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Frasi con hire (in inglese)

1. He was a recent hire.
2. Hire them at the bank.
3. I would hire a brass.
4. We hire on as guards.
5. The new hire can proffer.
6. He offered to hire us both.
7. Who would hire me, Anna?

8. Hell! We could hire guards.
9. Hire the men and a manager.
10. Hire some old crock, safety.
11. We hire our leaders in the.
12. These guys are guns for hire.
13. Granted I might have to hire.
14. Hire a burnt out, broken down.
15. Mercedes we’d managed to hire.
16. You can go in Harry's hire car.
17. Not as easy as hire a priest.
18. With the power to hire and fire.
19. They hire more consultants, but.
20. An experienced wheeler for hire.
21. I need to hire one, and quickly.
22. Try To Hire The Best, Regardless.
23. Hire a tutor if you feel you must.
24. A job—a hit, a murder for hire.
25. We could always hire a look-alike.
26. We’re going to have to hire.
27. Hire someone else to deal with it.
28. Each artisan they enslave or hire.
30. I’ll hire a good deal of help.
31. Maybe you could be a coach for hire.
32. You will have to hire them on wages.
33. Employers hire candidates they like.
34. He can hire another overseer to run.
35. It is important, of course, to hire.
36. I even had to hire two more employees.
37. That hotel and others did not hire me.
38. I’m going to need to hire more staff.
40. But the Labourer is worthy of his hire.
41. So they can hire and fire them at will.
42. O, this is hire and salary, not revenge.
43. Our clients demand that we hire the best.
44. We reached the main road to hire an auto.
45. Harald has money to hire top barristers.
46. I thought I’d hire someone to help me.
47. How will this be handled if I hire you?
48. Dad, you didn’t have to hire someone.
49. Then why did you hire him? he asked.
50. I was sure they had the means to hire one.
51. I soon hire you and fire that lazy gal.
52. They’ll hire analysts, but not advocates.
53. Couldn’t you hire a whale? he said.
54. She isn't under any pressure to hire women.
55. Mad fools hire and fire ’em, dime a dozen.
56. I think we should do what we can to hire J.
57. They look dead, but he can always hire more.
58. If you belong to any group, you can hire a.
59. As our gift, we have made a hire for you.
60. The only thing to do is to hire a helicopter.
61. I won’t hire another overseer, she.
62. That’s what you hire a professional to do.
63. Hire an attorney to start investigating as.
64. They could hire a car and drive to Siem Reap.
65. I’ll work on my dad so he’ll hire you.
66. But the government doesn’t hire them either.
67. He wants to hire us to investigate the murder.
68. Tell me, what is the term of your hire?
69. Perhaps the city should hire you to promote it.
70. She costs a fortune to hire for a presentation.
71. I think that's why he wanted to hire her back.
72. He has to get a hire car to finish his journey.
73. You may want to hire a copywriter for this one.
74. There was nothing left for him but to hire the.
75. If you need assistance you can hire a consultant.
76. Say, shall I hire a carriage and post-horses?
77. They have to hire a full-time Skier Marshal to.
78. Motion to hire more tour guides, moved by Thomas.
79. Your younger cousin Harry is a fairly recent hire.
80. If you belong to any group, you can hire a CSRC.
81. Leah said, God has given me my hire, because I.
82. A form letter to send those you chose not to hire.
83. They banded together to fire Lex and hire Solomon.
84. What makes you think I would hire a drunk?
85. Maybe you need to hire a public relations firm.
86. I'll hire somebody when I meet him if I see he's.
87. Most of us don’t have to hire lawyers very many.
88. When I get done, no one will hire her, he thought.
89. Do They Hire Managers or Employees Who Are Candid?
90. Seventh: If I expand and hire employees, how will.
91. Fifteen thousand on Yacht hire for example?
92. If I had a few quid to play with I could hire them.
93. You should not hire them period, in an ideal world.
94. You can hire a guide and drive round the country-.
95. And hire the same two assassins? added Hubris.
96. I will buy two ox-teams, and hire two more laborers.
97. There are a number of employers of killers for hire.
98. Who will you hire instead of me? Merthin asked.
