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    1. The girls were no less spectacular and each successful deflection, dodge, duck, leap, handspring, or somersault gradually brought them nearer to each other in order to unite their force and neutralize the near invisible staff that Harry wielded like a master

    2. I only had to touch him to neutralize his power; but you had already done the same thing

    3. neutralize harmful elements that are known as free radicals

    4. Then of course the Huntress could neutralize the rest of them one after the other, track the remainder to the yet undiscovered 'rest' of the Naud on the frontier and still comply with the terms of their contract

    5. We were prepared to neutralize anyone who tried to interfere with our mission

    6. Southern waters to neutralize any attempts to build ships of war

    7. In other words, the United States was not prepared to neutralize

    8. to neutralize them, if found

    9. What follows should give pause to those straddling the fence on this issue: California‘s popular vote (54 electoral votes) for example, could potentially neutralize the combined votes of Delaware (3), Maine (4), Hawaii (4), Alaska (3), New Mexico (5), Nevada (4), Utah (5), Idaho (4), Montana (3), Wyoming (3), North Dakota (3), South Da kota (3), Vermont (3), New Hampshire (4), and Rhode Island (4) or fifteen states in all presently under the ―protection‖ of the E

    10. These affirmations neutralize negative thoughts and help to build your self-confidence

    11. If, on the other hand, your enemy still remains a potent threat, you have a right and a responsibility to neutralize that threat

    12. I explained that I needed a few jagun that could cross the river soundlessly on a suspended rope, neutralize any of the enemy on the other side, and hold the shore until we could throw a bridge across the river

    13. Their fire will neutralize it

    14. It is to neutralize the individual’s will to shape his own destiny

    15. It is in the nature of sattva to reconcile and neutralize

    16. another poison to neutralize a poison

    17. To neutralize it

    18. We will neutralize the Dragon Lord as quickly as we can, then withdraw as fast as we came, minimizing our losses

    19. There’s a treatment which will neutralize these unexpected effects, but it involves injections at the same locations as before

    20. “Are you saying that we can neutralize negative energy with positive energy?”

    21. Is there an ongoing process to neutralize the radiation pouring into the Pacific Ocean?

    22. “We attempted to neutralize the Forces of Tiamat at the Abyssal Cairn but were unsuccessful

    23. within females, they both neutralize their own behavior and subsume women's

    24. able to neutralize him

    25. Maybe, that’ll neutralize the maniac behind us

    26. Antioxidant substances combine with free radicals and neutralize them

    27. Minister Daewo, if I remember well, they had developed a technique in the 29th century to neutralize the special mental powers of the psyonics, no?”

    28. If he didn’t find and neutralize quickly Laplante, he would end up facing the Time Patrol in three days without having a clue how to find and destroy that organization or its sponsors

    29. I wanted to neutralize it, at least for the time being

    30. After all, the Time Patrol is actively trying to neutralize the threat from the Imperium and is the only force available to us for our defense

    31. was nothing to do but neutralize the leg-hold trap

    32. I see the mission as tracking and preparing to neutralize all strategic nuclear weapons that could be brought to bear upon us, including from within by rogue forces under private control

    33. more in the moment, and neutralize the pain of abandonment

    34. He thus resolved to neutralize that possible threat as soon as practical instead of waiting for things to sour

    35. � I intend to jump at night above the objective, neutralize the German sentries while wearing the uniform of a German female auxiliary and then unlock an entrance door for your commandos

    36. � ��One quick way to neutralize those Soviet spies would be to revoke their government security clearances, which would then force them out of the way without the need to have to prove their guilt in front of a judge

    37. only to neutralize the frustration

    38. who forced all others to accept their integration in an attempt to neutralize

    39. a divine firmament of solid ice had formed to neutralize the heat of the flame

    40. The lime was added to neutralize stomach acid ensuring full absorption of the cocaine

    41. Allow and welcome what comes you way as welcoming is the higher vibration and will serve to neutralize resistive energies

    42. Somehow we have to neutralize them so we can move around freely, either that or we need them reprogrammed

    43. “Did you neutralize the trackers?” asked Jack, ignoring what she said

    44. Palestine to neutralize the Persian navy

    45. When this will not be the case anymore, you will have to neutralize them before the ship is boarded

    46. military and diplomatic leadership worked feverishly in the following days to neutralize the threat of missiles on Cuban soil

