digest frasi

Scegli una lingua, poi digita una parola sotto per ottenere esempi per quella parola.

Frasi con digest (in inglese)

  1. It was a lot to digest.
  2. It took a while to digest.
  3. Digest or of a book called.
  5. Digest what you have learned.

  6. We are what we eat and digest.
  7. Bread and digest its meaning.
  8. He tried his best to digest that.
  9. I tried to digest what he had said.
  10. They did not eat, much less digest.
  11. Have to read this now and digest it.
  12. It took me a while to digest his story.
  13. Stark realities are always hard to digest.
  14. His appearance can be difficult to digest.
  15. It would take years to digest all of this.

  16. I nodded yes, and he sat back to digest this.
  17. Please sit and digest that fact for a minute.
  18. It means you have to digest your experiences.
  19. She seemed to take a long time to digest that.
  20. The Readers’ Digest is right: Laughter Is.
  22. It is hard to digest and causes constipation.
  23. My brain is full, I have to digest all this.
  24. Bo struggled to digest what his father told him.
  25. This has all been quite a bit to digest, Scott.

  26. I need some time to digest what I’m hearing.
  27. After Michael was able to digest the goal of the.
  28. Jimmy: So we need foods that digest slowly?
  29. We all need a moment to digest it and ponder it.
  30. Your audience is not in a position to digest huge.
  31. It took a moment to digest, but Haven finally smiled.
  32. One was for them to be able to digest plastics—.
  33. Optionz was right; he really did have a lot to digest.
  34. It will take a long time to digest it, I thought.
  35. And they could not stomach, or digest, or endure this.
  36. Hertzog gives me a second or two to digest what he said.
  37. Mreg-Hel took a few seconds to digest that information.
  38. I wanted Cynthia to properly digest her smorgasbord of.
  39. Before Jim had time to digest what the picture, meant the.
  40. Stock Trader: As always, you’ve given me a lot to digest.
  41. She couldn’t even begin to digest what had just happened.
  42. To digest its slow-paced, inexorable approach; its finality.
  43. It will be a way to keep us safe while they digest the news.
  44. Before Helga had a chance to digest his remark, he continued.
  45. Whitton did not seem to be able to digest what Chalmers said.
  46. This is the longest chapter and there has been much to digest.
  47. To understand the past, you must experience it and digest it.
  48. Leesa took a moment to digest what the professor had just said.
  49. For I used to swallow and digest an inordinate amount of print.
  50. He paused as if he was unable to digest the indignity of it all.
  51. Everyone swallowed hard while trying to digest that information.
  52. Reprinted from Reader’s Digest, XXXV (November, 1939), 21–25.
  53. They found they could not digest many of these raw seeds and nuts.
  54. Before I can even digest the image in front of me, there is a shot.
  55. Alistair again fell silent, leaving Tom to digest what he had just.
  56. It is one thing to digest the past and another to ‘live’ there.
  57. No one said anything, as we were trying to digest what he had said.
  58. Mousavi then turned around and left Qalibaf to digest his directives.
  59. Once you had an experience, you lie down and digest that experience.
  60. This tiny chemical solution begins to slowly digest the protective.
  61. He paused giving Kev time to digest this information before going on.
  62. Just some things that Hudson told me I’m still trying to digest.
  63. If you cannot digest dairy products, this can cause you to have acne.
  64. For instance, we all need to be able to digest and metabolize protein.
  65. Halfshaft stared at the wolf for a few seconds, trying to digest this.
  66. Those five facts are the bile with which I digest the events of my day.
  67. It was a lesson he never forgot, more so because it took time to digest.
  68. That's how the mynd zombies of scare-city digest you – while you're.
  69. Andersen waited a few minutes for Haven to digest this new information.
  70. I still find all this impossible to digest; yet it seems I will have to.
  71. Just the Readers Digest version, Dean, the president stated briskly.
  72. Sue and I sat in silence for a couple moments to digest what we had just.
  73. I took a minute to digest this, Teagan’s words reverberating in my head.
