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Frasi con decline (in inglese)

  1. Nor did he decline it.
  2. They could be in decline.
  3. We either advance or decline.
  4. Expected Size of the Decline.
  5. Despite a decline of smoking.

  6. The stock continues to decline.
  7. Feltus waved his hand to decline.
  8. Paul in an area of urban decline.
  9. The subsequent decline to only $1.
  10. Better than the usual slow decline.
  11. The seeds of decline have been sown.
  12. He grows old and his talents decline.
  13. Next comes a big decline from D to E.
  14. Second) The decline of civility, and.
  15. History has known the decline and fall.

  16. Not even this slow decline in her life.
  17. The Idea of Decline in Western History.
  18. It will decline in value as time passes.
  19. It also had a low maximum decline of 34.
  20. And we’re primed for a decent decline.
  21. She must absolutely decline the proposal.
  22. The decline of his fortunes, then?
  23. A decline in the relative importance of.
  24. The decline from point G to H in Figure 14.
  25. I could not decline Jiju and I had to stay.

  26. He was in terror, in case she might decline.
  27. This decline was due to fear in the market.
  28. Yet some sort of decline is often witnessed.
  29. By 1997, Compaq began to see margins decline.
  30. They didnt use the increase or decline in.
  31. I decline to describe the scene that followed.
  32. Put another way, the greater the decline in.
  33. This pattern normally occurs during a decline.
  34. Then Churchill’s condition began to decline.
  35. They didn’t use the increase or decline in.
  36. That was apparently the reason for the decline.
  37. Hopefully, use of LSD will continue to decline.
  38. From there on the relationship began to decline.
  39. Consequently, the option will only decline by 0.
  40. I'm afraid I must decline, he told the two.
  41. A stock may decline and never come back in price.
  42. The decline of mass transit is another casualty.
  43. He was in a Decline, and was a shadow to look at.
  44. As they decline, bargain hunters step in and buy.
  45. The symptoms of decline of the overseas literary.
  46. As I mentioned though, I will decline some of the.
  47. Can’t you decline? I asked; she has before.
  48. An abrupt decline then follows that right shoulder.
  49. Steel in advance of the December 21 market decline.
  50. This entire decline had forced the temporary line.
  51. Before I had a chance to decline the offer, Wendy.
  52. Without straining, I managed to decline that offer.
  53. As a result, both call and put values will decline.
  54. Notice how the early-June decline held above the $4.
  55. This 25-stock portfolio had a maximum decline of 57.
  56. Obviously, the decline was protracted over centuries.
  57. He was in decline, they said, or something like that.
  58. It was a gamble, and I was given a chance to decline.
  59. Coffingtion: It can be said the world is in decline.
  60. Contrast that with the market decline of October 2008.
  61. They stop the decline, and force prices to rise again.
  62. Determine the length of the Separating Decline (F–G).
  63. A descending triangle is making a decline to a new low.
  64. Nicholas started to decline, but here the girl spoke up.
  65. The gentle decline beneath his feet served as his only.
  66. What are the symptoms of age-related cognitive decline?
  67. No doubt about it, the Empire was in a state of decline.
  68. The decline in our health can be traced to a few factors.
  69. You close your books and politely decline their request.
  70. This was too much for her as she started a slow decline.
  71. The bearish On Neck Line usually appears during a decline.
  72. This represents the first year-over-year decline in the.
  73. On top of that, Trending Value’s maximum decline of 50.
  74. A decline in interest rates will have the opposite effect.
  75. Soon after his decision to decline the offer to command a.
  76. Whiting had a relatively small decline, to 16 3/4 in 1970.
  77. It is at this stage, that stock prices decline or become.
  78. The decline in circulating estrogen levels with menopause.
  79. You go into a steady decline, and then you fall off a cliff.
  80. The overall sector suffered a maximum decline of 85 percent.
  81. However, the trend line does end with a small price decline.
  82. The tunnel was a constant decline of concrete and neon lights.
  83. When my legs decline to function and I've stairs to navigate.
  84. It is not known how he responded to the decline of 1973–74.
  85. The rising wedge accurately predicted a coming price decline.
  86. Thus, if this is the case, then you should decline the offer.
  87. That 12% decline could have been a 20% or even a 40% increase.
  88. That is the Uronian offer, an offer you may accept or decline.
  89. The maximum decline for the group was a portfolio-crushing 90.
  90. That isn’t nearly long enough to constitute a basic decline.
  91. On this basis, asbestos claims today should be on the decline.
  92. However, most of that decline has been in crimes against roen.
