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Frasi con cultivate (in inglese)

  1. Cultivate the habit of being.
  2. We must cultivate our practice.
  3. You can cultivate other emotions.
  4. Have you seen what you cultivate?
  5. Now that's a nice one to cultivate.

  6. Cultivate the habit of early rising.
  7. We don't cultivate it in one another.
  8. I cultivate my fruit trees and flowers.
  9. Cultivate the habit of learning something.
  10. Cultivate what Mother Nature has to offer.
  11. Cultivate the habit of writing a diary or.
  12. Another capacity that science must cultivate.
  13. Cultivate poverty like a garden herb, like sage.
  14. One can only cultivate it, perhaps, by training.
  15. If you have a tendency toward the "blues" cultivate.

  16. They have more land than they have stock to cultivate.
  17. I have no wish whatever to cultivate your acquaintance.
  18. We should cultivate good habits against the hour of need.
  19. In order to cultivate the imagination it must be exercised.
  20. But if we try to do good, we must always cultivate patience.
  21. Prayer is the place we cultivate intimacy with God, and we.
  22. One cannot rent it from them; they cultivate it themselves.
  23. It was in Math 55 that Richard Stallman began to cultivate a.
  24. Every colonist gets more land than he can possibly cultivate.
  25. You nurture phobias and cultivate fears, trying to stay alive.