  74. One would have to read many, many books to get to this educational digest.
  75. She gave him a moment to digest this and then continued in a mocking voice.
  76. He found an old Reader’s Digest in the glove box and read while he waited.
  77. Sylvia, aka Delicia, aka Patricia, took a moment to digest that information.
  78. Ned stared at his empty glass, Thats a lot to digest in one sitting, Sam.
  79. They had to crush them, and throw away their husks to be able to digest them.
  80. Scarlett looked at her, her brow wrinkling with the effort to digest the words.
  81. Don’t eat leftovers out of the refrigerator as they are hard to digest and.
  82. This will help him to digest the food a lot quicker and rapidly speed up his.
  83. I have decided to become something that my friends will not be able to digest.
  84. I digest this in silence, my hand firmly clasped in his as we walk up the road.
  85. Anything we cannot assimilate, digest, understand, dominate or control; we fear.
  86. Most animal meat doesn’t digest well with hydrochloric acid the human stomach.
  87. Hilderich took a few moments to digest that information, and asked Amonas again:.
  88. Let us complete our course of law by folly and eating! Indigestion and the digest.
  89. Once you have eaten enough to stop being hungry, you lie down and digest that food.
  90. I recommend starting out with these vegetables, as they are the easiest to digest:.
  91. Meat is difficult to digest and requires more enzymes to process through the stomach.
  92. Charged electrical particles in the clouds enable them to digest their foods faster.
  93. We just stared at her with our mouths open trying to digest what she had just told us.
  94. It was a welcome break to rest and digest the little lecture Marjorie just delivered.
  95. And long insatiable stares to digest and store in our memory the grandiose spectacle.
  96. Only one-third of the population worldwide retains the ability to digest lactose into.
  97. I blew out a breath I didn’t know I was holding and tried to digest this information.
  98. Of all the plant sugars: corn sucrose is the hardest to digest, and the worst for you.
  99. Meat is difficult to digest and many times it will get into the colon partial digested.
  100. She waited, allowing him to digest the full extent of the Chief Executive's magnanimity.
  1. We all sat there for a moment, digesting.
  2. James sat digesting this for several minutes.
  3. This is the process of digesting experience.
  4. He tried to appear that he was digesting that.
  5. He paused, digesting this piece of information.
  6. Joseph sat very still digesting this news and said.
  7. Can you believe this? - she told me that digesting.
  8. Puller sat back, digesting this and shaking his head.
  9. Rod stared at the fire in silence, digesting this reply.
  10. After a moment of digesting the information, he looked.
  11. David sat there silent, digesting what he had just heard.
  12. Richilde was then silent while digesting that information.
  13. Squishing, farting and digesting sounds are all around him.
  14. Canaris was silent for a second, digesting that information.
  15. Breckenridge nodded skeptically, as if he was digesting the.
  16. She stood there digesting the information she had just heard.
  17. Boran Kern was silent for a long moment, digesting those words.
  18. Paris is fatigued, and finds no trouble in digesting tabloids.
  19. Mousavi nodded slowly his head while digesting that information.
  20. Claire took it in, digesting it all with that sharp mind of hers.
  21. The irony, Alex said, digesting the possibilities as Marie.
  22. Have a slow digesting source of protein before bed time instead of.
  23. Lisa and the other newcomers kept silent for a moment, digesting this.
  24. The Voice was silent, but Johnson could feel it thinking, digesting his.
  25. Marge, Smith said, my stomach is busy digesting organs one by one.
  26. She was obviously digesting the headlines and I wondered how she would react.
  27. Jenny doesn’t respond, but I sense she’s digesting all this information.
  28. The firm’s brown-bag lunch that Monday was spent digesting some ominous news.
  29. Blonsky leaned back in her chair, still digesting the facts of my medical history.
  30. She was still having trouble mentally digesting what she’d seen on the road earlier.
  31. Quite capable of digesting the finer details of the plan, well informed about current.