  93. Tony tried to decline but his friends insisted and so they went.
  94. As prices decline towards it, be alert to buying opportunities.
  95. If prices continue to decline, your order will not be executed.
  96. As long as he wrote his own copy, Louie saw no reason to decline.
  97. Some media will grow in popularity, whereas others will decline.
  98. But in this particular, the demand has long been on the decline.
  99. Duke Humphrey’s influence in Westminster was in steep decline.
  100. The typical duration of a short basic decline is 340 to 355 days.
  1. The castaways’ bodies were declining.
  2. Which was declining on the milky head.
  3. His condition was declining very quickly.
  4. The number of arriving guests is declining.
  5. I surprised Frank and George by declining any alcohol.
  6. The result will be a diminished EVA, and a declining.
  7. His denominations numbers had been declining steadily for.
  8. He felt morality was declining and society was deteriorating.
  9. You could maybe expand more, but business has been declining.
  10. We crossed Pao for the last time in the declining rays of the.
  11. She reflected for a few moments, and ended by again declining.
  12. Mother Plutarque, whose health was declining, was ill and in bed.
  13. Even the strongest bull markets have periods of declining prices.
  14. It means that advancing issues are stronger than declining issues.
  15. It means that declining issues are stronger than advancing issues.
  16. It is hard in the stationary, and miserable in the declining state.
  17. Declining to rest upon objects of the world, utterly contented with.
  18. Even so, price then declined into a pennant before declining further.
  19. Pressure from people and declining support of the party members led B.
  20. Killing animals that are not declining in a sport is still questionable.
  21. At eighty, and in declining health, she would not be around much longer.
  22. But to a substantial though declining group, these terrorists are heroes.
  23. Basically, her business wasn‘t declining but it wasn‘t growing either.
  24. Prices stalled in early March before declining into the early April lows.
  25. My health was declining steadily as a result I was feeling quite weaker now.
  26. He cleared the emails in his account as he rode the tram home, declining an.
  27. Of course the opposite of a rising market, is a declining market (bear market).
  28. So saying the princess mounted her horse, and, declining to allow even Prince.
  29. This is a very good indicator of declining public interest in the stock market.
  30. Nor would we short the shares of a company just because the market is declining.
  31. With a current delta of +203, there is also some risk of a declining stock price.
  32. In the face of declining net interest margin depository institutions have entered.
  33. In the face of declining net interest margins, depository institutions have entered.
  34. The day was declining, there was not even a cat in the lane, the hour was propitious.
  35. The day was declining; the snow, which had ceased for a moment, had just begun again.
  36. The nutrition in our food has been slowly declining over the decades, because of the.
  37. Its November 20 edition headlined: Stocks Are Hurt by Latest Fear: Declining Prices.
  38. His declining the imperial crown on this occasion, in 1519, has been already mentioned.
  39. Declining the refreshments, they followed him to a tiny office messy with piles of paper.
  40. Normally you want to see a stock drift downward on volume that is declining and drying up.
  41. The declining sun had shifted the shadows from west to east amongst the houses of the town.
  42. If the manager’s ownership interest is declining over time, this is not a positive sign.
  43. An increasing or declining gamma as the underlying price changes will alter our conclusion.
  44. This indicator plots a running total of advancing stocks minus the declining stocks each day.
  45. The green, heavy-laden trees threw their shadows’ weight sideways under the declining sun.
  46. Volatility rule: Use vertical credit spreads in times of stable or declining market volatility.
  47. First, prices were declining and the downtrend concluded with a clear bullish engulfing pattern.
  48. This fall in value is a result of the option’s time value (or its extrinsic value) declining.
  49. As the declining sun first kissed the top of the western hills, the land began to open up ahead.
  50. From 1997, it increased to almost 29 in 1999, stayed in the 20s until 2003, then began declining.
  51. Also, the declining volume during the formation of the flag supported the pattern interpretation.
  52. This partly explained the company’s declining quarterly earnings that had fallen to a loss of $0.
  53. The majority of Middle Sections (Ascending and Declining) have continued for 20 weeks or even more.
  54. As the account balance shrinks, you are risking an ever-smaller percentage of the declining balance.
  55. I remember once declining cherry pie at dinner, and Rand cocked his head and said, Ahh! Iconoclast.
