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    1. They are recommended in cases that feature coarse wrinkles and severe blemishes such

    2. “My Lord…” her voice was coarse, she wanted to tell him that she liked him, no; admired him, no; it was something else

    3. Tom’s reverie was interrupted by a coarse shout from one of the

    4. ruffled the Tolluk’s coarse black hair affectionately

    5. ‘Yes … she was a big woman, coarse and rough

    6. wall, where it broke in two against the coarse stone

    7. Let us suppose, too, that the coarse materials annually wrought up in the one cost only seven hundred pounds, while the finer materials in the other cost seven thousand

    8. Her hair was barely longer than her companion's, not even as long as Zlifonn's, much less Klowa's coarse 'fro

    9. A French author of great knowledge and ingenuity, Mr Messance, receiver of the taillies in the election of St Etienne, endeavours to shew that the poor do more work in cheap than in dear years, by comparing the quantity and value of the goods made upon those different occasions in three different manufactures; one of coarse woollens, carried on at Elbeuf; one of linen, and another of silk, both which extend through the whole generality of Rouen

    10. The manufacture of linen in Scotland, and that of coarse woollens in the West Riding of Yorkshire, are growing manufactures, of which the produce is generally, though with some variations, increasing both in quantity and value

    11. 4/5ths per pound weight of the whole carcase, coarse and choice pieces taken together ; and at that rate the choice pieces could not have been sold by retail for less than 4½d

    12. the pound; and the coarse pieces in general to be from seven farthings to 2½d

    13. In fact, her beauty was even more pronounced when contrasted with the coarse, dull fabric of the robe

    14. The coarse, and still more the precious metals, when separated from the ore, are so valuable, that they can generally bear the expense of a very long land, and of the most distant sea carriage

    15. The price, therefore, of the coarse, and still more that of the precious metals, at the most fertile mines in the world, must necessarily more or less affect their price at every other in it

    16. After replacing the stock employed in working those different mines, together with its ordinary profits, the residue which remains to the proprietor is greater, it seems, in the coarse, than in the precious metal

    17. We do not, however, upon this account, imagine that those coarse metals are likely to multiply beyond the demand, or to become gradually cheaper and cheaper

    18. Why should we imagine that the precious metals are likely to do so? The coarse metals, indeed, though harder, are put to much harder uses, and, as they are of less value, less care is employed in their preservation

    19. The price of all metals, though liable to slow and gradual variations, varies less from year to year than that of almost any other part of the rude produce of land: and the price of the precious metals is even less liable to sudden variations than that of the coarse ones

    20. the coarse fabric of their chitons and wooden fibulai that bound these robes

    21. A portion of this waste land, however, after having been pastured in this wretched manner for six or seven years together, may be ploughed up, when it will yield, perhaps, a poor crop or two of bad oats, or of some other coarse grain ; and then, being entirely exhausted, it must be rested and pastured again as before, and another portion ploughed up, to be in the same manner exhausted and rested again in its turn

    22. The reduction in the real price of the coarse manufacture, though considerable, has not been so great as in that of the fine

    23. Both in the coarse and in the fine woollen manufacture, the machinery employed was much more imperfect in those ancient, than it is in the present times

    24. The consideration of these circumstances may, perhaps, in some measure, explain to us why the real price both of the coarse and of the fine manufacture was so much higher in those ancient than it is in the present times

    25. The coarse manufacture probably was, in those ancient times, carried on in England in the same manner as it always has been in countries where arts and manufactures are in their infancy

    26. The consideration of these circumstances may, perhaps, in some measure explain to us why, in those ancient times, the real price of the coarse manufacture was, in proportion to that of the fine, so much lower than in the present times

    27. Both were of the coarse quality that most

    28. In the ancient state, the little trade that was stirring, and the few homely and coarse manufactures that were carried on, required but very small capitals

    29. They ignored it every time a jet of water soaked their long, coarse hair

    30. Some of their lands must have been cultivated before any considerable towns could be established, and some sort of coarse industry of the manufacturing kind must have been carried on in those towns, before they could well think of employing themselves in foreign commerce

    31. For though neither the rude produce, nor even the coarse manufacture, could, without the greatest difficulty, support the expense of a considerable land-carriage, the refined and improved manufacture easily may

    32. Certainly, he would have replaced the one trimmed with a lion’s mane during the last seven years, but it wouldn’t be anything as coarse as this

    33. From behind, Arkaneh kept hearing Tylen's heavy breathing and squeals of pain, along with Ferro's coarse voice reassuring him

    34. Ustra ignored his benefactor's coarse behavior with his own soldiers, it was of no consequence to him and his staff; each of whom were carefully inspecting the statues that none of them remembered being here on their first visit to the Elhehrim ruins

    35. establishment of any manufacture of such commodities for distant sale, and confines the industry of her colonists in this way to such coarse and household manufactures as a private family commonly makes for its own use, or for that of some of its neighbours in the same province

    36. My, her hair was coarse and stiff - it felt like a brush of some kind

    37. quantities of sand and coarse

    38. Along with ordinary coarse aggregate concrete, in construction are also used types of concrete which differ from their structural peculiarities, composition and properties

    39. Sand concrete that does not contain coarse aggregate is prevalent type of the concrete

    40. Bagenov data replacement coarse sand for fine sand in concrete can reduce strength for 25

    41. - at specified types of coarse and fine aggregates with given values of their density;

    42. - at specified type and density of coarse porous aggregate with possible selection of sand type;

    43. - at selection both coarse and fine aggregates

    44. Selection of coarse porous aggregate is conducted on the basis of empirical data that link their bulk density with density (ρ ) and strength of concrete c

    45. Mortars are composite heterogeneous materials which differ from concrete only by absence of coarse aggregate and poured as a rule on the basis with thin layer

    46. But as the turnpike toll raises the price of goods in proportion to their weight and not to their value, it is chiefly paid by the consumers of coarse and bulky, not by those of precious and light commodities

    47. The reason of the new doctrines recommended them to some, their novelty to many; the hatred and contempt of the established clergy to a still greater number: but the zealous, passionate, and fanatical, though frequently coarse and rustic eloquence, with which they were almost everywhere inculcated, recommended them to by far the greatest number

    48. I was terrified that the things I had experienced might have changed my feelings towards Helen made me more coarse or brutal I didn’t think they had but the again you never knew

    49. The advanced price of such manufactures as are real necessaries of life, and are destined for the consumption of the poor, of coarse woollens, for example, must be compensated to the poor by a farther advancement of their wages

    50. In that rude state of things, it is commonly paid in a large quantity of those necessaries, in the materials of plain food and coarse clothing, in corn and cattle, in wool and raw hides

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    coarse common rough-cut uncouth vulgar harsh mean unrefined crude unpolished inferior rude ill-mannered churlish uncivil bawdy indelicate lewd indecent ribald offensive gross foul loud scummy crass lowbred