  32. They can remain a very long time without a meal, and one meal is a long time digesting.
  33. They've caught plenty of fish for their dinner, and they're sitting there digesting it.
  34. They were digesting the new and not altogether palatable ideas Mary had suggested to them.
  35. A bit like digesting food—before it gets through your stomach, it’s just a bulk of food.
  36. The three senators then stayed silent for a moment, digesting how difficult the situation was.
  37. Veck was silent for a moment, digesting the bad news and trying to figure out what to do next.
  38. As Ingrid was still digesting those words, Radford added after a short pause another bombshell.
  39. Chris sat back digesting this information and trying to get his rebellious stomach under control.
  40. If you are too full the stomach digestive juices have trouble properly digesting food efficiently.
  41. It was, and Robert McNamara was already digesting the incredible developments that had taken place.
  42. Jack Crawford, still digesting what the new Farah had said, pointed at his uniform’s shoulder patch.
  43. All the organs of his body were working: digesting food, skin renewing, hair growing, tissues forming.
  44. Re-experiencing that pain, digesting it, processing it, understanding it, is a process of forgiveness.
  45. Genda was digesting that piece of news when a young officer brought a message for Nagumo, who read it quickly.
  46. The scout ruminated, like a man digesting his newly-acquired knowledge, and once more stole a glance at the horses.
  47. Well, Wickland said, still digesting the extensive personal information that revealed some about the mysterious Mr.
  48. What was I going to be, when all this was said and done? He allowed me to sit in silence for several minutes, digesting.
  49. He was silent for a full minute, digesting the indigestible, then asked quietly, „What did you mean when you said, sort of.
  50. Having food activates the blood circulation so as to help in digesting it and transporting the aliments to all parts in the body.
  51. This time they had ordered and enjoyed a fine infinity fish fillet and were sitting digesting and supping an equally fine cognac.
  52. The poisoning of your aura by unseen undead entities is done to prevent you from digesting your experiences and learning from them.
  53. Please observe the motto that the fire in the stomach should be well preserved and should remain capable of digesting the food you eat.
  54. To see ore in your dream indicates that you are still in the process of digesting certain concepts that you have learned in your life.
  55. So you are digesting the past career year and now the psyche, the deeper mind, will prepare the ground for the coming day (your coming year).
  56. Nancy shook slowly her head, still digesting what had happened to her and all the new things she now knew thanks to her brief mental contact with The One.
  57. On the evening of the first day, still digesting Johan’s tales, Simon surprised a buck-rabbit on the path, took a stone and killed it as it ran for cover.
  58. If you’re not super clear on it yet, that’s okay as you’ll still be able to continue digesting the information contained in this book, and may perhaps.
  59. Cottage cheese, on the other hand, is mostly casein and is slow digesting and would not be good as a post-workout meal (even though it is great any other time of day).
  60. About 25 percent of the calories you eat in the form of protein are burned up just digesting the protein itself (carbs and fat burn up no more than 10 to 15 percent of their calories).
  61. All psychological emergencies are an opportunity to rent the ground burying us and seek emergence, or they are the mouths of cynical resentment swallowing us into our own bowels digesting.
  62. Now think of what, in the age of on demand infotainment, is normally on traditional TV at dinner time and you can begin to discern how they want you to be feeling while you're digesting.
  63. Since eating and digesting makes us vulnerable to any chemicals released into our system for absorption, if we eat our meals in a negative socio-psychic setting, we poison ourselves no matter what we eat.
  64. Lestrade, being rather puzzled, has referred the case to me, and hence it is that two middle-aged gentlemen are flying westward at fifty miles an hour instead of quietly digesting their breakfasts at home.