  56. It was headed: Which Way Is Wall Street? This was a specific prediction of declining stock prices.
  57. Robert Kennedy, declining an invitation to attend a party in honor of Pat and Peter Lawford in June 1962.
  58. Cuban-American terrorists were declining in numbers and their influence in the Cuban community was fading.
  59. After declining to hear any authentication from Harold as to the events Feltus had previously outlined, Dr.
  60. This new business strategy indicates that Dell’s core business of selling computer hardware is declining.
  61. This made her uneasy and painfully aware that she was declining, her past becoming unhinged from her present.
  62. By the middle of the afternoon they had passed the Scaroons, and were following the route of the declining sun.
  63. A descending triangle is a bearish signal, consisting of level low prices and a series of declining high prices.
  64. Italy, Scandinavia and other parts of Europe Phosphatidylserine is widely used to help restore declining mental.
  65. Our training is improving, and the skill level of the pilots they had available, is declining, I continued.
  66. That means we should trade mostly long set-ups in a rising market and mostly short set-ups in a declining market.
  67. For those laid off I envision a continuation of their salaries at a declining rate over 6-9 months pending rehire.
  68. DHEA is found in high concentrations in the brain and declining levels with aging may af ect memory and cognitive.
  69. Did not you hear him complain of the rheumatism? and is not that the commonest infirmity of declining life?
  70. The gamma of the September 95 put must be increasing, while the gamma of the September 105 call must be declining.
  71. Most investors who lose more than they can afford during those declining markets hold on, hoping to achieve nirvana.
  72. This means that volume is flowing into declining issues and that there is sustained selling pressure in the markets.
  73. I want to find those that have completed their bottom A and top B and are declining into what could become bottom C.
  74. After that date, the notes were callable at a premium—104 percent of par in 1977, gradually declining to par in 1998.
  75. So in 2009, from summer through winter, the ETF tracking the dollar kept hitting new lows, but the volume was declining.
  76. If you actually plot the product of a pair of double long and double short etfs, you get a graph that is slowly declining.
  77. I never really felt comfortable with it then because the housing market was still declining very rapidly, says Koza.
  78. Principal was defaulted on maturity, and the Canadian Pacific ceased to pay interest, the price of the bonds declining to 6.
  79. Watch for declining loyalty program numbers as well, as this can serve as an indicator that customer retention is declining.
  80. Annie thought about declining, thinking of the children, but she really was almost dropping, so she accepted Mick’s offer.
  81. If you consider the trend line as declining resistance, you find at the end of April a breakout above the line, which failed.
  82. With volatility continually declining during 1988, selling option premium presented trades with high probabilities of profit.
  83. The further gap between dividend and earnings growth rates is less puzzling because it may reflect declining payout rates (i.
  84. By 2008, however, the price levels began declining in the DJIA even as the transportation index peaked toward the end of 2008.
  85. The Key Range between May 31, 1962, and June 6th is an example of a Sinking Key Range (a consolidation in a declining market).
  86. Basically, the Arms Index calculates how much volume is associated with rising or declining stock prices on the NYSE or Nasdaq.
  87. The thrust of the law was to prevent short sellers from causing mercuric declines and accelerating an already declining market.
  88. The temperatures are slowly declining, the trees are becoming bare, and the weatherman is predicting the first frost of the season.
  89. Saint Thomas on the Green needs a new rector and would provide a comfortable living for a worthy gentleman in his declining years.
  90. This is why stocks have always tended to perform badly during periods when inflation is rising and corporate earnings are declining.
  91. These positions become more short, market-direction wise, as the futures move up, and more long with declining futures prices.
  92. Later evidence suggests that survey expectations tend to be adaptive (reflecting past inflation experience, with declining weights).
  93. From November 2002 through January 2003 the S&P remained below its declining 200-day moving average, but not by as much as 10 percent.
  94. To spend his declining years surrounded by his family was his dearest wish, and the prime reason for undertaking his perilous journey.
  95. Yet while often confined to a wheelchair and in declining health, Nancy Reagan continues to be an advocate for Alzheimer’s research.
  96. The Old Testament marked itself sharply off from other religions declining on a Sun-, Moon-, or star Gods with their power of darkness.
