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    1. They say nothing concerning the bad effects of high profits ; they are silent with regard to the pernicious effects of their own gains; they complain only of those of other people

    2. Who else had been in there and could still be in there? And now, with the entrance blocked by rocks and debris scattered by a particularly pernicious dragon, who knew what else they would find as they pushed further on

    3. This envy has frequently represented their trade as altogether pernicious, on account of the great quantities of silver which it every year exports from the countries from which it is carried on

    4. The law, however, which obliged the farmer to exercise the trade of a corn merchant was by far the most pernicious of the two

    5. The experience of one year, however, may not always be sufficient to discover to all the members of a great company the pernicious tendency of a particular bye-law ; and if several of them should afterwards discover it, neither the board of trade, nor the committee of council, can afford them any redress

    6. it is highly pernicious, and it has even a natural tendency to pervert the truth, by infusing into it a strong mixture of superstition, folly, and delusion

    7. The private revenue of the inhabitants of Great Britain is at present as much incumbered in time of peace, their ability to accumulate is as much impaired, as it would have been in the time of the most expensive war, had the pernicious system of funding never been adopted

    8. But though the whole debt were owing to the inhabitants of the country, it would not, upon that account, be less pernicious

    9. It occasions a general and most pernicious subversion of the fortunes of private people; enriching, in most cases, the idle and profuse debtor, at the expense of the industrious and frugal creditor ; and transporting a great part of the national capital from the hands which were likely to increase and improve it, to those who are likely to dissipate and destroy it

    10. The honour of a state is surely very poorly provided for, when, in order to cover the disgrace of a real bankruptcy, it has recourse to a juggling trick of this kind, so easily seen through, and at the same time so extremely pernicious

    11. Probably the most asinine, pernicious, fraudulent, and dangerous federal law ever passed

    12. Reaper square in the freakin’ eyes; he’s quite the pernicious fellow that forces you to contemplate it all

    13. The new Computational Monetary System also puts an end to the illicit acts as traffic of drugs, prostitution, terrorism and so many other pernicious acts that are motivated by the lack of money, without speaking in the end of the corruption, because there is not as violating this new systematics

    14. In Keith‘s case, the father‘s sabotage of his placement with the paternal aunt in California in December 2006 and their failure to support him in a later placement, illustrate the pernicious influence these parents have had, unabatedly, on their children

    15. ”10 In fact, too much written law is dangerous: “For in this case the best laws become the most pernicious; and it would be a hundred times better that they should not exist

    16. And if indeed they themselves only aid such things it would be [the more] tolerable; but now they persist in imbuing innocent souls with their pernicious doctrines not knowing that they shall receive a double condemnation both they and those that hear them

    17. Understand the changes that will be necessary to rectify these pernicious

    18. Chicken-hearted of her, but evil delayed seemed less pernicious than present evil

    19. focus, he concluded that Christianity had a pervasive and pernicious effect, leading to a morality of

    20. They’re an antidote to this pernicious nonsense that’s making men and boys feel ashamed of their manhood

    21. We’re being dragged, willingly, to our nemesis, by multi-national companies spouting the pernicious philosophy of free markets and expanding economies

    22. Lignis, a rangy, freckle-spattered red-head, could look you straight in the eye from a face gashed by a permanently chapped and thick-lipped sneer, and say the most pernicious things

    23. Actually, her pernicious habit of not calling things by their names had brought about a new confusion, for the only thing that the telepathic surgeons had found was a drop in the uterus which could be corrected by the use of a pessary

    24. Her secret seemed to lie in the fact that she always found a way to keep busy, resolving domestic problems that she herself had created, and doing a poor job on a thousand things which she would fix on the following day with a pernicious diligence that made one think of Fernanda and the hereditary vice of making something just to unmake it

    25. Years before, when she had reached one hundred forty-five years of age, she had given up the pernicious custom of keeping track of her age and she went on living in the static and marginal time of memories, in a future perfectly revealed and established, beyond the futures disturbed by the insidious snares and supposi-tions of her cards