  26. They cultivate it by patience, regular and systematic practice.
  27. Water them with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate.
  28. Really, it took a lot of sense to cultivate and hold such a pose.
  29. This means to heal the body cultivate the mind and spirit as one.
  30. This practice will enable you to cultivate the power of attention.
  31. Another great habit you absolutely must cultivate is split testing.
  32. Once you have a list, you need to cultivate a relationship with it.
  33. Start to plant and cultivate your success seed harvest immediately.
  34. It is good to learn to cultivate a state of flow in whatever you do.
  35. The way to realize this oneness is to cultivate a mind of equanimity.
  36. It‘s just a matter of which one you choose to focus on and cultivate.
  37. Seek out the input of these individuals and make the time to cultivate a.
  38. The ancients say cultivate the golden energy which surpasses lesser energy.
  39. There are said to be 108 virtues to cultivate and 108 defilements to avoid.
  40. Still to cultivate the acquaintance of someone of no uncommon calibre who.
  41. Exercise is necessary to cultivate mental muscle as well as physical muscle.
  42. Mabeuf could cultivate there only a few plants which love shade and dampness.
  43. Secondly, they can’t cultivate the lord’s forest, even by planting herbs.
  44. Let us all try to cultivate the habit of remembering the everlasting covenant.
  45. If you can cultivate that, you will actually be a partner to God in creation!.
  46. It is not desirable to cultivate a respect for the law, so much as for the right.
  47. It is your duty and your interest to extract only the good seed and cultivate it.
  48. It would be the interest of the former, therefore, to cultivate that good-will, by.
  49. It is necessary, then, to cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing.
  50. Cultivate the art of feeling, for as I said before you can only make others feel what.
  51. To cultivate equanimity as a quality, sit in a comfortable posture with the eyes closed.
  52. Start in to cultivate the opposite trait, and think it out and act it out for all you.
  53. I believe it does have medicinal properties, but that’s not why people cultivate it.
  54. But a far better way is to cultivate the feeling or emotion directly opposed to the one.
  55. One of the best ways to expand your sphere of influence is to cultivate a list of followers.
  56. In the meantime adapt to situations as best you can and work to cultivate your social skills.
  57. It is of importance that the landlord should be encouraged to cultivate a part of his own land.
  58. I can plant a seed, another may water, another may even cultivate, but only God can make it grow.
  59. If they have children, they make no effort to cultivate the pleasures of companionship with them.
  60. Complaining is also indispensable for those who have decided to cultivate sadomasochistic pleasure.
  61. With less labour than was formerly required to cultivate acres, we can now cultivate miles of land.
  62. Machiavellian manipulations that the Vatican and its chief cohorts cultivate the situations in the.
  63. You want to cultivate your sources and stay in contact with them at least two to three times a year.
  64. If Modi had an aversion to an intrusive media, Chauhan went out of his way to cultivate journalists.
  65. A man should cultivate the spiritual origin and at the same time to pacify and transform the material.
  66. And you should let your hair grow long and cultivate a beard, the wilder and more unkempt the better.
  67. Why? It’s called humility and that’s another quality we like to cultivate in Star Fleet Officers.
  68. Yet, what it actually does is allow mankind to use our flaws to cultivate a bottom line that serves us.
  69. Cultivate the realisation that eternity is long and that that which is slowly built up endures forever.
  70. We must cultivate conscience until we have too much of it, and become monkish, savage and misanthropic.
  71. Making use of the grafting technique will provide you with a whole new set of plants you can cultivate.
  72. She stood there in her flaxen cloak, head bowed in shame at her failure to cultivate so much as a pimple.
  73. Trent and some of the other political types were seeking new rows to hoe, new melon patches to cultivate.
  74. The farmer will not be able to cultivate much better ; the landlord will not be able to live much better.
  75. She took great care to cultivate a trusting relationship with the young leaders of this society as it grew.
  76. To grow a greener lawn, have healthier trees, and cultivate bigger vegetables, the soil needs to be enriched.
  77. There was no necessity to till the plain, for Tolkemec taught them how to cultivate the air-devouring fruits.
  78. Besides, as he took care to cultivate the media as well, Global could manage a favorable press all the while.
  79. While nature endowed him with a shrewd mind his destiny seems to have helped him cultivate a sense of purpose.
  80. South Africans who had gone to China to learn about mushroom planting had also been taught how to cultivate rice.
  81. White magicians try to cultivate the attitude that nothing that happens or doesn’t happen is all that important.
  82. I thought we could cultivate friendships, but after the change of garrison and Sylvie’s death, I gave that up.
  83. And the most important thing, we should constantly cultivate in ourselves divine love by performing the Lotus Flower.
  84. Needless to say he was very grateful for her thoughtfulness; something she made a point to cultivate with her soldiers.
  85. I can no longer seek for fame and glory; I can no longer cultivate a system of instruction which separates me from men.
  86. One must cultivate a large love for humanity to whatever class it belongs, and however individually objectionable it is.
  87. You can cultivate gracefulness, but graciousness is the aroma of friendliness which emanates from a love-saturated soul.
  88. Not know it? Why, it's no more'n ten miles from our village; not that across the ford! Do you cultivate any land there?
  89. These high profits of a good market have gone into the hands of the farmer, to cultivate, improve, and enrich the country.
  90. She had suffered as a result of her low self-esteem and now she found herself in the perfect place to cultivate that trait.
  91. Now, recollecting this, I, with the original aim to "cultivate mind and follow the good," have actually gone to the opposite.
  92. Gong practitioner in 1995 in order to "cultivate heart and to be a better person," he didn't care about his parents any more.
  93. They both tried to cultivate friendships with the others and to the team, they did not appear to be interested in each other.
  94. It might be of importance, however, that the abatement of the tax should encourage him to cultivate to a certain extent only.
  95. The inhabitants of many different parts of Great Britain have not capital sufficient to improve and cultivate all their lands.
  96. Hoes come in a variety of shapes and sizes to prepare seed beds, cultivate soil for mixing of fertilizer and to control weeds.
  97. God says: Have you considered that you cultivate? Is it you that give it growth or We? If We pleased We could turn it into chaff.
  98. The power to choose, which you cultivate and strengthen through mindfulness and meditation, is the most powerful ability that you have.
  99. When we understand the wholesome, virtuous actions which bring happiness and benefit to ourselves and others, we can cultivate those causes.
  100. Land, however improved, will yield no revenue without a circulating capital, which maintains the labourers who cultivate and collect its produce.