  97. But with declining enrollment, teachers were bumped to other schools, with low seniority like hers determining who left in those days.
  98. The Bobbin parsonage is a delightful little house of the kind that I dream of for my declining years, with latticed windows and a vine.
  99. He was probably alarmed at his declining sexual drive and obviously could not mistake her passionate nature and continuing need for sex.
  100. Coal was the principal source of fuel for electricity generation until the present decade, but its market share is now declining rapidly.
  1. I declined the home leave.
  2. But she declined to alight.
  3. He was declined, and this was.
  4. He declined to think of her now.
  5. The sexton declined to allow it.
  6. Olin declined to reveal anything.
  7. Lov eyed the ring, then declined.
  8. He declined it with full fervor.
  9. I declined, but he said it was.
  10. The priest declined very politely.
  11. She declined and then walked away.
  12. Sorren declined, shaking his head.
  13. Noghes also declined the offer of.
  14. He just asked the stuffs and declined.
  15. I thanked him profusely and declined.
  16. He offered me a drink, but I declined.
  17. Mischief is a victim of declined mind.
  18. Stocks declined by 22% in a single day.
  19. Wolf declined his and requested a Coke.
  20. The bid price declined to as low as 61.
  21. And as the Muhgal Empire declined, the.
  22. Meanwhile, use of unique words declined.
  23. Some others declined to call it genocide.
  24. I declined accepting more than was my due.
  25. Their stock and credit gradually declined.
  26. Actually Miss K has declined the position.
  27. She declined his offer of dinner, saying.
  28. David declined the invitation to help him.
  29. For the second time, I was declined again.
  30. Counsel for Potter declined to question him.
  31. Overall economic growth rate declined from 4.
  32. They declined and said they had places to go.
  33. When the empire declined, there was an exo-.
  34. This fine he also declined voluntarily to pay.
  35. As a result, the turnover rate of UPS declined.
  36. Instead, prices declined to the upper boundary.
  37. Peter declined to comment as it was all relative.
  38. Don Fernando declined the invitation to go along.
  39. The trade in fleeces has declined, she said.
  40. He offered a bottle to Samantha but she declined.
  41. Many people declined to re-inhabit the old cities.
  42. Elinor, with great civility, declined the proposal.
  43. I declined but offered to bring the twins with me.
  44. When asked, company officials declined to comment.
  45. I offered her the heart and liver but she declined.
  46. Maharaj exacerbated and his health declined rapidly.
  47. I declined of course, having no money at all on me.
  48. As summer stretched on, conditions in Ofuna declined.
  49. University to take a degree in said declined subject.
  50. After some consideration, Howard declined the request.
  51. Mason declined further comment on the subject of Flint.
  52. Their price index declined, correspondingly, from 110.
  53. The lady’s request was politely but firmly declined.
  54. Beer, anyone? Jeff and Samantha declined, again.
  55. Tim respectfully declined but gave the man a big smile.
  56. Can you imagine a portfolio model that declined just 3.
  57. They both declined again and followed him to his office.
  58. They both eagerly and resolutely declined her invitation.
  59. Yesterday morning, it appears, Franz declined the honor.
  60. He had already ate, and declined staying for their meal.
  61. As time progressed, Egyptian civilization declined, was.
  62. By the time it was executed, the price had declined to 7.
  63. They declined his invitation by shaking their heads from.
  64. Grateful for the offer, I declined and returned to Beirut.
  65. The Russell 1000 Value index, for example, declined by 55.
  66. Lemon sherbet followed, and coffee was offered but declined.
  67. Nonetheless its price declined to 21½ in the 1970 debacle.
  68. Jurists; in reality most of the worlds faiths had declined.
  69. London mentioned something to drink, but everyone declined.
  70. Nan had asked Faith to go with them, but Faith had declined.
  71. Sally graciously declined, saying that she had to catch up.
  72. She begged Mirónovich to take the case, but he declined it.
  73. The price of the 8s declined from 115 in 1929 to 16 in 1932.
  74. She blinked and declined her face away from him, mouth firm.
  75. He declined an offer of wine and left after fifteen minutes.
  76. In the past, Will would have wrinkled his nose and declined.
  77. Avery often declined to answer any questions on the subject.
  78. Fortunately, Bezobiedoff declined the invitation, and departed.
  79. Ferguson declined; stating that they were going to the airport.
  80. No one cared that he declined, they just passed the bottle and.
  81. Here, there was a retest that declined halfway to the boundary.
  82. He declined it and instead asked for a bottle of mineral water.
  83. First, volume steadily declined as prices coiled into a triangle.
  84. Prices declined into mid-November before reversing and going up.
