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    1. His knees wanted to bend

    2. “Now, I should have applied just enough that the liquid will bypass the lock’s structural integrity for a matter of moments, allowing me to bend it like rubber and open the door before the lock returns to a solid state,” Ackers thought out loud


    4. slowly down the lane, following a left hand bend as the road wound down and along

    5. bar, so long as you remembered to bend the knees when sitting, but of little use in

    6. ’ She said as I bend to kiss her cheek

    7. ‘Oh, it was only a case of unscrewing the U bend and cleaning it out, Nick, those things get really clogged up with gunk sometimes

    8. We will spill our holy seed on this land, raise a caste of warriors, and still they will bend to the will of the Kassikan, and not our God, because of airborne viruses that program their behavior

    9. He wasn't sure his present personification even possessed the strength to bend up and get the rope off his feet

    10. With the rain slanting across the road and the windshield wipers sweeping furiously across glass, the black Aston shimmied around a tight right hand bend, sliding out at the back

    11. Great in the bar, so long as you remembered to bend the knees when sitting, but of little use in preventing the onrush of hyperthermia amid winter’s close called icy tendrils

    12. The rudder broke free of the sand and the ship continued it's two mph drift, downstream, into the next bend

    13. These would come until they rounded the next bend

    14. It went straight for a few metres then turned through what was virtually a right angle … a bend that would make it virtually impossible to see who might be waiting around the corner

    15. brittle grains of truth bend to the sheer arctic winds

    16. ’ I replied, my eyes on the lad as he disappears round a bend of the cliff

    17. They reached the bend where Cosmicblasto

    18. Bend forward and try to touch the floor with your fore

    19. Hold your breath for a moment and then bend forward

    20. While exhaling through your mouth bend forward once

    21. without moving them slowly raise your abdomen, bend your

    22. The Centred Spine Bend

    23. Repeat the CENTRED SPINE BEND three or four times


    25. Once you get used to the Forward Bend and can do it tolerably well, proceed as follows which incorporates the Yoga breathing as well

    26. If you can perform the Head to Knee successfully the Forward Bend will not give you too much difficulty

    27. The FORWARD BEND is one of the Yoga exercises which helps to keep old age at bay

    28. Before we leave the FORWARD BEND I would like to describe the advanced form of it used by really enthusiastic students

    29. exhaling very slowly bend your head until it is touching the floor

    30. When you have completed your inhalation suddenly bend

    31. with force once more and at the same time bend your body

    32. With the help of your elbows raise your chest and bend your head as far back as you can until the crown is touching the floor

    33. Begin in the Lotus Pose once more but this time instead of levering yourself backwards on your elbows bend forward very slowly until your face is touching the floor

    34. Bend your legs backwards until your toes touch the ground

    35. Raise your right hand and bring it behind your shoulder and at the same time bend your left hand behind your back and join your two hands together

    36. Twist your body to the maximum to bring your right arm as far round as you can and at the same time turn your head to look over your right shoulder so that you twist your neck to the utmost; as you turn slowly bend your left arm so that when the swing to the right is at its height your left thumb should touch your right shoulder

    37. It should bend the same way as your arms, which you should, throughout the movement, try to press backwards as far as possible to avoid any possible sagging forward of your body

    38. Remain in the backward bend as you complete your

    39. While keeping your head in the same position (that is not turning it) bend slowly to the right until your right hand touches your right foot

    40. You will have to bend your right knee a little to do this and at the same time your left leg should remain outstretched to maintain balance

    41. As they rounded the bend to the opening, Oreo came up the other side

    42. From variation 2, with elbows straight, bend the spine backwards still farther, gradually bring your toes towards your head to touch the back of your head

    43. Bend your body slightly at the hips and at the same time

    44. To try something new in this combination of stretching and eye movement, try the Sideways Bend

    45. Now bend sideways from the waist only for as far as you can, remain thus for a few seconds and then move slowly to the other side

    46. Do not bend your head

    47. Assume the first stage of the posture which by now will be familiar to you, bat this time bend your left leg until your heel touches your right buttock

    48. Ahead of us, originally hidden by a bend in the track, there is a small group of men working with large hammers, pounding the track

    49. Trying to hide my surprise, I undress, the woman – whose name is Lonna - helping me take off my boots as my joints refuse to bend that far

    50. There was a camp fire going around the bend in the brook and they could hear voices

    1. ’ He said, bending down and looking closely at an enormous scratch all along the door

    2. flesh, as she watched, fascinated by the bending of his neck and felt the first exquisite