    47. • Pinpoint attacks – could neutralize intended targets and possibly act as a deterrent

    48. ‘’Colonel, the bombers and fighters of the 5th Air Force have been trying for months now to neutralize the Japanese air threat over Papua New Guinea, with little success, no disrespect meant of course to General Whitehead

    49. donate an electron to the unstable free radicals and neutralize them

    50. different juices and extracts that will neutralize free radicals to a higher and higher

    1. 1861 and January 1862, at which time she was neutralized and

    2. The real villains were not all discovered, nor neutralized, henceforth spend their time studying the

    3. ” Supporters of the program point out that often many people assumed neutralized meant assassinated

    4. “That should end this particular gambit on the part of my enemies, as soon as any remaining puppets are neutralized

    5. The logic behind such a strategy which is corroborated by our confirmed information, is that should these two prominent figures be neutralized, any amount of effective resistance will cease to be

    6. About forty thousand of them gathered in one place to attempt armed resistance but were neutralized by the Mothers who prevented them from doing anything

    7. All our weapons are now effectively neutralized

    8. “The star potion has neutralized it

    9. His reason had neutralized the immorality of his actions

    10. All the decoy sites had been neutralized

    11. That cannot ever be neutralized

    12. Still, the freighter could be expected to have some defenses and these had to be neutralized before the ship could be taken

    13. neutralized because of their presence

    14. neutralized by their eating of another Zomboid

    15. SC has literally neutralized Louis

    16. Unfortunately, his efforts were immediately neutralized

    17. so shocked, our gag reflex was neutralized

    18. We've successfully neutralized

    19. Any force attempting such bombardments will be neutralized by us

    20. direction of the snack bar and then neutralized the alarm

    21. I neutralized the leg-hold trap in no time whatsoever

    22. Without answering, the door's locking mechanism neutralized, allowing him unfettered access into the plush complex

    23. With the Japanese escort neutralized, the Marine and Navy aviators were free to engage at will the remaining bombers, but still lost three of their WILDCATs to the powerful defensive armament of the Mitsubishi G4Ms, each armed with a total of four 20mm cannons and two 7

    24. � Concentrating on his shooting, Stone only knew that the three German tanks and the halftrack thankfully appeared to be neutralized, but he didn�t know if Laplante was still alive or not

    25. � Since you are the source of the information in this file, could you point to me the spies that will need to be neutralized the most quickly?��

    26. � I was also told that you would not release your technological information until those spies would all be neutralized

    27. While that attacker was neutralized for a few seconds, Ingrid pivoted around and delivered a side-swiping kick to the head of her first assailant, sending him down on the pavement

    28. cavalry was neutralized by attacking uphill in the woods and much of the cavalry was lost as they repeatedly charged against fortified defenses

    29. But superstition born of ancient man can be recognized and neutralized by his

    30. Then, we will have a full staff meeting at the operations center at eight o’clock tonight, to decide how to deal with the bastards who attacked me: the Irgun will have to be neutralized before it can provoke more violence in Palestine

    31. What Stevenson did not know was that the United States had to be neutralized in order for the final plan to work

    32. neutralized them with only two movements of his

    33. neutralized by the want of circumspection

    34. If even one in ten of those possible saboteurs made it ashore, they could potentially disable some of the defense platforms before being neutralized

    35. Using a simple move, he neutralized his fierce

    36. “One hour later, the poisons will be neutralized, then I will treat the

    37. Even if these are not Judges, they are still a threat that needs to be neutralized

    38. With the offending candle neutralized and carefully wrapped in one of her altar cloths, Claire left her shop half an hour before opening and marched over to the only other shop in town where Annie could have bought it

    39. another, and invariably these fears objectify if they are not neutralized

    40. For fear pictures vividly the disease or situation feared, and these pictures objectify, if not neutralized

    41. We are in the process of re-thinking and re-planning the project and have come to the conclusion that there are some obstacles that must be neutralized so the plan can come to fruition

    42. Napoléon hastened back from Spain and neutralized the conspirators, but he could

    43. What mattered was that all the Sons were neutralized

    44. If I was real to children, then I neutralized Fritz and was true to my convictions

    45. Paul's argument has been neutralized, and he is made to be saying nothing; the

    46. Paul's argument has been neutralized, and he is made to be saying nothing; the death and resurrection of Christ has been made to be useless and not needed? Paul said the dead in Christ are asleep, the theology of many says not so Paul, all the dead in Christ have a soul that is awake in Heaven

    47. Over 95% of the ascorbic acid�s acidity in this effervescent reaction is neutralized resulting in a carbonated drink similar to mineral water

    48. It was something that neutralized the acidity of her embarrassment

    49. Paul's argument has been neutralized, and he is made to be saying nothing; and the death and resurrection of Christ have been made not to be needed?