  85. This contribution has declined since 1982, when it was around 0.
  86. He offered her a major cut in the takings but she still declined.
  87. Flavors proved more vulnerable and declined to 45, a loss of 30%.
  88. As patronage of arcades declined, many were forced to close down.
  89. Volume then declined as the stock declined to the lower boundary.
  90. Bram smoking and he certainly had always declined the offer of a.
  91. Publishing revenues in elementary and secondary declined as well.
  92. My work had never declined in quality, but over the ensuing five.
  93. So we looked at outlier days, days where the SPX declined by over 1.
  94. He politely declined, but one persistent Sardar would not leave him.
  95. But stockholders' equity declined from $128 million to $116 million.
  96. Promptly, inexplicably, with amicability, gratefully it was declined.
  97. Estimated populations of wild moon bears in Korea declined from 56.
  98. As European aristocracy declined: it was replaced by the bourgeoisie.
  99. Even so, price then declined into a pennant before declining further.
  100. KKK terrorism dramatically declined in states where Grant intervened.
  1. But Jim Corbett declines it.
  2. He declines to choose a profession.
  3. Cass reluctantly declines the offer.
  4. There have been many subnormal declines.
  5. Their declines seem to stop at invisible floors.
  6. Now, assume the same stock declines 20% each month.
  7. Drastic declines in numbers of predators may cause.
  8. Examples of basic declines can be found in Table 12.
  9. When the society declines, they fall even below this.
  10. What’s more, risk and maximum declines drop as well.
  11. Normally the market declines after a sideways movement.
  12. She declines all my promotion offers, Orcher says.
  13. It grows out of nationalism when the religion declines.
  14. Once again, the market stagnates and innovation declines.
  15. When the economic outlook declines, the Federal Reserve.
  16. All industries experience declines at one time or another.
  17. Sometimes huge stock declines occur for no apparent reason.
  18. If the stock price declines, both stock and call lose value.
  19. This often precedes declines in the general market averages.
  20. Broadly based rallies and declines have greater staying power.
  21. They are driven by the fear of further declines in the market.
  22. Within a few months, all these stocks began substantial declines.
  23. You wil observe also that the caloric requirement declines with.
  24. Religious fervor generally declines with the advance of education.
  25. ADX declines when the spread between Directional lines narrows down.
  26. But whereas the flag’s range is consistent, a pennant’s declines.
  27. It’s a 10-day moving average of advances and declines in the market.
  28. Suspecting what might be happening, the translator declines the offer.
  29. Both suffered extreme declines from which they have not yet recovered.
  30. This is why so many of the basic declines have ended at secondary lows.
  31. There will always be recessions, depressions, and stock market declines.
  32. Thus, certain declines in BRP will directly be offset by widening ERPB.
  33. As the option moves either into or out of the money, its theta declines.
  34. When ADX declines, it shows that the market is becoming less directional.
  35. The peak-to-trough declines are huge, and the total returns are horrible.
  36. Declines are more likely to be irregular in their durations than advances.
  37. The time spans for both advances and declines are divided into four groups.
  38. ADX declines when a trend reverses or when a market enters a trading range.
  39. Stunningly, Ronald Reagan declines to vote for the office of the presidency.
  40. First stage: (1) If the stock declines to 35, the bond may remain close to par.
  41. Buy when RSI declines below its lower reference line and then rallies above it.
  42. Mary declines the offer of a bonus and takes the vacation time that is due her.
  43. If only one strategy is chosen, the initial set declines to 1,000 combinations.
  44. Although the market declines somewhat, it is stopped at the previous day’s high.
  45. It has the lowest standard deviations of return and the smallest maximum declines.
  46. As American prosperity declines and the public becomes more aware of injustice and.
  47. High-volume rallies and declines have more inertia and are more likely to continue.
  48. Even in the best case, you may be looking at years when value declines or stagnates.
  49. Most of them had large declines between 1961 and 1962, as well as from 1969 to 1970.
  50. He politely declines your invitation to surrender and asks that you come out and play.
  51. He declines, quoting a particular passage of the Gospel in which swearing is forbidden.
  52. They offer sector-beating returns with a lower maximum declines than the sector itself.
  53. Short sales, the critics said, established an inflated supply and caused price declines.
  54. He had too many lady patients who were suffering from weak hearts and declines.