    3. He stared at the gun and struggled to put his pants on without bending over

    4. He couldn’t have stopped the arm from bending to an acute angle if he’d wanted to and he barely got his fingertips free from between the forearm and bicep

    5. As Lucy felt the waters of the wolf rising above her head, entombing her in his flesh, as she watched, fascinated by the bending of his neck and felt the first exquisite piercing of his canines within her flesh, she whispered one last question

    6. Bending her head, Angie tried to see what Kara was writing

    7. ’ He said, bending to pick up a stick and bashing absently at a shock of nettles growing beside the stone

    8. night falls with the bending of time

    9. her hands over her breasts and thighs, bending low

    10. bending trees to the East and to the South

    11. Remain in the bending position for as long as you comfortably can without inhaling

    12. The Bow Posture may be preceded by the Stomach Balance which is the very simplest of the backward bending exercises for the relief of backache

    13. The antidote was based on limbering up the spine and keeping it supple, bending it this way and that to relieve tired muscles, and putting the feet up above the head to combat the pull and downward drag of gravity

    14. It gives the maximum of bending capacity to the body and at the same time imparts a stimulating pressure on the viscera

    15. The bending forward and straightening movements help to relieve constipation, and as you know by now, anything that is an enemy of constipation is a friend of the body

    16. Repeat the movement to the other side, bending your head

    17. Draw up your knees slightly so that you can place your palms over your eyes without bending your head at all

    18. Choose a hard chair before a table and sit with your elbows on the table in such a way that when you place your palms over your eyes you can do so without bending your head

    19. As your spine should be held straight throughout this exercise, without bending your head, it is a suitable position in which to practice deep breathing

    20. I have said that one is as old as one’s spine and I have described all manner of Yogic postures designed to keep the spine healthy and supple, mainly involving forward and backward bending movements

    21. I waited until they were all bending over a table loaded with drinks

    22. As he entered the kitchen he saw Kate bending over the sink

    23. Bending her head she said in a whisper, “They almost took him from me Kai

    24. ’ Dave replied, coming over to my desk and bending to kiss me

    25. ‘The Red House – we went there last summer, do you remember?’ Chris said, leaning forward and bending over the back of his seat as far as the seatbelt will allow

    26. ’ He replied, bending for another stone

    27. He manages to edge the car onto the hard packed ruts of a field entrance and, bending forward, he rests his head on the soft plastic of the steering wheel

    28. “Oh, let me fix that; I used to teach Piano,” Hadley said, bending over and

    29. " She responded pulling her hand free, and bending to grab her boots

    30. She looked around some of the larger bushes and began bending one of them down

    31. from the last man, bending the wrist backwards and using the man’s thumb as a

    32. "Can I help, with your hair?" He asked softly, bending to retrieve the brush

    33. She felt like she’d hit the tarmac hard when she opened her eyes and found the Doc bending over her

    34. Things got better my freshman year because my mom was working for Midland Products Company which is an industrial company that steel bending equipment, made industrial pumps, and operated a warehouse

    35. bending at least the frames back to how they had been before meeting Roman’s

    36. At a height of forty standard feet the winch began groaning under the pressure, the massive brentwood timbers that composed the frame bending as it inched its way upward

    37. " His eyes twinkled, "Nevertheless the crowd does seems to becoming more restive and doubtless they're not just bending down to pick up daises from the cobbles

    38. Letting it get loud and bending over

    39. bending down and speaking through the hatchway

    40. He looked out at the river bending its way as always, undeterred by humanity

    41. Kurt walked around several large bending ferns and remembered the small corridor that went into the kitchen were Elizabeth was standing

    42. A year of investigations followed, seems the Program had been bending a few laws and regulations to get all the vessels launched ahead of schedule

    43. ” said Chris, bending down and shining his torch inside

    44. ” He said, bending and picking up a twig

    45. rather than bending down

    46. The stiff plates meant bending over was almost impossible, and

    47. As I listened to these songs in memory"s eye, I could see those staggering columns of the First World War, bending on soggy packs on many a weary march, from dawn to dusk to drizzling rain, to slogging ankle through mire of shell-pocked roads, to form grimly for the attack, blue-lipped, covered with sludge and mud, chilled by the wind and rain, driving home to their objective, and for many, to the judgment seat of God

    48. He rotated his wrist, bending and straightening the joint in an effort to keep some of the flexibility regardless of his scabs

    49. I kept on going until I cane to a quite part of the battlefield and there I was rewarded I looked through my sight as a flare shot up in the distance and I saw the two of them bending down and relieving corpses of their belongings and shoving them in small packs

