute perfection.
  12. But, as Buckland long ago remarked, extinct species can all be classed either in still existing groups, or between them.
  13. In the first place, I cannot admit that the criminals classed as political are punished because they are above the average.
  14. The cruiser was not classed as sea going, just inshore waters, but the weather forecast was fine, with good visibility and no cloud.
  15. Archers in this Paralympic event are classed as standing (ST), as opposed to the W1 and W2 classes who compete in a seated position.
  16. It is difficult to conceive that a capital should be employed in any way which may not be classed under some one or other of those four.
  17. DON'T give me it's not you it's me CRAP! We're perfect together, we're both rich, high classed, gorgeous, our families love each other.
  18. My original trade could not be classed as a total failure because the stop loss order did its job of protecting me from a potential loss.
  19. Among insects there are innumerable instances; thus Linnaeus, misled by external appearances, actually classed an homopterous insect as a moth.
  20. Then he spent time going through the Standard and over the summary of the news in the thirteen Chinese newspapers he classed as real newspapers.
  21. Too many eggs seemed to be going into one basket, and her investments, laudable though they might be, could hardly be classed as trustee stocks.
  22. Homoplastic structures are the same with those which I have classed, though in a very imperfect manner, as analogous modifications or resemblances.
  23. Some had perished in what had been classed as ‘Operation Accidents’, but what deeply worried him was that a large number had been assassinated.
  24. My hopes and dreams of spending the rest of my life with the man the I love, was now to be classed as over, when really their lives had only just begun.
  25. All the members of whole classes are connected together by a chain of affinities, and all can be classed on the same principle, in groups subordinate to groups.
  26. It is, upon this account, frequently uncertain under what article a particular sort of goods ought to be classed, and, consequently what duty they ought to pay.
  27. But certain Jurassic and Triassic forms are now commonly admitted to be teleostean; and even some palaeozoic forms have thus been classed by one high authority.
  28. No doubt organic beings, like all other objects, can be classed in many ways, either artificially by single characters, or more naturally by a number of characters.
  29. The grand fact that all extinct beings can be classed with all recent beings, naturally follows from the living and the extinct being the offspring of common parents.
  30. We can understand why a species or a group of species may depart from its allies, in several of its most important characteristics, and yet be safely classed with them.
  31. And so an historical precedent had occurred, a person could from now onwards be classed as a Tolteca if it was deemed they had a service to perform in the Toltec cause.
  32. It wasn’t classed as a full international by Wales,’ Watkin recounts on his subsequent return to the club, ‘who fielded a Wales XV, not the 1st XV,’ he continues.
  33. But this event, creditable to Nostromo, was to lead immediately to another, which could not be classed either as "history" or as "a mistake" in Captain Mitchell's phraseology.
  34. Such scenes had once appeared not otherwise than happy, but now, as viewed through the dismal medium of her subsequent life, they classed themselves among her ugliest remembrances.
  35. From the most remote period in the history of the world organic beings have been found to resemble each other in descending degrees, so that they can be classed in groups under groups.
  36. Why ancient and extinct forms often tend to fill up gaps between existing forms, sometimes blending two groups, previously classed as distinct into one; but more commonly bringing them only a little closer together.
  37. Although the news was the best news that could be told at this time, Annie was in a somewhat quiet mood as she had been told that William was now being classed as missing in action and that they were to fear the worst.
  38. But I have already remarked that it is doubtful whether New Zealand and New Caledonia ought to be classed as oceanic islands; and this is still more doubtful with respect to the Andaman and Solomon groups and the Seychelles.
  39. In this assembly, citizens were classed on the basis of their ability to arm themselves for war, and a citizen who could afford full body armor received more representation than one who could be only a lightly armed soldier.
  40. The managers of the galleries announce the exhibition of a hundred masterpieces by the contemporaries and friends of Barye, but I do not think that the visitor will find so large a number which can rightly be thus classed.
  41. A—v was classed among political prisoners, by a somewhat random official proceeding, it would seem; Koulikoff was a convict of the "special section," that is to say, as a criminal of the blackest dye, and, what was worse, was an ex-soldier.