  65. Still digesting that information, Wilson watched as Nancy put on a gun belt supporting her holstered Glock 26 pistol and two spare magazine holders, then covered it with the bottom of her baggy combat shirt.
  66. Tom wondered how it was possible that these elegant, high-legged animals with their long, slender heads, their wise eyes and their shiny fur could be nothing more than digesting machines like he was one himself.
  67. Meat: Food in general: or spiritual meat, that sustains and nourishes spiritual life; strong meat, searching into the deep thinks of God, the receiving and digesting the more deep truths of the Christian religion.
  68. The fish digesting in his innards was testimony to his bountiful kingdom and hypnotic to his senses It was with great effort that he turned his fist sized head toward the opposite bank at the sound of lapping water.
  69. Enough, that when breakfast was over he withdrew like the rest into the public room, lighted his tomahawk-pipe, and was sitting there quietly digesting and smoking with his inseparable hat on, when I sallied out for a stroll.
  70. The more he read, the more he became unsettled: a German girl adopted by Nancy Laplante, the Canadian time traveler? Genda was still digesting that fact when the last pilot to have returned was introduced into Omonishi’s office.
  71. Priya was still standing in front of the bar counter, still digesting that announcement as the other patrons exchanged excited comments, when a catchy tune and young female singing voices started to play on the speakers, being unlike anything she had heard before.
  72. What if people actually worked at focusing on, digesting, accepting and coming to terms with their painful experiences that they normally try to avoid-deny and not face? The less pain-fear you have, the less hate-cowardice-dishonesty you have, the more love-courage-honesty there is.
  73. The night came in, and took up its place there, unconcerned and indifferent; the night which had already swallowed up his happiness, and was now digesting it listlessly; and was ready to swallow up the happiness of a thousand other people with as little disturbance or change of mien.
  74. At the time, I devoted three days to the studious digesting of all this beer, beef, and bread, during which many profound thoughts were incidentally suggested to me, capable of a transcendental and Platonic application; and, furthermore, I compiled supplementary tables of my own, touching the probable quantity of stock-fish, etc.
  75. Here’s something that needs a lot of digesting – cooking at home can be as dangerous to health as eating out if you don’t know what you are doing! No! We haven’t really lost our minds – consider this – when you cook with processed ingredients with high fat, sugar, preservative and sodium contents, it equates to eating proverbial junk food.
  76. The Almighty interdicted our Master Adam (cpth) and his wife from approaching the tree, that is: he instructed them not to put the fruit's material in their mouths, because, the entering of material into the mouth, then to the belly needs chewing and digesting, and consequently, man will turn from a state to another one, when the rule belongs to the body and the spirit will retreat to inside.
  77. What this means in practical terms of life-energy, life-experience, life-evolution; is that the entire accumulation of human non-experience, non-awareness, non-digestion of experience, non-integration, non-evolution… beginning with the first humans ever born, up until when our species finally becomes extinct, and even after its extinction as living animals: all human entities will still have the unfinished business of re-balancing themselves, re-experiencing their un-experienced lives, fully developing their awareness, fully digesting their experiences, fully integrating their experiences within themselves and thereby finally evolving out of their own past, out of the condition of their own separateness.
