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    1. In deep space it is so cold that most atoms but hydrogen and helium will condense on anything they encounter

    2. About the last to condense out was the water vapor, and there was plenty of that, so the chimneys had big balloon condensers at the peak looking like a child's drawing of the smoke puffing off the volcano

    3. atoms must condense around a gravitational center to the point of collapsing

    4. the same time the ability to create time and condense the time of all times in one

    5. In cosmic space, if a cloud of gas does not have a center of gravity to condense

    6. If we reflect on the fact that the stars CONDENSE, BURN and

    7. because higher density matter tends to accumulate and condense in these

    8. only because higher density matter tends to accumulate and condense in

    9. To summarize is to condense the content but retain the concepts

    10. I began narrating him, saving neither verbs nor adjectives, on the primitive years of my infancy, flowing of the home-loving life in the city with my father in the head, where an army of caregivers commanded by the affable hand of my mother was craving to condense our most insignificant desires

    11. It would be easy to condense this book to a mere page or two, and in that space

    12. Boil for five minutes in the microwave, allowing the steam to condense on the inside walls of the oven

    13. Just put a crush ice, a strawberry flavour powder, water, and most importantly, a condense milk

    14. To condense the

    15. Now we have pretty much covered fear from beginning to end, and now we are going to recap and condense the whole module

    16. and condense along with the water vapor

    17. condense into a sample tube

    18. The inrushing warm air would condense and make the beam of Fred's torch visible as he scanned the shiny, empty tables (or should they be called beds?)

    19. clearly condense and package all that you know

    20. condense all the space around the spinning planets to form gravity by allowing cosmic structures to act as

    21. But the corrupt Supreme Court managed to give the false impression that it did… by the corrupt judge in charge of the case; writing lying, false notes; which did not condense the essence of the case

    22. In this case his notes did not condense the case

    23. A good way to argue this and straighten out the kinks is to simplify and condense it, thus:

    24. Here it is a good idea to condense all the notes you have into key points, points that will likely appear to be on the exam or were heavily covered in lectures

    25. And soon this mist began to condense into snow

    26. As she drew nigh, the arch-fiend whispered him to condense into small compass and drop into her tender bosom a germ of evil that would be sure to blossom darkly soon, and bear black fruit betimes

    27. It’ll be humid as hell, and water will condense on every surface

    28. The plants will take their share of water and the rest will condense on the walls

    29. Why does the Hab’s air condense?”

    30. Side note: Mars’s atmosphere does condense at the poles

    31. She sat thinking for some time after I had spoken, and then, turning to me with a brisk air of resolution, she broke into a remarkable statement which I will condense for your benefit

    32. He came like a pleasant change in the light, arresting little Louisa with fatherly nonsense as she was being led out of the room by Miss Morgan, greeting everybody with some special word, and seeming to condense more talk into ten minutes than had been held all through the evening

    33. Whatever prayers he might lift up, whatever statements he might inwardly make of this man's wretched spiritual condition, and the duty he himself was under to submit to the punishment divinely appointed for him rather than to wish for evil to another—through all this effort to condense words into a solid mental state, there pierced and spread with irresistible vividness the images of the events he desired

    34. The difference here is that we condense the expiration and decay cycle into one day

    35. In The Theory of Investment Value, written over 50 years ago, John Burr Williams set forth the equation for value, which we condense here: The value of any stock, bond or business today is determined by the cash inflows and outflows-discounted at an appropriate interest rate-that can be expected to occur during the remaining life of the asset

    36. In order to achieve incredible long-term returns you need to not only have an ability to condense informational and analytical data (which the MECOM™ Method will provide later), but you must also have a behavioral advantage over the average market member

    37. The point of this book is to condense the most important elements to investing success, based on years of real-world experience of managing money, as well as research and interviews of the top investing minds of today

    38. Knowledgeable brokers should be able to guide you in determining which fundamental data are relevant to the market and how they could affect price and condense all the information for you in a short summary and/or a few basic charts for your review

    39. One Up on Wall Street targets individual investors and is the title I condense in this section

    40. Placing a polythene tent over any vegetation will collect moisture by evaporation which will condense on the plastic as it cools

    41. It takes a little longer for the water to condense but may be easier to set up

    42. I’m going to condense this as much as possible and share it, so that people who are interested can research this for themselves, form their own opinions, and make their own decisions regarding their health

    43. [24] It is found with very high steam that the source of supply must be above the chamber, or a small quantity of cold water introduced to condense the steam therein

    44. As this neck rises about 2 or 3 inches into the receiver, it prevents any foul matter which may condense or boil over, from getting into the jars

    1. Burn lowered Audacity down slowly on her own gravity while beads of acrid looking liquid condensed on the porthole

    2. "That we are just data, whatever a soul is, it runs on flesh, it runs on silicon, and it runs on condensed helium

    3. Why get involved in the struggle between the substrates? Silicon interference in the quest for departed souls evolves every now and again, the superfluid helium substrate evolved defense mechanisms for them before Sol condensed within its body