99. No one would hire them; it was bad to even speak to.
100. He cannot hire the plumber, or fix the pipes himself.
1. Instead of just hiring the.
2. When I approached a hiring.
3. As with Elance, your hiring.
4. There Are Mechanics To Hiring.
5. I paid him back by hiring his.
7. Hiring a cab I set off for home.
8. I'm sorry, but we aren't hiring.
9. They are thrilled about hiring me.
10. I am in the process of hiring.
11. If we are currently not hiring in.
12. Once a good hiring manager sees a.
13. Hiring you was a strange sustenance.
14. So she focused on hiring top-notch.
15. The subject of hiring creeps up again.
16. When comparing the cost of hiring vs.
17. He keeps hiring for the meat grinder.
18. Presume not to outbid a man in hiring.
19. Hiring man said son if it was up to me.
20. I don’t know why they are hiring you.
21. He started hiring new people, initially.
22. They also plan on hiring graduates with Ph.
23. Hiring a cleaning service every three weeks.
24. FONEMED concentrates hiring in the 24 Nurse.
25. There is nothing wrong in buying and hiring.
26. Before you think of hiring a consultant to do.
27. And I know the market isn’t hiring right now.
28. One source of anxiety is the fear that hiring a.
29. You’ll also want to consider hiring consultants.
30. Hiring you was the best thing I ever did in my life.
31. I went in, they said they would be hiring in January.
32. In the hiring process, they mostly deal with pieces.
33. Luckily, this packing plant was notorious for hiring.
34. SYKES is now hiring True Virtual Home Based Agents to.
35. It also prevents any nagging of recruiters or hiring.
36. OTHER INFO: Employee with Benefits, Not Hiring at the.
37. People are understandably nervous about hiring a lawyer.
38. This includes calls into recruiters, networked hiring.
39. The man was protesting unfair hiring practices by the.
40. At that moment John knew he’d struck gold hiring Bluey.
41. As for the hiring process itself, it can get complicated.
42. My father is hiring me the best lawyer money can buy.
43. You really ought to consider hiring a cleaning service.
44. Hedge funds have considered hiring their game’s talent.
45. If they won’t budge, ask to speak to the hiring manager.
46. Hiring someone is an extremely stressful process that can.
47. In fact, I was thinking of hiring someone like that for us.
48. There are a couple of places in the mall that are hiring.
49. Europeans cast evil spells by hiring people who could spell.
50. Prior to hiring Harry, he was a good friend of mine since my.
51. Money is the most sensitive issue in the whole hiring process.
52. I thought I would have been the one to do the hiring and firing.
53. Henrik has the responsibility of hiring staff as he needs them.
54. But hiring decisions aren't made by computers, they're made by.
55. This is even more true if you are hiring an account manager/CTA.
56. We needed to start hiring new staff and then begin training them.
57. This also carries over to hiring contractors for individual jobs.
58. By throwing away people, by hiring the worst and firing the best.
59. This was accomplished by local families hiring teachers who were.
60. You can consult with a real estate agent about hiring an inspector.
61. You have to be careful that in your own mind, the minds of hiring.
62. In his haste to control, he wasn’t hiring teachers of integrity.
63. The schedule for hiring new workers can be illustrated as follows:.
64. We don’t have a set hiring procedure since we are a small company.
65. Motorola wound up hiring two other graduating law students besides me.
66. Besides, we may be hiring trial lawyers rather than appeal attorneys.
67. But nevertheless it used to cost him cheaper than hiring stage horses.
68. I did ask the landlord about hiring a fly, and there is no such thing.
69. You could even say that when you’re hiring an agent, that’s what.
70. Paul wasn’t hiring detectives to stalk her one month out of the year.
71. The Company was stil hiring all that wanted employment but The Company.
72. And his dad is hiring for shop help, so I filled out an application.
73. Have you ever had a difficult time hiring a vendor? Even with years of.
74. Shoop hated hiring unknowns at the last minute, it meant he had to work.
