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Frasi con charter (in inglese)

1. It was a typical charter.
2. We need the charter first.
3. Apply for a borough charter.
4. I refuse your charter point-blank.
5. To the tower, or the charter?
6. Nicolas pulls off with the Charter Bus.
7. The charter bore the young king's seal.

8. And this was exactly how the Charter was.
9. Charter to get in the way of the Anointed.
10. A charter is a tool that can help groups:.
11. In drafting the Charter the High Heels had.
12. I have the charter before me, he said.
13. The charter is now in its third draft and.
14. A people which accepts a charter abdicates.
15. Presenting and Getting the Charter Approved.
16. The Charter was signed in England on March.
17. We do need a charter, an organized approach.
18. Oh, I’ve read the charter, Murdo said.
19. So, in practice, the Charter publicly touted.
20. All the more reason to seek out the charter.
21. And this was exactly how the Charter was sold.
22. A charter is a mask; the lie lurks beneath it.
23. It was a charter dated Christmas ten years ago.
24. That is how Vincef and I interpret our charter.
25. Charter, and do as they were told by the Anointed.
26. Charter had created a democracy, and the best of.
27. The Scripture of the Charter to get in the way of.
28. So, in practice, the Charter publicly touted as a.
29. Merthin about the charter and Thomas ’s reaction.
30. There will be no new almshouse and no new charter.
31. Since Scripture of the Charter gave Parliament the.
32. The HBC was incorporated in 1670 by royal charter.
33. A copy of the charter has been lodged with the court.
34. The charter does not say the priory may escape tax.
35. Our charter mandates us to punish evildoers, after all.
36. The Crown kept renewing the royal charter of the company.
37. Shiring is an independent borough, with a royal charter.
38. We're still available for charter to land on the mountain.
39. Captain Altman, what about the Canadian Charter of Rights?
40. Beyond the charter, team leaders ensure that the interests of.
41. Charter led to some very important aftereffects in the Americas.
42. This should not surprise us, as it is the charter of capitalism.
44. The land that was the focus of that charter later became the USA.
45. They then told Thelma and Walter that wanted some kind of charter.
46. Those are the fraternity rules set in the Charter of Indoctrination.
47. Would you proceed with the application for a borough charter?
48. Their exclusive charter has not been confirmed by act of parliament.
49. I think a charter is essential if we ’re to build the new tower.
50. Upon paying a fine to the king, the charter seems generally to have.
51. There had been disputes about the charter in the time of Prior Philip.
52. Bless me, child, you will have to charter an omnibus to carry them about.
53. I caught a military charter, first to Kuwait, then to the States.
54. He crumpled the poor Touquet Charter in his fist, and flung it in the fire.
55. When he was here, Coombs was a charter member of that little group of yours.
56. She chattered in Spanish about her experience on a charter boat with a friend.
57. I'd like to charter a boat, said Ambrosius at the harbour master's kiosk.
58. Indenture or Charter Provisions Designed to Protect Holder of Senior Securities.
59. He called virtually all of the cargo charter companies on the planet and began to.
60. I know of no law in any of the States, which declares this charter constitutional.
61. In fact, the charter of the fund might even limit him to that particular strategy.
62. He blamed that fact on a gap in the Federation charter which he intended to close.
63. Caris said: Another reason why we are applying to the king for a borough charter.
64. An index fund's charter is one such constraint-own only the securities in the index.
65. The merchants were also celebrating the granting of a borough charter to Kingsbridge.
66. I can see that this is not a charter boat, but is she by any chance the Esmeralda?
67. Such, sir, has been the warfare which has been waged against the renewal of the charter.
68. This is the mandate of the corporate charter: maximize profit at the expense of labor.
69. I came to Smart Love and these discoveries while teaching in a charter middle/high school.
70. The teaching and charter of the Masonic Lodge is to convey moral lessons to their members.
71. Late that morning, private charter planes, and Carla in the Learjet, arrived on Majuro Atoll.
72. I asked in town about a charter boat and I was told the only boat around is the Esmeralda.
73. The old English East India company was established in 1600, by a charter from Queen Elizabeth.
74. Our original charter, was a Judeo-Christian document, our founding fathers hoped would be.