  42. The promised crepe paper streamers and construction paper hearts dripped from the ceiling, but the dance committee had classed the place up a bit this year with the addition of little tea light candles and mason jars of flowers on each of the covered tables.
  43. Lydgate felt sure that if ever he married, his wife would have that feminine radiance, that distinctive womanhood which must be classed with flowers and music, that sort of beauty which by its very nature was virtuous, being moulded only for pure and delicate joys.
  44. At the opening of each new period he briefly notes the general historical conditions, then having classed the monuments by schools he considers the characteristics of a few representative examples, and finally endeavors to summarize the style of the school or period.
  45. Local varieties will not spread into other and distant regions until they are considerably modified and improved; and when they have spread, and are discovered in a geological formation, they appear as if suddenly created there, and will be simply classed as new species.
  46. Louis Philippe will be classed among the eminent men of his century, and would be ranked among the most illustrious governors of history had he loved glory but a little, and if he had had the sentiment of what is great to the same degree as the feeling for what is useful.
  47. Dear me, why she will never forgive me, said Maslennikoff, accompanying his old acquaintance down to the first landing, as he was in the habit of doing to persons of not the greatest, but the second greatest importance, with whom he classed Nekhludoff; now do go in, if only for a moment.
  48. Turning to the Invertebrata, Barrande asserts, a higher authority could not be named, that he is every day taught that, although palaeozoic animals can certainly be classed under existing groups, yet that at this ancient period the groups were not so distinctly separated from each other as they now are.
  49. Stop with the lies Jess! I know you know that, that's not true! It was your little game with Alex and I promise if you ever try and hurt her again, I'll be the one to ruin you and don't think for one minute that's I'm bluffing or underestimate the power I have over the so called higher classed people.
  50. If two species belonging to two distinct though allied genera, had both produced a large number of new and divergent forms, it is conceivable that these might approach each other so closely that they would have all to be classed under the same genus; and thus the descendants of two distinct genera would converge into one.
  51. Trade and commerce, if they were not made of India rubber, would never manage to bounce over the obstacles which legislators are continually putting in their way; and, if one were to judge these men wholly by the effects of their actions, and not partly by their intentions, they would deserve to be classed and punished with those mischievous persons who put obstructions on the railroads.
  52. When he sat with his elbows on the dusty writing table in the deathlike stillness of the study, calm and significant memories of the last few days rose one after another in his imagination, particularly of the battle of Borodino and of that vague sense of his own insignificance and insincerity compared with the truth, simplicity, and strength of the class of men he mentally classed as they.
  53. When he sat with his elbows on the dusty writing table in the deathlike stillness of the study, calm and significant memories of the last few days rose one after another in his imagination, particularly of the battle of Borodinó and of that vague sense of his own insignificance and insincerity compared with the truth, simplicity, and strength of the class of men he mentally classed as they.
  54. So, again, several highly competent observers maintain that the existing productions of the United States are more closely related to those which lived in Europe during certain late tertiary stages, than to the present inhabitants of Europe; and if this be so, it is evident that fossiliferous beds now deposited on the shores of North America would hereafter be liable to be classed with somewhat older European beds.
  55. In 1784, an edict was made which is still in force, declaring, that any classed seaman, who shall, in time of peace, be found serving in foreign ships, shall be sentenced to fifteen days' confinement, and reduced to the lowest wages, and serve two years extraordinary at the lowest rate; but those who, in time of war, shall be arrested in foreign ships, or passing into foreign countries, shall be sentenced to three years' service in the galleys.
  56. Javert had demanded assistance at the Prefecture, but he had not mentioned the name of the individual whom he hoped to seize; that was his secret, and he had kept it for three reasons: in the first place, because the slightest indiscretion might put Jean Valjean on the alert; next, because, to lay hands on an ex-convict who had made his escape and was reputed dead, on a criminal whom justice had formerly classed forever as among malefactors of the most dangerous sort, was a magnificent success which the old members of the Parisian police would assuredly not leave to a new-comer like Javert, and he was afraid of being deprived of his convict; and lastly, because.