75. Hiring a professional will ensure your time is spent on what you do best.
76. Fritz had regretted hiring him, as he would not tattle on other teachers.
77. Hiring a trainer is one of the keys in learning playing golf properly.
78. The hiring of the Quebecer Stephane Dion, and giving him an non-elected.
79. What Thomas didn’t know was that the school district was hiring three.
80. About two minutes ago I appointed myself head of the hiring subcommittee.
81. So a technician understood the broad strokes when hiring or joking around.
82. Companies are faced with a similar dilemma when hiring candidates for jobs.
83. All those fix-it chores — what about hiring neighboring teens to do them?
84. We’re always hiring for that shift, so I guess it really isn’t funny.
85. He would not say why he was hiring some painters to help him complete the job.
86. By hiring you the client is training in such a manner that is relatively safe.
87. First, determine who has the responsibility for selecting and hiring employees.
88. Unfortunately, the Navy’s needs changed after they had committed to hiring me.
89. Actually, funny you should ask, we’re hiring for the nightshift, she said.
90. Some questions you should ask when hiring a trading coach include the following:.
91. We’ve been considering hiring a new part-time salesperson for the front desk.
92. However, many companies still consider age as a factor in hiring their employers.
93. What about all the other costs associated with hiring full-time employees? When.
94. Of course Blacker hated the idea of hiring Johnson as Controller; he would say to.
95. It can freeze hiring in the year before the offering to show a decline in expenses.
96. When parents see that you are confident, they will feel confident about hiring you.
97. The two easiest ways are (1) joining a trading group and (2) hiring a trading coach.
98. If the hoist went wrong, people would conclude that hiring Merthin brought bad luck.
99. With the AFL came the closed shop, an exclusive hiring of union people for a company.
100. They took turns discussing hiring possibilities, then directed the subject elsewhere.
1. I had hired a Qualis.
2. He hired Jess as a.
3. I guess she hired you.
4. She was hired by the.
5. We hired her last week.
6. And he had hired Chambers.
7. They hired me on the spot.
8. He hired Mark on the spot.
9. Someone not hired by Vick.
10. Manager and hired his wife.
11. He also hired a maid, and.
12. Hired for the job, he was.
13. Or maybe cheap hired thugs.
14. The hired help are on duty.
15. He was hired by the church.
16. She hired him to kill her.
17. Spartan had hired him, and.
18. I’m not just a hired hand.
19. I was hired as a programmer.
20. You are hired young ladies.
21. They were hired but if they.
22. A week later, they hired him.
23. Hired on at the IBM New York.
24. A new plant manager was hired.
25. Fox, he's hired on mercenaries.
26. So then he hired Keever?
27. That's why they hired me, and.
28. They were just hired assassins.
29. The company hired shrinks and.
30. I have hired myself out to him.
31. Thomas thought he was hired by.
32. On the hired bicycles he often.
33. You’re hired! he told me.
34. And they hired him in here over.
35. I’m just hired to help you—.
36. I’m guessing he even hired you.
37. You could have hired a carriage.
38. Who hired him in the first place?
39. They have opinions and are hired.
40. He was only the stupid hired tool.
41. I've been hired by a woman I know.
42. Sci was hired right out of school.
43. His opinion was you hired a ferrier.
44. The Towne Cars were hired shuttles.
45. So they hired some-1 else to do it.
46. We hired you to do what we can’t.
47. He remembered the day he hired her.
48. But the next day he hired a labourer.
49. Oh well, they were just hired hands.
50. He claimed he was only a hired hand.
51. We were hired to fix this kitchen.
52. I got hired and was sent out to work.
53. Thomas was overwhelmed by being hired.
54. It was a hired car in the name of Mr.
55. He is not my hired hand any longer.
56. In fact, IBM hired them and this is.
57. Lorry had hired in honour of the day.
58. Originally, I was hired as Controller.
59. The same day he was hired, Baba and I.
60. I fired the employee and hired a new.
61. Murdam wasn’t hired to bug the Lunts.
62. And to make matters worse he hired a.
