declination frasi

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Frasi con declination (in inglese)

  1. Thea looked up at him in terror and shook her head in declination.
  2. The declination of Earth axis is the reason beyond night’s increase and decrease which creates the seasons.
  3. However, even his declination brought no significant change in the outrage which threatened the equilibrium of the coalition government.
  4. Three parameters (Sidereal Time, Latitude, and Declination of natal sun) are required to compute house cusps, rather than only two (ST and Latitude) required by all other house systems.
  5. If the houses are to be considered analogous to the signs; and if the signs result from a division of the sun’s yearly path (the ecliptic); then it follows that the houses should result from a division of the sun’s daily path – its diurnal or declination circle; i.

  6. She lighted a gas jet and re-read the letter, trying to derive some comfort from the courtesy of the declination, but when she unwrapped the sketches, she was forced to acknowledge to herself that they did not seem so strong as when she hopefully submitted them a fortnight before.
  7. They will ascertain, what is as yet but very imperfectly known, the depth, the temperature, the saltness, and the specific gravity of the sea-water in those high latitudes—the velocity of the currents, the state of atmospherical electricity in the arctic regions, and its connexion, at which we have glanced, with the inclination, declination, and intensity of force of the magnetic needle; on which subject alone, a collection of facts towards the upper part of Davis's Straits would be worth a voyage of discovery.

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