  1. Forest had been cultivating for millennia.
  2. Relationships are like cultivating a garden.
  3. If we get lost in greed, we are cultivating greed.
  4. We have been cultivating the ego for quite some time.
  5. However, Li Hongzhi's words Cultivating the heart, severing.
  6. This practice of awareness is critical to cultivating presence.
  7. Here Krishn has emphasized the importance of cultivating unconcern.
  8. Universe simply for cultivating more of this high vibrational.
  9. Cultivating the art of friendship through these two methods will help.
  10. Li Chunxiang, a practitioner in Tianjin, devoted herself to cultivating.
  11. If no one was cultivating the land, there would be no rent paid, obviously.
  12. Without property right there would be no interest in cultivating the land.
  13. It is not within the scope of this book to deal with the science of cultivating.
  14. And as a means of cultivating that mental attitude, start in to "act-out " or go.
  15. Cultivating good eating habits is best done by sharing those habits with your children.
  16. Simple I can’s and I am’s shall be a great way to start cultivating our minds with.
  17. The science of the arts has been cultivating the mind for thousands and thousands of years.
  18. It is nice to consider the concept of possessing truth, and employing it, and cultivating it.
  19. No one learns to read and education is reserved for cultivating crops and riding reaping machines.
  20. Cultivating compassion means seeing people as individuals with needs and concerns and weaknesses of.
  21. The trick is to start cultivating that sense of discipline - that small voice which nags away at you.
  22. If a moment of anger arises in the mind and we get lost in it, we are then actually cultivating anger.
  23. Even more disturbing is that John Hinckley is cultivating friendships through the mail with murderers.
  24. He admired the lad for his enterprise in buying madder seeds and cultivating them to produce the costly dye.
  25. Françoise Vinier looked at a young man cultivating his field in a nearby lot, dressed only in his linen shirt.
  26. In addition, you can gain a lot by cultivating the simple power within yourself, merely by employing the laws of attraction.
  27. And that did the trick for all time to come as they went about cultivating materialism in the fertile minds of the white man.
  28. Notice that the weapons of war are turned into tools for farming and cultivating - that is, for growing and tilling the soil.
  29. My husband became absorbed in cultivating his expertise in aspects of fishing different from what he’d known in South Africa.
  30. While it seemed to me it should be midwinter, the people were cultivating their fields of mature crops as though it were midsummer.
  31. The capital, therefore, annually employed in cultivating this land, and in maintaining this labour, must likewise be much greater.
  32. In the long run, the businesses that spend time cultivating long-term relationships with their customers are more likely to succeed.
  33. However, would she be able to keep up the façade of being lady when she was more used to living as a cultivating girl of the land?
  34. But these can never afford manure enough for keeping constantly in good condition all the lands which they are capable of cultivating.
  35. Using the SourcePoint Practice will help create a shift in perception and way of life by cultivating the enlightened qualities of the heart.
  36. The proprietor furnished them with the seed, cattle, and instruments of husbandry, the whole stock, in short, necessary for cultivating the farm.
  37. I mix with all the neighboring landowners, who are cultivating their land on a rational system; they all, with rare exceptions, are doing so at a loss.
  38. Knowledge sheds the good to make the difference by shrinking demands cultivating answers for strength; releasing big fish as more satisfying than eating it.
  39. The secret to fund-raising success is cultivating these repeat givers—so the last thing you’d want to do is set them free as soon as you’ve hooked them.
  40. Here Ulysses affirms with conviction that neither Circe nor Calypso can stop him from continuing to believe in his goal of cultivating his relationship with Penelope.
  41. He is invoked at ceremonies which take place several times yearly, at the times of the planting (April), cultivating (July), and harvesting (October) of the maize crop.
  42. Then the sober-minded old man suggested that the land should be given to them as an association, and that only those that took part in cultivating it should get their share.
  43. You will be in charge of directing our food acquisition program and will be responsible for cultivating our relations with the various rulers in Europe and around the World.
  44. Unhappy is the fate of one who tries to win his battles and succeed in his attacks without cultivating the spirit of enterprise; for the result is waste of time and general stagnation.
  45. Instead of cultivating a responsible self, students are taught to diminish themselves into citizens of the world before they can realize that a citizen of everywhere is a citizen of nowhere.
  46. I took a class at Capellagården at Öland, where they teach what I am inclined towards: nontoxic cultivating without anything other than pure manure and compost as soil enhancers and for added nutrients.
  47. An improved farm is equally advantageous and more durable than any of those machines, frequently requiring no other repairs than the most profitable application of the farmer's capital employed in cultivating it.
  48. In the progress of improvements, the period at which every particular sort of animal food is dearest, must naturally be that which immediately precedes the general practice of cultivating land for the sake of raising it.
  49. This country of ours contains many such individuals—individuals of that well-known class who, cultivating the beautiful, not only discourse of their cult to all and sundry, but speak of it pre-eminently in FRENCH.
  50. One of the chief difficulties was that the process of cultivating the land was in full swing, that it was impossible to stop everything and begin it all again from the beginning, and the machine had to be mended while in motion.