    50. He watched as a garden tree lost its branches, the trunk bending so violently it looked about to uproot

    1. CHATTERING STUDENT 4 yanks his thobe up, bends over

    2. He bends to pick up a long stick and starts beating idly at the nettles standing harmlessly along the fence line

    3. He bends over to kiss me before he goes

    4. the high arc of sky that bends away

    5. he bends over his glass to contemplate

    6. She careened down the road, cutting corners and bends, tendrils of wet hair whipping at my face, my hands on her hips and my head in the clouds

    7. She bends to stroke him and, of course, he makes the most of the attention

    8. Leona bends forward so that she can make headway against the background noise

    9. Jock bends and tries to kiss her on the forehead but misses as Maggie turns her head away

    10. The feather edge of the tissue tickles as he bends forward and brushes his teeth

    11. Billy has the Bends

    12. She closes her eyes as he bends his head forward and kisses her on the lips

    13. Alex moves up behind him and bends down so that he can whisper in Ted's ear

    14. With his mention of Jasari, Alex tightens his grip on the steering wheel again, hammering through bends to keep the Lexus in view

    15. He slides his arms down, bends and kisses my neck

    16. commotion on one of the hairpin bends

    17. An hour and a half, three hundred hairpin bends and

    18. They rounded a couple bends further and came face to face with a small band of like-garbed Naud---evidently the supervisors of this collection of 'cells

    19. “‘Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds,’” he repeated softly, “‘or bends with the remover to remove

    20. “Do you ever suffer the bends?” he asked

    21. The large vehicle drove through the rain storm, which lashed her vehicle, and the road around her as it weaved around the curves and bends of the highland roads

    22. “It’s just there, where the road bends to the left

    23. In contrast, when they cross over to the rugged west coast, they would find it similar in some respects to the Kimberley region on Australia's west coast and the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, with sweeping bends and spectacular scenery

    24. As a tree bends to the storm,

    25. He bends his head and kisses me slowly

    26. She’s taller than I am by just a few inches, and though her baggy shirt and pants try to obscure it, I can tell that her body bends and curves like it’s supposed to

    27. Then he turns and bends and wraps his arms around me

    28. He bends, and I put my arms around his neck, burying my face between his shoulder blades

    29. If I followed at a safe distance, I could easily be lost as he might at some point turn off and be far down a different track, and I’d have seen nothing through the dust and hairpin bends

    30. He bends over to untie his shoes

    31. With a quirk of his eyebrows, he bends and wraps an arm around my legs, throwing me over his shoulder

    32. 7 Let them melt away as waters which run continually: when he bends his bow to shoot his arrows, let them be as cut in pieces

    33. Caress of their hands and bends of the shoulders are truly devout,

    34. 3 Against him who bends let the archer bend his bow, and against him who lifts himself up in his

    35. While using a two-handed grip, I executed a series of spin moves, deep knee bends and rolls that I had practiced a few dozen times during my first year as a PI

    36. and before the glory of his power; 13 For strong is his right hand who bends the bow, his arrows that he shoots are sharp, and shall

    37. Jaden bends his knees and touches the brick ground as if he is about to run a football play

    38. Perception changes facts, bends or eliminates the truth

    39. firmness of wood—she posits a more pliable communicating medium that bends at the air-water

    40. the bends you are using

    41. When roughing in waste pipes and bends it is a

    42. the trap to the waste pipe by way of bends or a

    43. with the bends or the straight coupling

    44. 3 A sword is sent on you and who may turn it back? 4 A fire is sent among you and who may quench it? 5 Plagues are sent to you and what is he who may drive them away? 6 May any man drive away a hungry lion in the wood? Or may any one quench the fire in stubble when it has begun to burn? 7 May one turn again the arrow that is shot of a strong archer? 8 The mighty Lord sends the plagues and who is he who can drive them away? 9 A fire shall go out from his anger and who is he who may quench it? 10 He shall throw lightnings and who shall not fear? he shall thunder and who shall not be afraid? 11 The Lord shall threaten and who shall not be utterly beaten to powder at his presence? 12 The Earth quakes and the foundations of it; the sea rises up with waves from the deep and the waves of it are troubled and the fishes of it also before the Lord and before the glory of his power; 13 For strong is his right hand who bends the bow his arrows that he shoots are sharp and shall not miss when they begin to be shot into the ends of the world

    45. Gelahn bends down, takes full hold of the mind-cane with his free hand, for the first time since he lost it

    46. Whereas the Gathandrian in thrall to greed for power only has slaves or those he bends to his will by force or temptation