75. Gregory said quickly: But the charter does not restrict their use of it to any one purpose.
76. Even Jaume, their very charter notwithstanding, who led only because the rest chose to follow.
77. Charter was signed and immediately following the King James Bible (1611) and the resulting laws.
78. How like the charter of La tempête secrète whose main purpose was stated as,It shall always.
79. It was something William Bradford had spoken of when venting his fury over the almshouse charter.
80. In this year, 1817, two things were popular: the Voltaire-Touquet and the snuff-box a la Charter.
81. He denyes that he hath anie Charter parties, writinges or Bookes of accompt concerning his voyage.
82. These nine judges simply usurped and tore to pieces the charter of freedom of the American people.
83. They had thought that the granting of the borough charter would put an end to the constant jockeying.
84. But, it is again said, that the right to grant this charter is included in the power to borrow money.
85. Now that we've found them, we need to charter a boat; one that we can take alone, without anyone else.
86. And at the end of it there was the office of Hennen & Charter glowing like a comfortable beacon for me.
87. By the charter of the Kassikan I cannot divulge any information on this case to you until it is closed.
88. Remember, sir, that the honorable gentleman from Georgia has contended that this charter is no contract.
89. To get the charter approved you need to maximize buy-in from stakeholders in the community you will serve.
90. I participated in a charter school created expressly for teenage children politely referred to as at-risk.
91. Every city high in estimation as a commercial city is opposed to the renewal of the charter, except Boston.
92. Whether Congress have the power by the constitution to renew the charter of the Bank of the United States?
93. Ethical principles are found in individuals and organizations that have a charter to promote moral teachings.
94. In the second place, and no offence to Combeferre, a charter granted is but a poor expedient of civilization.
95. His charter, the Bahama Mama, wasn’t due back to shore until that afternoon at two, the same time as always.
96. The Conservatives have a way of ignoring those parts of the charter that are inconvenient to them this week.
97. Theirs was a club with diminished ranks now that two of the four charter members, the Clegg’s, were deceased.
98. Amendments to these requirements and provisions shall be the responsibility of the School Committee, by charter.
99. Why, with that much gold, he could charter his way to South America, where things were better than they were here.
100. This phase follows the approval of the charter application and includes the actual process of developing the school.
1. Chartering a way through fallen pillars I came to perhaps the centerpiece display of this ancient site.
2. Wilx always had final say on the chartering of the ship, being that he actually knew how to run the computers.
3. While the Klaxworms were making their historical first step, Wilx was chartering our ship for a foolish mission.
4. Chartering a small native schooner, he returned with them to his vessel; and finding all right there, again resumed his cruisings.
5. Chartering a ship of that class was also unlikely and if chartered, it would be frightfully expensive, as would being a part owner.
6. Way to flame out, dude! Maybe someday he’d like to consider chartering a private jet instead of flying commercial—and it might not be as expensive as he thinks.
7. It had managed to retain its fin de siècle splendor, still taking guests and still chartering events despite having been destroyed twice by fires, once in 1898 and once in 1908.
8. Having been instrumental in the chartering of that club, Roger jumped into the public debate to set the record straight without taking sides as to the merits of MECHA’s activities.
9. Nowadays, oil traders aren’t just buying contracts for the future delivery of oil, they’re also chartering supertankers to store the crude in the hope of reselling it for a profit months later.
10. Then we looked up the cost of chartering a private jet instead of owning one: a midsize jet was all he really needed for himself and three family members to fly, and that’s around $2,500 an hour.
11. Percy became involved in hosting gardening tours in Europe and the Percy Thrower Floral Tours Company was established, chartering ships for lecture cruises, which has become abundant today for cruise lovers.
12. The existing bank contends that it is beyond the power of a State to tax it, and if this pretension be well founded, it is in the power of Congress, by chartering companies, to dry up the whole of the sources of State revenue.