  51. Surrounded by the voracity of nature, Aureliano and Amaranta Úrsula continued cultivating the oregano and the begonias and defended their world with demarcations of quicklime, building the last trenches in the age-old war between man and ant.
  52. Their real wealth, their real revenue, therefore, would be the same as at present, though it might be expressed by a smaller quantity of silver, and they would neither be disabled nor discouraged from cultivating corn as much as they do at present.
  53. I really should write a healthy lifestyle book to explain all the ins and outs of healthy eating and living, but a simple solution to the obesity problem is simply cultivating and maintaining healthy eating habits and coupling that to regular exercise.
  54. The strictest regards for the rights of neutrals cannot be too sedulously observed; nor should an opportunity be lost in cultivating friendly relations with their naval and merchant services, and of placing the true character of the contest in which we are engaged in its proper light.
  55. More than once, when comparing the position of a landowner with that of an owner of serfs, Nekhludoff had compared the renting of land to the peasants instead of cultivating it with hired labour, to the old system by which serf proprietors used to exact a money payment from their serfs in place of labour.
  56. Sooner or later, however, in the progress of improvement, it must at any rate have risen to the utmost height to which it is capable of rising ; or to the price which pays the labour and expense of cultivating the land which furnishes them with food, as well as these are paid upon the greater part of other cultivated land.
  57. The colony law, which imposes upon every proprietor the obligation of improving and cultivating, within a limited time, a certain proportion of his lands, and which, in case of failure, declares those neglected lands grantable to any other person; though it has not perhaps been very strictly executed, has, however, had some effect.
  58. A small proprietor, however, who knows every part of his little territory, views it with all the affection which property, especially small property, naturally inspires, and who upon that account takes pleasure, not only in cultivating, but in adorning it, is generally of all improvers the most industrious, the most intelligent, and the most successful.
  59. Consider the intimate and curious acquaintance one makes with various kinds of weeds—it will bear some iteration in the account, for there was no little iteration in the labor—disturbing their delicate organizations so ruthlessly, and making such invidious distinctions with his hoe, levelling whole ranks of one species, and sedulously cultivating another.
  60. I noticed myself cultivating a sort of nostalgia for the present, developing the reflex to squelch pointless self-talk and simply notice whatever was going on around me: a blast of hot halitosis from a subway vent as I walked to work, the carpet of suburban lights seen from a landing airplane, rippling water reflecting sine waves of light onto the side of a boat while I was shooting a story in Virginia Beach.
  61. The increase of revenue which the proprietor, who is always the undertaker, expects from their improvement, constitutes his profit, which, in these circumstances, is commonly very great; but this great profit cannot be made, without employing the labour of other people in clearing and cultivating the land; and the disproportion between the great extent of the land and the small number of the people, which commonly takes place in new colonies, makes it difficult for him to get this labour.
  62. George considered the existence of private land ownership as the principal cause of the existence of poverty; appearing as its opponent, he suggested the abolition of all existing taxes, substituting for them a single tax on the value of land; by means of this reform, land would pass into the hands of people cultivating it by their own labour, because for people who did not work it, it would be unprofitable to own great stretches of land, since they would have to pay a large amount of taxes on them.
  63. So easily could she be stirred to courage and enthusiasm that she was able to forget most of her fears and discomforts in the new business of training her mind to triumph over her body, and she got through a surprising quantity of mixed reading that winter and spring; and when at last in the following May her hour had come, she marched off almost recklessly with her two plaits already hanging down her back and her head held high and her eyes wide and shining to the fatal bedroom where Death she supposed, but refused to care, sat waiting to see if he could not get her this time, so filled was she with the spirit she had been cultivating for six months of proud determination not to be beaten.