    47. It smelled and gurgled like some vast wild thing as it swept around the bends on both sides of them

    48. about great calamities, unless Pharaoh bends to this god's will! Small chance of that, with all

    49. She bends over to check her back out, and blurts out a string of 4 letter cuss words from shock

    50. Satisfied she is dead, he bends down and with overconfident arrogance, lightly kisses her mouth

    1. " She turned and bent over to pick up the quilt, making sure the guy in the boat could see her spreading

    2. peak? Are they energy zombies limping through life with that bent over

    3. Vinnie bent down on one knee and started examining the door

    4. She bent low as Scar fired and the shot passed harmlessly over her head

    5. Those with intellectual and questioning bent of mind start thinking more seriously about God, Religion, Spirituality and so on

    6. bent over to pick it up

    7. He bent forward and kissed her on her ruby-red lips

    8. huge, slab-like doors, into which he bent so that he could give his arm to a frail old

    9. reached that point of exhausted satiation, the old man bent down, placed his head on

    10. An OLD MAN, bent back, barefoot, wearing ragged clothes and a beat-up straw hat, sits astride a donkey in the middle of the road

    11. The tall man's bony hands were bent back over his forearms in a move that Travis recognized and knew he could not easily break

    12. was low and narrow, forcing Danton to move forward with his knees bent, crouched

    13. The same bent and battered tin tray slid across the floor

    14. Smiler bent down and moved the tray out into the corridor

    15. Jaseem played with the girl, bent her over and adjusted her to arousal

    16. Every fibre in my body bent to one purpose: contact

    17. Obeying an irresistible urge, I bent over and kissed him passionately for a couple of magical seconds

    18. They bent over the torn, limp figure

    19. He bent forward again, gripping this non-descript, runtish specimen by both shoulders

    20. They bent to it

    21. The ceiling was low and narrow, forcing Danton to move forward with his knees bent, crouched down beneath the mountain

    22. Allowing the other pedestrians to pass, she paused, one hand on the post of the crossing for balance, and bent over fiddling with her shoe, her senses firing off warnings … she could smell danger

    23. Still wailing, the crew hauled and bent to that rope

    24. She bent over me and whispered in my ear; “Use your mind Daniel, answer me with your mind

    25. She bent over and took his face in her hands and kissed him full on the mouth

    26. They laid out California and Daniel bent over the map

    27. She bent and kissed him for that, but there were tears in her eyes

    28. He lifted her chin up with his finger and bent his head and kissed her softly on the mouth

    29. Seeing that, both Poopsie and Lardyme bent

    30. At her cave he gently bent close to her and kissed her on the cheek

    31. They told him this was because the thick air near the ground bent light into a sharper curve than the radius of the planet

    32. She then bent over, spread her wings and glided out of the cave

    33. Of course I am! He reared up and bent and laid his head at her feet

    34. It was the same old lady but this time she was almost bent double, right in front of me like a bundle of washing, and still struggling with those boxes and bags

    35. He bent over his beloved friend and tears flowed freely

    36. Walk on your toes for a couple of steps to bring your knees nearer to your face and then, with your knees bent give a little hop off the ground with both legs

    37. It happened when a passenger, trying to close the luggage door by pressing it shut with his foot, bent it out of shape

    38. Proceed very slowly at this stage and remember at all times to keep your body rolled up into a ball with your knees well bent

    39. knees still bent your feet will touch the wall as I have demon

    40. Before you rise into the Headstand, raise your arms above your head with the elbows bent, with your hands grasping the opposite forearms

    41. There before him was Jake, in all his awesome majesty, kneeling as it were, head bent, his body perfectly outlined by the rays of the rising sun

    42. ” Lady Ashley smiled at them, and Daowyn bent his head in a nod of acknowledgement

    43. Michael bent over and hugged him and gently patted his massive head lovingly; he fed him a small amount of meat and placed a bowl of water before him

    44. bent and well off the floor

    45. Gonzar told her tale of an army of intelligent dactyls breeding in the depths of the Ttharmine that were coming out bent on world domination any day

    46. John finally took a deep breath, he was bent over holding his sides; he stood up and laughing at Daniel he said, “it was them you dumb bastard, they can talk!”

    47. ” He gently caressed the side of her face and bent and kissed her again

    48. It was bent over reaching into the mist below

    49. Of all the dreadful shocks experienced that day, nothing compared to the sudden and degrading catastrophe that he had just suffered as he’d bent down to pick up the soap in the prison shower

    50. He bent and lightly kissed her cheek, taking in the smell of her

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