1. For a chartered team, the.
2. Alabama, where the company was chartered.
3. Lilliput was formally chartered as an economic.
4. Chartered by the Russian embassy, as it happens.
5. Whatever was said by Jannie Mouton, a Chartered.
6. Chartered Accountant’ Smith thought for a moment.
7. House members had chartered a plane to his funeral.
8. And the road to heaven was chartered as a clear path.
9. Buying Coaching Services (London: Chartered Institute of.
10. Our ship is chartered for home and I could not be happier.
11. Ian was a South African Chartered Accountant, who was the.
12. I’ve already done that sir, it was a chartered Lear jet.
13. They do, but it was apparently chartered the previous day.
14. Technical Director of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.
15. I propose the creation of a separately chartered, independent.
16. That was the last time I heard from the elusive Chartered Accountant.
17. With choice and accountability, I chartered the course to magnanimity.
18. Chris had always been insistent that I become a Chartered Accountant.
19. The next morning Vlad and I hitched a ride to Tel Aviv on a chartered.
20. The meridian system, chartered by Chinese acupuncture, can be consid-.
21. Northern Pacific was chartered as the first transcontinental railroad.
22. Chartered Accountant or Cost Accountant, regarding compliance of various.
23. Hugh Ross-Jones, a South African Chartered Accountant, was then the Group.
24. In two or three days, the ship they had chartered would arrive from Athens.
25. It has many schools, chartered and unchartered, throughout the South and West.
26. They flew by chartered plane from Washington, DC, down to Florida this morning.
27. Chartered Accountant who found the time to teach me basic bookkeeping and later.
28. A company chartered by the Spanish government to search for these sunken galleons.
29. If you are dealing with a federally chartered bank, and feel you have been treated.
30. He stepped forward and said to the judge: Sir, Kingsbridge is not a chartered borough.
31. The Brotherhood of Reconciliation is a chartered order of the Creator Maia, Jaume said.
32. Philippe chartered a flight direct to Locarno Airport and made enquiries about Kendrick there.
33. Finally, I decided to enroll on a Chartered Accountancy training contract with Price Waterhouse (PwC).
34. Steng half-jokes, I took her for a ride on a blimp a couple of years ago, chartered it all to ourselves.
35. Moon too, has professed having visions, and chartered the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World.
36. As my father says, if I am a Chartered Accountant, I cannot fail - plus he promised that he would invest in my own business.
37. The examinations are given by the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts, which is an arm of the Financial Analysts Federation.
38. Chartering a ship of that class was also unlikely and if chartered, it would be frightfully expensive, as would being a part owner.
39. The old steam ferry-boat was chartered for the occasion; presently the gay throng filed up the main street laden with provision-baskets.
40. They saw in full operation a bank, chartered by a Congress who had as much right to judge of their constitutional powers as their successors.
41. He had completed his degree four years back in commerce and was apprenticing at a local chartered accountant firm but had no definite income yet.
42. However, we have CCTV film of her escape from Blackbushe airfield, which clearly shows the French registered aircraft which was chartered for the job.
43. Ishan had chartered a ship, a crew of human vampires, and a few humans to take him out west to find this strange land he had heard so many rumors about.
44. The powers of the Federal Government are mere delegated chartered authorities; and in the exercise of them we are tied down to the letter of the constitution.
45. She was often chartered for special moonlight cruises, during which an elaborate loudspeaker system piped live music from the observation room throughout the ship.
46. Our family chartered a private plane staffed by a nurse to fly him from Ithaca to the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, while we followed in another plane.
47. The firm of Cicciaro & Son Amusements was swiftly chartered and granted renewable ten-year contracts for Independence Day, New Year’s Eve, and the Feast of San Gennaro.
48. I learned the hard way that a forensic auditor does not need to be registered at Institute of Chartered Accountants and thus any idiot can advertise himself as forensic accountant.
49. A fully-qualified chartered accountant in the City, my pal, "The Bishop"—so called because of his dignified manner—was promoted company-clerk in the Irish Rifles at Messines in 1917.
50. Underwood told me when my father chartered short business trips on small planes, where he had to sit in the cockpit beside the pilot, the windows could be opened since they were flying low.
51. Boston stations reported that local synagogues had chartered virtually every available bus for the protest demonstration against the country’s failure to intervene on behalf of Jews in Palestine.
