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Frasi con unworthy (in inglese)

1. It is unworthy of him.
2. So unworthy to be here.
3. I felt so unworthy of him.
4. I am unworthy of the honour.
5. I feel myself weak and unworthy.
6. I felt unworthy of being his son.
7. But this was an unworthy feeling.

8. I felt unworthy of the honoring.
9. So unworthy to be in His presence.
10. That was an unworthy emotion, he.
11. Marwan Tayeh was unworthy of life.
12. She knew she was unworthy, so she.
13. You're unworthy even to know of that.
14. I felt so horribly unworthy of His time.
15. I had proven to be unworthy of the light.
16. This is unworthy of the Conciergerie of a.
17. He is divided from God and deemed unworthy.
18. A depressed person feels unworthy and weak.
19. It was guilt from feeling unworthy to live.
20. What can be more base and unworthy than the.
21. No, he is not so unworthy as you believe him.
22. Such a comparison made him, somehow, unworthy.
23. Though I am unworthy, much was revealed to me.
24. I am unworthy of the honor you bestow upon me.
25. Or else he felt he was unworthy to be my brother.
26. He was so unworthy of her love…she was so cute.
27. The emotions of unworthy and self-abuse were created.
28. I considered her ugly, unworthy of a programming genius.
29. Golyadkin’s unworthy twin kept up longer than any one.
30. It can feel like you are small, inadequate, or unworthy.
31. Castaway: Seen as unworthy by others; rejected of others.
32. Wicked! The idea was unworthy of you beyond description.
33. This poor battered craft is unworthy of your attention.
34. He immediately felt ashamed of such an unworthy emotion.
35. It provided the honored name given to my unworthy self at the.
36. It was an unworthy jibe, and Philippa had the grace to ignore it.
37. The falls in Connecticut river, at E, are not unworthy of notice.
38. You are selfish, dead, so to say, and therefore unworthy of love.
39. I wanted to tell Ali it was not the book, but I who was unworthy.
40. Felicia was the brightest light in his life, and he was unworthy.

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