    4. I was hoping to just notice something, to prove we could entangle fourth order condensates with logic simulations rather than large masses of condensed antimatter

    5. “What you see before you, if you pretend the numbers we used to construct it aren't there, is the one fragment left to us, which was in the depths of time, condensed into the symbol of all things existing

    6. Here it is in condensed form:

    7. The chimneys were covered with the jungle housing of the people who condensed out the by-products of the kiln-fires below

    8. While she cried it out of herself, it condensed in her mind into a song, and it looped over and over in her brain for the remainder of the evening

    9. With the path before her made clear, every motion was restrained within her, condensed into a single coil waiting for its moment in time to explode

    10. busy reaching for that lighter, gum, and the condensed list

    11. "You'll have to do with the fish," he replied; "but I'll give you a tin of condensed milk for the papoose

    12. In a large mixing bowl, combine butter, corn syrup, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla, and sugar

    13. In a medium heat-proof bowl, melt together the chocolate chips and condensed milk in the microwave

    14. In a microwave safe bowl, combine the chocolate chips, butterscotch or peanut butter chips, condensed milk and salt

    15. Over low heat, melt chocolate with Condensed Milk, vanilla and salt

    16. Darkburst's world had condensed into a swirling kaleidoscope of shifting tree trunks

    17. Tea bags, sugar…a tin of condensed milk

    18. A five-year degree course condensed into four

    19. becomes Materia when condensed

    20. Grace would make popcorn and bake a cake, using condensed milk, and we would all sit around on the brown and red plaid sofa and chairs focused on the TV screen, while outside, through the picture window, the hills were completely dark

    21. Even though I find them on the Internet, I experience greater satisfaction reading a greater number of condensed and concise news as presented in that attractive section of Bierzo 7

    22. For this condensed information might be used by an advanced alien civilisation to recreate Earth life

    23. condensed milk that had been left in the storeroom

    24. Ken leaned back in his chair and studied the fingerprints in the condensed water on the outside of his glass

    25. school work in that condensed period of time than the

    26. A lot of the information is very condensed and I have included links to internet pages that I have produced with more extensive information

    27. Filled with condensed gas, instead of explosives, the PAX bombs weighed about one third as much as a two-tousand pound blockbuster

    28. Snow originates from the water vapor that is condensed into clouds

    29. The ghostly Entities flared brightly as they condensed their energy into a spell, warping space

    30. Condensed droplets had formed all around it, which for some reason

    31. Its heat condensed around its white-hot heart, its body crystallized like a red diamond, fire as hard as stone

    32. ‘If you’ll sing the leading role, the last half of the School Concert this year will be a condensed version of Mozart’s ‘Magic Flute’

    33. nights and a day of seclusion, but others have been condensed into one night,

    34. painting are condensed into one magnificent idea; and ideas such as these are

    35. These talks, condensed, combined, and restated in modern phraseology, present the following thoughts for consideration:

    36. Nathaniel and Thomas jointly presented their views of the divine nature of the Master, and the following narrative is a condensed, rearranged, and restated presentation of their teaching:

    37. in the air, causing the barrier to even be further condensed

    38. “Synthesising condensed food is not easy, Richard

    39. Wondering whether he should flee an area where he was trapped in such condensed quarters, or maintain the master plan?

    40. possibly condensed life is my fucking business

    41. Prefects on the bus who may otherwise have intervened were party to the scene as Theo’s guests, each given a tin of condensed milk from his haversack topped up in Babati where he got onto the bus

    42. Everything is condensed consciousness; everything is alive and conscious

    43. The sun was edging its way into the sky and there was a thick condensed

    44. fading out, breathed perfectly because something in that mask over my face condensed

    45. After a few minutes spent on formalities, King invited his guests to present condensed situation briefings on their forces and actual operations, both in Europe and in the Pacific

    46. This is thought to be a condensed form of the suffering of that person floating out in front of them

    47. What deliverance on earth have all the modern schools�which scorn dogmatic teaching�what deliverance have they wrought? What overgrown and semi-heathen parishes in the metropolis, in our great seaports, our manufacturing towns, our colliery districts, have they evangelized and civilized? What New Zealand, what Red River, what Sierra-Leone, what Tinnevelly can the high-sounding systems of this latter day point to as a fruit of their system? No! if the question, "What is truth?" is to be solved by reference to results and fruits, the religion of the New Testament, the religion whose principles are summarized, condensed, and embalmed in our Articles, Creeds, and Prayer Book, has no cause to be ashamed

    48. The sunlight condensed at the foot of the cot and took the figure of a woman

    49. preparing injectable products, it should conform with the specification for WFI when condensed

    50. The Pure Steam is condensed into WFI at 80 ± 2ºC based on tank level

    1. When the moist warm air from the tropics arrives in the polar regions, it hits the cooler temperatures and condenses as snow

    2. Every thought I have condenses into that heartbeat, moving at the same rhythm

    3. This is a system that condenses and freezes the Mako energy

    4. that condenses into matter

    5. only because of higher density matter that accumulates and condenses in it

    6. amounts of snowfall, which eventually condenses to form glacier ice and glaciers