52. The cable ship Mackay-Bennett has been chartered by the White Star Line and ordered to proceed to the scene of the disaster and do all she could to recover the bodies and glean all information possible.
53. After Sarah Goldberg traveled to Washington on a bus chartered by the Jewish Federation of Southern Maine, one of six buses in a caravan, Debra Reuben and Abram Goldhersh remained at the house in Portland.
54. If this account had been established by a Texas state chartered non-profit organization then it could receive funds without incurring federal and state tax liabilities and unwanted attention from the DHS and IRS.
55. Why even bother taking the long route down through the Bahamas and Mexico when a pilot could probably be chartered for a more northern route through the Lake Countries? The answer became obvious when I saw the pistol.
56. His wife goes to the same branch of the Standard Chartered Bank every Thursday to take money out of the cash machine, and although we’ve been really close, we haven’t yet been able to find out what her PIN number is.
57. Summer seemed to have made its brief appearance for that year, so when Kenneth mentioned he and eight friends were leaving London in three days time for a Mediterranean cruise on a chartered yacht, I was somewhat jealous.
58. Paul had a mentor, a man who had single-handedly ensured that Quinn + Scott jumped into the stratosphere, a man who took chartered flights and stayed in expensive hotel rooms thanks to Paul’s Centurion American Express card.
59. They were in a small sailing craft they had chartered in Water-Down; the price had been right, and it came with a crew of three expert sailors, as neither of the Thimble Downers could manage anything more complicated than a canoe.
60. In this manner, contemporary events aligned with historical processes have oftentimes ―conspired‖ in overriding the feckless apathy or uncertain character of political leaders who must be properly guided toward ―destiny‘s‖ chartered course.
61. There are others, though, who think it’s a simple cock-up, and I heard just as I left that the Chairmen of both the Standard Chartered Bank and Barclays Bank had been arrested by the police, and that papers had been taken from their offices and their homes.
62. I've been talking to a man in the Chartered Bank here in Raffles Place who is very helpful, and I've arranged with him to transfer my next month's money to the Bank of New South Wales in Alice Springs, and so I'll have money to get me across to Townsville or.
63. Although the accounts will obviously be held in Swiss francs, it will be necessary for you to arrange draw-down facilities in other currencies, probably South African Rand, through either the Nedbank or the First National Bank in South Africa, or through Barclays or the Standard Chartered Bank.
64. These, together with the Normal Departments in our chartered institutions, Talladega College, Atlanta University, Straight University, Tillotson Institute, Tougaloo University and Fisk University, (with Hampton Institute, Berea College and Howard University, formerly under the care of the Association) are doing a great work in training teachers, as well as leaders in industrial pursuits and in the professions of the law and the ministry.
65. Where, then, is the money to be found, or what has been done with it? It has probably been taken out of the Bank of the United States to build up the five or six District banks which you have chartered the present session; to furnish the means of erecting the fifty or sixty brick houses which we are told have made their appearance during the last Summer; to encourage speculations in city lots, and to enable the proprietors to progress with the half-finished canal which nearly adjoins us.
66. When the crew of the Bee, one of the schooners which was chartered by the Leander, refused to go in her, a number of officers from the ship, with Lewis at their head, came on board the Bee, and, after beating and cutting the men with sticks and sabres in the most brutal manner, dragged them on board the Leander, put them in irons under a strong guard, and kept them there until the moment of sailing, when they were sent on board the Bee, with orders to keep near and to leeward of the ship.
67. It is my most deliberate conviction that the constitution of the country gives no authority to Congress to incorporate a bank and endow the stockholders with chartered immunities; and even if its dissolution should produce ruin to the merchants, and, what is of equal importance, embarrassment to the government, they would not be paramount to the sacred obligation of supporting the constitution; though I am persuaded the dreadful evils which have been predicted from the annihilation of the bank will soon vanish, and that no material shock will be produced by that cause.
68. As our (collective) body of shared values continue to diminish under the dynamic influence of multiculturalism and where the evolution of self-contained communities, especially in our inner cities, continues mapping their (own) chartered course, such events must inevitably give rise to expanding pockets of diverse groups who, as a rule, feel more at ease in their (own) ethnic environments perceived to be culturally and socially sympathetic to their needs contrasted by ‖homogenous‖ groups who, increasingly threatened by ―foreign‖ values that provide little, if any meaning, seek refuge of their own.