  55. In that case, we simply have to rely on the less exact basic advances and basic declines.
  56. As was to be expected the ensuing market declines fell most heavily on these overvaluations.
  57. For example, a stop loss order tells the broker to sell shares if the price declines by 10%.
  58. The subnormal Basic Movement appears regularly in declines and only occasionally in advances.
  59. Abuse and productivity are negatively correlated; heap on the abuse and work output declines.
  60. Their poor investments, Greenberg says, have resulted more in dead money than fatal declines.
  61. Short basic declines have varied between 317 and 364 days for an average duration of 345 days.
  62. Being able to sidestep declines of this magnitude should be a goal of every contrarian trader.
  63. The young man still refuses to take the oath and openly declines to fulfil his military duties.
  64. Professional investors usually do not panic as easily as the public can after prolonged declines.
  65. So we won’t have to raise taxes or cut expenditure to cover revenue declines in a weak economy.
  66. The strategy had 12 separate declines of 20 percent or more, with the last 2 exceeding 50 percent.
  67. We know from Chapter 9 that as time passes or as volatility declines, all deltas move away from 50.
  68. Elder compares slow and rapid market declines to a man falling down and his ability to get back up.
  69. The theta tends to decline as volatility declines but may become 0 well before the volatility is 0.
  70. Of these, 31 were followed by recognizable basic declines and 5 were followed by sideways movements.
  71. When the 13-day Force declines below its zero line and stays there, it shows that bears predominate.
  72. We often don't keep up with strong markets, but make up for it by losing less during market declines.
  73. The former is a reasonable play for investors who want to accumulate shares of stock on market declines.
  74. One declines, descends, trickles away, even crumbles away, and yet is hardly conscious of it one's self.
  75. But the rocker, while having an open date between performances in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, declines.
  76. No attention is paid to his arguments, and again he is ordered to take the oath, which he declines to do.
  77. No wonder the SEC didn’t think the sharp declines caused by bear raids could happen in today’s market.
  78. The first thing you notice is that almost all of the strategies had maximum declines exceeding 50 percent.
  79. If NH-NL declines while the broad market stays flat or rallies, it is time to take profits on long trades.
  80. Also note that maximum declines increase, since the period was marked by a fairly high inflation rate of 4.
  81. On the Zacaspian border, where he is again requested to go on guard fully armed, he again declines to obey.
  82. If you want the upside that small-cap investing offers, you’re almost certain to face some wild declines.
  83. Consequently, stock price declines resulting from a dividend payout do not cause the index value to decline.
  84. Finally, the value of the spread falls as volatility declines, implying that the spread has a positive vega.
  85. They are not exempt, however, from fairly sharp declines in market value if insolvency overtakes the system.
  86. We have mentioned protracted neglect or unpopularity as a second cause of price declines to unduly low levels.
  87. Both do significantly better than decile 1 of Value Factor Two and have lower maximum declines than decile 1.
  88. While basic declines have often ended at a secondary low, a basic advance nearly always ends at the extreme top.
  89. The stocks with the highest price-to-book ratios from All Stocks had 14 separate declines of 20 percent or more.
  90. They would naturally want to buy at as low a price as possible, so they would use the declines to begin buying.
  91. If you choose the lower strike price (an out-of-the-money put) you earn money even if the stock price declines.
  92. The position becomes “more long” as the futures move up, and “more short” as the futures price declines.
  93. This indicates that you do not have to sacrifice high returns by focusing on strategies with low maximum declines.
  94. The arrangement of the three small black days should show consecutive declines, much like the Rising Three Methods.
  95. Only consider strategies with maximum declines less than that experienced by this most volatile of broad universes.
  96. But in bear market years, the stocks are crushed—look at the back-to-back-to-back declines in 2000, 2001, and 2002.
  97. No matter how fast a security advances or declines, the stochastic oscillator will always fluctuate within this range.
  98. Highest ROE within Large stocks had six 30 percent peak to trough declines, although only one drop exceeded 50 percent.
  99. Support is a price base that stops market declines, and resistance is a level of prices that usually halts market rises.
  100. Most of the advances in market history have been of just about normal duration, while many declines have been irregular.

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