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Frasi con deflect (in inglese)

  1. But you deflect me from my tale.
  2. Bad Things Happen When Tools Deflect.
  3. And don’t try to deflect me this time.
  4. You guys focus on this leg, I’ll deflect.
  5. He’d dressed in armor to deflect slung stones.

  6. Several of the bullets deflect off the prison fence.
  7. Rose did not so much catch, but deflect with elegance.
  8. And they also deflect signals to other parts of the brain.
  9. Anything that you did, I couldn’t contain or deflect it.
  10. Nangong Ping with a shout kicked his wrist to deflect his.
  11. Until they invented a way to deflect feelings of anger and rage.
  12. You roll your body sideways trying to deflect some of the contact.
  13. Upaya was barely able to deflect because of its speed and proximity.
  14. As he came right up on top of her, she put a hand out to deflect him.
  15. It was a desperate attempt to deflect the direction of the conversation.

  16. She would deflect the stroke that would kill him, the Goddess Brittannia.
  17. Its builders surely intended to confuse and deflect any would-be invaders.
  18. Wu Touwen and Hei Xinke raised their hands and robes to deflect the secret.
  19. The arrows show where the cutting force is attempting to deflect the cutter.
  20. Ralf raised his hands to deflect further praise and frowned self-consciously.
  21. Examples of Intimidator speak when trying to deflect blame include: You're.
  22. As a society, we often try to deflect the label racist by pointing to.
  23. In a moment of desperation Jaron raised his bow to deflect the oncoming sword.
  24. Conspiracy in an attempt to deflect attention away from what the Left is doing.
  25. His father was clearly annoyed with him and Thoxe tried to deflect the question.

  26. The wings need to push on the air, to deflect it, or it cannot hold the plane up.
  27. Ship armor was meant to deflect such attacks, but a stealth ship had little of it.
  28. Practice pushing down through your affected foot to deflect the scales about 10%.
  29. The fence would have the potential to deflect a shot, but that wasn’t important.
  30. This will better deflect the breeze and help keep rain from blowing into the door.
  31. Those of us with quick enough reflexes were able to deflect these with our shields.
  32. Gorn settlement on Earth and a preserver artifact that is known to deflect asteroids.
  33. My mindset was that nothing was going to deflect me this time, when a hand appeared.
  34. Sebastian looked up at me, Better that I stay and deflect the attention from you.
  35. They used their swords and shields to deflect her projectiles - with variable success.
  36. I hated the nervous sounding quality of my own voice, as I tried to deflect her question.
  37. She had turned to the backseat for her coat, pulling it over her head to deflect the weather.
  38. They used their agile reflexes to deflect the enchanted blades with their weapons and shields.
  39. It has however found a way to deflect the blame if those weapons ever fall into the wrong hands.
  40. The raucous atmosphere helped to deflect my thoughts from what was coming at the end of the night.
  41. His only chance was to deflect one of the daggers, but he knew his timing would have to be perfect.
  42. No matter how angry they got, though, Yeltsin was always able to deflect their anger away from him.
  43. He might then have had the wisdom to deflect the question, or at least limit his rampant arrogance.
  44. There’s been no warning so safe to assume the shield is at enough capacity to deflect the strike.
  45. She was looking at me deeply and in an effort to deflect her study of me I said, You have the money.
  46. Wasn’t the technology left on Miramanee’s planet that Kirk used to deflect the asteroid Preserver.
  47. While he did not aid and abet them, neither did he make any attempt to deflect the abuse Myra was taking.
  48. The aisles are not decreased by this central enlargement, as they deflect through the four abutting towers.
  49. Suddenly she heard the wiz of an arrow and raised the sword just in time to deflect an arrow meant for Tarak.
  50. Belying his aged appearance, Manfred was swift enough to turn his staff and deflect the energy away from him.
  51. On both cheeks under my eyes was a black streak of paint to help deflect the brightness of the sun from my eyes.
  52. He was crying like an abandoned toddler, occasionally raising his arm to deflect bottles that got back that far.
  53. One marble ricochets off the nearest barrier and collides with the sphere that a red player throws to deflect it.
  54. It is a simple choice: continue to deflect and to be angry at the way the market moves, or align yourself with it.
  55. Those in the grip of an obsession allowed nothing to deflect them from their course, not even the lives of others.
  56. A fist with a knife gleaming in its grasp came up at me and I barely caught his wrist to deflect his thrust at me.
  57. He should have something to say, something constructive, an easy way to deflect, but all he can manage is, "Fuck!".
  58. If the weaver of the shield was strong enough, they could deflect a herd of charging bulls if they wanted to however.