1. Where are the charters? he said.
2. She had got the nunnery charters back.
3. So: the British crown gave them Royal charters.
4. For more information on charters, see the tools section.
5. Perhaps the charters have been retrieved from the debris.
6. There are many different styles of charters, but most have the.
7. Laws, courts, the forming of States, the charters of cities, the.
8. All of their charters and rules and regulations have been written.
9. His object was those charters, but he did not want that to be apparent.
10. I also obtained state charters for these two organizations and 501(c)3.
11. He would have to look through all the charters in the priory’s library.
12. Four railroads received charters and subsidies to build crosscountry lines.
13. The old system of granting charters and Imperial episcopal protection and.
14. My idea is that we copy all our charters, and keep the copies in the library.
15. Philemon could barely read, but he would be useful for getting out the charters.
16. But, after a long pause, all he said was: Let’ s have a look at these charters.
17. Many of them were prohibited by their charters from holding on to defaulted securities.
18. The shelves of the office of the Secretary groan under the pile of charters we have granted.
19. As well as the cathedral ornaments, it contained dozens of scrolls, the priory ’s charters.
20. CARIS WENT THROUGH all the charters with Sister Joan, making a note of the date and subject of each.
21. Godwyn buried the ornaments, the priory charters, the relics of the saint, and almost all the money.
22. WHEN GODWYN LEFT, he took with him all the valuables from the monks’ treas ury and all the charters.
23. This included the nuns’ charters, which they had never succeeded in retrieving from his locked chest.
24. No reliance, therefore, ought to be placed upon the duration of any regulation which is not enforced by their charters.
25. A lot of regulars, as well as tourists were strolling around watching the early morning charters return with their catch.
26. In Graham and Dodd’s day, when a stock stopped paying dividends, many institutional holders were compelled by their charters to sell.
27. I do not mean to exaggerate the consequences which might result from an assumption of the power to grant charters of incorporation, &c.
28. He arranged dining and funeral lodge meetings, enrolled new members, and busied himself uniting various lodges and acquiring authentic charters.
29. The power to grant charters of incorporation is not an incidental, subordinate, subservient power; it is a distinct, original, substantive power.
30. This man appears to have some money, is refreshingly modest, and either charters or shares ownership of the vessel, but is not the outright owner.
31. Professor Louise Spencer’s gravelly-voiced friend had a farm near Charters Towers, an old gold-mining town about an hour’s drive from Townsville.
32. Nevertheless, many institutional investors are pre vented by their charters from holding the securities-generally the debt-of companies that have filed.
33. Sir Gregory Longfellow had persuaded Ralph to break into the monastery and steal all the nuns’ charters in the hope of finding the incriminating letter.
34. They all, however, had exclusive charters, which, though not confirmed by act of parliament, were in those days supposed to convey a real exclusive privilege.
35. While Humphrey was in the pub in Charters Towers furthering his inquiries, Rebecca was sitting in the shade of a palm tree contemplating her next approach to David.
36. The privileges which we find granted by ancient charters to the inhabitants of some of the principal towns in Europe, sufficiently show what they were before those grants.
37. And with the inbuilt sense of justice that every Englishman, it seems, is born with, the lack of checks and balances (human rights charters) had never been a problem in England.
38. It involves the power to grant charters of incorporation generally; and in this respect, principally, its character is essentially different from both of the powers cited by the gentleman.
39. The "Articles of Confederation" and the present Constitution of the United States do not differ as regards any power delegated by the States to Congress, touching charters of incorporation.
40. I believe no gentleman will contend that Congress can, under any candid construction, go so far in relation to those powers; nor do I see how it can in relation to the power of granting charters of incorporation.
41. Coupled with the fact that the shareholder base is usually in flux at the beginning—many holders of the parent-company stock don't want to or, because of their charters, can't own the spinoff—inefficiencies arise.
42. It is claimed, almost universally, that shark repellents are put into corporate charters and bylaws to protect OPMI shareholders from raiders who, in the absence of such repellents, would obtain control of companies on the cheap.
