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    1. See if you can determine a source

    2. read the ant control chapter to best determine how to control the ants

    3. It is as good as we had in 2175, but it would never pass sophisticated technology of your day, even a simple finger-prick would determine this is an android

    4. weak be allowed to determine the direction of the church

    5. seriously and prayerfully about these matters; and to determine to be governed by a "thus saith the Lord

    6. It took hours because there weren't that many inquiries to use for sample data, but he was immediately able to determine there were no hardware inquiries used in formulating the responses to those queries

    7. He had nothing to reference to determine if he was getting his slices at a regular interval

    8. Neither knowledge nor hope for the future can be the pivot of our life or determine its direction

    9. Normally, the extent of the surface to be planed will determine whether the procedure

    10. Nuplayy couldn't tell how much energy without knowing the mass of the objects and the last few weeks he had been writing about how to determine their mass by observing Narrulla

    11. Determine what it is about those headers that

    12. Therefore, routing cannot determine where to separate the value for the

    13. I look at this man, so very dear and familiar, standing there waiting for me to determine his fate

    14. It was Heymon who answered however, “The theory that lets us determine the remote results of an entangled interaction is shaky I think

    15. determine how they will appear to us

    16. trapped emotion, I tried to determine when it had

    17. “The experiment we were conducting was to try and determine if logical simulations of fourth order condensates can be entangled with the fourth order condensates in the dark bodies

    18. further testing I was able to determine what had

    19. is simply to determine what the subconscious mind

    20. deduction to determine when the trapped emotion

    21. Another fascinating thing to determine is exactly

    22. To determine the exact location of this energy ball,

    23. Respect It is entirely up to the individual to determine in what way he will

    24. need to do now is determine which emotion it is on

    25. Identify it, determine any other information that the

    26. Determine where the weight should be

    27. Determine in what ways it is not desired and change that

    28. to determine that she had a Heart-Wall, as well as

    29. determine its own foolishness instead of there being a detouring without

    30. many things that you face will determine how life will

    31. Things that happen to you do not really determine

    32. “On the order of four hundred quadrillion by the same methods that allowed us to determine its extent

    33. but it is up to individuals to determine what other individuals are to them

    34. “It stops being Christmas when I determine it to stop

    35. Suzanne looked blank, and a swift glance to Cordra showed her staring at the ceiling, but I knew her mind raced to determine where I would go with that left-field conversation start

    36. And who was I to say he couldn’t love me under the equivalent conditions? Who was I to determine that?”

    37. This would determine whether he would eat tonight

    38. “I’m trying to determine if it was an area where she might have gone to pick up the shonggot

    39. eyebrows raised so high that it was impossible to determine

    40. “Well then may we have a look round about to determine the best use of our efforts?” Harry requested promptly

    41. As with everything else that they had ever considered for action, they were only able to determine a financial impact to their businesses and so had to act

    42. He had been absent the estate upon business through a majority of their residence; so it was up to Kaitlyn to determine the disposition of everything connected to the house and grounds

    43. Within the first few days an observer would be hard-pressed to determine who was the local and whom the visitor

    44. What she tried to do, as Harry spoke, was not so much absorb his words, but attempt to determine how she would atone for her previous presumptuous behavior toward the lead architect

    45. Lot’s of novel ways were being used to determine what might be happening

    46. their fears determine what they say, do and think

    47. It definitely crossed her mind that he might actually be the rouge entity and tried to determine if there was any way to tell

    48. Long ago he had learned to sense the slightest shift in the grav drive, and could practically determine its velocity by how much it vibrated the hull

    49. First, I shall endeavour to explain what are the circumstances which naturally determine the rate of wages, and in what manner those circumstances are affected by the riches or poverty, by the advancing, stationary, or declining state of the society

    50. Secondly, I shall endeavour to shew what are the circumstances which naturally determine the rate of profit ; and in what manner, too, those circumstances are affected by the like variations in the state of the society

    1. He was bold and determined, he was energetic and he was virile

    2. Once you have found signs of wood damage and you have determined that it’s not just old decaying wood then you have to decide if it’s termites or carpenter ants that you have

    3. If you have determined that its carpenter ants then go to the Dances with Ants chapter and treat like you would the ants, the only difference would be that you place the ant cafes inside the house, in the attic, crawl spaces, any place where they are seen, hidden from view

    4. He was determined, come Hell or high-water, that he would create the perfect woman,

    5. They had promised themselves this break for months and now that it had come they were determined to take it

    6. Some had even gotten what they wanted in the end, if they were determined enough

    7. Maybe I wasn't the bravest in the world, hell, not even the bravest in Darklow, but one thing I can honestly say about myself, then as well as today, is that I'm determined and when it comes to family I will do, give and take whatever is needed