  59. The hull itself was and is oddly angled to deflect bullets and completely armoured against the AK47 and lesser calibers.
  60. It could barely deflect space dust, and the only offense it could manage was a suicide blow to the nearest flying object.
  61. At that speed he must minimize the wind he must deflect, or the noise would be deafening and the cold would be dangerous.
  62. The wild man was upon me before I knew it and it was all I could do to deflect his sword while I tried to catch my breath.
  63. Fortuitously, some game has been spotted by the guide ahead and the driver uses the occasion to deflect the prince’s wrath.
  64. Ruby took the flint and struck it hard onto the curved rock, designed to deflect any sparks onto the highly combustible material.
  65. When we consider those whom we have discussed, parental figures mostly, we can fall into another trap that will deflect our search.
  66. They each fought hard, making their way around the small clearing as they clashed, but each continued to deflect the other's blows.
  67. She just had the time to pull out her war axe and deflect with it a tomahawk aimed at her head, then sidestepped her second attacker.
  68. SERE training included undergoing hours of mock interrogations and advanced sessions learning how to deflect interrogation techniques.
  69. The bullet hit him first, which stole most of its energy, but more than that hitting his rib deflect the bullet slightly off course.
  70. Titus quickly picked himself up spitting a mouthful of blood to the floor while at the same time managing to deflect Henrick’s attack.
  71. Instruct the patient to push down through their affected foot to deflect the scales about 10% of bodyweight without moving their trunk.
  72. Instruct the patient to push down through their affected foot to deflect the scales about 30% of bodyweight without moving their trunk.
  73. The unique design point in Casspirs was not the V-shape hull to deflect any explosion but the wheels which were not underneath the vehicle.
  74. Now as you can see the ship has recognized that the shield in the area likely to be struck has insufficient power to deflect the strike.
  75. By his actions, he intended to deflect the main brunt of the German attack from the vulnerable transport hovercraft and their embarked troops.
  76. Hoyle had created a circle of weapons that were wearing the crew out; the weapons were coming non-stop as the crew tried to deflect the attacks.
  77. They were hooked to some type of force field, and David being a man of inventions came up with a way to deflect the force field from Jane's chain.
  78. Another was to deflect the blast away from the occupants and this led to the revolutionary V shaped hulls with tyres on the outside away from vehicles.
  79. Kring leapt past his guard and, although the dragonlord's sword jerked up to deflect most of the force, the result was a thin red line across its master's torso.
  80. I learned to deflect his habitual and predictive bossism and served as a buffer between him and regular targets such as Bob Burns, Dave Feldman and his son, Roy, Jr.
  81. It is one of the few semantically honest words left in the code-words all business uses to deflect and avoid saying what they actually do and how they actually do it.
  82. Nothing less than an argument of overwhelming cogency ought to prevail to deflect and reverse the ordinary signification of Greek words in interpreting the New Testament.
  83. The Soul Beast’s talons ripped out at the newcomer but Sorus was better prepared than his companion and was able to deflect the death blow with the shaft of his trident.
  84. Narcissism is a defense mechanism whose role is to deflect hurt and trauma from the victim's "True Self" into a "False Self" which is omnipotent, invulnerable, and omniscient.
  85. The MRRs deflect the asteroids in gradual arcs above and below the Ember, and the pilots fire thrusters in the opposite direction to compensate for the slight change in course.
  86. What is psychobiologic pain? All a person has to do is ask themselves: what in their lives they do to avoid, deflect, or suppress any unpleasant or painful feelings or thoughts.
  87. The Nazis have been demonized and ripped to shreds for killing Jews which never happened; in order to deflect attention away from those who were actually guilty of anti-Semitism.
  88. It was one thing to sense danger ahead, but it was an entirely different set of circumstances and skills needed in order to deflect whatever curveball way the danger came at you.
  89. Margaret Thatcher knew the Argentine military government had been rattling its sabers over the Falklands to deflect the public’s attention from the country’s wretched economy.
  90. The closest of Marilyn’s friends, the ones privy to her obsessions and their consequences, knew it was crucial to deflect her attention from the Kennedy brothers whenever possible.