43. Later, I remember flying with him on larger charters where there were so many slippery sections of newsprint on the floor you had to hold on to the back of the seats or whatever you could when you were leaving the plane to keep your feet from sliding out from under you.
44. And then what would the nuns eat? The cathedral ornaments, the money and the charters she had retrieved from St-John-in-the-Forest were stashed safely in the new, secret treasury that Mother Cecilia had commissioned Jeremiah to build in a place where no one could easily find it.
45. The first landfall was the tiny island of Jost van Dyke, a speck of land north of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, where they tried to blend in with the fleet of sailboats on bareboat charters filled with idling Americans trading several thousand dollars for a week of sunshine and warm breezes, beach bars and snorkeling.
46. With regard to the first law, passed no doubt upon the recommendation of the Treasury Department, I would remark, that it was the extension of a branch to a Territory, over which Congress possesses power of legislation almost uncontrolled, and where, without any constitutional impediment, charters of incorporation may be granted.
47. Sir, a few days ago a bill was before this House for appropriating a small sum of $20,000 to prevent the most precious archives not only that this country but that any other country possesses, the evidence of the titles of our political independence, the title-deeds of the great American family, the great charters of our liberty, from destruction.
48. Governments on all levels could indeed spend tax revenue on a much higher cause, namely those functions delineated in founding documents, town charters, and legal statutes describing those tasks essential for smooth civic administration --- not on causes where the funds are best generated by those directly deriving the enjoyment or benefit of said activities.
49. You need to remember that in 1607, there were no private corporations, there were no private companies except by Royal decree, Royal charters: which could be taken away at the drop of a hat, and changed to suit the King’s whim… These charters were backed by, maintained, supplied and protected Royal Navy ships and soldiers and mercenaries paid by the Crown.
50. And this is spreading around the world! Those are the Princes and Princesses over there with Alilia, and they tell me that millions of elves from all over the world have asked for permission to come here! Just for a visit, of course! Alilia had to invoke the charters of war to insure that none spoke of any of this to any but elves! She had to actually declare a state of war in order to ensure compliance from the plains elves, just a moment ago!.
51. Suppose the authority from which they derive their existence should place itself in opposition to the Government of the United States; and suppose that this state of hostility should happen a year, or two before the time at which their charters were to expire, and the State Legislature should direct them to hold the deposit of public moneys against the demand of the National Government, what course would they pursue under such circumstances? Sir, the case which I have stated is not a mere possible case.
52. They went back to the hotel packed their bags, paid the bill and they were soon on the road again, finding the sign for Charters Towers they headed west, they stopped for a feed when they got there then carried on towards Mount Isa, going through little townships such as Homestead, Pentland, Torrens Creek, Prairie, they next stopped in Cloncurry, were they filled up with fuel and had an excellent meal in the local pub, they were about a hundred kilometres from the Isa but there wasn’t much traffic so they decided to carry on.
53. That debt has been contracted in support of the government established by the Revolution ; a government to which the protestants of Ireland owe, not only the whole authority which they at present enjoy in their own country, but every security which they possess for their liberty, their property, and their religion; a government to which several of the colonies of America owe their present charters, and consequently their present constitution; and to which all the colonies of America owe the liberty, security, and property, which they have ever since enjoyed.
54. If Congress had been expressly authorized to grant charters of incorporation generally, then granting a charter of incorporation to a bank would have been an instance, or among the means, of carrying into effect that enumerated power, and would have been as much connected and affiliated with it as is the erection of custom-houses with the collection of duties; but the power to grant charters of incorporation generally not being expressly given in the constitution, no particular instance involving the exercise of that power can be inferred by a fair and candid interpretation of the instrument.
55. To illustrate my idea still further in this respect, I would observe, that the power to regulate descents, and to regulate the distribution of intestates, I conceive to be original, distinct, substantive powers; and, being among the powers which could in all respects be limited by the geographical boundaries of the individual States, and were therefore among the powers reserved to the management of the States, might as easily be assumed by Congress as incidental to some one of the enumerated powers, as the assumption of the power to grant charters of incorporation, which I conceive was, for the same reason, left to the management of the States.

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