  57. If this scenario only happens once a year then it can’t really be classed as a drawback,.
  1. I didn't cut any classes.
  2. It extends to all classes.
  3. The fallen classes, we say.
  4. I have seen them in classes.
  5. Yoga Classes in South Florida.
  6. Ok, cancel all his classes.
  7. There are several classes of.
  8. Classes are canceled for today.
  9. She enrolled in biology classes.
  10. But all the classes met at the.
  11. What about other asset classes?
  12. The classes are doing great guns.
  13. I remembered my history classes.
  14. Publication classes in the adult.
  15. He had missed a month of classes.
  16. There are six classes of nutrients.
  17. It’s a DVD full of yoga classes.
  18. She was in classes all morning, P.
  19. That way he only has a few classes.
  21. I'm not even in any of his classes.
  22. There were two classes before John.
  23. They are divided into four classes.
  24. There are several classes of drugs.
  25. Furthermore there are classes with.
  26. Classes are held preferably during.
  27. I’ll be back from classes by three.
  28. This is how the working classes are.
  29. I attended every one of those classes.
  30. Classes were broken up, rules relaxed.
  31. I started taking classes to convert.
  32. A few belonged to the moneyed classes.
  33. I was scheduled to begin classes again.
  34. On Mondays, Thomas did not have classes.
  35. The second year classes already started.
  36. That is why I am holding these classes.
  37. The classes proved to be invaluable to.
  38. The castes and classes hated each other.
  39. I have known both classes of individual.
  40. I was daydreaming throughout my classes.
  41. Whatever he hears in classes, he retains.
  42. Figure 6-4: Component classes of the RICI.
  43. Creative writing teachers in the classes.
  44. They do take classes on stuff like this.
  45. To support him, I joined in these classes.
  46. She also conducts cooking classes at the.
  47. Figure 6-5: Component classes of the DBLCI.
  48. Classes were forgotten as he sang on and.
  49. In my question and answer classes I tell.
  50. The former of these classes is the happier.
  51. Classes and isolation resumed in the spring.
  52. He had no scheduled classes that afternoon.
  53. She could not thus attend classes any more.
  54. Students began dropping out of his classes.
  55. Did you have classes with Katherine?
  56. Table 13-2 summarizes these address classes.
  57. She attends some of her daughter’s classes.
  59. There are eight types of mouse event classes.
  60. It is important to choose your classes wisely.
  61. Perhaps you should stop avoiding the classes.
  62. Thomas decided he would take classes at the.
  63. Fourth period classes would be starting soon.
  64. Know the different classes and types of wood.
  65. E Learning classes are conducted throughout.
  66. Major, please remember your history classes.
  67. English classes over the past months and years.
  68. We were in a lot of the same classes and had.
  69. Whenever there are classes, there are races.
  70. Go prepared for the first day of your classes.
  71. He had often argued that in his dive classes.
  72. The moneyed classes, devotedto reaction, use.
  73. I had missed my school and my tuition classes.
  74. Online classes are presented in different ways.
  75. Figure 6-2: Component classes of the CRB index.
  76. There can be two classes of cylindrical cells:.
  77. The middle classes maintained higher standards.
  78. Then a few medical classes are held above that.
  79. Obviously not all classes are on the same level.
  81. Miss any more classes and they’ll suspend me.
  82. Thus I started missing my gym classes because.
  83. Yoga relevant to elders and meditation classes.
  84. Every player character must have 1 of 4 Classes.
  85. Go to your classes without making any noise.
  86. And he‘d always enjoyed his father‘s classes.
  87. Are there a lot of SOLDIER First Classes?
  88. Yeah, we have a few business classes together.
  89. Krishn says that he has created the four classes.
  90. Without telling the lower classes of their plans.
  91. This fund offers two classes of shares: A and B.
  92. Put the classes from the build into the classes.
  93. Heather’s classes, then all the athletic teams.
  94. Her training classes in Miami lasted five weeks.
  95. It was at this time, after the classes in gross.
  96. Too many demands for rights by the lower classes.
  97. They were from the higher classes of our society.
  98. Teach the theory of music, preferably in classes.
  99. She’s crazy for those classes, but I hate gyms.
  100. Even in classes of thirty-two and thirty-four 52.

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