    50. Noirtier also have fallen a victim, had not the treatment he has been pursuing for the last three years neutralized the effects of the poison?"

    1. ances and neutralizes the action

    2. Method®, a predetermined set of questions and actions that neutralizes

    3. components that totally neutralizes the effect of changing capital proportions

    4. Anti-oxidants are anything that neutralizes a free radical, so they include all of what we

    5. It’s as if her body neutralizes

    6. It neutralizes what is good to achieve results in the conscious mind, thus leading to a greater evil and to make such a statement true

    7. What neutralizes any poison? An antidote does, doesn’t it? What is an antidote but the opposite, anti- of the poison itself? The opposite of a lie is truth

    8. “After the paint stripper has done its job, a high-pressure blast a’ soap and water from the same nozzles rinses and neutralizes the natural-based paint remover

    9. * Nettle mature seed ? is anti-inflammatory for the skin, neutralizes acid waste with its high mineral content

    10. The baking soda neutralizes the acids in the toxins, while the ginger and salt wash out toxins from the skin

    11. It neutralizes the harmful substances that cause the stomach upset and aids for their release from the body

    1. By neutralizing free radicals, the exceedingly reactive molecules created by the sunlight,

    2. The last ones neutralizing action of harmful substances in the wood and fasten cement hardening in the same time

    3. neutralizing both of them, the United States Navy was able to

    4. Mediterranean ports, cutting off supplies to the Persian navy, neutralizing it

    5. seminal fluid, which is an alkaline fluid and helps in neutralizing the

    6. neutralizing negatively-charged electron forming a cloud around the nucleus

    7. in the nucleus with a corresponding and neutralizing negative charge from

    8. tendencies of events, the corrections and neutralizing, as far as law permits,

    9. Skeets matured and his sociopathic tendencies focused on his work, neutralizing him as a public threat

    10. Returning fire with their lasers and with missiles, they were brutally effective in neutralizing the anti-aircraft positions

    11. centers, neutralizing them and introducing the principles of de-

    12. He was wearing anti-scratch, anti-bite gloves, thereby neutralizing any chance of escape

    13. I was instructed to fire the neutralizing gun at each of

    14. neutralizing agent, at least with vinegar and water, that is

    15. bearing the insidious intention of neutralizing

    16. neutralizing those nether mortal efforts,

    17. Some researchers use the alkaline content of a food; others try to determine the effect on the body – citrus fruit on the surface appears to be acidic for example, but has a neutralizing affect when consumed; other researchers have come up with a number, as in the chart above, in which they use mineral content to determine the rating

    18. He is to capture all of the aliens, neutralizing them with the Kelvan technology on board the Path Finder

    19. In liver detoxification the most important antioxidant for neutralizing the free radicals produced as Phase I by products

    20. By neutralizing free radicals, the exceedingly reactive molecules created by

    21. The second makes a mechanical operation out of a purely emotional state, neutralizing any pain involved with its psycho-babbled translation

    22. Is this the beginning of spirit?” They were not afraid of GovCorp's IUY or any GOLEM neutralizing them, but of humanity eliminating themselves on the cusp of a great tri-scendence

    23. Its minerals are good for neutralizing acid waste

    24. Neutralizing Cecilia was helpful, but it would not be enough to crush Carlus

    25. Meditation is the best tool I know for neutralizing the voice in the head

    26. This property of the IV/HV ratio enables the estimation of the effectiveness of option combinations selection neutralizing the interactive effects associated with selection of strategies and underlyings

    27. Do not attempt neutralizing acid with alkali or vice-versa; chemical interaction will produce more heat

    28. A chance occurred where, by the simple expedient of neutralizing the cut, mere child's play for one so skilled in conjuring, he was able to turn the scale in his favor, winning back in a single game all that he had already lost

    29. [34] Upon the same neutralizing principle it must be supposed that any alkali would be beneficial

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