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    1. Sara went online and learned that it is important to handle feral cats while they are young in order to train them to be friendly, to domesticate them

    2. Horse domesticate in the Steppes

    3. These plays set before the men of Athens a morality by which to domesticate and control the savage elements in human nature

    4. An era when humans began to grow crops and domesticate animals

    5. Thus to be a loving citizen-producer-consumer, to make the impersonal acts of a disembodied organization the personal acts of love, is to strive to enlighten governments and domesticate virtualnisms in caring for the other, e

    6. The gravity of corportaenism's self-interest must be to domesticate human culture into institutionalized societies

    7. According to what ethic, what morality, can those who commit planetcide be rewarded with another planet to explore, domesticate and exploit? Out of love for other life bearing planets, we cannot allow the wealthy to treat Eartheart as their game nigger to get them a trophy nazi populated only by those who could afford to go, or who were needed by the wealthy to get where they wanted to

    8. They never learned to domesticate the wild zebra

    9. At least other cultures had the sense to domesticate their sources of animal and fish protein, so they would not have to worry about starving to death once they killed off all of the wild animals around them and drove them into extinction

    10. The reason civilization exists is because of undead filth continually trying to domesticate living humans and force them to do what they want which is; kill and destroy all living things on earth

    1. He may be the least practical of men according to Jake, but he is domesticated and considerate into the bargain

    2. Ultimately, facing the reality of time’s drip southwards, and the sharp scythe wielded by the grim reaper of domesticated animals, the couple found solace in their passionate love for one another

    3. After dinner, the kids went off to do their own thing and Gary insisted on helping with the washing up, saying that he was fully domesticated and proceeding to demonstrate that very effectively

    4. by the grim reaper of domesticated animals, the couple found

    5. There were also herds of domesticated

    6. There were plenty of other species around the place to entertain her, though not many of them were what one usually thought of as domesticated species

    7. To see something else was an anomaly—unless you made an excursion to the local zoo—besides the many dogs, cats, and other domesticated pets that had been acculturated to our human lifestyle over the years

    8. Okay, she didn’t really want to fall pregnant – she was still enjoying life and was not planning on becoming domesticated yet

    9. This is what I needed, this foul smelling house of fowls, loud and frantic, scared and timid, wild beasts in a cage (if beasts were corner dwellers and chicken shits), they were family; as domesticated (or undomesticated) as my own — they were family

    10. The conflicting land-use needs of nomadic peoples—followers of wild, then gradually domesticated, herds—and members of more settled communities have created a friction between them that has had a long tradition

    1. Thus, willfully evolving a pause of empathetic understanding pacifies anger or fear into indifference, domesticates it into mutual habitation, and eventually creates, via face to face daily interaction, a collective acceptance of others'

    2. For once Techine has harnessed the energy of the planet – wind, solar, thermal, hydro – becoming a Type I technelization, won't its imagination be captured by the engineering feats required to become a Type II technelization: consuming all the sun's energy in its Sherman-marching manifest ideal of transforming into a Type III technelization taming the energy fields of the solar system to become truly immortal as it wonders with an epicurean hunger if it could consume the galaxy, then the universe, what glories might its poly-reality produce? Is Techine topographically unbounded, whereas the universe, if not multi-parallel, has only linear expansion? Will techno-growth be the god that domesticates the multiverse's energy potential, converting its forces to power Techine's Ideal Dream into being? Is the teleological end of dark, white, shadow, pale and gray energy to be an everlasting battery for a galaxy-wide Cosmic Mind to fuel its incessant quest to create for its own amusement and edification? Is Game's End for energy a cosmic CAFO to power the pleasure of the final techine gamer?

    1. I have some experience in domesticating animals, thanks to my friend

    2. On demand, iNstant Transcendence is a transitory suffocation-defying, fantASy anti-gravity ride with the temporary vacating exhilaration of exotic places, never staying, falling back, reeled by cultural behavior ruling the symmetry breaks and anomalous transformations domesticating us to the brochured expectation of being liberated without lifting a finger to stop the slave train of consciousness chained to iT's sole purpose: ilikenment

    3. available and domesticating dogs to help with hunting

    4. by financial wars and domesticating the immoral practices that injured

    5. When humans began domesticating animals and creating cities; they created a growth-dynamic that kills everything else in its civilized area and around it

    6. Where do you think this practice of domestication came from, eh? Humans domesticating other species like pigs, dogs, chickens, goats, sheep, etc was only a subconscious projection of their own state of existence: their own condition, a symptom of how they had been totally domesticated by undead things: how all the wildness and courage and honesty and truth of their true beings had been systematically poisoned to such a foul level and degree… that they had become programmed and brainwashed into being domesticated slaves for the use and convenience of the undead things that surrounded them and infiltrate and poisoned and violated them day and night

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