63. Frank hired me as the receptionist.
64. The Queen hired a team of management.
65. He hired a short game tutor, Dave Pelz.
66. I responded that Motorola had hired me.
67. Maybe the guy he hired is from there.
68. Maybe Mother’s Rest hired someone too.
69. I knew her as a hired hand, for a while.
70. It’s all business with the hired help.
71. I was hired to work in the genetics lab.
72. Remember that guy Samuel that you hired.
73. I’m sure they hired workers, mother.
74. As always they had hired a campervan in.
75. I see y’all hired a new maid, huh?
76. They hired a Sacagawean to be their guide.
77. He hired me to tend bar for the occasion.
78. In the airport’s public area he hired.
79. Next, I hired another trainer and filed.
80. So he hired a new crew to write a newer.
81. All the buses have been hired by the.
82. Cami hired two hit men to go after you.
83. Hired hands tend to jump from job to job.
84. He was hired within a couple of weeks of.
85. Grafton, and then we hired a taxi to Yamba.
86. In case the locker was hired jointly with.
87. You are confirming to us why we were hired.
88. He had hired the house under the name of M.
89. He hired her at Private, made her a partner.
90. She hired a manager and returned to Florida.
91. That’s not what I was hired to do here.
92. I hired her, she can go now for all I care.
93. We came out from the hostel and hired an auto.
94. He hired Cruz and teamed him up with Del Rio.
95. With that aim they hired a coach and set off.
96. She hired a private detective to investigate.
97. She wondered if they had hired the child to.
98. Your friends must have hired it on their own.
99. For years he’d hired dozens of men to try.
100. The manager told him that she hired someone.
1. He was one of my new hires.
2. Then, President Ford froze all new hires.
3. The auditorium was filled with new hires.
4. We require new hires to have at least three.
5. Put your new hires in the room and close the door.
6. FONEMED hires throughout the year based on projected.
7. So, I said, this Downes hires me to find you.
8. Our client buys new equipment and hires people to do the work.
9. It expects its hires to remain at the company for long periods of time.
10. We talked about it because the house usually hires one of about ten guys.
11. In a start-up business, you will have many people that I call must hires.
12. The ubiquitous Felix Frankfurter served as a source for some of these hires.
13. He’s the one that pardons the criminals and hires the guards for the city.
14. This depends on the size of the project and the company or person who hires you.
15. It is interesting that that is how he has ended: he hires himself out to read the.
16. As of this writing, fewer than 1 percent of new hires at Zappos accept The Offer.
17. The bank hires intelligent trainees to become disciplined traders on the forex desk.
18. Staff meeting had to wait until 4:30 when everyone had sent home the new hires for the day.
19. These new hires did not have pharmaceutical knowledge or experience with the customer base.
20. A company that hires more people might have a lower profit margin, but the goal is to optimize.
21. One way to learn if a business hires candid employees is to learn about the type of workplace it has.
22. When someone hires you to take pictures for his or her event, it is wise to get to know them better.
23. If a corporation hires lawyers and brings you to court even though your new idea is valid and original.
24. Here a small village hires a soldier for eight roubles for the winter, and he goes from house to house.
25. He wanted only career types and new hires straight from LS, not people contaminated by real world experience.
26. Carter hires a staff, which keeps on expanding because of the caseloads, and the income of the firm skyrockets.
27. Thus, for example, a village of twenty souls hires a transient man at two roubles a month to teach the children.
28. So Zappos decided to pay a measly $2,000 up front and let the bad hires weed themselves out before they took root.
29. If the company you’re representing on Twitter hires new staff or opens a new office, announce the news on Twitter.
30. After preparing the documents needed for application, the next thing that should follow is finding vacancies for new hires.