  91. Such complete changes cannot be reversed, and to apply the power it would take to even try to deflect the curse would almost certainly result in a disaster of cataclysmic proportion.
  92. Take notice that it is UU-VVU-copies (but not We, as UFS) that uniquely deflect, distort, and interpret each instantaneous block of unpacked Information from the Self-Consciousness.
  93. The Earth’s rotation causes freely moving objects (such as aeroplanes, wind or missiles) to deflect to the right in the Northern Hemisphere and to the left in the Southern Hemisphere.
  94. She had mastered nearly every temperature of fire in her first lesson! Each time Hayley cast one of the balls of fire, Jean wove a frontal shield that was barely able to deflect the attack.
  95. It soon became clear that the hostage crisis was a deliberate and carefully designed act by those in power, to deflect the world’s eyes from more important issues like freedom and human rights.
  96. This is often reflected in a kind of defensiveness of this new identification: Anytime you are challenged, you deflect the criticism or conflict by retreating more fully into the idea of no self.
  97. A tree grows organically by using the Dynamic of Splitness as a Dynamic of Growth, its branches do not deflect away from the trunk randomly, they deflect away for perfectly good, logical, reasons.
  98. Instead, he has presided over some of the lowest points in South Africa’s post-apartheid history, shielded corrupt cronies and used his background as the ANC’s intelligence chief to deflect critics.
  99. In that horror filled moment, as it had raced toward me out of the shadows I’d seen it for the monster that it was even as I had watched the rounds of my pistols deflect off of its metallic laced hide.
  100. The cultural symptom of washing and whitewashing is a classic case of how deflect the truth and deny it; by subconsciously projecting the collective guilt and shame of their culture by outward projection.
  1. Though he was deflecting the blows themselves, the.
  2. You are good at deflecting questions through humor.
  3. I think I have been very much deflecting the guilt and shame I.
  4. Deflecting from them, the roiling mass took on a new direction.
  5. Wizard and determined that the toolpath had been severely deflecting.
  6. Nord parried the blow, deflecting the ax head towards the rock floor.
  7. Sith Lord worked his blades furiously, deflecting blaster fire in all.
  8. So many thoughts and perceptions were crashing on him, deflecting off his brain.
  9. The bullet hit his left forearm, breaking it and deflecting the bullet, slowing it down.
  10. In fact, while not deflecting blame to Candelaria, it is ironic that both my letter to M.
  11. A sphere of golden light formed around the warriors, deflecting the acrid blast from the behemoth.
  12. But you can use it to your political advantage—and as a way of deflecting what you didn’t say.
  13. Kurt understood Chuck and accepted his skilled ways of deflecting issues he didn’t want to deal with.
  14. That did a lot to take the pressure off Nancy, apart from deflecting the conversation to other subjects.
  15. Donovan proved to be a graceful winner, deflecting congratulations and giving his client all the credit.
  16. It was only desperation that fended off Karlov's first few blows and he was lucky in deflecting the next.
  17. Using a simple system with simple processes and methods helps to get rid of that mindset while deflecting the clutter.
  18. With a cry of surprise, the outlaw lunged again, and I instinctively used my cast as a shield deflecting his long shiny blade.
  19. He caught the soldier’s shoulder and the deflecting blow propelled the Drong further off balance and he smashed into a tree.
  20. I don’t know how I was able to keep deflecting blows and delivering sword thrusts, for I was completely numb with exhaustion.
  21. One of them hurled his knife at her, and Dana flicked the klichari into the air, meeting and deflecting the man’s blade easily.
  22. Having mastered the move of deflecting a knife attack, I was finally starting to feel that I might just be able to protect myself.
  23. Waves that appear to stay in one position on the surface (b) are usually evidence of a boulder on the bottom deflecting water upwards.
  24. Inevitably, he stumbled and, even though he brought his knife up to block the thrust, he had no chance of deflecting the weight of the iron rail.
  25. By deflecting their use of splitting rocks: striking a rock with a bone instead of directly striking the killers for the sin of killing a living animal.
  26. A dog or two are very useful, he said to himself, for filling up gaps in a conversation, or for deflecting its course should it begin to be undesirable.
  27. Instinctively he flicked his sword, deflecting the incoming blade and with his free hand caught Esther’s wrist and twisted, spinning her to the floor.