  64. In the deep of the well, cultivating his beans,.
  1. How may it be cultivated?
  2. This love has been cultivated.
  3. This area with its cultivated parks.
  4. Not that Pocock cultivated the attitude.
  5. It is an ability that can be cultivated.
  6. Attention should be cultivated gradually.
  7. But look: once this plain was cultivated.
  8. Intuition can be cultivated and developed.
  9. In its place he carefully cultivated the.
  10. Human ignorance cultivated and imposed by.
  11. Ted carefully cultivated his special plants.
  12. It takes three forms in cultivated society.
  13. Heer, Oswald, on ancient cultivated plants.
  14. This fruit tree is commonly cultivated in.
  15. It may now beclaimed that he has cultivated.
  16. STD’s were spread and cultivated rampantly.
  17. Lord Datta Himself had cultivated the prestige.
  18. This is cultivated by practice and perseverance.
  19. The fruit is grown in cultivated plantations or.
  20. It was still cultivated since Ignace also liked it.
  21. Acres of land cultivated by Indians 54,207 292,550.
  22. The more virtues there are cultivated and garnered.
  23. The brain may be trained and cultivated in a manner.
  24. Women stayed home and cultivated the home and hearth.
  25. Father must have cultivated an inner frustration, and.
  26. Cultivated by over 30 years of experience in martial.
  27. As she had feared, many strips were not being cultivated.
  28. The calm I had cultivated over the last week had vanished.
  29. Good relationships don't just happen; they are cultivated.
  30. The habit of independent purchase increasingly cultivated.
  31. And it's all because I am an intellectual and cultivated.
  32. And from that curt, modest reply was cultivated empowerment.
  33. To the south there is a vast field of cultivated vegetables.
  34. Look at the abrupt separation of cultivated land and desert.
  35. Soybeans have been cultivated for centuries, starting in Asia.
  36. New members were carefully cultivated and absorbed through a.
  37. In his view the earth is all equally cultivated like a garden.
  38. He thinks that gardens can be cultivated with blood and tears.
  39. I cultivated a few friendships that didn’t relate to my work.
  40. The key can be cultivated from expression of gratitude of self.
  41. A modern cultivated man would prefer prison to living with such.
  42. This time it showed a field of beautifully cultivated vegetables.
  43. Yet the cultivated and advanced men of the day seem not to see it.
  44. So is turned into matter the idea that is sustained and cultivated.
  45. Mandarins used them to protect the five-inch nails they cultivated.
  46. Certain individuals were selected and cultivated from an early age.
  47. But it was several millennia before this wild variety was cultivated.
  48. For Art stopped short in the cultivated court of the Empress Josephine.
  49. In return, the acreage was all cultivated, studied, and written about.
  50. I am not a cultivated man, brother, but I've thought a lot about this.
  51. It is written in that style which Ebers has cultivated so successfully.
  52. North of that, the area was heavily cultivated all the way to the hills.
  53. But the power of the cause quâ cause had to be preserved and cultivated.
  54. In parenthesis it should be added that Quichuaverse is still cultivated.
  55. Thankfully, habits can be controlled, and moreso, consciously cultivated.
  56. Unfortunately, society has cultivated many unhelpful notions around food.
  57. Coffee originated in Ethiopia, but was first cultivated in the Arab world.
  58. Leguminosae), it has been cultivated in Asia, America and Europe for over.
  59. Holmes had remarkable powers, carefully cultivated, of seeing in the dark.
  60. It is currently cultivated all over the world and the seed husks are used.
  61. In one section cotton is cultivated, in another hemp, and in a third wheat.
  62. He attended all the correct functions and cultivated all the proper contacts.
  63. And what is honoured is cultivated, and that which has no honour is neglected.
  64. They cultivated rice paddies within the fertile, wet-lands outside Angkor Thom.
  65. Mental attitudes may be acquired and cultivated, changed and discarded, at will.
  66. In the mountains, near the Border where the Cliffs are wild and less cultivated.
  67. This is also the view of some civilians, so-called educated and cultivated people.
  68. For many years tomatoes had been cultivated in the United States, but not as a food.
  69. Faces of friends and foes cultivated over the years passed through his mind’s eye.
  70. In countries ill cultivated, and worse inhabited, the greater part of landlords and.
  71. It is not a matter of knowing how, though : it's a gift and it camiot be cultivated.
  72. I also cultivated the slightest of frowns, as though I wasnt sure what was happening.
  73. Rugged but cultivated was the overall impression, like a movie star in an action role.
  74. Almonds are the oldest, most widely cultivated and extensively used nuts in the world.
  75. But that fellow had a good lump of land, which his labourers cultivated; he had three.
  76. One-fourth of 22400, the product of an acre of ground, cultivated with potatoes, is 5600.
  77. Green forests encroach on cultivated land that is full of crops in all stages of maturity.
  78. Nutritious matter from an acre of land cultivated with potatoes or wheat, Eli Ives, i, 297.