  1. She digested the fact slowly.
  2. She digested that for a minute.
  3. He digested his sufferings alone.
  4. Dawley digested that for a moment.
  5. Lucy digested the words in silence.
  6. They are definitely digested faster.
  7. This leaves partially digested meat.
  8. The doctor digested all this silently.
  9. His mind digested the meaning of that.
  10. Here I digested all that had been said.
  11. Kiera slowly digested this information.
  12. They digested that, and were unsatisfied.
  13. Victoria digested the meaning of his words.
  14. Alex was quiet as he digested the information.
  15. If there is hunger, food can be digested well.
  16. Some, such as fibers, are not digested at all.
  17. There was a silence while Brendan digested this.
  18. They have not digested all of its consequences.
  19. There was silence as the children digested this.
  20. A stink of slightly digested eel filled the air.
  21. If the acid had leaked I‘d have digested myself.
  22. The smell of shit and digested food filled the air.
  23. As for Ra, he shal die within me, slowly digested.
  24. She was silent for several moments as she digested.
  25. We sat in silence while he digested what I just said.
  26. Sim shut up for thirty seconds while he digested this.
  27. Kathy digested this information in astonished silence.
  28. There was a brief silence while they digested that one.
  29. Alex’s face was emotionless as he digested the words.
  30. But once digested, it sustains us and gives us energy.
  31. Libby digested this information and resisted the strong.
  32. Duncan sat back and digested all that Lord Tarak had said.
  33. Wickland remained silent while he digested the information.
  34. Kathy and the others digested this unwelcome news in silence.
  35. Sir Richard looked thoughtful as he digested the curt message.
  36. He loved the crackling sound of wood being digested by a fire.
  37. Her mouth hung open as she digested all that Crissy was saying.
  38. Both Tom and Alistair digested this in silence for a few minutes.
  39. Christine Hartt sat in total silence as she digested these events.
  40. Therefore, we have this partially digested and rotting meat that.
  41. The chief digested what Susan served up and resumed the questioning.
  42. If, once you have digested the contents of this book, and you feel.
  43. There was dead silence around the table as the councilmen digested.
  44. I see, Wickland said as he digested all the reasonable answers.
  45. The index is about the type of carbohydrates eaten and how digested.
  46. Purnell digested that report for a few seconds, then nodded his head.
  47. A few gasps were heard around the room as the crowd digested the news.
  48. Dry they will not be properly digested, but they will fill the belly.
  49. While Kev digested this information, Jarvis tried to weigh the man up.
  50. Aesa digested this, his body trembling uncontrollably in the night air.
  51. Vandenberg digested for a moment that information before thanking Boyd.
  52. Very interesting, Feltus conceded as he digested this information.
  53. Barely digested bits of fish and hot dogs splattered around the cave:.
  54. My thoughts froze momentarily as I digested the content of her statement.
  55. Leesa took another sip of mead while she digested what Rave had told her.
  56. Margaret digested that information before giving a directive to the pilot.
  57. Has finally been digested by the mass-consciousness of the consumer media.
  58. Tania Torqs will not be very happy although she has digested photographs.
  59. All of this he read and digested, but it was ultimately meaningless to him.
  60. It also gets digested quickly, leaving you fresh and with a clean stomach.
  61. However, our body utilizing them implies that they’ve been digested.
  62. Spock digested all the information without interrupting McCoy and when McCoy.
  63. Both Christine and Haven waited expectantly while he digested this information.
  64. Grace glared hatefully at him when she had digested these words, but suddenly a.
  65. In most cases, the obstruction is due to too much fiber, which cannot be digested.
  66. She digested the news, and then said, "Oh my god, Chase? Who is threatening us?".
  67. Smith was then silent for a minute as he read and digested the notes made by Ingrid.
  68. Wickland remained silent for a moment, slightly disappointed, as he digested the news.
  69. Scarlett digested this in silence, for she had never before been under the same roof.
  70. As the Koorivars digested those words with difficulty, Tina looked into Janet’s eyes.
  71. Anne gasped quietly and her eyes filled with tears as she digested his words, but her.
  72. Ngo digested those words for a couple of seconds, then nodded to the stretcher bearers.
  73. Meat is difficult to digest and many times it will get into the colon partial digested.
  74. He explained that if she were to swallow them, they would be digested and of no effect.
