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Coarse in a sentence

1. It was coarse and cunning.
2. All this was almost coarse.
3. His fur was coarse and matted.
4. All this was almost coarse….
5. She rubbed the coarse hair of.
6. It was so coarse, so unfeminine.
7. He wrapped it in coarse sacking.

8. His clothes were old and coarse.
9. The voices were coarse and raspy.
10. His coarse hand stroked my cheek.
11. The texture of the rock is coarse.
12. He was a bluff, coarse gay person.
13. It felt as coarse and dry as straw.
14. By the coarse wit of worldly hate;.
15. He slithered back down, the coarse.
16. His head banged against the coarse.
17. Moreover, the exhibit is very coarse.
18. I saw a coarse, crude-looking blonde.
19. It is always clear, and never coarse.
20. She spoke with force, her voice coarse.
21. His voice was vexed, weary and coarse:.
22. Of coarse, medicines and other devices.
23. This Pearlite is called a Coarse Pearlite.
24. Both were of the coarse quality that most.
25. Dan’s ears hurt from Malik’s coarse tone.
26. This one was coarse haired, shaggy and brown.
27. It was a coarse little rope, silver and black.
28. On him! said Blacky in a coarse whisper.
29. He was wearing his coarse gown girt with a rope.
30. The hiss grew louder as the ash grew more coarse.
31. They are clothed in coarse woollen or coarse linen.
32. A man in a coarse brown jacket knelt down painfully.
33. Remove from heat, and quickly stir in coarse nuts.
34. Her brothers were brutal, but never coarse in speech.
35. She was wrapped in a blanket, on a coarse mat, which.
36. You can place the hyacinth bulbs on a layer of coarse.
37. The most utterly loathsome and coarse: I can't tell you.
38. The merchant laughed and waved a hand toward the coarse.
39. Sheets of grey coarse official paper bestrewed the floor.
40. The type of hair is whether it is fine, medium or coarse.
41. Perhaps it is his rather forward and often coarse manner.
42. She held the coarse paper in her fingers for some minutes.
43. Beside her sat another woman sewing a coarse canvas sack.
44. A coarse linen apron concealed the half of her petticoat.
45. It may be a coarse satisfaction, but still a satisfaction.
46. As a common coarse jest, a Roman good-humored filthy joke.
47. He slowly extended his thick coarse hand across the table.
48. Grey was coarse and insensible; no blow took effect on her.
49. He was coarse and butcherlike, but he knew my constitution.
50. I expected duplicity and coarse coquetry and wa^ wretched.
51. A rather coarse, but white shirt, peeped out below his coat.
52. They are recommended in cases that feature coarse wrinkles.
53. With another coarse chuckle, he gave me a parting shot, The.
54. The crowd laughed, delighted by this coarse insult to the bishop.
55. Stuff'd with the stuff that is coarse and stuff'd with the stuff.
56. The coarse pine grains wriggled like little rivers over the wood.
57. Tom’s reverie was interrupted by a coarse shout from one of the.
58. His white hair was coarse, and his eyebrows and mustache bristled.
59. Their shoulders were broad; their hands rough; their faces coarse.
60. Beside myself, I answered by a very coarse word of abuse, and then.
61. They can also be cut with stone tools or ground with coarse stones.
62. Coarse in their ways, quick to temper and very proud, but nothing.
63. Bulstrode was indeed more tortured than the coarse fibre of Raffles.
64. Now that there’s so few of us left, his voice coarse and grainy.
65. She had a small lantern her hand and a flail made of coarse horsehair.
66. My, her hair was coarse and stiff - it felt like a brush of some kind.
67. His arms, coarse with hair, slipped into the soft crooks of her knees.
68. Khoroshavka was twisting her black, oily, coarse hair round her fingers.
69. It was dreadfully coarse yarn and all knots, and I never saw any of Mrs.
70. He sat down on the beach in the coarse dry sand and pulled off his boots.
71. And however coarse the flattery, at least half will be sure to seem true.
72. She loved the heat and the dirt and the sand and the coarse, dark people.
73. They ignored it every time a jet of water soaked their long, coarse hair.
74. Ferdy grasped the coarse hair in his hand ever more tightly, and held on.
75. He fell on the coarse, sandy ground and the two horses galloped past him.
76. The sounds of a domesticated duck are gratingly loud and ugly and coarse.
77. You will know in due coarse that your glory lies where you cease to exist.
78. This way it will let the coarse weave hook in and get a real good stretch.
79. When handling extremely coarse or abrasive materials special precautions.
80. Prohartchin could not find suitable terms for such a crude and coarse idea.
81. Teri felt the roughness of a coarse blanket tossed round her bare shoulders.
82. Clusters of strong flowers rose everywhere above the coarse tussocks of bent.
83. Two little girls, with nothing on but coarse chemises, rushed out of the hut.
84. Seven boys lunged at him as one, but they hadn’t seen the handful of coarse.
85. The present was slender, wrapped in an old blanket tied with coarse string at.
86. Their skin is coarse and pancaked when stripped of shadows by the buzzing neon.
87. She never read anything but a book of prayers printed in Latin, in coarse type.
88. Wide, coarse features with large sunken eyes were eerie in that terrified state.
89. I stalked over the border of coarse hill gravel and entered the open veranda door.
90. Odd calls and bouts of coarse laughter roared from nearby fires, the small group.
91. You are coarse and conceited and I think this conversation has gone far enough.
92. His coarse woolen pants dropped to his feet, sending coins scattering and rolling.
93. He seemed coarse as a dray beast now, drunk and sweating in the cramped stairwell.
94. A montage of images from Raven’s fights played as the coarse narration continued.
95. On the contrary, thanks to the pursuit of effectfulness, it has become very coarse.
96. Eugene's is more coarse, weathered by the sun, and textured from years of activity.
97. She sews up the wound with a coarse black thread and a needle heated over a candle.
98. The water level continued to drop though, until the coarse shingle was high and dry.
99. They are recommended in cases that feature coarse wrinkles and severe blemishes such.
100. He managed to ask Hilderich with his usually gruff voice sounding even more coarse:.

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coarse common uncouth vulgar harsh

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