    8. He had the taste of Scotch in his mouth and was as determined

    9. She continued to study the planet, but was determined to continue with the evolutionary trees and leave the sociology alone

    10. I sense Stephen stiffen as he sees them, though he is obviously determined not to let his fear of the animals show

    11. far flung boundaries of the void Smith finally determined that the endlessly irritating

    12. determined to do the same thing

    13. The soul of Talstan was determined to cure the entire human species of the germ of the idea of the 'sovereign individual

    14. His words present a determined resolution to follow

    15. Now, she's determined to use them as cannon fodder

    16. With Byram Hermosa from the shop, he cruised down the narrow canal between the thick roots of towering apartment trees and into the open lake, bound for the Yakhan, determined to cover the fifteen hundred miles in a native week

    17. Actually, he was sure it was too late by the end of the first dark she spent in that house but was determined to give it due diligence and go up there after it, since he had weeks with the boat and no better plan

    18. Across the far flung boundaries of the void Smith finally determined that the endlessly irritating sensation that underlay the void was deserving of a name

    19. "Alfred has determined that there are tide control locks in the vicinity of that city," she continued

    20. Angie is determined that little Karalintze will know all about her famous Great Aunt as she gets bigger

    21. It is intended to be solely determined by our allowing ourselves to be gripped by the ethical God, who reveals Himself in us, and by our yielding our will to His

    22. quiet and determined in the face of such a monstrous libertine

    23. We have not yet determined it as such

    24. She was also one of his best researchers, both determined and creative

    25. He was shocked by the grim and determined tone of her voice

    26. ’ I said deliberately, determined not to let this man think I can’t manage

    27. One day, attracted by the unrivalled opportunities being offered to skilled people by this new broom sweeping through government’s old and crusty cobwebs of social patronage, two provincial public relations specialists arrived in the city determined to make their fortunes

    28. Nikos could see the man wasn't welcome in our crowd but being host, he was determined to create a relaxed atmosphere so, throwing his arms in the air, he announced to the room, 'OK everybody

    29. During cleaning it became clear that at some time in the distant past part of the church had been a temple dedicated to Pallas Athena and although it was not unusual for the locals to mix their beliefs, the church authorities were rather embarrassed and the work came to a standstill until it could be determined who would provide funds for the work to continue

    30. At the time I didn’t care how long it took me, I was determined that I would kill it

    31. He expected me to give in and I'd been happy to ignore him so far but since he was prepared to persist with the charade, I was determined to have my say

    32. conversation, but you determined to give it a shot

    33. "You know what I think it is?" he said, "I think you are determined to take this away from me

    34. When at last I caught up with the others, they were on the lip of a wide plateau of sandy rock and there, emerging from the wiry scrub, stood a tidy cluster of stubborn ruins and dry stone walls that seemed determined to stand forever

    35. He wondered why Glayet was so determined she had to let this run late into the evening on Friday

    36. Breakfast that morning had been the usual hurried, monosyllabic affair, and when she returned home from work Annie was determined that she would sit her brother down and that they would have a thorough chat about the future

    37. As young Alan blossomed, finding girls and music and the dreams of unchecked possibilities breasting the far hill scapes of his world view, so too Ken determined to be a part of his son’s emerging life

    38. He was determined to

    39. sitting, back to back, weapons at the ready, determined to protect

    40. Abi’s a brave girl and determined that she won’t be an emotional mess

    41. nothing that Karen could do, for her boots were determined to

    42. They are well organized and determined

    43. attitude to courting, but Archibald’s mother was determined to

    44. it has been determined that the biomagnetic fields

    45. shocked by the grim and determined tone of her voice

    46. Once you have determined which column the trapped

    47. Once you’ve determined exactly when the emotion

    48. We determined that he had an inherited emotion

    49. determined the meaning of the first two health issues

    50. specialists arrived in the city determined to make their fortunes

    1. The type of house we live in determines conditions that can lead to cockroach

    2. The time of year also determines the rate at which the composting process occurs

    3. This determines whether you will be led by fear or faith

    4. Believest thou this? Do you truly believe that he who is in Christ is a new creation? Do you really have faith to believe that you were once dead in your trespasses and sins, but now have been made alive? How much of this is rhetoric and how much is reality? This is the main question that determines the true from the false

    5. determines what happens to thee and to mine own

    6. It is this demand which regulates and determines the state of propagation in all the different countries of the world ; in North America, in Europe, and in China ; which renders it rapidly progressive in the first, slow and gradual in the second, and altogether stationary in the last

    7. The demand for labour, according as it happens to be increasing, stationary, or declining, or to require an increasing, stationary, or declining population, determines the quantities of the necessaries and conveniencies of life which must be given to the labourer; and the money price of labour is determined by what is requisite for purchasing this quantity

