declivity frasi

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Frasi con declivity (in inglese)

  1. He had rolled down a declivity of twelve or fifteen feet.
  2. He went over the brim of the declivity and began to climb down.
  3. They stood perched on the face of the declivity, under the trees.
  4. This fact will give a good idea of the degree of the mound's declivity.
  5. Our columns ought to have begun to appear on an open declivity to his right.

  6. The young man uttered a fierce cry of despair, and galloped madly down the declivity.
  7. Heyward had given one of his pistols to Hawkeye, and together they rushed down a little declivity.
  8. Recovering her reserve, she sat without replying, and thus they reached the summit of another declivity.
  9. Marius was descending this declivity at a slow pace, with his eyes fixed on the girl whom he no longer saw.
  10. And judging from the degree of its declivity, the perpendicular height cannot be less than seventy-five feet.
  11. He then waved his hand for them to follow, and threw himself down the steep declivity, with free, but careful footsteps.
  12. Our guide conducted us to the foot of a steep declivity, where we left our horses, and with some difficulty ascended about 70 yards.
  13. Several fine specimens were observed on the western declivity of the Look-Out Mountain, but in no instances in large masses or quantities.
  14. When, to let her have a measure of his manhood, he pushed her down to his declivity, her innate love prompted her lust into reciprocation.
  15. Two other men descended after Danglars forming the rearguard, and pushing Danglars whenever he happened to stop, they came by a gentle declivity to the intersection of two corridors.

  16. But before the obstacle they were approaching, Vronsky began working at the reins, anxious to avoid having to take the outer circle, and swiftly passed Mahotin just upon the declivity.
  17. All that were left of the baggage-wagons after the passage of the Beresina, including the Emperor’s, had to be finally abandoned near the Tamari post-house at the foot of an ice-covered declivity on the further side of Vilna.
  18. Dörpfeld maintains that the ancient orchestra and the later Agrippeum theatre near by, mentioned by Philostratus, 192 lay in the depression between the Pnyx and the Hill of the Nymphs, but considerably above the foot of the declivity.
  19. Could not he who opened the eyes of the blind have kept this man from dying? By this time they were standing before the family tomb, a small natural cave, or declivity, in the ledge of rock which rose up some thirty feet at the far end of the garden plot.
  20. In that fatal valley, at the foot of that declivity which the cuirassiers had ascended, now inundated by the masses of the English, under the converging fires of the victorious hostile cavalry,.

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