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    1. “You’re just trying to avoid me

    2. "And one of the hardest to avoid," Herndon said

    3. Instead, we turn on the TV to avoid being entirely alone

    4. We have to study them and take timely remedial actions to avoid ill effects

    5. Similarly for good health, we have to avoid harmful diet, drinks and consumption

    6. Avoid the use of irritants to the throat such as smoking, chewing tobacco/paan, etc

    7. Avoid talking when food/water is in the mouth

    8. Avoid standing for long periods

    9. No reason to avoid sitting in the sun with a morning cup to watch the snow melt

    10. This forces us to avoid certain hard, sticky and difficult to chew foods

    1. Not a poison; all poisons should be avoided at all costs! Can also prevent dogs and cats from coming near your property

    2. He didn't answer, but avoided her by going inside and using the head, doing his teeth, shaving, and crawling forward into the bedroom to load some fuel bags out of there and into the space that was free'd up on the kitchen floor during Dawnsleep

    3. Chemical fertilizers kill off the beneficial soil bacteria, as well as killing off earthworms and therefore should not be used, should be avoided at all cost! In this environment, the lawn and its bio-system will be operating under stress

    4. “Disease can be avoided by proper fertilization and proper watering techniques”

    5. If this is avoided the benefits would out-way the problem areas

    6. The carpet seems to have avoided the depredations of the last occupant of the rooms … unlike the bedroom carpet which is stained beyond belief

    7. I avoided giving her a definitive answer, so she asked me to phone her before deciding

    8. During the first two days my friend seemed to be so displeased with my presence that she even avoided talking to me – not that she has ever been communicative

    9. What, then, are these unnatural foods to be avoided? These are the refined, processed, tinned and packaged foods, the worst offenders being white sugar, white flour, white rice and any other food from which the vitality has been refined out

    10. Pickles, preserves, sweets and over-salted foods should be avoided, as should anything containing artificial ingredients

    1. I watch him as he crosses the room; avoiding meeting my eyes, he plants a kiss on my cheek

    2. There’s no avoiding it, I am going to have to leave this house and move back to Bridgwater

    3. It is impossible to receive the healing from God, while avoiding His

    4. ‘Why should you think that anything is bothering me?’ I asked, avoiding the question

    5. Instead he had to go completely on his own, keeping no council and avoiding attention whenever possible

    6. Avoiding what it is that really makes our heart sing

    7. ‘How long are you going to be around here?’ he asked, avoiding her question

    8. " He thought she was deliberately avoiding the subject

    9. Positive thinking is only the foundation; it is caring for your mind, nurturing it, avoiding anxiety and worry

    10. I looked down at my sandals, avoiding confrontation even though they were taking advantage of their number and her sex

    1. studiously avoids eye contact, drums the fingers of one hand on his briefcase

    2. “I cannot plot a course that avoids detection by JORN

    3. The person commonly avoids thoughts of the event

    4. It is a form of Creationism and a contemporary adaptation of the traditional theological argument for the existence of God, but one, which deliberately avoids specifying the nature or identity of the designer

    5. It avoids convenient or simple solutions to complex questions or easy expressions for hard-nosed assumptions that require testing, at every level; prepared to accept in whatever manner, the pretentious challenges of misleading or presumptive propositions whose attainment is (sufficient) reward in itself

    6. Henry Wallace Avoids the Cold War

    7. from patients and also reduce the costs where the patient avoids paying

    8. ) because its implementation avoids additional cost to the people and agreed organizations

    9. In consequence, when ending with the state of possessions in the productive chain, the Project eliminates the serious problems of lack of capital of the organizations and it avoids scarcity or waste in the utilization of the resources

    10. The Project with its actuation form avoids that 80% of the resources get lost in the means (processes) and it guarantees that these resources are utilized fully in its ends (result)

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    avoid keep off avert debar deflect fend off forefend forfend head off obviate stave off ward off annul invalidate nullify quash void elude evade dodge escape escape from shun sidestep