    8. The proportion between those different funds necessarily determines in every country the general character of the inhabitants as to industry or idleness

    9. Google determines where your ad is placed and this is decided based on two

    10. The consideration of his own private profit is the sole motive which determines the owner of any capital to employ it either in agriculture, in manufactures, or in some particular branch of the wholesale or retail trade

    11. According to Heidegger, what you care about determines, in large part, what you see in the world

    12. Society determines that we live by certain rules, and that where judgements need to be made, decisions are taken only by those persons possessed of the impeccable good sense to take them

    13. that determines how you interpret the world; the way

    14. you think also determines how you behave and thus

    15. determines those who win and those who lose (and those

    16. but since it is the basic assumption that determines the

    17. the rule that determines how all other rules are defined

    18. The state of the mechanical, as well as some other arts, with which it is necessarily connected, determines the degree of perfection to which it is capable of being carried at any particular time

    19. resources, the one that determines what resources are available to other species

    20. regulates the subsistence of the labourer, and determines in what degree it shall be either liberal, moderate, or scanty

    21. The ordinary average price of provisions determines the quantity of money which must be paid to the workman, in order to enable him, one year with another, to purchase this liberal, moderate, or scanty subsistence

    22. An evaluation is a series of questions; the quality of the questions determines the quality of the answers; the quality of the answers determines the emotions

    23. that individual copes with anxiety or stress or other (personal) matters determines that individual‘s spiritual capacity to ―know itself

    24. Perhaps the question we should all be asking ourselves is what is it that determines relevancy in school environments where most traditional subject matter seems to have lost its potency? At the present rate, unless higher academic standards (and discipline) are restored in the classroom, many schools may very well become irrelevant in their own right, if not already so!

    25. Terminal velocity depends on shape, which causes drag, and mass, which determines the pull of gravity

    26. determines the value of the thing done

    27. and attitude of the doer determines the worth of the

    28. or speech - also determines how well you can connect with the

    29. For events like Dave’s bank robber or burglar, the ‘model’ that determines the outcome is more complicated than flipping a coin, yet that outcome could be completely deterministic, for all we know

    30. It writes the rules and regulations that control labor relations and then determines if the laws it has written are being followed

    31. “The first is that it determines the order in which you will select a job after initiation

    32. The Usuarist Project “Institutional” determines the operational process so that the tasks occur dynamicalally in total flexibility and of updated form and the Usuarist Project “Existential” does with that the another XUSING Project: Beta Version in English - 2005

    33. After the guarantee, the sponsor emits this term and it determines the approved conditions for the Project

    34. Firstly, they begin for the Area of Activity SYSTEMATIZATION because this Area is responsible for the creation of the Usuarist Projects, as well as it determines the form of participation political or technical of the teams

    35. Constitution of the country determines and where is installed

    36. I spent most of my life trying to understand the mind, the bundle of software that determines every aspect of our lives, probably to solve my personal issues and to apply the training from my Spiritual Teacher

    37. Time determines the reality of time-based organisms

    38. Because of this, one could say that time is the ultimate ruler and dictator of reality, for time determines the life cycle of time-based organisms

    39. in that determines the way you feel, but the thoughts, feelings and

    40. The wholesomeness or unwholesomeness is what determines the karmic fruit

    41. Here, string_name is the valid variable name given to the string and „size" determines the number of

    42. People there are a variety of physical, each kind of constitution determines the index of the immune system

    43. "We need to understand," comments Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, "how the quality of our present actions determines the quality of our future experiences

    44. Of these three, mental karma, involving volition and intention, is the weightiest because it is the origin of the other two types of karma – in other words, what we think determines what we say and do

    45. Causative karma (weighty karma that operates at the time or moment of death, and determines the circumstances of rebirth)

    46. determines the path of that invasion

    47. Change management policy which determines CI’s for change management, criteria used for determining changes which could give major impact should be established

    48. housing unit; the value of the unit determines

    49. determines its place in the world which is to follow this

    50. It’s how your body deals with that energy that determines whether weight is gained or lost

    1. This information will come in handy when determining how many snails your property has, and whether the snail population is growing or dying back

    2. But what of this Yellelle, have we made any progress determining where she’s from?"

    3. happening now, in the present, as well as determining

    4. Determining the Heart-Wall Material

    5. On the other hand, determining the material that has

    6. determining the card’s validity (when necessary

    7. “Wouldn't a person already need to know what was coming along, I mean in the big picture, to be ready for any opportunity that arises? And let's say they have such knowledge, it makes my head spin but wouldn't that make a person constantly and always determining the present and future possible worth of each and every little incident, news, and happenstance they encountered, every moment of every day? How could anyone get anything done? It would make me crazy