  75. The report was sent through to Ritchie who sat back and digested its contents mentally.
  76. His last meal, an adder that he'd stumbled across four moons earlier, was long digested.
  77. Ann stared back at Jean as she digested those revelations, finally smiling gently to him.
  78. Emma often wondered if she could’ve digested the food from it before she ate breakfast.
  79. Sylvia digested his words, hoping her interpretation of his incomplete statement was wrong.
  80. Puller slumped back on his bed, his belly grumbling as it still digested his fast-food dinner.
  81. It works by reducing the amount of fat being digested and absorbed by your body by one-third.
  82. After the event or occurrence has been digested, players re-evaluate and re-enter the market.
  83. Muel er had to sit while he digested all this, shaken to the core, speaking again only after.
  84. How are fats digested? The fat enzyme of the stomach, lipase, begins its job on the fats eaten.
  85. In actuality, almost none of this process is necessary for most food to be eaten and digested.
  86. With today’s computers, that information can be obtained and digested almost instantaneously.
  87. This is necessary to add saliva to the food, for it is only in saliva that the sugar is digested.
  88. They still have not digested the fact that I decided not to go back to Montreal to live near them.
  89. The past is being digested on a new level – in light of your present knowledge and understanding.
  90. Sweet foods and drinks when properly digested are reduced to saline and the blood becomes alkaline.
  91. Again the mob quieted as they digested this latest, but still surged and pushed, if less strenuously.
  92. This is where all of the chemical commands and instinctive drives are stored, processed and digested.
  93. After breakfast, Francis strolled around the grounds for a while and digested his morning experiences.
  94. Expecting the stock to rise in price once the news was digested, Sonkin bought some at the open at $4.
  95. Human experience-memory was designed to be digested and integrated and absorbed directly and intensely.
  96. As Norrel digested those words, a medium helicopter approached from the southwest while losing altitude.
  97. Higgins was silent a moment as he apparently digested the comment and prepared for another verbal assault.
  98. Hahlynd nodded slowly, looking back out across the bustling harbor, and blew a smoke ring as he digested that.
  99. Higgins slowly digested the information though he was unconvinced that it was anything more than a coincidence.
  100. Now you’ve digested that information see if you can count how many syllables there are in the following words.
  1. Cheese digests all but itself.
  2. The vegetation slowly digests the sun;.
  3. The stomach digests food the size of about 2 fists the best.
  4. Fruit digests best by themselves so keep in mind to not eat.
  5. And what does it matter? I’ll be dead before it digests.
  6. It digests the food, burnt in the fire of Pran and circulates its.
  7. Tentacles are hanging out of its mouth as it also quickly digests the octopus head.
  8. Prana digests the food, turns it into chyle and blood and sends it into the brain and mind.
  9. When you realize these things, instead of manifesting externally, your anger digests itself.
  10. God seated in the region of heart transmits knowledge and digests all the four kinds of combined.
  11. Money is the growth of nothing, a mysterious appetite that digests all, creating waste from life.
  12. It is best to eat fruit on an empty stomach because it passes through the stomach quickly and digests in the intestines.
  13. An MBE -- Member of the British Empire -- a chunk of metal tagged with ribbon that had been stuffed away in an old tea-caddy behind a pile of Readers Digests.
  14. The stomach digests foods, and the liver secrets the bile, stores the albuminous substances and the sugar then brings them out at appropriate deals when necessary.
  15. Although the stomach of the whale almost digests everything it swallows, it is even said that it digests iron; Allah stops it from causing him any harm because our sir Yunos said to Allah:.
  16. Once a person digests an experience: learns from it, connects it in context to all their other experiences: then they have no need or urge to repeat that experience, much less re-live it endlessly.
  17. Numerous cases could be given among the lower animals of the same organ performing at the same time wholly distinct functions; thus in the larva of the dragon-fly and in the fish Cobites the alimentary canal respires, digests, and excretes.
  18. These include comprehensive manuals published annually with periodic supplements (Poor’s, Moody’s); descriptive stock and bond cards, and manuals frequently revised (Standard & Poor’s, Fitch); daily digests of news relating to individual companies (Standard Corporation Records, Fitch).

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