    7. First, there is a dark cloud, and then this cloud condenses and collapses on itself, then, as the result of tremendous pressure, it reaches a temperature of millions of degrees

    8. We just might become capable of learning exactly what this energy is, that condenses in secondary beauty and never runs out

    9. It condenses into a second of the present, when that second is embraced with all of its consequences, good or bad that they might be

    10. “The soul is a field of energy, both material and non-material at the same time, of freedom, love, truth and beauty, that is created day by day; it condenses and concentrates around a central nucleus, which is the I of an individual or the I of a populace, because this is the goal that an individual or a populace have set for themselves

    11. from the sky as rain, snow or hail, and condenses on

    12. Water condenses, falls in rain, melts in snow, flows down the rivers, into the lakes, into the oceans, evaporates in heat, flows up in clouds, and continues in a beautiful cycle

    13. However, when steam condenses back into water the space it then occupies is about one seventeen hundredths of the space it occupied as vaporous steam

    14. increase the space surrounding the moving aircraft condenses and this condensing forms the

    15. and this condenses the space surrounding the aircraft

    16. The group forming material might not produce gravity that would inflict movement retarding on us humans but it condenses light into the oblivious and that is what a Black Hole does

    17. The application of gravity that condenses space and bringing about heat by the compressing of space we apply in the way we go about tapping into the energy that nature provides

    18. The application of gravity is that which condenses space by bringing about heat with the compressing of space

    19. Π By going into space reduction as the fuselage occupies more space through extensive movement increase the space surrounding the moving aircraft condenses and this condensing forms the concentrated vapour

    20. That makes the aircraft becomes literally smaller and this condenses the space surrounding the aircraft

    21. In spinning in a circle, Π forms gravity as a centrifugal force that condenses space

    22. In the Stanzas of the Book Dzyan is said: “The Ray shoots through the Virgin Egg, the Ray causes the Eternal Egg to thrill, and drop the non-eternal Germ, which condenses into the World-Egg” (Stanza 3

    23. His job—he reads government reports for a living, condenses them into slightly smaller reports—hardly pays

    24. “It’s a place where a man takes ten or twenty years of his life and all he’s learned and he condenses it into a few hours so that you can compress years of learning into days,” he answered

    25. As the air becomes saturated, water condenses on the underside of the plastic, running down into the container

    1. There's some parts they can't fabricate yet, they're condensing metals from the plasma stream but it's slow

    2. Cold wind chills the atmosphere, condensing

    3. How the CO2 was released in areas where housing growth was to be speeded up, how the condensing and drawing off of byproducts at their temperatures was used to keep the draft going

    4. How much was gained from condensing the water out of the smoke at the highest possible levels in the chimneys

    5. "Oh, right," I answered, my breath punctuated by bursts of grey mist condensing on the cold winter air

    6. and condensing the energy of the whole universe within itself

    7. condensing into a figure which is the counterpart of the expiring person,

    8. It created a shimmering halo in the condensing fog

    9. Condensing the job names to the core 11 allowed them to be seen more clearly by incumbents and others

    10. The water-dust flew and trickled, condensing on our faces

    11. Inside were more Bibles, with white frost on the edges from moisture in the air condensing on the material, then turning to ice

    12. Drops of liquid were already condensing and collecting in the still’s smaller pot, set off the fire

    13. and condensing it into the universes that occupy and make up space

    14. This feature is self contained on the condensing unit

    15. The condensing liquid returns back to a tank under the vessel 4

    16. What does matter is that we cultivate the myth of Cosmo-Art by condensing all the energy we have in it, even though we are not yet fully aware of exactly what it is that we are dealing with

    17. But with the expansion of space and time in an outward motion, super massive black holes began to form, absorbing this life force and condensing it into the universes that occupy and make up space and time itself

    18. increase the space surrounding the moving aircraft condenses and this condensing forms the

    19. Π By going into space reduction as the fuselage occupies more space through extensive movement increase the space surrounding the moving aircraft condenses and this condensing forms the concentrated vapour

    20. Condensing, the wind started encircling him

    21. Condensing so much raw energy into a Wall of Power, was it possible? Could the

    22. But what we do know, is that, amidst the seeming chaos, the Spirit of Order ruled; and, through incalculable ages, that Spirit moved upon the surface and through the mass, condensing, combining, solidifying, separating land and water and air; till at length the natural forces, acting out the volitions of orderly Eternal Thought, created an earth on which organic life was possible; and the long battle of fire and water, the strife and attraction of contending elements, ended in a habitable world

    23. By focusing on the major areas of the exam and condensing your notes you can earn a lot of points for a short amount of studying

    24. They make ocean water less open to evaporation and prevent winds from carrying off excessive amounts of steam, which, when condensing, would submerge the temperate zones

    25. He switches off the dying flashlight and mashes the headset against his good ear and shuts his eyes against the darkness and turns on the repaired transceiver and runs the needle up and down the tuning coil, condensing all his senses into one

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