    8. Allcock lifted the bill and went over the listed items of fare with Harry, After establishing its accuracy, he offered pointers for determining the appropriate surcharges and tip

    9. Below are some questions you can ask when determining if a message is of God or not

    10. The ancient statutes of assize seem to have begun always with determining what ought to be the price of bread and ale when the price of wheat and barley were at the lowest ; and to have proceeded gradually to determine what it ought to be, according as the prices of those two sorts of grain should gradually rise above this lowest price

    11. It has been proposed, accordingly, that the colonies should be taxed by requisition, the parliament of Great Britain determining the sum which each colony ought to pay, and the provincial assembly assessing and levying it in the way that suited best the circumstances of the province

    12. The sailors were polite and, after determining that we were Americans

    13. Regularity, order, and prompt obedience to command, are qualities which, in modern armies, are of more importance towards determining the fate of battles, than the dexterity and skill of the soldiers in the use of their arms

    14. ) Adopting conspicuously faulty and (otherwise) self-serving reasoning conveniently side-steps a very important fact; that we all exist in a less than perfect world subject to changing fortunes and other unexpected events that routinely challenge our mettle; and that Nature, however, has its own inestimable manner of compensating each of us with an innate capacity to endure hardships and rise above our present condition however unfavorable or improbable our prospects for a ―better‖ life may appear and that an individual‘s threshold for suffering and privation oftentimes vary in proportion to that individual‘s (mental) endurance and acquired habits in spite of that individual‘s accustomed environment and in any event, such (gratuitous) impressions are problematical at best and should not serve as a litmus test in determining who should or should not be permitted to live or given an equal opportunity to exercise free choice(s) pre-empted by selfish motives indifferent to such rights; motives whose arbitrary designs are (otherwise) impervious to the apparent limits or consequences of questionable solutions whose (hardened) indifference to Life must inevitably diminish the (inherent) value a society confers upon its citizens regardless of their station in life

    15. basis in determining when mating of the doe and buck will produce the

    16. Then the lady of the house went back to her toilette; as this morning routine held great significance in determining her mood-of-the-day

    17. When children get used to determining diet, it is not an easy task to restore parental guidance

    18. As you will probably remember, my determining the approximate time in recorded history that the Exodus occurred, which has been historically identified, was the basis that allowed me to travel backward toward the time of Abraham

    19. determining toxic substances are amazing and the expenditures caused by that were huge

    20. (A papal document authoritatively determining some point of doctrine or church law

    21. Volition is similar to intention – the act of determining mentally on some action or result

    22. · Power of resolve (determining not to repeat an action)

    23. When we understand this, it allows us to take responsibility for past actions with an attitude of compassion, appreciating that a particular act may have been unwholesome or harmful, and strongly determining not to repeat it

    24. They are said to play a crucial role in determining the circumstances of rebirth

    25. Change management policy which determines CI’s for change management, criteria used for determining changes which could give major impact should be established

    26. This measure helps in determining the timeline required for release

    27. Market research is simply determining who the people are who will be interested

    28. when you are giving the client a price per audio hour and determining the time it

    29. By determining the kind of environment you want to live in, you will achieve the first step to having it that way

    30. because we were intent on determining some thing existed at that position

    31. It could be a rigorous process with applications, determining their purpose and objectives

    32. Regardless of the position --- personal integrity was at the heart of the discussions and a determining factor on who would get ‘my uncle’s vote’

    33. determining a course that might not be the best one

    34. Their errors in determining toxic substances are amazing and the expenditures caused by that were huge

    35. may be critical in determining the truthfulness of

    36. in determining the best solution to the problem

    37. The easy access to informative propositions is in part counterbalanced by the difficulty in determining the reason for the presence of the information

    38. don’t have to put myself in the position of determining what should

    39. AS I was walking in the field and observing an elm and vine and determining in my own mind respecting them and their fruits the Shepherd appears to me and says "What is it that you are thinking about the elm and vine?" "I am considering" I reply "that they become each other exceedingly well

    40. It is as much determining what the project is, as what it is not

    41. I'm not a banker myself, of course, but I have always assumed you fellows had mysterious and occult ways of determining the legitimacy of financial instruments

    42. resources, thereby determining what the United States spends on health

    43. resources, thereby determining what the Unites States spends on health care”

    44. of these universes would be incapable of determining if they inhabited a

    45. fect in determining the energy and coherence of the beam One of the seers

    46. Determining the Cause of Snoring

    47. Bacon notes the reason we aren’t interested in determining

    48. evolutionary process, and stick to the job of determining what the

    49. There’s an advanced algorithm at work determining how well a submission does on the site, but the basic idea is that the more votes a submission earns, the more visible it becomes

    50. That which is present and changing now is determining the form of the new present moment

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