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    1. In deep space it is so cold that most atoms but hydrogen and helium will condense on anything they encounter

    2. About the last to condense out was the water vapor, and there was plenty of that, so the chimneys had big balloon condensers at the peak looking like a child's drawing of the smoke puffing off the volcano

    3. atoms must condense around a gravitational center to the point of collapsing

    4. the same time the ability to create time and condense the time of all times in one

    5. In cosmic space, if a cloud of gas does not have a center of gravity to condense

    6. If we reflect on the fact that the stars CONDENSE, BURN and

    7. because higher density matter tends to accumulate and condense in these

    8. only because higher density matter tends to accumulate and condense in

    9. To summarize is to condense the content but retain the concepts

    10. I began narrating him, saving neither verbs nor adjectives, on the primitive years of my infancy, flowing of the home-loving life in the city with my father in the head, where an army of caregivers commanded by the affable hand of my mother was craving to condense our most insignificant desires

    1. Burn lowered Audacity down slowly on her own gravity while beads of acrid looking liquid condensed on the porthole

    2. "That we are just data, whatever a soul is, it runs on flesh, it runs on silicon, and it runs on condensed helium

    3. Why get involved in the struggle between the substrates? Silicon interference in the quest for departed souls evolves every now and again, the superfluid helium substrate evolved defense mechanisms for them before Sol condensed within its body

    4. I was hoping to just notice something, to prove we could entangle fourth order condensates with logic simulations rather than large masses of condensed antimatter

    5. “What you see before you, if you pretend the numbers we used to construct it aren't there, is the one fragment left to us, which was in the depths of time, condensed into the symbol of all things existing

    6. Here it is in condensed form:

    7. The chimneys were covered with the jungle housing of the people who condensed out the by-products of the kiln-fires below

    8. While she cried it out of herself, it condensed in her mind into a song, and it looped over and over in her brain for the remainder of the evening

    9. With the path before her made clear, every motion was restrained within her, condensed into a single coil waiting for its moment in time to explode

    10. busy reaching for that lighter, gum, and the condensed list

    1. When the moist warm air from the tropics arrives in the polar regions, it hits the cooler temperatures and condenses as snow

    2. Every thought I have condenses into that heartbeat, moving at the same rhythm

    3. This is a system that condenses and freezes the Mako energy

    4. that condenses into matter

    5. only because of higher density matter that accumulates and condenses in it

    6. amounts of snowfall, which eventually condenses to form glacier ice and glaciers

    7. First, there is a dark cloud, and then this cloud condenses and collapses on itself, then, as the result of tremendous pressure, it reaches a temperature of millions of degrees

    8. We just might become capable of learning exactly what this energy is, that condenses in secondary beauty and never runs out

    9. It condenses into a second of the present, when that second is embraced with all of its consequences, good or bad that they might be

    10. “The soul is a field of energy, both material and non-material at the same time, of freedom, love, truth and beauty, that is created day by day; it condenses and concentrates around a central nucleus, which is the I of an individual or the I of a populace, because this is the goal that an individual or a populace have set for themselves

    1. There's some parts they can't fabricate yet, they're condensing metals from the plasma stream but it's slow

    2. Cold wind chills the atmosphere, condensing

    3. How the CO2 was released in areas where housing growth was to be speeded up, how the condensing and drawing off of byproducts at their temperatures was used to keep the draft going

    4. How much was gained from condensing the water out of the smoke at the highest possible levels in the chimneys

    5. "Oh, right," I answered, my breath punctuated by bursts of grey mist condensing on the cold winter air

    6. and condensing the energy of the whole universe within itself

    7. condensing into a figure which is the counterpart of the expiring person,

    8. It created a shimmering halo in the condensing fog

    9. Condensing the job names to the core 11 allowed them to be seen more clearly by incumbents and others

    10. The water-dust flew and trickled, condensing on our faces

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    Synonyms for "condense"

    concentrate condense digest distil distill contract abbreviate summarise summarize shorten constrict consolidate gather compact curtail

    "condense" definitions

    undergo condensation; change from a gaseous to a liquid state and fall in drops

    make more concise

    remove water from

    cause a gas or vapor to change into a liquid

    become more compact or concentrated

    develop due to condensation

    compress or concentrate