  28. I’m deflecting most of it, though a bit of it is fun! Would you care to try the pace of a falcon on a long flight? I assure you it’s perfectly safe.
  29. Kay smiled in agreement, watching Leland’s sword come down at her from her left, retreating back a half step, again deflecting the blow with a sure motion.
  30. All painful insights and realizations could be numbed, and deflected… by staring at the deflecting flames in a hypnotic trance which exists in all humans to this day.
  31. Mass laughter is a way of deflecting the healing healthy anger and rage of healthy people who do not like evil, and allowing all evil things to go unpunished and unattacked.
  32. Sensing the direction from which a laser intending to destroy it originated, it could follow the beam back to its source while deflecting the beam with its spinning mirrored exterior.
  33. And among the many ways that Ria could be used against heavier weapons is by her ability to cast a focused Concussion with every strike of her blade, capable of deflecting the heaviest blow.
  34. Of course, the two women hadn’t found the money by chance, but accusing Sal and George Dearling was just Mike’s device for deflecting the blame: undoubtedly, he’d bragged to both women about the money.
  35. The driveway approached, and he slowed, almost stopping, taking time to prepare for the blast of questions that was headed his way, still in the process of deciding how many and what kind of lies to tell, what tactics to use in deflecting their curiosity.
  36. Should she march straight into the principal’s office right this minute? She’d prefer to speak with Miss Barnes, who would be more likely to believe that this wasn’t a case of Ziggy simply deflecting the blame by pointing the finger at someone else.
  37. The ship automatically, when initialized to do so and if there is enough power to draw from, will bring the shield deflecting force up to a sufficient strength to deflect the strike in the affected area, while the rest of the shield remains at a lower power requirement level.
  38. Once the Nobles managed to convince the poor that they were all being taxed equally according to their class, they effectively saved themselves from being strung up and killed by deflecting the basic unfairness of taxation itself, and instigating class Warfare amongst the lower classes between themselves.
  39. Realizing that deflecting the attention of most of the Migs from the fleeing bombers was the best she could do right now, Ingrid went in pure defensive flying mode, turning and twisting around her plane continuously like a devil dunked into holy water and taking a few potshots when opportunities presented themselves.
  40. What actually happened was so horrible: that in order to preserve any tiny part of our past: humans had to whitewash the actual horror and evil out of human memory; by adding little white lies, fairy tales, excuses, deceptions, distortions to the actual truth… and burying, and hiding and ignoring and deflecting and denying the actual, horrible truth.
  41. We have no choice but to wrap ourselves and insulate ourselves from this rape… and in that process: by that process… because of that process: we become numbed, normalized, and dehumanized… adapting to our tool-cultures, becoming better tools, becoming less human… while also living in denial, brainwashed, ignorant, unaware, numbed… defending ourselves in a thousand destructive ways, deflecting painful truths a thousand different ways.