    26. Want to cope with this pernicious, baffling condition?

    27. In one quick movement the pernicious girl was

    28. But Padlimaird was as pernicious as his words, and Nefer’s bargain was picking at my thoughts

    29. But so is the murky footprint of the Western buyers, and their pernicious demand for cheap goods

    30. letter words and accused the device of being a pernicious, malignant, twisted invention, obviously the

    31. Those who had said their prayers with unclosed heels denounced the discoverer of the new mode as a pernicious heretic; while he and a little band of followers consigned all who prayed in the old fashion to the eternal torments of hell

    32. pulsive, covetous of the fruits of action, acquisitive, pernicious, vitiated, and subject to joy and sorrow

    33. deficiency anaemia, pernicious anaemia [vitamin B12-related], and sickle cell anaemia

    34. The dominator model of human nature also carries with it another subtle even pernicious quality

    35. Whether it was over-fertilized crops, confined animal feedlot operations, neglected industrial discharges, failing septic systems, inadequately treated municipal effluent, poor range management, development-exacerbated soil erosion, or a pernicious stew of all of these chronic contributors combined with that ubiquitous toxic residue they called “nonpoint source pollution” didn’t really matter

    36. fortifications resting upon that one delicate thread? These delusive and pernicious evils

    37. For it must be evident that if “Apooleia” means “pernicious ways” in any other than a figurative sense, than it cannot mean “Destruction” in the true sense, for destruction, and pernicious ways are not the same

    38. For pernicious ways will be the cause of the destruction of many

    39. The Sadducees would naturally object to the Pharisaic party,—'that their notion of an oral law, accompanying and supplementing the defects of the Mosaic code, was a fiction, equally worthless as history, and pernicious as religion

    40. But indeed the doctrine is exceedingly pernicious, and destructive of Christianity, that the evangelists and apostles wrote in language, which was in the main unintelligible to their Greek, converts

    41. 'There shall be false prophets, and many shall follow their pernicious ways ’ (2 Peter ii

    42. The natural eternity of all souls is more conveniently asserted and assumed than demonstrated, and hence the pernicious custom of taking for granted a principle which underlies the entire fabric of interpretation

    43. There is not, I think, a more pernicious example of violence offered to sacred language in the history of the world

    44. The custom which too often prevails both among Christians and skeptics, of representing Faith and Reason as opposites, is unbiblical and pernicious

    45. THE weightiest objection to the acceptance of the doctrine that Immortality is the privilege of those alone who choose the right forever, is its supposed pernicious influence upon the masses of mankind

    46. There is not probably a more pernicious misconception in morals than that vengeance is an old world passion of barbarians

    47. Stamler, prominent researchers in this field, called it "a pernicious combination of

    48. In Status Anxiety de Botton defines the malady as "a worry so pernicious as to be capable of ruining extended stretches of our lives, that we are in danger of failing to conform to the ideals of success laid down by our society and that we may as a result be stripped of dignity and respect; a worry that we are constantly occupying too modest a rung or are about to fall to a lower one

    49. That, the proof would go back five years, and would show the prisoner already engaged in these pernicious missions, within a few weeks before the date of the very first action fought between the British troops and the Americans

    50. broom-branches as marks to direct him to where he had left his master, and recognising it he told them that here was the entrance, and that they would do well to dress themselves, if that was required to deliver his master; for they had already told him that going in this guise and dressing in this way were of the highest importance in order to rescue his master from the pernicious life he had adopted; and they charged him strictly not to tell his master who they were, or that he knew them, and should he ask, as ask he would, if he had given the letter to Dulcinea, to say that he had, and that, as she did not know how to read, she had given an answer by word of mouth, saying that she commanded him, on pain of her displeasure, to come and see her at once; and it was a very important matter for himself, because in this way and with what they meant to say to him they felt sure of bringing him back to a better mode of life and inducing him to take immediate steps to become an emperor or monarch, for there was no fear of his becoming an archbishop

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    insidious pernicious subtle baneful deadly pestilent virulent fatal lethal pestiferous damaging deleterious pestilential destructive bad evil malevolent malicious