  79. A modern cultivated man would prefer prison to living with such strangers as our peasants.
  80. He bent low and ran over the cultivated earth; the clods slipped and rolled under his feet.
  81. For, my dear fellow, it's a very important matter to know on what side a man is cultivated.
  82. This vegetable is said to be native to India, and has been cultivated for as much as 3,000.
  83. I have cultivated my inner organs as if they were thoroughbred dogs, cats, and other animals.
  84. The Silence is necessary, the senses must be stilled, the muscles relaxed, repose cultivated.
  85. It should have been a two hour hike thru well cultivated farmlands til they reached the harbor.
  86. This poor child of five was subjected to every possible torture by those cultivated parents.
  87. Next we went to the eastern edge of the city where the Inka’s favorite flower was cultivated.
  88. They cultivated centli, beans, and squash like everyone else, but they also grew ground tubers.
  89. The relationship of man with God in the Holy Spirit is cultivated to bloom in an atmosphere of.
  90. Over and over, she accused him of things only a mind as cultivated as his would think up and do.
  91. Orderly manicured fields of cereal crops and cultivated forests show it is all highly maintained.
  92. Normally, the microorganisms that can thrive in extreme environments are best cultivated in the.
  93. Learning how to blend in and go undercover, I cultivated my inner jazz musician and grew a goatee.
  94. Land even replaces, in part at least, the capitals with which fisheries and mines are cultivated.
  95. Every fetus killed by culpable act or cultivated indifference is a forced, illegitimate abortion.
  96. He did the same thing whenever they came, and by now he had cultivated a lush patch of the stuff.
  97. Anyway, I’ve cultivated one of our guards, the one over there by the… don’t look….
  98. The wigwams were clustered around an open space and there were cultivated fields on the periphery.
  99. Such achievements, however, should be cultivated in an intellectually purposeful environment that.
  100. I looked over an embankment and saw a large flat area, cultivated, with many plantings all in a row.
  1. Stock cultivates land ; stock employs labour.
  2. How high a person cultivates is up to the person himself.
  3. Nor yet by reason of a knowledge which cultivates the earth; that would give the city the name of agricultural?
  4. A gardener who cultivates his own garden with his own hands, unites in his own person the three different characters, of landlord, farmer, and labourer.
  5. No matter with what sincerity the Administration cultivates peace, the opposition will insist that it alone is culpable for any breach between the two countries.
  6. He is an honorable idler who lounges, who practises country jaunts, who cultivates the grisette, who pays court to the fair sex, who is at this very moment, perhaps, with my mistress.
  7. At best, planned intelligence may imitate the various forms or likeness however not the sameness of human intelligence that cultivates its own rational manners by inherent rather than exterior designs.
  8. True practitioners in live sit, in every line, in the eye, ear, nose tongue body is selected, to be able to accumulate cultivate its own energy, integrity, cultivates the solid element, stimulate their own potential.
  9. When the proprietor cultivates his own lands, they are valued according to an equitable estimation, and he is allowed a deduction of one-fifth of the tax; so that for such land he pays only eight instead of ten per cent.
  10. Of a truth, God is surely organized, but not in the way man thinks, we see through a glass that is darkened, and He nurtures those that are led as the Holy Spirit cultivates His people thru the trials and temptations of life.
  11. He feels that an artificer is the servant of his customers, from whom he derives his subsistence; but that a planter who cultivates his own land, and derives his necessary subsistence from the labour of his own family, is really a master, and independent of all the world.
  12. And compounding their misery is their penchant to rear more children than their means would will, and that either forces them to reduce their progeny into child labor or consign them to the madrasa education, which only cultivates the fundamentalist mindset that is inimical to their economic wellbeing.
  13. It is curious that, throughout this whole debate, there seems to have been drawn a distinction between the rights of a man who cultivates the soil, and of him who follows the sea, and that this distinction should have been drawn by those who claim to be the champions of commerce and of a navy, and who have told us that agriculture and commerce were inseparable.
  14. Let me remind all of you one more time that both the length of existence of the focused-by-You NUU-VVU-Form and the length of your Life depend on the intensity and quality of this most important process — the Process of Choice: spiritually deprived and more egoistic choices provide you with fewer possibilities; if you focus on the spiritual development that cultivates stable, altruistic tendencies in your Self-Consciousness and enriches all of your Conceptions of the World and of Yourself, you will automatically (subconsciously) reproject Yourself into Worlds with higher-quality Stereo-Doubles whose development scenarios are also longer.

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