  1. The Gosen deflected the blow with.
  2. In this case, the cutter deflected.
  3. Dacian had dodged and deflected each.
  4. A deflected blow drew blood on his thigh.
  5. It deflected asteroids, Garcia said.
  6. If it had deflected away, we never would.
  7. Perhaps the arrow deflected from his armor.
  8. Again Yukino deflected the blow effortlessly.
  9. Now imagine that deflected cutter as it spins.
  10. And deflected the blow with that curious knot.
  11. Karlov came again, and again Eugenie deflected.
  12. It also tracked and deflected micro meteorites.
  13. It deflected any further worry from hounding him.
  14. However, she gracefully deflected his attentions.
  15. There is potential in all of us, Lizan deflected.
  16. Alan deflected the blow, his forearm smashing into hers.
  17. Luke deflected it easily, but I saw a change in his face.
  18. I deflected it off the edge of my blade and kept charging.
  19. Salic sliced through the air and deflected all of the blows.
  20. This time she deflected his blow and raised her sword again.
  21. The surprise in front of him deflected his train of thought.
  22. He watched in horror as the daggers were deflected in midair.
  23. Locke tried to kick Hamilton but the bars deflected his feet.
  24. I fired, but the laser deflected harmlessly off the windshield.
  25. Bo thanked him, a gesture that was deflected by a shrug and a.
  26. Sparks leapt from the flint and a couple deflected onto the tar.
  27. He tried a lunge but it was weak and obvious, Karlov deflected it.
  28. In succession, the wolves pounced at Azura, but she deflected them.
  29. Most of its energy was deflected, but enough got through to hurt him.
  30. Do you believe in conspiracies, Steve? she deflected the query.
  31. Zem’s Kolor deflected the flail with its shield as it stepped aside.
  32. Miramee’s planet and the Preserver artifact that deflected asteroids.
  33. His armor was resilient, however, and deflected the blasts completely.
  34. Cherry deflected the point (into one of the blacksmiths/ploughmen, as it.
  35. Stralin fired at Joey, each bullet was deflected by the energy around him.
  36. Myserrah's sword just missed as Moshe deflected it with his leather shield.
  37. I thrust the blade at my chest but the dress deflected it, and another step.
  38. Then, hit by the watery mass deflected from the Anatolian coast, this huge.
  39. Fortunately, it was deflected by the gold chain he wears and only wounded him.
  40. My shield deflected the point, but I felt a painful tingling all over my body.
  41. She was friendly about it and deflected questions, but wasn’t going anywhere.
  42. The armor of the minotaurs and firbolgs was resilient and deflected the attack.
  43. Sven had deflected the bullet with the blade of his sword, and it shot into the.
  44. Most of their shots were deflected by his shield of ATHIDs, but not all of them.
  45. One of the deflected blaster bolts whizzed by Torms head, making the mercenary.
  46. Bache, on the effect of deflected currents of air on the results with, xxxv, 287.
  47. I deflected this comment, which is my habit upon receiving any kind of compliment.
  48. Although he had been hit three or four times the body armor had deflected the shots.
  49. If this curve is deflected towards Moon’s Mountain (Figure 45), we’ll underline.
  50. But it also deflected her and she bounced and fell thru an opening in the mountainside.
  51. And deflected them away more cunningly from the actual truth than any previous culture.
  52. He launched a flurry of slashes at Eugenie but each time her sword deflected his blows.
  53. Not deflected, "What could you do in that first week, say to January sixth?" Lester asked.
  54. He tried to hit Garcia with the weighted end, but Garcia deflected it and knocked it away.
  55. The Captain thrust the rake, but Boglehob deflected the blow with the handle of his scythe.
  56. The thick, scaled hide of the Titan was strong and deflected the attack of the adept mages.
  57. The earliest symptoms were important to portray, to show how they are deflected and denied.
  58. As he did so the Keeper deftly deflected his arm and Porky staggered past, groping empty air.
  59. Particles moving up along the left negative axial current wil be deflected sideways as they.
  60. A lightning bolt flew at Cruzel from the side of the cave and was deflected at the last moment.
  61. Another orb entered and a man appeared between Hades and deflected the lightening with an open.
  62. Late in the 2nd quarter, a deflected pass resulted in Reilly’s first interception in 5 games.
  63. He evaded each blow, and on the third he pulled the knife off his waist and deflected the attack.
  64. Because the bullet was deflected, instead of severing his arteries or spine, it grazed his neck.
  65. Lieutenant Berkowickz then asked a question that temporarily deflected the attention from Camproni.
  66. Blueblood and his comrades deflected a number of the arcane projectiles with their cast-iron shields.
  67. Titus deflected Marcus’s thrust, skewering his foot to the wooden floor with his off-hand Sword Breaker.
  68. Yes, yes, said Melodía, not about to let herself be mollified, or otherwise deflected from a good rant.
  69. They deflected the questions with vague explanations that not only failed to convince but also fed suspicions.
  70. She deflected his hands and darted aside as he passed, giving him a firm shove in the direction he was headed.
  71. The arrow slammed into the thick armour on its head and was deflected off high and away by the armoured plates.
  72. It helped me pass the time and deflected the constant preoccupation with my personal difficulties and failures.
  73. Halfdan half-blocked it with the edge of his shield, but as the deflected blade swung down, it slashed Halfdan's leg.
  74. The first few 20mm cannons hit the body of the UFO while the rest are deflected by the shield that just instantly formed.
  75. He twisted, and the strike that should’ve caught him directly in the spine was deflected off the end of his sword hilt.
  76. The short blow was deflected and for his too casual approach Teller hit him with a solid kyakazuki punch under the heart.
  77. Moonlight illuminates wet cobblestones and rain-streaked windows but glances off her as if deflected by an invisible cloak.