31. One problem with that is that large firms often have new hires, ones who may have bluffed their way thru the vetting process.
32. You want to determine if the manager hires employees who are candid or those who are not afraid to challenge the top management team.
33. She sorts through existing staff, gets rid of a couple of questionable gardeners, hires a better chef and overall, takes to the job with ease.
34. RATHER THAN SUBJECT NEW HIRES to any real training process, the Renard frères threw them in among the veterans and saw who had the will to survive.
35. If the Commune is not well-to-do and is small, it hires quarters from a peasant, or establishes a rotation, and the teacher passes from hut to hut.
36. The lowest labourer hires himself as a workman but he doesn't make a slave of himself altogether; besides, he knows that he will be free again presently.
37. The lowest labourer hires himself as a workman, but he doesn't make a slave of himself altogether; besides, he knows that he will be free again presently.
38. There a large village or a compact township levies fifteen kopeks from each of the twelve hundred souls and hires a teacher for 180 roubles for the winter.
39. It is interesting that that is how he has ended: he hires himself out to read the psalms over the dead, and at the same time he kills rats and makes blacking.
40. There are a few cases where outside managers tend to be good hires: For example, when a business needs to break from past strategies or needs to cut costs quickly.
41. Suspicious of Lorelei’s motives, Esmond the elder hires private eye Ernie Malone (Elliott Reid) to spy on the girls and report any suspicious activity back to him.
42. Here a rich innkeeper hires a teacher for his children for five roubles and board, and the neighbouring peasants join him, by adding two roubles for each of their boys.
43. A private employer hires only men he can trust, but he does not let these men fix their own salaries or decide how much capital he should place or leave in the business.
44. The king hires the tailors, and they begin to sew, having informed him that the peculiarity of their garment is this, that he who is useless in his office cannot see the garments.
45. Second, the acquiring company hires the operating management of Target, giving them attractive long-term contracts, to run the business represented by the assets the acquiring company has purchased.
46. This is what happens to Niki, Rachel’s older sister, who, unable to tolerate the humiliation and the pain that it causes her to not be at the center of success, hires a professional killer and pays him handsomely to kill her sister.
47. As the voice of local pop idol Roman Tam burst into the cabin, the driver spun the wheels and spurted into Salisbury Road anxious to drop his fare in the New Territories as quickly as possible so he could return to the busy short hires of Tsimshatsui.
48. A man who voluntarily hires himself out as a policeman at a salary of ten roubles, which he can easily get in any other position, has little need of the preservation of the existing order, and so can get along without believing in its unchangeableness.
49. And all the graven images thereof shall be beaten to pieces, and all the hires thereof shall be burned with the fire, and all the idols thereof will I lay desolate: for she gathered [it] of the hire of an harlot, and they shall return to the hire of an harlot.
50. The man who voluntarily hires himself out as a policeman for ten roubles a month, a sum which he could easily earn in any other position, has but little interest in the preservation of the existing system, and therefore may or may not believe in its immutability.
51. By having customer support representatives record customer questions and their solutions, a library of frequently asked questions (FAQs) can be built up over months and sometimes years of customer support, allowing new hires (nonexperts) to use the accumulated knowledge to serve customers.
52. If a rich man can afford it he buys such a house for himself; if he cannot he hires one: but however poor and however liberal a man of our circle may be, he always takes up his abode in the country in such a house, for building and keeping which it is necessary to take away dozens of working-people who have not enough time to do their own business in the field to earn their living.
53. To fly with my thought to a land without anguish, is what sometimes I presaged could save me, but which ferocious colt that smashes in the thunderstorm, I suffer again for the footpath with the silk that hires me; because my mouth that is mute when it comes to speaking to you, once you have separated it did not stop protesting out loud, infamous love, if when I could embrace you, not even a sound I whispered and again I saw you passing.

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