  78. Had Indra known this he may have evaded the beam, which was adroitly deflected with a single swat of that Ashura’s wing-blade.
  79. It seemed that the machine gun bullets that hit me had been deflected off something and so had not hit me with their full force.
  80. It then can experience everything directly: not abstractedly, not in symbols, and not through deflected denials and suppressions.
  81. They deflected their rage into throwing firecrackers at the Gods and Dragons they were supposed to be celebrating and worshipping.
  82. Another follow-up blow was deflected by Garnak’s heavy breastplate; his expensive armour had been a fine investment over the years.
  83. More cautious now, he advanced slowly on her, trying a few punches that were all deflected and followed by lightning blows from Nancy.
  84. Without any apparent effort, Reginald deflected a punch, leg tripped the guy and cuffed him across the back of the head as he went down.
  85. But the best soaring, he told them, comes along mountain ridges where prevailing winds hit the face of a ridge and are deflected upwards.
  86. Nord took a cut at Lov's neck, but Lov deflected it, spinning around and smacking his uncle in the chest with the hammer side of his ax.
  87. Her aim was true but this served no purpose other than to delay his work, as with impressive dexterity he evaded or deflected every arrow.
  88. It must be the heart; better to risk the blade being deflected by the heavy ribs than to strike in where a stroke was not instantly fatal.
  89. Now staggering back to the wall, the black bear looked up in confusion at this small human who’d magically deflected his tremendous blow.
  90. As the infantry major swung a fist at her face, Nancy easily deflected his blow, then his follow-up uppercut before kicking his left kneecap.
  91. This is one small historical example of how Christianity and the teachings of Jesus were systematically poisoned and deflected and betrayed.
  92. Since it was forbidden to hate your elders and parents: he deflected the hatred he felt for his father, and projected his hate onto the Indians.
  93. I haven't noticed any new kids in any of my classes, Jason said as he deflected the incoming ball, sending it back over the net with ease.
  94. Her blow had landed towards the top of his helmet, which had deflected the weight of the blow into the large blue crest that plumed from its top.
  95. Another blaster bolt deflected off Bael's durasteel chest plate, spinning the man around and singeing his cheek with the heat of the ricochet blast.
  96. Instead of splitting the skull of the predators that killed with a stone, they deflected their anger upon the defenseless bones of the killed animal.
  97. Why? Because all of the killers were using the mirrors of their armor, shields, and swords, to blind their foes with reflected and deflected sunlight.
  98. According to the author, magisters were affected when others excited the ether nearby, but the excited ether could be deflected to diminish these effects.
  99. Matthew had not only won Kaylee Kerz over, he’d represented himself perfectly and then effortlessly deflected her questions about our parents’ murders.
  100. Past invitations to self-destruction issued by the radical left have been deflected against the moderation and common sense of the great middle-class of America.
  1. If your cutter deflects 0.
  2. Lynn launches a plastic cup at him, which he deflects.
  3. There will be no technique if Toshu firmly deflects the.
  4. An electron deflects away from an atom for very good logical reasons.
  5. The second girl deflects two marbles and presses her back to the wall.
  6. The instant it deflects away from its original path: it weakens itself.
  7. The first thing you're probably thinking is that if the tool deflects it's going to.
  8. When any energy encounters any other energy in its Path, it deflects away, or splits off from its original path.
  9. He practised stabbing imaginary assailants in the chest in the hope of reaching the heart, until he learned that the rib cage deflects most such attempts.
  10. In any case, in the bush you want something with a larger caliber to fire through trees and branches, both of which deflects a bullet very unfairly in my view.
  11. Only the striving after this perfection deflects the direction of man's life from the animal condition toward the divine, to the extent to which this is possible in this life.
  12. The speed is a result of a phenomenon called supercavitation caused by the nose cone of the torpedo, which deflects the water outwards, thus avoiding contact between the water and the body of the torpedo.
  13. Whenever anyone gets too serious or too close to the truth or too nosy, or too close to finding out what he is actually doing and finding out how he thinks, and what he is thinking: he deflects the conversation, becomes a funny nice guy… all smiles, grinning from ear-to-ear.
  14. Another reason and more importantly, but unspoken… War deflects all attention away from the stupidity and laziness and spoiled rotten corruption of the ruling classes… while the poor farm boys went and got blooded and fought and died for their sacred fucking fatherlands and motherlands.

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